How can I start affiliate marketing?

How can I start affiliate marketing?

How can I start affiliate marketing?

so there's one or two reasons why you  clicked on this video here today you're  most likely at a stage where you're  struggling to get traffic to your  affiliate link you're a little bit  confused about the whole thing and you  have little to no time or money to make  this work well don't worry you're in the  right place because today I'm going to  be sharing my brand new affiliate  marketing system that I've never shared  before on this channel with this  strategy you're going to be able to  start generary in affiliate commissions  by simply copy and pasting content that

you don't even have to create yourself  this is definitely one of the easiest  ways out there for beginners to make  money online right now and the best part  about this is that the software I'm  going to show you is literally going to  do all of the work for you and you don't  have to invest anything up front this  should make some of you guys your first  dollar online and for others their first  couple of hundreds of dollars online  today once you're over on to this site  all you need to do is go ahead and sign  up to a brand new account if you don't  have one already now

this is your first  time on this platform this is simply an  affiliate marketplace where you can  partner with hundreds if not thousands  of different digital products and sell  them online and make a commission the  reason why I'm using this Marketplace is  because it's the most commonly used  online but you can pretty much use any  affiliate Marketplace this can range  from CJ affiliate Warrior  plus digistore 24 partner stack or any  other affiliate Marketplace online what  I want you to do from this point onwards  is to copy exactly what I'm going to do  ste

p by step as this is going to  guarantee you the highest chance of  having success with this method now  carrying on once you're logged in here  what you want to do is navigate over to  the marketplace and at the top right  here you'll be able to see the different  categories of products that you can  promote online as you know this channel  is all about business and making money  online so I'm going to select the E  business and e- marketing Niche once you  select any of these categories you're  going to get presented with a number of  different affiliate products and digi

tal  products that you can promote online and  on the right hand side here you'll be  able to see how much money you're going  to get paid out per conversion so for  every sale that you make of this  particular product right here live chat  jobs owner of this company is going to  pay you out7  $74.58 and that's a pretty nice amount  to just get one sale online as you  scroll down here you'll be able to see a  number of different products and how  much they're paying so for example this  second product is paying at $24 the one  below that $34 and this one right here  paid on

line working jobs they're paying  out over  $120 per sale that you make on their  product another thing that you guys can  do is actually sort these products so  you can rank them by low or high  depending on the quality of the products  and you can rank them by gravity now  gravity is going to let you know how  many times these products are being sold  in the last 24 hours so the higher the  product on the list the more popular it  is and the more Affiliates are making  money from it so you can see at the top  right here the live chat jobs is very  popular as you can see r

ight here the  gravity score is over  196 what I want you guys to do right  here is find a product that has a  gravity score of over 30 right you want  to make sure that this product is in  demand and a lot of people are buying it  but you don't want the gravity score to  drop below 30 because that means that  it's not really a product that is  selling well on the market I want you  guys to do right here with this  particular method is find a product that  is quite easy right that is something  that people would easily be able to do  so if we look at this list right here  y

ou can see this product all the  customer has to do to make money is to  write some reviews online on this one  all they have to do is use like social  media and YouTube to make money and as  we scroll up here this one at the top  requires people to work as a live chat  operator so this is something pretty  easy and simple that people can do let's  go with the second one right here is a  lot of people are very used to being on  social media and this is something that  can appeal to the masses so if we click  on this link right here it's going to  show us the landing page th

is is the  first page that our customers are going  to see once they click on our affiliate  link and you can see at the top right  here this has a nice catchy headline  that is going to grab the attention of  people as soon as they click on our link  so you can see online social media job  that pays out $25 to to $50 per hour  that's a no-brainer for a lot of people  because the average person is on their  phone anywhere from 6 to 8 hours a day  so this is going to be something that a  lot of people are going to be interested  in doing it especially in this economy  right

now where we have more people than  ever working from home all they have to  do right here is take a 1 minute quiz  and this is going to sell them on the  offer and as we can see right here on  ClickBank every sale that we make on  this product ClickBank is going to pay  us out $24 per sale and that's  essentially step number one just head  over to a Marketplace and find a product  that you think a lot of people would buy  into and then look at their landing page  make sure that it looks good and then  from here what you want to do is get  your affiliate link on ClickBank i

t's  pretty easy to do that you just click on  promote and then from here you just type  in your affiliate nickname and then you  click on create hop link and then you're  going to see your unique affiliate link  appear on the screen that you're going  to be using later on in this tutorial to  make money  online cool so now that we have a great  product and we know exactly how much  money we're going to be making per sale  it's now time to move into step number  two of this tutorial where we're going  to be creating content to attract the  right type of customers onto our l

ink so  that we can start to generate our first  couple affiliate commiss Mission and  don't let this intimidate you at all  because as I mentioned at the start of  this video we're going to be using the  power of AI to create all of the content  you don't have to be creative you don't  have to be the best writer or anything  like that we're going to let artificial  intelligence do majority of the hard  work so what you need to do right now is  come over to chat GPT so that's over at  chat. and don't worry this is a  completely free platform as you can see  I'm on

chat GPT 3.5 you don't need to  pay for anything right here what we're  going to do right here is type a simple  prompt that's related to our Niche so  that we can get the base of our content  created in my unique case my product is  helping people make money online so what  I'm going to ask chat GPT to do is give  me five ways to make money online so  here we go chat GPT is doing this thing  and it's given us five great ways that  people can make money online so we have  freelancing online courses and ebooks  affiliate marketing Drop Shipping  content creation on YouTube o

r blogging  which are all great lucrative ways to  make money online if if your Niche is  slightly different or the category that  you selected on ClickBank is slightly  different all you have to do is just you  know tailor this prompt a little bit  different to match your Niche what we're  going to do from here is use this  information the chatbot has given us and  we're going to turn this into affiliate  commissions so let's go ahead and pick  one of these points that we can expand  on here so we have freelancing affiliate  marketing I'm going to go for number  five right

I think a lot of people  especially in this time period are  really getting into content creation  because of the whole rise of AI so what  I'm going to do is tell chat GPT to  expand on point number five so it can  give us some more information about this  particular side hustle so as you can see  the prompt I've given the AI is to  expand on point number five and write  200 words explaining how this can be  done to make money online so let's go  ahead and see what it's come up with so  right here it's given some extra  information on how you can make money  through ad re

venue on YouTube  sponsorships and brand deals and  affiliate marketing then it also has a  section about blogging right so now  before we go ahead and move into the  next Next Step there's something very  crucial I want to bring to your  attention as you know as an affiliate  marketer your affiliate link is the most  important thing when it comes to running  your online business as this is how you  make money with this business model in  order for you to have real success you  need to have organic traffic coming into  your business at all times today I'm  actually going to

show you how you can  use social media to get free traffic but  in order for you to have real  longlasting success you need to have a  website that houses all of your  affiliate link instead of you spamming  your links randomly all over the  Internet one of the best Services out  there right now when it comes to setting  a website up from scratch as a complete  beginner is hostinger they have ai  integrated into their software that you  can use to set up a website within  minutes and it's actually the service  that I use to run all of my websites on  the internet right now

they have one of  the biggest deals they've ever done and  they're given 85% of all their plans for  a limited time only to get started with  hosting all you need to do is click the  first link down in my description then  it's going to take you over to this page  right here from here it's going to show  you the different packages that they  offer the most important things that  you're going to need right here is a  free email and a free domain this is all  you need to set up your website  everything else is just extra bonuses  and if you want even more features what  I re

commend you do is go for the  business plan but for majority of you  guys that are watching the Premium plan  is enough for you guys to get your  business off the ground so just click  right here where it says add to C from  here it's going to take you over to this  page where you'll be able to choose your  period now what this simply means is  that you'll get the option to pay up  front whether that be 12 months 24  months or 48 months in advance this is  really good because it allows you to  save some extra money on top of the  Black Friday deal that they have running  al

ready you'll be able to see exactly  how much you'll save at the top of each  package but you can see for yourself  you'll save anywhere from $100 all the  way up to $500 so this is a great  opportunity here for you to save even  more money on this package as you scroll  down to the bottom of the page right  here you're going to see a section where  it says have a coupon once you click  right here you can enter a coupon which  is going to take off even more money off  your total package what you can do right  here is enter wisdom  speaks just like this and then you hit  app

ly and you'll see right here you'll  get an additional 10% of your total  package which is absolutely amazing  because you're already getting a great  deal right here once you're all done  with this process you can log into your  account and you'll be able to claim your  free email your free domain and you can  start the process of utilizing AI by  answering a few question questions about  your website or your blog and it's going  to create your website within a matter  of minutes if you want to see this full  step by step that I created a few weeks  ago that you guys can w

atch and follow  step by step after you finish watching  this video right here with that being  said let's go ahead and continue on with  the rest of this video what you want to  do from this point is get the AI to  expand on the rest of the points right  so it's expanded on 0 five so far we  want all of the top five ways to make  money online to be listed out so we have  all of the information right here cuz  we're going to be using this information  as I said to convert it into sales from  our affiliate product so what I'm going  to do is go ahead and expand on this  righ

t now and show you guys the final  result so there we go the AI is expanded  on each of the five ways to make money  online so you can see it's provided  extra information for freelancing Drop  Shipping e-commerce affiliate marketing  online courses and ebooks and this is  actually quality content right here this  is going to be perfect for what I'm  about to show you guys in the next step  of this tutorial what you guys want to  do right now once You' got this  information back is just copy it and  then paste it into a Word  document all right so now that we have  all of t

his quality information from  chat GPT about the different ways that  we can make money online we can now  proceed to the step number three of this  tutorial now this is going to be one of  the most important parts of this video  right here because we're going to be  using this content right here and we're  going to convert it into a document that  we can give away for 100% free to our  potential customers that's going to  purchase our affiliate product we're  we're going to be using one of the  greatest laws in online marketing and  that is the law of reciprocity this  sta

tes that you must give something in  order to receive and this is one of the  most powerful triggers online what we're  doing here is giving something in order  to receive so in this case we're going  to be giving away a document that's full  of valuable information and in return  the people that read this document  they're going to get so much value and  they're going to feel obliged to give us  something back in return and that is  going to be clicking onto our affiliate  links and eventually purchasing our  affiliate product make sure you guys  stay locked into this vide

o right here  as I'm about to blow your mind with how  easy this is I believe anyone that's  watching this video can make money with  the strategy I'm doing right here and  the best part is that this is 100% free  all right so continuing on here the  platform that we're going to be using to  create this free document so that we can  share it with our potential customers  online is canva I'm pretty sure majority  of you guys have heard of this platform  before but if you haven't this is just a  free design tool that you can use to  make a lot of different graphics onl  onlin

e some of the graphics include  logos thumbnails Pinterest pins Word  documents and much much more now for  today what we're going to specifically  be using this platform to do is to  create a PDF document right we're going  to be creating a nice PDF that we can  use to attract people into reading our  document right and don't worry this is  not going to require any technical  skills as canva has hundreds if not  thousands of different templates that  you can choose from so if we just type  in PDF right here as you can see an  abundance of different great looking  templates

come up when I type in PDF  some of them do require you to be on the  Pro Plan as you can see you'll see the  little Crown at the bottom but majority  of these you can use for 100% free from  the signing up using a free account on  canva what I recommend you do from here  is just going through this list and find  the PDF document that aligns closely  with your Niche so if you're doing  Health you'll find like a health PDF if  you're doing make money online like  myself you'll find something that  relates to that and you know you get the  idea so let me just scroll through

this  and find one so here's some templates  that I found that actually link  perfectly with what I'm doing right here  so as I showed you guys I typed in five  ways to make money online on chat GPT  but you can see right here there's  already pre-built templates that show 10  ways to make money online and these have  all been professionally designed so if  you're following step by step what I'm  doing you can just use any of these  templates right here probably the one I  like the most would be this one cuz it  actually shows some sort of Lifestyle  you can see someone you

know working on  the beach right here so I'm going to  click onto this one and then all you  have to do is just click on customize  these templates and just like that you  have your front cover of your template  that we're going to be using to give  away for free online right all you have  to do is just change this up a little  bit make it a little bit original but  it's quite simple as I told you guys you  don't need to do any extra designing you  don't need to have any prior skills and  you can make this work for yourself so  let's go ahead and firstly change the  title

all you have to do is just  highlight the text right here and just  type in the title that you select so  mine is five ways to make money online  and then what I'm going to do is just  get rid of this section at the bottom  cuz this links to a website that's not  related to mine so I'm just going to  click delete and just like that I'm  going to delete the text at the bottom  as well and that looks pretty clean can  also change this section as well if you  want you can move it around or you can  just add like a cool little slogan I'm  just going to put like laptop lifestyle

what's cool about camera is that you  have a lot of different templates and a  lot of different elements that you can  add to alter the design that it's  already been given to you so if I wanted  to add like a new image so if I wanted  to change this image I could just click  on the left hand side right here where  it says element and I can search for  images that relate to the ebook so if I  type in you know laptop lifestyle for  example you can see I have a bunch of  different photos that I can use to  replace the image that has been given  right here so let's say I wan

ted to  replace the current image of the one  that's on it now all I have to do is  just click right here and then I can  just delete the background so I just  click on delete just like that and then  I can just resize it to fit the page I  can do something like  this so there we go I've adjusted the  side and I can just click the background  and as you can see everything looks  pretty clean only thing I will do is  just send this to the back just so that  the element that was there before shows  up of the front of the PDF cover so we  just go to layers right here and then

we  just click on send to the back so there  we go just like that five ways to make  money online we've added the images and  on the left hand side here you can you  know change your text you can change the  font cuz there's so many different  things you can do right here all right  so at this point what we need to do now  is add the content that we got from GPT  onto our PDF document so that this can  be valuable for the readers if you've  been following me step by step you would  have taken that content and put it onto  a Google Document right so your document  should loo

k something like this so you  should have the title at the top um I've  added in a little section for the table  of content and then from there you  should have the rest of the information  that we receive from chat GPT now once  you have all of that what you want to do  is head back over to Cana and then add  the different pages so that you can put  the content in so you can add at least  five to six pages right here and the  first thing we going to do we're going  to add the table of context right and  the way you want to do this is just get  text on the left hand side ri

ght here  you're going to add the heading right  here and then just put table of  contents this is important because when  someone opens your PDF it's good to have  like a structure to it so people know  you know what they're going to read each  page of the PDF so right here I'm just  going to go back over to my document  then I'm just going to copy and paste  the content back onto my PDF so to do  this once again you just click on the  text right here and then you can just  then you can just click on the text and  then just like that you just paste in  the text and then ju

st make it smaller  so that it fits on the  page so there we go what I'll do from  here is actually just make the headings  bold so I make freelancing online  courses affiliate Mark and bold so you  just click up here and then add a little  underline if you want as well just so  that you're not giving away too much  information on the table of content you  can just make these a little bit shorter  right so you can just delete and just  have it like a one line right so just  change it into one online so I'll just  go in a little bit make sure you know  I've made these bold a

nd then on the  next page I'll add the first point so  you can just put page one at the top  right here and then you'll paste in the  first side hustle so in this case it's  going to be about freelancing so I'll  just copy all of the text for the  freelancing and then I'll paste it back  over onto my PDF document so just like  that there we go the text has come up a  little bit big right here so I'm going  to do is just change the sizing I'm  going to highlight the whole thing and  we can just click right here and change  it to like a full  if that's a little bit too small

we can  make it bigger so we can change it to a  18 and just like that what you can do as  well the if you don't like the font you  can actually change it on the left hand  side so if you just click the Top If you  just click the drop down menu and you  scroll down right here just click on  Anton this one's a little bit too thick  for me I'm going to click on Le Gothic  this one's quite cool I'm going to leave  this one right here and I'm just going  to make the text a bit bigger what I'm  going to do is just put the alignment to  left so it's easier for the viewers to  rea

d this text is still a little bit too  thick for me so I'm going to change it  it yeah so this is a lot better I think  this is a lot more readable so we're  going to leave it like this and then  make it a little bit smaller well i'  recommend you guys do as well is add  some images into your PDF just to make  it stand out and make it enjoyable for  your readers because the more enjoyable  it is the better your PDF document looks  the more sales you're going to generate  for your affiliate business once you  start giving this away for free online  your customers enjoying it

everything  that's going to increase your  convergence and the more people are  going to click over onto your link and  then make purchase of the product and  with that being said before I go in and  edit this and make it look better what  I'm going to do is quickly show you guys  how to add your affiliate link so you  know exactly how to do it when you start  designing your own PDF document on Cana  so just like how I just showed you guys  how to add a text box you do the same  thing click on text and then you can add  like a subheading right here right so  what we want t

o do is really just grab  the attention of the readers right so we  can put something like the number one  way to make money online or you know  check out this new side hustle right  here that's the best way to make money  on online you just want an eye-catching  headline that's within your ebook so  that when people are reading it it just  grabs their attention and they can click  over onto it this is really going to  appeal to these readers right here  because anyone that's you know taken a  chance to download this ebook is  definitely interested in side hustles  and diff

erent ways to make money online  so they're going to be open especially  if you given them something for free  they're going to be very open to click  over onto your link they're going to see  that they can make anywhere from $25 to  $50 per hour with no experience needed  so this is going to be something that  very interested in they're going to take  the quiz and then eventually it's going  to funnel them through to the product  where we'll be able to make over $24 per  sale that we get on this click bang  product so this is the call to action  I've gone with right here t

he best side  hustle to make $25 to $50 per hour click  here this is going to really grab  people's attention and to make it even  better we're going to make it bold and  we can even change the color so if you  click on text color right here you can  change it to like a red or like a blue  or purple whichever color you think is  going to grabs people's attention you  can change that to right here let's  stick to red and we can even add an  effect to it to make it stand out so we  can put like a lift or a drop shadow to  just make it really pop when they're  reading the info

rmation and this is the  best way to get people to click over to  your affiliate what I'm going to do  right now is go ahead and edit my page  and show you guys the final product so  you can get an example of how this looks  I don't want to take up too much time  cuz I want to show you guys The Next  Step which is how we're going to get  traffic over to our ebook and where  we're going to find people to give this  ebook so that they can read it and  follow through to our affili link all  right guys we're back and I made a  little adjustment to this page I didn't  do too muc

h cuz of the time constraints  here but right here you can see I've  made the table of contents a little bit  shorter I made all of the different side  hustles bols so people can see exactly  what they're about to read and on the  first page which is a freelancing page  you can see I've added in a nice image  to represent freelancing and we've got  the text right here if I had more time  I'll go in and do the rest of the pages  in the same format but this is just to  give you guys an idea of how this works  now the main thing that you guys must do  right here which I didn't

mention  earlier was to link your affiliate link  that's the main thing this is how people  are going to be able to go over to the  sales page so that you can make money  with the strategy right here so what you  want to do is just highlight your call  to action you're going to click on this  link right here and then you're going to  paste in your affiliate link so what you  want to do is just go back over to  ClickBank grab your affiliate link and  then paste it right here so just like  that copy and then head back over to  canva paste your link enter and then  there you

go your link has been added so  that now when people click onto this  section right here it will direct them  straight back over to the to the sales  page once your PDF is completed and it's  all looking good just the way you like  it what you want to do is click on the  top right hand corner right here where  it says share and in this section you  want to download your PDF to your  computer and the way how you're going to  do this is by going to the file type and  you're going to click the drop down menu  then you're going to click on PDF  standard right cuz you want it to

come  out as a PDF so that people can download  it to their computers and read it just  like like how they would with a regular  ebook and then you're going to click on  download and it's going to save directly  to your computer within a matter of  seconds and there you go you just  created your first asset that you can  now give away online for completely free  to get people into your ecosystem and  get them clicking onto your affiliate  links where you'll be able to make a  commission on each sale that is made via  your affiliate link all right so now  that we've created

our free asset to  giveaway to people online so that we can  make affiliate commissions we need to  now figure out where our ideal customers  are going to be like where we're going  to find these customers that are going  to want to download a free book like  this and get value we're ready to move  into step number four which is where  we're going to get the free traffic and  the platform we're going to be using  today to get 100% free traffic over to  our ebook is the one you can see on the  screen right now and that is Twitter  they've recently changed their company  to

X but if you just type in  it's going to take you over to their  homepage now if you didn't know Twitter  is an amazing place to get lots of free  traffic there's so many different  individuals and companies that taking  full advantage of this platform to make  thousands if not hundreds of thousands  of dollars every single month some  people are promoting their own products  some people doing affiliate marketing  some people are even doing brand  collaborations on this platform so this  is a massive source that we can use to  make a lot of money as Affiliates w

hat  you want to do is go ahead and create a  free account for yourself I wouldn't  recommend you using your personal  account if you have one because this is  going to be a niche based account so you  need to create an account that directly  related to the product that you're  promoting so if you're promoting like  Kyo products for example that needs to  be in your profile name if you're  promoting make money online products  that also needs to be directly related  to that niche as you can see at the top  right here I've typed in make money  online and what you're going to

see is  that a number of different posts and a  number of different accounts have come  up here that are related to this topic I  want you to do the same with your Niche  if you're following along and you're  doing my Niche that's completely fine  but if you're doing a different category  or a different niche of product that you  found on ClickBank you want to type that  into the search bar at the top and what  you're going to realize straight off the  bat is that there's people on here that  are promoting different links right just  like how I told you some people are  pr

omoting their own products like this  person for example they're actually  teaching exactly what I'm teaching you  guys right here you can see write a 15  page topic about something you know  we've just spoken about make money  online they're explaining that you need  to export as a PDF design the cover on  Cana just like how I showed you and  number five sell it on social media  platforms it's such a coincidence that  I've come across this post right here  but you can see for yourself what I'm  teaching you right here someone else is  also teaching on the Twitter platform

and it's got over 10.6k views this was  posted on November the 21st currently  it's November the 22nd so this is a so  this is a method that is still working  to this very day now we're going to take  a little bit more of a different  approach here even though we're doing  something very similar right here  instead what we're going to do is  actually create Twitter threads and  provide value to people on this platform  just like how on Google and YouTube  people are constantly searching how to  make money online Twitter is the exact  same so when someone types and make  mo

ney online they're going to see our  Twitter thread come up right here which  is going to teach them step by step how  to make money online right and we're  going to be showing them something  similar to this but we're going to be  giving away our free pdf whether it's on  the Tweet itself or on our Twitter  profiles this is very simple and easy  stuff if you guys don't know what  Twitter thread is by the way it's  similar to like Instagram from Carousel  where you just swipe through the  different posts and you read it and you  get value from it so we're going to  create s

omething similar to that right  let me see if I can actually find an  example to show you guys so you can see  how it looks so here's another example  of a Twitter user that's doing something  similar to what I'm showing you guys  here in this video you can see instead  of giving away a eBook about how to make  money online they're giving away  different copyright prompts that they  people can use on chat GPT so you can  see right here copyrighting is a money  printing skill but it needs a lot of  hard work so I built 1,000 copyrighting  prompts so chat GPT and in the same

tweet he's linked to his PDF document  and all people have to do to get access  to his book is just like the post reply  GPT and follow him and then he will DM  them and send them the ebook so you can  do something very similar to this and  you can see as I told you a lot of  people are liking this a lot of people  are reposting this and saving it to  their accounts so this is very popular  right now and you can do the exact same  thing so let's actually do something  similar to what this guy is doing so so  what you want to do right here once you  created your account you

just want to  click on post and then you want to  replicate what this guy has done right  here or you can just use chat GPT to  create you a tweet that will actually  promote your ebook so let's go back over  to chat GPT right here then we're just  going to ask the AI to create a tweet  that can promote my ebook on Twitter so  here we go here's the prompt that I've  written for track GPT to create the  tweet for us so that we can promote to  thousands of people on Twitter and get  them to interact with our tweets so that  we can send them our ebook write a short  tweet to

promote my ebook about five  ways to make money online and tell the  viewers if they would like the book they  must like reply MMO which is make money  online and follow me so I can send them  the ebook so let's try that right here  and see what the AI comes up with so  here we go guys this is the tweet that  they first gave me it looks pretty good  the only thing I didn't like is that it  came across a little bit robotics so I  just told it to add some more value to  the Tweet to to drive the point home  about the importance of making money  online and use a human tone and

this is  the tweet that they've given me this is  not too bad I think we can tweak it a  little bit and make it really good and  then post it on our Twitter and I'm  going to show you exactly how it's done  right here so what you want to do is  just copy this tweet right here and  we're just going to edit it on this  document just so that we can make sure  this looks good so here you can see the  tweet that chat GPT just made for us of  course you can add your own spin on it  change it around how you like it but  this is a Formula that you can follow  and don't think that

this is just the  only way you can promote this ebook you  can go through Twitter you can go  through like the searches and see what  other techniques other people are using  and use a similar technique to promote  your ebook right so you can see we just  added some information up here at the  top and we've told them that in order to  get their free ebook they must like the  Tweet reply make money online and and  then follow us to get their free guide  the good thing about this method is that  this is actually going to help the Tweet  get some more views and some more likes

which is going to drive it to more  people on the platform because the more  likes it gets the more replies you get  Twitter is going to push it to more  users on the platform and on top of that  you're going to get more followers when  you use the strategy because people have  to follow in order to get the ebook and  then when they follow all you have to do  is just DM them and then send them to  your ebook so not only are you growing  your profile and getting more views onto  your Tweet but you're also grow and  you're following on Twitter which is  going to of course l

ook better for your  profile you're going to be more credible  and then more people are going to  actually see your ebook and then once  they read it as I showed you guys  there's a lot of valuable information in  there and once they read it they're  going to click over onto your sales page  of your affiliate product once they make  a purchase depending on what product you  selected you will make around $24 all  the way up to $100 per sale for you to  get the most out of this method you need  to be consistent on this platform don't  just post one tweet and expect it this  b

low up overnight post at least two to  three tweets per day you know space them  out throughout the day and use different  techniques to get people to download  your free pdf with your affiliate links  inside as I showed you guys on the make  money online search there's tons of  different people using a lot of  different different techniques that you  can borrow to promote your ebook you can  even come up with your own unique ways  to promote your content online but the  main thing is to just keep posting keep  providing valuable information on this  platform and your accou

nt will grow and  you will get lots of traction over to  your profile over to your tweets and  then eventually onto your PDF documents  so that you can make money with  affiliate market so there you go I've  just showed you an entire strategy of  how you can make hundreds of dollars  every single day with affiliate  marketing this is a never seen before  method that not many people are talking  about is very untapped right now so if  you get an early and start doing this  you can start generating hundreds of  dollars online with affiliate Mark and  eventually even if you wa

nt to sell your  own products like I've showed you on  Twitter people are doing that also so  the possibilities of this endless right  here if you have any questions about  this method be sure to leave them down  in the comment section I'm open I'm  always reading the comments and helping  you guys out so don't hesitate to reach  out I hope you got a lot of value from  this video thank you guys all for  watching and I'll see you in the next 

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