How do I become an affiliate with no experience?

How do I become an affiliate with no experience?

How do I become an affiliate with no experience?

Today's  i'm gonna show you  exactly how we went from zero to fifteen  thousand dollars in just two months  without spending a dime on ads so this  is all from free traffic but before i  get into the video if you're new here  make sure you subscribe and turn on the  notifications because we're going to be  showing you  many different ways to make money online  and you're not going to want to miss any  of our upcoming videos  [Music]  in this training i'm going to show you  exactly how we were able to get these  results right here on this screen we did  this with 100 free traffic and we didn't  spend a dime on ads i'm also going to  share with you the exact affiliate  product that we use and are promoting  right now and how you can do the same  also if you stay to the end of this  video i'm going to give you two bonuses  that are the key to making thousands of  dollars online so you're definitely  going to want to make sure you stay to  the end of this video  okay so let's dive in so the first thing  i want to talk about is what is  affiliate marketing i know many

people  have no idea what affiliate marketing is  and you may be wondering the same thing  so i'm gonna break it down for you right  now affiliate marketing is literally  just promoting a businesses products or  services and getting a commission of the  sales when someone purchases through  your link  so you don't have to worry about  creating a product you don't have to  worry about customer service and you  don't have to worry about shipping  anything your only job as an affiliate  marketer is driving traffic to that  business's sal

es page  the great thing about affiliate  marketing is it's not your job to do the  selling and that's actually what a lot  of people think and it's a big  misconception it's not our job to do the  selling it's actually the other  businesses job to do the selling all we  do is provide the traffic i truly  believe that affiliate marketing is one  of the easiest businesses that beginners  can use to start making money online  okay so let's talk about what you  actually need to go from zero to fifteen  thousand dollars a month with affil

iate  marketing it's actually super simple  so the first thing you need is a good  high ticket front-end affiliate offer  you can get that by working with a  company that offers a good high ticket  offer  now i'm gonna share with you the one  that we use to get the results that you  saw on the previous page  and you don't have to worry about  finding one of your own unless you have  one in mind already  but we'll get to that in a bit  the second thing you need is a good  backend offer that complements the front  end offer and i'm goin

g to show you the  one that we use later on in this video  the last thing and what i believe is the  most important thing is  step number three and that is providing  value to your audience it's very  important to always provide value and  good quality content this is the key to  creating a successful affiliate  marketing business with 100 percent free  traffic now there are many ways to  provide value to your audience i'm gonna  share with you the way that we did it  and how you can do it too without having  to spend any money on ads

okay so enough background information  i'm sure you're wondering how to go from  zero to fifteen thousand dollars in just  two months and i'm gonna get into that  right now  okay so what i'm showing you here is  called a sales funnel now what is a  funnel a funnel is the journey through a  series of web pages that your potential  customer will take to go through and  purchase your product  you can create a sales funnel by using  an online funnel builder website and i'm  going to show you the one that we use  and it also has an email

autoresponder  built right into it and i'll share more  about that in a bit so let's break down  what i have on this screen right now  step one is always to drive traffic  the free traffic source that we used and  started with is tick tock so in the  beginning we created a brand new tick  tock account and we created content that  we knew our audience would love and find  value in  after they saw the content we would give  them a very clear call to action on what  to do next and usually that would be to  click the link in our bio  aft

er they click the link they will be  brought to our opt-in page  this is the first step in the actual  sales funnel  now the best part about this sales  funnel is that you don't have to do any  of this manually  this all will be automatic and all you  have to do is drive traffic to the front  end offer so on the opt-in page this is  where you're going to have a little bit  of information about the affiliate offer  and then it'll ask your customer or your  potential customer for their email and  name to move forward in the process  aft

er providing their email they will  receive the information that they were  looking for the purpose of the opt-in  page is to collect emails and give a bit  more information about the affiliate  offer with tock you're only able to  create about a 60-minute video a  60-second video that peaks the interest  of your customer and gets them  interested in what you're talking about  once they opt in they'll be entered into  your email autoresponder and they'll  begin to receive a series of emails now  i'll talk about this step a little bit

later so after they enter their email  the next step in the sequence is being  taken to your bridge page  this page provides even more information  about the affiliate product that you are  promoting  this page really seals the deal and  warms your traffic to the idea of the  affiliate product  they will be able to learn more about  you and learn more about this product  that can potentially solve a problem in  their life  this page is the last step before  sending your customer to the affiliate  sales page  this is also where you wi

ll attach your  affiliate link that you'll get from your  affiliate partner  so from the bridge page your traffic  will go on to the affiliate product page  and once they get to this page your job  as the affiliate marketer is done from  there it is now that businesses job to  convert your traffic into actual sales  the affiliate product that we use and  we'll share this toward the end of the  video but it has a very high conversion  rate and that is something that you will  need to think about and  make sure that whatever product you

choose has a high conversion rate it'll  be very important for your sales  because you don't want to be wasting  time sending traffic to an offer that  doesn't even convert  so again we're going to share with you  the exact product that we used and  promote so definitely stay to the end of  this video so you don't miss it so the  last step in the funnel is where your  traffic will actually purchase when they  do you will get a commission of the sale  and that is why it is very important to  choose an affiliate product that has  high

conversions so that you will get  more sales  and that is the whole purpose of  affiliate marketing  so now let's go back to this part right  over here this is the email sequence  this is very important because  this is the difference between making a  few sales and making thousands and  thousands of sales with your affiliate  product  this email sequence is super important  because not everyone purchases right  away when they get to this sales page  some people need a few days to think it  over or they might just need some more  inf

ormation before they make their  decision  with this email sequence you are  ensuring that your potential customer  does not forget about your product  the email sequence will keep emailing  them to remind them about your product  and again the great thing about sales  funnel is this will happen automatically  so you don't have to do any of this  manually the email sequence is also  where you want to talk about your  backend offer this is what top  affiliates are doing to promote  different products to their list  and that is what's m

aking them thousands  of dollars each month since we're in the  making money niche we have a back-end  offer that complements our front-end  offer so it helps people make money  online  the email sequence is what allows you to  offer multiple products instead of just  one  and that this is great because it's all  with the same traffic so that's pretty  much everything you need to know about  sales funnels so now i'm going to share  with you a live example of our tech talk  account and i'll take you through our  sales sequence so i tol

d you before that  i will show you our exact high ticket  affiliate product that we used to make  fifteen thousand dollars last month  and i also told you that i would share  with you our funnel builder that we use  to build our funnel so i'm going to take  you through that right now so step one  is taking you through our tic tac  account and i know you're probably  thinking this is all only working  because you have over 200 000 followers  but when we started we actually had  nothing we didn't have a social media  following and we ac

tually didn't know  anything about how to use tick tock we  had no social media presence at all we  started this account october 7th of this  year what we did to make this work is  post consistently every single day and  with that content we gave as much value  as we possibly could through posting  consistently and providing value we were  able to build this account pretty  quickly it doesn't take any special  skill or expertise to do this all it  takes is posting consistently and  posting valuable content you just need  to know what

your audience is looking  for and how you can help them solve that  problem so in these videos i usually  create something eye-catching something  trendy and give a strong call to action  and that's usually to click the link in  our bio and that's right here  so when you click the link  you'll be brought to our  website which is right here this is the  first step in our sales funnel we tell a  little bit about the offer but we don't  give it away right away we touch on the  pain points of our audience  most people in our take account

would be  very interested in learning how to start  a profitable  business without knowing where to start  so when they click this link right here  they'll get a little pop-up  and it'll prompt them to enter their  name and email and when they do that  they'll get access to what's on the next  page  and i'll just put in some fake  information here and go to the next page  to show you after filling out the  information they'll be brought to this  page right here and this would be the  bridge page  this is the last step before the  pote

ntial customer goes to the sales  page here you want to give the customer  information about what they will see on  the next page this is a very important  part of the sales funnel and now i can  actually show you what our actual  affiliate product is and that is the 15  day business builder challenge with dave  sharp from legendary marketer here you  can see a bit about the product and some  testimonials this product is  this product is very hot right now and  it converts very well  the 15 day challenge is a full  step-by-step guide

teaching people how  to start an affiliate marketing business  online we actually took the training  ourselves and it is a very high quality  program to really help people learn how  to make money online it really solves  the problem of helping people know  exactly where to start because that's  something that most people have no idea  about it takes people through a simple  15 day process learning exactly how to  build a profitable high ticket affiliate  marketing business online on this bridge  page i created a video that talks a  l

ittle bit about how this product  personally changed our lives and how it  can do the same for them it's important  to draw from your own life so that you  can be relatable and people can feel  really connected to you  that's how you gain trust and then they  will be more likely to click the button  and go to the next page this is where  you'll have your affiliate link so it's  very important to tell them to click the  link on this page to get there  once they watch this video  they'll click the link and be taken to  this page and thi

s is the sales page  from the affiliate partner now remember  from before when they get to this page  your job as the affiliate marketer is  done it is now legendary marketer's job  to convert our traffic and that is the  beauty of affiliate marketing you don't  have to worry about products to ship you  don't have to worry about creating a  product and you definitely don't have to  worry about customer service all you  have to do is drive traffic to this page  you've done your job you've created the  content you've warmed up the traff

ic  and now here they are and it's time to  make their decision now i want to say  the 15-day business builder challenge  sells very very well now here is why we  chose this product the great thing about  legendary marketer and the 15-day  challenge is that this is not the only  product that they offer there are a  series of other products and this is  where the high ticket sales comes in  legendary marketer will offer a sequence  of high ticket products to your traffic  the 15 day challenge only cost seven  dollars and you may be won

dering now how  in the world am i gonna generate  thousands of dollars from a seven dollar  product they have a sequence of upsells  that they offer to your traffic and  these range from seven dollars to two  hundred and excuse me to twenty five  hundred dollars legendary marketer pays  up to forty percent commissions on any  product that your traffic decides to  purchase so if you get someone to  purchase the seven dollar product which  is very easy to convert later on if they  decide to purchase the 25 product you  will also get a c

ommission from that  sale  and with legendary marketer that's a  thousand dollars and that is the key to  making thousands online  picking a high quality high ticket  affiliate offer to work with that gets  your traffic in the door with low ticket  offer and then upsells them on the back  end  and that is how we were able to make  fifteen thousand dollars in just our  second month of starting when you are  getting paid a thousand dollars for each  high ticket commission you only need to  make a few sales each month to make  really gre

at money so for example 10  sales with legendary marketers high  ticket product is ten thousand dollars  and that's really not that hard with  legendary marketer as your affiliate  partner because they do a really great  job of getting sales and providing value  to your traffic  dave sharp who is the founder of the 15  day business builder challenge with  legendary marketer is an eight figure  affiliate marketer himself so he knows  how to sell really well so if you're  just getting started and you don't know  which high ticket produc

t to go with i  highly suggest going with legendary  marketer because they have many  different products that you can promote  and make commissions off of they are a  really great affiliate partner to work  with so if you're interested in using  legendary marketer as your high ticket  affiliate product  we will put a link below now the only  prerequisite to becoming an affiliate  with legendary marketer is completing  the 15 day business builder challenge  it's only seven dollars to get started  with it but even if you're new this  pr

oduct will teach you everything you  need to know to get started with making  money online as an affiliate marketer  it truly is a really great training and  it provides a ton of value  this is exactly how we learned how to  create the funnel and everything that we  just showed you so if you want to take  the challenge and promote the product or  if you just want to see what the  training is all about we have a link  below so you can get started now the  other piece of the puzzle is talking  about the funnel builder and i told you  at

the beginning of the video that i  will show you the exact funnel builder  that we use to create the funnel that  you just saw  now the funnel builder that we use and  i'm going to show you in a little bit  is awesome because it has an email  autoresponder already built into it  unlike click funnels  what we use is called high level and  that is what i have on the screen for  you right now  when compared to click funnels both high  level and click funnels cost  97 a month  but with high level you don't have to  pay extra for the emai

l autoresponder  because it's already built in with  clickfunnels you only get the funnel  builder  both are awesome but high level will  save you some money we also really like  high level because we find it really  easy to use now i also want to tell you  that high level is actually our back end  offer and we promote this alongside of  the business 15 day business builder  challenge this is because when someone  decides to join the 15 day business  builder challenge they will also need a  funnel builder and email autoresponder  so i

n our emails we share about this  product as well now when you decide to  use high level  you can also apply to be an affiliate  with them if you decide that you would  like to go with high level you can get a  free 14 day trial when you go through  our affiliate link if you want to use  high level or even become an affiliate  with them we have our affiliate link in  the description box of this video and  the great thing about having high levels  our affiliate backend offer is that  unlike with legendary marketer where you  get a one-

time commission with high  level you get reoccurring commissions  and that is super helpful and important  when you are trying to maximize your  income potential as an affiliate  marketer  okay so that brings us to the end of  this entire process we went through how  you can get free traffic by using tick  tock and i showed you our exact funnel  and our back-end offer and front-end  offer that we use to generate fifteen  thousand dollars in our first two months  of starting this business now you still  may be a little bit confused as

to how  you can put all of this together so  since you stay to the end of this video  we have something very special for you  if you are really interested in getting  started with this whole process and  using legendary marketer and high level  as your product we did something very  special and we created pre-built funnels  just for you all you have to do is take  the funnel that we built and upload it  into your high level account and then  from there you start driving traffic to  it everything is pre-built and you can  have the exac

t funnel that we showed you  in this video and you can start using it  right away to start bringing an  affiliate sales for yourself now you  don't have to use the exact same  affiliate products that we used in this  video you can use any product that you'd  like but i highly suggest using the 15  day business builder challenge because  from our experience it's a really great  product very high quality and legendary  marketer is a really great affiliate  partner to work with so if you're  serious and you want to use the exact  same fu

nnel that we use to generate  thousands of dollars per month you can  find it linked below under clone hour  funnel but wait there's more  we're also going to give you our exact  email sequence  the only thing you're going to need to  do is go through the funnel to switch  out your affiliate links and go through  the 15 day business builder challenge if  that is the product you decide to go  with so if you're interested in that  then go ahead and go to the description  box and find the link under clone our  funnel there will be a very

quick and  simple training showing you exactly how  you can implement the funnel and email  sequence that we use to generate  thousands in sales today it will be the  fastest way that you can start seeing  commissions in your own business as soon  as possible and now that brings us to  the end of this video i hope this video  was very helpful so that you can see  exactly how you can do this too and  start generating commissions and  bringing in thousands of dollars of  sales into your own affiliate marketing  business if you got anyt

hing out of this  video please like and subscribe so that  i know that these videos are actually  helping you out also comment below and  let us know what type of videos you  would like to see next we want to  provide as much value as we possibly can  for our subscribers so your comments  really mean a lot let us know what you  want to see and we will create that  content and try to help you as much as  we possibly can thank you so much for  watching and i'll see you in the next

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