How do I become an affiliate marketer?

How do I become an affiliate marketer?

How do I become an affiliate marketer?

Hey buddy and business family and  welcome to today's free course all about  affiliate marketing so first let's talk  about what affiliate marketing is and  why you should do affiliate marketing  affiliate marketing is a way for you to  make money just by recommending a  product or getting a sale on another  person's offer so it's basically a  business model that you can use without  having an actual business so I  personally haven't really focused on  affiliate marketing with my blog because I focus more on trying  to help you guys sell your own products  and your own offers because when you  guys do that you're gonna make more  money I understand not everybody wants  to start their own business so this is a

great way that you can start making  money without committing to that you can  do affiliate marketing from anywhere in  the world and you can also start with  zero dollars there's lots of different  ways that you can start doing affiliate  marketing and I'm going to go over all  of those ways in this video you guys  already know I'm dedicated to 100 free  education a

nd all I ask in return for  this free education that people charge  thousands of dollars for is is just hit  that like button for the YouTube  algorithm And subscribe to my YouTube  channel so I can continue to create free  courses just like this typically with  affiliate marketing it's usually when  you are selling a product for somebody  else such as through Amaz

on Affiliates  program and in simple terms this just  means that you are the person that is  trusted you are promoting a product or a  service that you like and in exchange  for the sales that you get through your  affiliate link you are going to get paid  a piece of the pie of that money just to  give you examples so you understand one  form of affiliate marketing

that would  be like if I'm on Tick Tock searching or  if I'm on Instagram searching for a new  outfit and I see somebody posting about  the outfit that looks really nice if I  go and buy that outfit with their link  if it's on Amazon or another site they  are going to get a commission of that  sale that they made but it's nice  because they don't have to worry abo

ut  shipping their product out they don't  have to worry about starting a business  but they just made money just by talking  about that product with affiliate  marketing it's honestly optional if you  want to show your face or not sometimes  with affiliate marketing it's not always  just about selling something some  affiliate marketing programs can reward  you fo

r leads free trial users or even  just clicking on somebody's website or  getting downloads for an app with some  affiliate marketing platforms you only  get five percent of the sale but with  other affiliate marketing offers  sometimes you get 50 of the sale so it  really just depends but just like  anything that you do to make money  online even affiliate marketi

ng is not a  get rich quick scheme so just like any  other online business model it requires  patience so some people decide to start  a blog and start blogging and create a  website about different affiliate  products and they just kind of let  Google do the work for them as far as  where they get their traffic from but  the other side of affiliate marketing  that

you commonly see on social media is  people just like me posting on Instagram  or posting on Tick Tock and whenever I'm  searching for outfits or when I'm  searching for things to buy I always  look through Tick Tock I always look  through Instagram so if you are posting  videos on tiktok or Instagram friend  those videos will stay on there I  personally think tic

k tock's search  engine is much better as far as seo seo  stands for search engine optimization  because what I do like I said whenever I  search for outfits I buy the outfit from  that person they're going to get a  commission of that sale and all they did  was just order it from Amazon or they  already had it and they're just showing  off why they like that produ

ct so as a  beginner in affiliate marketing the  first thing I personally would do is two  things I would set up an Amazon  Affiliates account and if you haven't  already create a tick tock account  create an Instagram account and these  two accounts you can start posting  videos on these are two ways that you  can get traffic to your affiliate  marketing links 100

free starting a  YouTube channel to also promote products  if that's what you want to do like if  you want to be somebody that just like  reviews products that's something you  could do you could start the YouTube  channel start The Tick Tock and the  Instagram and you'll start to notice too  that not only will you start to grow  your account just by reviewing dif

ferent  products and referring people to your  affiliate links but you will also start  to probably get brand deals if you guys  haven't already watched the rest of my  videos on my YouTube channel I do have  videos showing you how to create viral  content and even though I'm showing you  how I create it for my business you can  use the same strategies that I teach

on  my YouTube channel to promote the  products that you're promoting to get  the affiliate money so there's actually  five different ways that you can make  money with affiliate marketing number  one is pay per sale this is where you  earn a commission for each sale you make  this is obviously the most common one  for affiliate marketing and Amazon does  definite

ly tie in with e-commerce so  when I say e-commerce offers with  affiliate marketing the Amazon  Affiliates program definitely ties in  with that as well number two is pay per  action this means you earn a commission  for a specific action this would be like  a newsletter sign up a click on a  website a contact request or a form  submission and how I would create

content in order to get those sales is I  would just make videos this would be  like more talking videos and saying you  know oh well if you want to learn more  about this topic sign up for this or  sign up for that so that is something  that you could do post on Tick Tock and  Instagram if you want it but obviously  with that kind of thing you do have to  have a p

assion number three is pay per  install this is where you get paid for  every install generated from your  website traffic or you know through your  social media links the goal of that  content would be to promote mobile apps  or software that people download or  install them and this can even include  free apps so like you don't have to be  out here trying to sell

people an app  most of the apps are free they just want  to get downloads on their free app and I  used to do this one actually on my dog's  account I would promote the app it was  the game like a mobile game there were  some games that were two dollars per  install 50 cents per install I actually  wound up making a lot of money just from  those affiliate offers n

umber four is  pay per click so certain websites will  actually pay you just for getting clicks  on their websites this is where you earn  a commission on every single click on  your affiliate link no matter what so  they don't have to sign up for anything  they don't have to do anything just for  clicking on it and you bringing traffic  to that website you can get

paid this is  usually used by bigger brands that are  just trying to build awareness to their  brand but this one's not usually common  so affiliate marketing really is a great  route to go as a beginner so three types  of affiliate marketing product types are  Niche type of products when I'm ready to  shop from new outfits I'm always  searching on Tick Tock and I

nstagram and  I try to find fashion influencers so  that is their Niche so I always follow  them too because I'm interested in  fashion so again this is the importance  of picking a niche also if you do pick  this Niche type of account to promote a  niche type of product your account will  grow faster this is because social media  platforms know who to push your co

ntent  to if you're posting about fashion and  then you're posting about money and then  you're posting about dogs if you're all  over the place Tick Tock Instagram and  even YouTube will not know who to show  your content to so as a beginner this is  just not something I would recommend is  like trying to jump around to do so many  things focus on one thing and be

patient  but Niche type of affiliate marketing  accounts are my personal favorite way to  go so number two is digital content so  this is if you were selling a digital  product for somebody else no matter what  you do with affiliate marketing being  authentic is so important when you're  creating content you have to think okay  like why would somebody follow me yo

u  have to start taking social media really  seriously as far as you know what your  account is going to be about so next I'm  going to show you how you can actually  get these deals and start making money  with affiliate marketing by finding  these platforms to find these offers the  most common one is ClickBank Amazon  Affiliates Flex offers link connector  and a

ffiliate future so the most common  one that I see people using for  affiliate marketing is using a link tree  or a beacons this is a whole lot easier  than creating a Blog so I definitely  recommend this for beginners so I'll put  the link in the description for this  platform called beacons AI so go ahead  and click the green button at the top  click sign up firs

t thing you're going  to do is you're are going to just claim  unique links so I already have mine it's  body and Biz but I'll just have another  one Baddie and business just for today  so when you're done they're gonna just  make sure nobody stole it yet and then  click next so then you're gonna just put  in your name your email address and your  password then aft

er that just click  create account so once you signed up  it's gonna bring you to this page I  actually started to already do the  things which is just verify your email  address which obviously is easy  um add your first block to your Lincoln  bio which I already have and if you  don't already know what I'm talking  about beacons is what I have right in  the link

in my bio and I use these on  all my accounts but I'll just show you  my body and Biz one so when you see the  link in my bio so this is what we are  creating right now so this is honestly  so smart for anyone even if you just  have 500 followers you're just getting  started just create this Amazon  Affiliates page and any single time you  recommend a product they'

ll go to your  page they can click through whatever  category you're promoting and you can  promote and make money from these  commissions so let me show you how to  create 8 the link right in the bio of  these pages so once you're on this page  which is the link in BIO page just go  ahead and click on links you can scroll  down and then you're going to just click

add new link this is where you're gonna  put the title I don't usually put a  subtitle but if you want to you can and  then the link down here it shows you  exactly where you have to add it so  that's where you would put your  affiliate marketing links in these  sections whoever sees your videos can go  straight to the link in your bio and buy  whatever you're rec

ommending straight  through here so once you add your links  in or once you get comfortable with this  then go ahead and click on Design This  is going to let you completely take  control over how your website looks so  these are all the featured themes that  beacons has I chose like a more  businessy Vibe because you guys know  fatty in business you can really jus

t  play around with this and at any time if  you want to see how it winds up looking  just go ahead and click on preview this  little eyeball down here just click on  that and it'll show you exactly how it  looks in real time they even show you  your insights to see how many people  actually clicked on it so you can  actually really track to see how many  people ar

e clicking on your link and how  you're actually doing so I really do  love that they have like a whole Insight  section here as well so definitely check  that out from time to time you can see  what people are clicking on what's you  know generating more clicks and things  like that here is someone that is  killing it on Amazon affiliate so I'm  going to show you

exactly how to set up  something like this today so now I'm  going to show you how to set up your  Amazon influencer affiliate link program  account so what I did to get to this  page was I just Googled Amazon Creator  University and I got to this page  I like this page especially if you're a  beginner because you can actually go  through all of this and it kind of

just  gives you a rundown of everything that  you can do with Amazon with affiliate  marketing so definitely spend time on  this page here it's kind of that's why  they say it's like Creator University  because it really just gives you the  rundown there's so much information here  that you can go through and it just  really helps you out as far as a  beginner get

ting started so I'm going to  be showing you how to set everything up  but if you want to actually read out you  know how to do things or if you get  stuck you know you can watch my videos  again and you can also go through these  if you ever have any questions or  anything like that of course I'm there  for you in the comments too if you need  help along the way

so easiest way to get to the sign up for  the influencer program is I just Googled  Amazon influencer program that way I  don't have to dig through the Amazon  website so I just Googled Amazon  influencer program and it pops up right  at the top here so go ahead and click on  that  then you're gonna just click sign up and  I'm going to show you exactly how to do  a

ll these three steps so you're gonna  build your storefront you're going to  create and recommend products to your  audience I'll show you how to do all of  that as far as adding to your storefront  be on your way to earning money with the  Amazon influencer program so go so when  you're ready go ahead and just click  sign up and again this is free to do  you're ei

ther going to connect an  existing Amazon account or you can  create a new account here so I'm just  going to connect my existing Amazon  account  then you're going to select one of these  to check your eligibility even if you do  not have an audience on Tick Tock or any  of these Tick Tock you can grow an  audience the fastest on especially if  you're referring to

my other videos  where I show you how to create content I  literally have grown 40 000 Tick Tock  followers overnight before so even if  you don't have followers you can grow a  following very quickly and just refer to  my other videos on how to do that  so go ahead and just click on Tick Tock  and we'll just sign up using Tick Tock  for this so then it's just goi

ng to ask  you to authorize your Tick Tock account  with Amazon influencers this is just so  they can see your profile information  and just see  um what your account is about they're  not like they're not hacking into your  account don't worry so just click  authorize  and immediately it granted me a  legibility for the program if it doesn't  um don't worry it'll

tell you usually  why you're not eligible for the program  and then you just have to either connect  to different social media account or  then you'll go from there  so go ahead and scroll down and we're  going to upload a profile picture  because we have a lot of dog owners and  lovers that follow us so we can  recommend products that we know that  they're gonna l

ike so I'm just picking  her profile picture that we use for her  other socials just clicking save you can  really use any picture it doesn't matter  too much you can also add in a cover  image if you want but you don't have to  right now because I know you have to um  you know customize that or you could  even Google one and just put it clouds  or whatever if you

want in the back so  it's really not that important so just  go ahead and click next  so here you're going to put your other  information so this is going to be for  my dogs account so we're going to write  Mika the Husky  then in the bio you can kind of just  give more information  um you can just say you know  for me I'm just going to say a dog  influencer  recom

mending  pet products  to other dog mom lovers or we could say  even pet mom  pet lovers  um and then you're gonna put your  Instagram handle here  and obviously this is optional and then  the tick tock's already connected then  you're going to just click next  um you can just put other  and now your influencer page is ready so  this is your actual influencer page

right here I'll show you what it looks  like without us adding anything first  this is what it looks like right now so  this probably looks familiar you've  probably seen content creators already  using this so now I'm gonna show you how  you're gonna build this online store  basically  um for your commission page for your  affiliate marketing account so  and even

you know if you get stuck too  they have so many things that can help  you here but nothing's better than  seeing a video on it so I got you just  click go to your storefront  so um right here you can actually create  content for your actual page which is  really cool because so what you can do  on the Amazon influencer platform is you  can upload a picture like y

ou the same  one that you would post like on  Instagram or video and then you can  actually tag the product through here  type in dog harness here  and you can actually find the one that  you want to show off so just say like  this is the one that she's using you can  click tag product  and then you would upload a picture here  and then you're gonna just write you

don't have to write a caption here but  this is like what you would do then just  click submit post  and now this post with your link of the  product and the picture is now on your  storefront  so now when you're on your influencer  account you're able to see the pictures  with the link that's attached to the  picture so say you're wanting to show  off an outfit y

ou can add in multiple  products for that outfit and then share  the link to your influencer account in  your bio and people can shop through  your link just like this so see how all  of the categories are different she has  her Beachwear faves here she has her  skin care faves here travel favorite she  has like everything an idea lists  so I'm going to show you ho

w you're  going to actually create these so  everything is organized so as your  audience is looking for things to buy  through you they're gonna know like  where to go it's not gonna just be this  big disorganized thing so let me show  you how to set up ideal lists and add  products to these right now so once  you're on this page just go ahead and  click on ideali

st  then you're going to title what your  idealist is going to be about since  we're doing a pet themed page we're  gonna do  favorite treats  dog treats  and you don't have to fill that out so  now we're going to start adding products  so click on browse history and you can  actually go through your your actual  orders of stuff you've ordered and added  in which m

akes it really easy I'm just  on a brand new account right now so  that's why I don't have any previous  orders but just go to browse history and  you can look up you know your favorite  treats for me now we're um doing you  know dog treats that my dog personally  loves so let me find the um I'm gonna  actually put the search down a little  bit this is easier if yo

u do order the  items because then they're actually in  your histories like this is one of her  favorites this is one of her favorites  so I'm just going through like this list  and adding these all in so when I show  these off in my videos when I show these  on my live stream  um when I talk about them at all like on  our stories or anything people will know  like

okay well they're tagged in her  Amazon  um list so then they'll actually know  where to go so I added four of her  favorite things in this list here then  just go ahead and click submit  and then Amazon just has to approve the  idea list which is not a big deal  um you can just click done or you can  click on get link which is the direct  link to the products  so

now Amazon has approved the idea list  and it's right here so it says favorite  dog treats and you can add to this list  as you go on too so if you do want to  um you know add on to this list of  things that you like you can click on  this edit button  and it lets you add in more products  right here through that so you can  continue to build on those lists  like

we showed Alex Earl she shows a lot  of her outfits so a lot of things that  she really likes  um as far as like her favorite prom  dresses her her birthday outfits things  like this people are looking for they've  seen it in her videos and they're able  to go straight onto here and buy it  especially for like this idea list right  here which is her content creatio

n  must-haves you have to realize that  these products this one is seven hundred  dollars so she's probably getting a  really good commission when people buy  bigger items that are more expensive on  her idea lists as well so that's  definitely something to keep in mind  that you know if you're promoting  products on your socials that are you  know more expensive 

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