Does affiliate marketing really pay?

Does affiliate marketing really pay?

Does affiliate marketing really pay?

so let me ask you something do you feel  like you've tried so many different  methods on Blogb you still can't  seem to make any of them work are you  tired of logging into your dashboard and  not seeing any commissions well no  worries because my goal for you in  today's is to help you make your  first 100 with affiliate marketing in  just 24 hours if not then at least by  the end of this week and just the  disclaimer this method I'm showing you  today is not based off a theory or  hypothesis this is a real method that  I'm actually doing today and it's making  real money and believe me when I say  this doesn't require you to have tons of  experience because you could have  discovered affiliate marketing yesterday  and you'll still be able to make money  with this you could be cashing out your  first commissions by the end of this  week if you follow exactly what I'm  going to show you in today's video let's  go ahead and jump into my laptop so you  can see these results yourself and start  to actualize what is possible for you  with this method so here you can see on  the screen right now is the affiliate  program that I've been trying this  method with in 

the last week or so and  you can see on the left hand side here  you have have the date so I started this  from around the 9th of September so you  can see on the left hand side here and  it goes all the way up until today's  date which is the 16th when I'm  recording this video and if you take a  closer look here you can see on the  first day I made zero dollars but on the  second day I made 69 and after that I  made another  92.71 all the way up to 100 and today  I've made well over eighty dollars with  this method I'm showing you today and  this is just the beginning I plan to  sc

ale this all the way up to 500 every  single day and I know that this is so  simple that any beginner can literally  duplicate this entire strategy and get  similar results to what I'm getting here  what's going on guys welcome to the  channel if this is your first time  coming across any of my videos my name  is Dre also known as wisdom speaks over  the past few years we've generated  multiple six figures with affiliate  marketing and along this journey I've  documented all my wins and losses on  this channel that you can go back and  watch from years ago and we've grown an  amazin

g Community here helping people  make money online escape the rat race  and this help people under pursuit to  get the three forms of Freedom which is  Financial Freedom time freedom and  location Freedom now before we go ahead  and jump into today's video I just want  to take a moment of your time just to  thank you guys for everyone that  subscribed to this channel we have just  received our 100K plaque in the mail hey  you guys go you can see right here this  is the 100K Blogplaque now I'm just  here to show you guys my appreciation  for this but to be fair with you this is  not

only my accomplishment but I also  see this as your accomplishment as well  because without you guys I would have  never received this and we would have  never grown the channel until the  heights there is right now so I just  want to say thank you guys for this  plaque right here this this has truly  inspired me to just keep making content  and keep providing Great Value to you  guys now I say that to say this because  we've already surpassed this 100K I  think we're approaching like 150k right  now I want to give back to you guys by  doing a giveaway in this video here  today if y

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mbership group where we have  entrepreneurs that have made well over  one hundred thousand dollars online and  they have really specialized knowledge  so you can join the group and really  start you know conversating with people  that can help you get to the next level  in your career and in your business now  there's three different things that you  need to do in order to qualify for this  giveaway hair today and the first thing  is to just comment down below 100K we're  celebrating this 100K plaque for this  channel here today so this comment 100K  in the comment section of this v

ideo  then after that just simply like the  video and then after that all you have  to do is just follow me over on  Instagram so that's over at Wiz speaks  this is where you'll be getting updates  on the competition so make sure you guys  do all of those things in order to enter  this competition and trust me I will be  checking so make sure you guys don't  take you know any shortcuts with this  and with that being said good luck to  all of you guys and I look forward to  announcing the winner in the next video  alright so carrying on now that you guys  know that this is a legitima

te method  and you can replicate this for yourself  to start making money as soon as this  week let me go ahead and explain why  this is such a big opportunity right now  and why this is working so well so first  and foremost the traffic method that  we're going to be using today to make  sales is Google and if you didn't know  Google's actually the biggest search  engine in the entire world with over 99  000 queries per second and with over 8.5  billion searches every day as you can  see from this article right here an  impressive 92.6 of all searches  worldwide take place on Googl

e people  are using the search engine to get  different answers for questions they  have find out more information about  products they want to buy and a lot of  big companies and marketers such as  myself are leveraging this platform to  make tens of thousand dollars every  single month by simply being a middle  man to the transactions are taking place  on here now that being said I think it's  also fair to mention that the  competition on Google is absolutely  massive and you'll be going up against  experienced markers and big corporations  that are trying to rank for keywords to

monetize with their services and  products so the important differentiator  here and the absolute key to making this  work especially if you're a beginner is  finding new and emerging keywords that  people don't even know about yet that  you can easily rank for and start making  tons of sales online and that's exactly  why I'm going to show you how to do  today in this step-by-step tutorial cool  so moving into the initial step of this  video and this is what we're going to be  using a special tool to find some low  hanging keywords that we can rank for on  Google as complete begin

ners now there's  a number of different tools that you can  choose from out there but the one that I  recommend for you especially if you're  taking affiliate marketing serious and  that's over at and if you've  never come across this platform before  essentially you can just use this as an  SEO tool that's going to help you rank  very well and show up at top of the  search engine you'll be able to see the  exact amount of searches any keyword  online is getting on Google and you can  use this SEO tool to do a bunch of  different keywords that's going to help  you find th

ese opportunities online and  before I go ahead and log in and show  you guys exactly how to do this you need  to understand that there are two main  searches that people do online usually  this is the educational type search  where people are trying to figure out  something for instance it could be how  to make money online how to get a  six-pack how to fix a car how to bake a  cake so on and so forth the second type  of search that people do online is  transactional this is when people intend  to purchase a product but they just  simply haven't made up their mind yet so  they need

different articles online to  give them that extra confirmation you  know that extra push helping them to  make that decision this type of search  usually begins with the word best so for  example it could be best microphones  best headphones you know best speakers  Best You Know Blogcamera whatever it  may be they already have the cash on  hand they just want to know you know  what product is the best one for them to  buy to get the most amount of value now  this type of keyword the transactional  keyword actually makes the most amount  of money online because people already  know

exactly what they want they're  literally ready to buy they just need  that extra confirmation that they're  making the right decision right so as  you can see right now I'm on the back  end of my ahrefs account I'm now that  we're on the same page and we understand  that the transactional post is going to  be the money makers for us let's go  ahead and try to find a keyword that is  transactional so firstly what you want  to do here is just type in best and as  you can see once I've typed that in  ahrefs has given me a number of  different metrics just for this keyword  alone now

what you want to do from here  is go over to the left hand side where  it says matching terms and this is just  going to give you more specific  information that is related to what  we're doing right here so you can see  right here it's giving us some keywords  that follow the word best now what I  want you guys to focus on specifically  is these menus at the top right here  because this is going to help us find  the specific keywords that are the low  hanging fruit remember I stated earlier  we need to find keywords that not many  people know about and because I know  most of you g

uys are beginners that are  watching it this is going to really help  you stand out and find keywords that are  not so high ranking you know with lots  of competition so the first thing we're  going to do right here is we're going to  change the global volume feature we're  going to start this at around 300 so  this is just the amount of searches  that's getting worldwide so 300 is a  good Mark we don't really want to go  anywhere below that because that keyword  won't be worth it now the next foot  we're going to change right here is the  sub features so what we're going to do  is

just click on sub features and what  we're going to do right here is select  top ads and bottom ads and then we're  going to click on not on sup right so  this is essentially going to show us  keywords that people are not running ads  to right we don't want no competition we  want keywords that are fresh that we can  this Market too so we don't have to be  in competition with anyone you know  fighting for traffic weakness you know  make couples and get directly in front  of the customers we want so we can make  money right away and just as an example  you can see when I type in best

trading  platforms you can see that ads at the  top so these companies are trying to  rank for this keyword so you can see  right here you have different companies  that are ranking that actively running  as to this keyword now the next thing  you guys want to do here which is going  to massively affect the amount of  keywords we get and it's really going to  pinpoint and Target the keywords that  are actually going to be beneficial to  us is by clicking over here where it  says more filters now from here what  we're going to tell ahrefs is to only  show us keywords that have the m

aximum  amount of cost per click at 50 cents  right we don't want to see any expensive  keywords I exceed this amount so simply  just type in 0.5 right here and then hit  apply and there we go those are the main  three things that you guys need to  change in order to find these emerging  keywords so you guys pretty much get the  idea we're just refining these searches  to find low competition keywords that we  can rank for you know without any  competition and make a lot of money  online through affiliate marketing so  from here you just want to click on show  results and as you can

see it went from  over 400 000 keywords right here to just  over one hundred thousand so what you  guys want to do from here is pretty  simple you just want to go through this  list and look for different  opportunities right so underneath the  category of keywords you know you'll be  able to see different keywords that  start with best followed by a particular  keyword so you can see right here you  have best movies you know best Netflix  movies best PS5 games best protein  powders so just go through this list and  have a look at different opportunities  that you can find also wha

t I want you  guys to look out for is this column  right here called KD this means keyword  difficulty so the higher the keyword  difficulty the harder it's going to be  for you to rank right so for instance  you have Best Buy that's over 84 keyword  difficulty that's going to be you know  impossible or you know a beginner to  rank for but if you see a lower keyword  like this one right here Best Buy jobs  it's only five out of 100 so as a  beginner you'll be able to rank for this  very easily and what I recommend you do  is stay in between like let's say five  all the way up to lik

e 40 50. I wouldn't  recommend going for any keywords over  this Mark final most important thing  about selecting a good keyword right  here is that the keyword must even match  a product or a service right so for  instance if we was going to go for a  keyword like best protein powder we  would need to find a fitness or a  nutrition affiliate program that sells  protein powders so that we can partner  with them get an affiliate link to the  protein powder and then once we start  ranking potentially sending ads you know  free traffic towards this keyword we  will show up at the top a

nd then we can  just direct the people straight through  to the affiliate program and this is how  we're gonna get paid with this method  the important thing right here is to  make sure that the keyword is connected  to a product or a service that you can  promote to the 68 000 people that are  searching this particular keyword every  single month and this leads us nicely  into the next step of this video which  is where we're gonna find these  affiliate programs and match them with  the keywords that we found from ahrefs  all right so carrying on into the next  step of this tutoria

l as you can see on  the screen right now I've done a bunch  of research it probably took me like 10  20 minutes to do this from all the  results I just showed you guys how to  get on ahrefs and as you can see for  yourself I've managed to get 11  different keywords that I would consider  low hanging fruits that any beginner can  take advantage of because there's no ads  being run on this and these are all very  low competition so for instance you can  see right here you have best air fryers  you know best protein powders like I  showed you in the last step best running  shoes best

man holiday best pre-workout  and so on and also at the top right here  you can see the keyword difficulty and  the cost per click so you can see all of  these keyword difficulties are quite a  relatively low and the cost per click is  low as well so if you wanted to you know  use free traffic for this you can see  you can easily rank for this or if you  want to use paid ads all of these are  going to work well and make sure you  guys stick around to the very end of  this video because I'm going to show you  the most important part of this tutorial  and that is how to get traffic no

w if  I'm on this review this is a lot of  research I've actually done for you guys  already in this video for 100 free so if  you didn't necessarily want to sign up  to hair trust you can just use any of  these different keywords for yourself to  make money online now before we can move  into that step we firstly need to match  these keywords or match one or two of  these keywords with an affiliate program  so we wanted to promote protein powders  for example we could just go on Google  type in the best protein powders then we  can find an affiliate program to promote  multiple dif

ferent protein powders so we  can make a commission but what I'm going  to do right here is go for the best  running shoe this is one of the keywords  on this list I have a very high  potential to make a lot of money because  you can see right here it's very low  it's only got 26 and the cost per click  is like 20 cents and just to put this  out there any of the keywords on this  list is going to work for this method so  what you need to do for instance is just  go over to Google and type in the  keyword or the first word or the keyword  followed by affiliate program so in this  cas

e I've typed in you know running  shoes affiliate program and what's going  to happen is it's going to show you a  bunch of different affiliate programs  that are related to running shoes right  and I actually found a good one right  here which is Sheen they sell a lot of  different running trainers that you can  promote you know on Google and they pay  out ten percent so if I click over onto  the affiliate program you can see right  here all I need to do is to sign up to  the affiliate programs they'll pay me  out 10 to 20 so even more than the 10  they're gonna pay you 20 and you

will  get paid out all you need to do is to  sign up right here to the affiliate  program you can start targeting these  keywords and promoting different running  trainers another really good one that I  like here which I think is a big  opportunity you should really take  advantage of this and that is the  protein powder affiliate programs right  if you type that into Google you'll see  that there's a number of different  programs out paying out a good amount  for sales on different protein powders  so for instance let me click on one of  these right here so I can show you guys  yo

u can see for yourself protein Works  which is on the higher end they're  paying out up to 12 commission for every  sale that you get on one of their  protein powders and if we go back over  to this section where it says keyword  difficulty you can see that it's only 45  keyword difficulty keyword is getting  over 68 000 monthly searches on Google  so you can do the maps if you was  getting a conversion rate of you know  five percent of the 68 000 and you was  getting paid out you know 10 or even 20  or some of the protein powders you could  be making tons of money online you know

targeting this particular keyword all  right guys so moving on now that you  have your affiliate program that is  directly linked to one of the keywords  right here and you get the concept we're  gonna have our page you know targeting  this keyword and it's gonna rank right  at the top with our affiliate links  inside it two related products now we  need to move into actually creating our  page this is going to be the page that  is going to be on Google once people  type in this keyword right they're gonna  you know type in you know best protein  powders for example and your page is

going to be at the top now in order for  you to have the best you need to  understand what is a good page and how  it should look like in order to convert  you can't just have a tacky looking page  or you know a page that doesn't look  trustworthy and expect to make sales it  needs to be well structured and it needs  to be done in a particular way and I'm  going to show you example right here for  this example I pulled upper article that  is promoting the best gaming headsets in  2023 right and this is essentially how  the structure is going to be for your  page so you're going to

have the title  at the top the image of you know the  product that you're promoting and as you  go down you're going to give some  information about the product you're  gonna have all of the different products  that you're promoting on the page this  page is comparing the different  headphones you know they're showing the  different features of each headphones so  that people can make an informed  decision so as I said this is a  transactional post and this is exactly  what you're going to be doing whichever  keyword that you selected right so as  you go down you can see that this

is  what they're doing here and I want you  to notice that these links right here  that have the prices on them these are  all affiliate links right so this  website is doing exactly what I'm  teaching you here today that is using  the power of affiliate marketing and you  know search traffic on Google to get  people to buy products so for instance  if I wanted to buy the Xbox wireless  headphones if I click over here you're  going to see for yourself this website  is going to redirect me where I'll be  able to purchase these headphones and if  I make could purchase on this page rig

ht  here which is over at Currys the owner  of the website will make herself so in  this section what you need to do go out  there and create a page similar to this  or you know any other ones that you find  online and then you're going to use it  to rank on Google in the next step when  I show you the traffic method now to be  fair I know a lot of you guys are not  tech savvy you won't be able to create a  page like this and I completely  understand it because when I started  affiliate marketing all of this stuff  was a little bit confusing to me so what  I'm going to do is give yo

u guys some  free templates that you can use in the  traffic part of this video so what my  team has done is they've gone and  created some pre-made templates and  landing pages that you can use to make  money with using any of these keywords  and all you have to do is just click on  one of the links down below to the  templates or the landing page and it's  going to copy directly into your system  right you might be using you know other  platforms out there but the platform  they're going to take you to is the  marketing software that we're using in  our business and as you can see

these  pages are converting and they're making  us 100 of dollars every single day so  make sure you guys go ahead and take  advantage of those templates rather than  try to create these Pages yourself so  this you know as I said I've been in  your position you know I wasn't the  greatest designer I wasn't the most you  know tech savvy so you know when you can  get help like this from professionals I  have done this for years I would highly  recommend that you take advantage of  that and you use these pages to promote  online so now that you're at the stage  where you found your ke

yword whether  you're using hey trust to find the  keywords the way I showed you or you're  going to use one of the keywords I've  given you guys for free in this video  you don't have to pay for it you can use  it for 100 free and it's very well  researched and you signed up to your  affiliate program and you're now ready  to move into the most important part of  this video and that is getting traffic  over to your page so that you can rank  on Google and start to make these  affiliate commissions online remember  what I said guys my goal is to get you  guys to make at least you kn

ow 50 if I  can get at least fifty percent of people  that are watching this video to make  their first 100 and that would literally  make me so happy and I can guarantee  that I would at least if I don't get 50  I'm gonna get at least 20 percent of  people that are going to make money with  this method and when you do please just  comment down below and just let me know  how much you guys made down below I'm  really interested to see you know how  much people actually take action with  this and with that being said now that  you guys have everything you need in  order to be success

ful with this let's  go ahead and move into the next step so  I can show you guys how to get this  traffic right now now because our goal  today is to make money within the next  24 hours instead of using free traffic  methods that might be a little bit  slower we're gonna go ahead and jump  straight into one of the most powerful  ways of getting traffic online and that  is through paid advertisement and  specifically what we're going to be  using today is Google ads so what you  want to do right now is head over to and one of the best  things about running Google ad

s is that  they actually give you a lot of free  credit when you spend over four hundred  dollars they'll give you an additional  four hundred dollars to spend for  completely free on your ads account and  on top of that what I'm going to do for  you guys today is link down in my  description some other free ads credit  that you guys can use so you can get  anywhere from 200 to 500 in ad credit  that you can utilize for 100 free so  make sure you go ahead and take  advantage of that especially if you're  new to Google ads now once your Google  ads account is all set up it shouldn't

take you more than five to ten minutes  to do it's gonna take you over to a page  that looks similar to this and you'll be  able to choose the objective of your  campaign for today's video we want to  get as many people from the Google  platform over to our landing page so  we're just going to Simply select  website traffic right here following  this is going to ask us to select the  type of campaign that we want to run  here we have a few options so we have  search performance Max display shopping  video discovery right but as I explained  to you guys earlier we want people that

are searching for specific keywords as  we want this target audience that's  interested in a particular product or  service so that we can increase the  amount of money we make with this so you  just want to select search next it's  going to ask us to enter our business  website in this case you're just going  to enter the landing page that you  created or the landing pages I gave you  on the blockly platform that's tailored  to one of the keywords that we  researched earlier what I'm going to do  for today's tutorial is just put one of  my personal landing pages right here so  we c

an use this as an example and then  after this you just want to Simply name  this campaign so you can just put a name  that's related to the keyword that  you're talking so that you don't mix  them up when you go to look at the  different ads that you're running and  then you want to turn off enhanced  conversions because that's more of an  advanced tactic and I know that majority  of people that are watching this video  do not have conversion tracking set up  to just leave that often and hit  continue so in this section it's going  to ask you about the bidding you just  want to tur

n off conversions as we're  going to be optimizing this ad for  clicks right we want to get as many  people to click over onto our landing  page then you just want to Simply hit  next again and then what you need to do  is a simply uncheck where it says  displayed Network so you don't want any  sort of display ads or any sort of  display networks we just want to solely  focus on under search Network right we  want results from Google and other  search engines when we're targeting  these keywords following this we want to  set the location and today I'm just  going to be targeting th

e US so all you  want to do right here is just click on  enter another location and you can just  put in United States or whichever  country you're targeting and I want you  guys to pay very close attention right  here to this section where it says  Target right because this is where a lot  of beginners mess up they just leave  this here and they continue on with  their ads but this is very important  right here because you can see there's  two different options right here you can  Target the presence or interest so to  people that are regularly in this  country or you can Target pr

esence so  people that are actually living in the  targeted location you didn't just want  to Target people that are interested in  or people that travel to the location  you're targeting no you want to Target  specifically people that are in the  United States or that are in the UK or  Canada and this metric alone is going to  really be able to laser focus your  target when you're running these Google  ads so make sure you don't miss the step  and you click on presence when you're  running your ads following this you just  want to leave it on English skip the ad  segments and the b

road match keywords  and then you're just going to hit on net  the next section we have right here is  the keywords and AD section and this is  where we're simply going to enter in all  the keywords that we want to Target when  people are typing in different searches  on Googles and this section is also very  important because depending on what you  put here is going to highly determine  how successful your ad is and the main  thing I want to bring your attention to  right here is this section where it says  the match types right so you have  different types of ways that you can  en

ter a keyword right so for instance  right here you can see the keyword by  itself it will just be a broad match you  want the keywords and brackets it's  going to be your exact match and this is  how you're going to be able to specify  exactly what you want to Target on  Google now let's say for example today  we're going to be targeting the best air  fryers what I'll do is just copy this  keyword right here head back over to  Google ads and then I'll paste in  different variations of the keyword so  as you guys can see right now I've  entered some keywords right here and  I've sep

arated it into two sections so I  got the exact same keywords at the top  and bottom here but I've got one for the  broad match and I've got the same  keywords that are focused on the exact  match and this is what you guys want to  do whatever keyword you're targeting  just put a few variations but have an  exact match and a broad match so that  you can get a range of different data in  order to Target the person that you want  to Target on Google and another tip that  I'll give you right here is don't put  too many keywords especially when you're  starting out when you're testing t

his  because you don't want it to be too  broad you want it to be just enough  keywords for you to get some good  feedback so that you can optimize it  later on and you know switch it out for  a whole different batch of keywords and  this is how it's done right here guys  and on the right hand side here you can  see our optimization score is around  85.6 which is really good and we can see  the average CPC which is cost per click  which is pretty cheap so this is really  good right now carry it on right here  this is where we're going to create the  actual ad for this campaign this

is what  the potential customers are going to see  when they type in keywords on Google so  you've probably seen something like this  already where you go to type in  something on Google and then you have a  whole bunch of ads that are sitting on  top of the main searches and this is  pretty much how your ad is going to look  like first things first you want to  enter in your final URL here and of  course this is just my personal landing  page but what you need to do is use a  landing page specifically for the  product that you're promoting whether  it's going to be like the best pr

otein  powders the best airfryers comparing all  of them with your affiliate links this  is what you want to do right here and  then after that you need to enter your  headline right so you need to enter like  two to three headlines because what  Google is going to do is actually do  some a b testing on them to see which  one works better also we need to add a  description as well which is something  else that Google is going to test so  what we're going to do right now is  actually make AI do all of the legwork  for us we're not just going to do this  ourselves but the AI is going

to do it  in a way more efficient way so as you  can see the prompt I've entered here is  create an eye-catching headline in  description for my Google ads for  airfryers right and just like that we  have an eye-catching headline that we  can now go and use back over on our  Google ads that's going to get us tons  of clicks from Google so as you guys can  see right now my ad is now created so I  have my headline and my description that  I just got from chat GPT and you can see  it visually on the right hand side here  this is how it's going to look so we  have a nice eye-catching he

ading and we  have a description that's going to  entice and incentivize people to click  on our ad and this is very good because  this is really going to Target the  people that are actually going on Google  and typing in best air fryers or this is  going to really stand out to those  people because this is what they've  typed in on Google this is what they're  actually looking for which is what makes  this strategy so powerful once you're  all done and you're happy about your ad  looks what you want to do from here is  just hit next once again and then it's  going to take you over

to this section  where you need to enter your budget  right so you can see it's giving you a  recommendation of how much you should  spend per day but that's just Google's  way of trying to get you to spend more  money of course then it's a business  they're trying to you know increase  their profits but what you need to do is  actually go to set custom budgets right  and what you can do right here is  actually use their average CPC which is  only you know 0.74 right here which is  quite decent you know it's within our  range all what you could do is actually  use this website that

you can see on the  screen right now and this is going to  show you exactly how much you need to be  spending in order to get in front of  your ideal customers based on the  average amount that's being spent on  these type of keywords right now what I  want you guys to remember is that when  you're running these ads you're actually  going up against other people that are  running similar ads to you so the more  amount of money that you are able to  spend on these ads the more traffic  you're gonna get so if someone's you  know spending uh one dollar a day on a  particular ad and yo

u're spending 1.50  Google is going to push your ad much  higher so it's just a bid in competition  right here so the more money you can  spend the more money you actually make  so we're just gonna put 0.74 right here  after this you just want to hit next and  just like that your ad is complete  create all you need to do as long as you  don't have any you know red flags here  or any warnings that stuff that you need  to go and review then you should be able  to post it all you need to do from here  is just review your ads make sure that  everything is right your campaign name  match

es what you're promoting all of the  stuff that you can see on the screen  right now like the objective the goals  the campaign type is all congruent to  what I've just showed you how to do  right here and then once you're happy  you're just going to hit on publish  campaign and just like that your ad is  completed what's gonna happen from here  is that your ad is going to go through a  review process so it might take anywhere  from 24 hours to 48 hours and then once  that's done Google is going to let you  know that you're good to go and then  your ads are going to be on Google whe

n  people type in the specific keywords  that you've targeted so just a quick  overview of what we just created here  when people search the keyword that  you're promoting with the Google ads  they're gonna see an ad right at the top  of the search engine once they click on  the address it will take them over to  our landing page that is going to sell  them on the particular product or  service and once they make a purchase we  will get paid an affiliate Commission  Now an important point I want to mention  before I close out this video don't just  rely on one product test multiple

different products and keywords I've  suggested here and then see which one  works don't just put all your eggs into  one basket and don't give up too soon  the very first keyword or the very first  product that you choose might not be a  successful one but it's never too late  to try a different keyword and maybe  take a different approach I hope you  guys really enjoyed this video and got a  lot of value out of it and most  importantly I hope that you guys take  action this is a serious gem I've just  given you guys today that anyone can use  to start making money online I've got

a  full Google ads tutorial that I'm  working on right now that will be  released in the near future but until  then make sure you go ahead and check  out the video I'm gonna put on the  screen right now that's going to assist  you further in creating a profitable ad  for the different products that you're  promoting thank you guys for watching  much love and I'll see you in the next 

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