How does PPC marketing work?

How does PPC marketing work?

How does PPC marketing work?

 Pay-per-click can be a super valuable  service for marketing agency owners a  lot of the time when potential customers  need a product or service what's the  first thing they do they go to Google  and they search for that product or  service and if you're using  pay-per-click ads you're guaranteed  pretty much to show up in those top  results so let's talk about  pay-per-click services and how you  should be taking care of them as a  marketing agency owner alright welcome  back and thank you for joining me my  name is Jordan Steen also known as  serial entrepreneur and at this channel  we talk all about starting a marketing  agency building a personal brand or  really just using digital marketing to  build any business online if you're  interested in any of those topics make  sure you hit that subscribe button and  the notification bell in the bottom  right hand corner we'll make sure to  update you with all of our newest videos  trainings resources our free giveaways  that we do every single week here at my  channel oh and PS make sure to stay  tuned to the end of today's video  because number one if you stay tuned  we'll give you our s MMA checklist that  way you can learn all of the tools and  resources you'll need plus a two week  training on starting your marketing  agency and if you leave a comment at the  very end on what you learned in today's  video we're gonna pick one winner to win  our three month mentorship program  giveaway so make sure you stay tuned to  the end 

Now I shouldtake a second to  mention to everyone watching this video  if you are an agency owner I want to  kind of stress the importance of not  getting hung up on pay per click if you  don't have tons of experience with it  already pay per click is not something  that you learn very easily it's not a  type of service that you can just learn  through taking a course yes you can take  a course and yes it will teach you a lot  about the information but really one of  the best you know types of experience  you ca

n have is actual experience  running the campaigns that's one of the  best ways to really get good at this so  if you are not wanting to spend months  and months getting good at pay-per-click  ads most of you running agencies are  going to outsource this work alright and  don't worry we're gonna talk a little  bit more about that later in this video  but don't get too caught up if you don't  understand any of this again take the  time to learn the basics of how it works  how the setup works how keywo

rds work  why search volume is important  things like that how much inventories  available versus competition how much  cost per click it's going to be all of  those things are really the basics that  you need to understand to run this for  your agency so just want me to make that  point clear so let's look at a little  bit of how PPC actually works obviously  it has to do with search engines and  just so you know search engines can't  include YouTube YouTube is just a video  search engine but let's

just say I  wanted to do kitchen remodel in Atlanta  right what it's going to do is you can  see right here we have Google is broken  down into a few different sections  number one we have this top paid section  we have what's called the listings and  maps section right and reviews section  then we have our first organic section  and then we finish off with more ads  okay so these ads up here are considered  one through three these ads way down  here are considered four through six you  obviously wan

t to be at the top these  are gonna be the best performing this  being the best performing ad out there  alright and so that's all you really  need to know the paid version or  pay-per-click is what automatically  brings your ads to the top whereas SEO  it's going to take work and time and  effort and you might not always be able  to end up in that number one spot for  some industries or for some specific  types of searches so that's all  pay-per-click is we're trying to get ads  to show up right her

e and then what  happens when we click on one of these  ads well let's show you if I click on  this ad the best kitchen remodeling new  kitchen in five days you can see it's  actually just going to take us over here  to there looks like a contact page maybe  usually you're going to take someone to  a landing page or a contact page or an  appointment page or maybe even a phone  call page where they can you know cook  click to call you right that goes  automatically to a phone call those are  best to u

se like mobile campaigns but  you can see right here we have an offer  of 0% financing and free granite or  quartz limited offer click now right so  we're definitely running some kind of  offer on this page to get people to look  at you know new kitchen top countertops  or whatever right let's look at platon  kitchens they're running a different  kind of ad it's the same keyword that  they're targeting and they're driving  people right to a kitchen remodeling  page right to show what their kitchen  k

itchen remodeling services are like  right so or they might just actually  specializing kitchen remodeling it looks  like all they do is kitchens right so  this yeah Platinum kitchens and design  that's pretty much all they do is what  it looks like so we have another landing  page again driving people or another ad  driving people to a landing page all  about kitchen remodeling okay and so  that's really how pay-per-click ads work  so how do we actually get to the point  where we have a campaign on

Google well  the first thing we want to talk about is  some of the different keywords or not  keywords but key terms that you're going  to want to understand with Google  AdWords alright or with pay-per-click  advertising in general alright and  that's going to be broad match negative  keywords broad match modifier phrase  match an exact match and there's a  little chart down here if you guys want  we're gonna leave this link for you in  the description so make sure you just go  right below this vide

o in the  description you can check out these  terms a little bit more for yourself or  you can just go to google and type in  broad match or keyword matching options  and that should get you to the same  article so with broad match it's very  similar to this kitchen remodel Atlanta  and what it's going to do is it's gonna  find ads that are targeting these three  keywords in a broad sense right they  might have other keywords in there like  kitchen remodel Atlanta today you know  that might be one o

f their keywords that  they're targeting right and if they had  this type of search in there along with  the kitchen remodel Atlanta all would be  shown or at least all of those at those  ads would show for all of those  different types of keywords basically  saying that if any of those keywords  existed in a search we're going to show  it that's all broad matches it's the  broadest type you can get next is  negative keywords and negative keywords  are just gonna simply be keywords that  we don't wan

t to target so basically if  somebody types in baseball hats like you  can see in this example right here we're  not going to show it in Lao Suman so you  guys can see it a little bit more the  baseball hats if somebody typed in  baseball hats were not going to show our  app that's all that really does right  broad match plus modifier make sure that  we have specific keywords included so  let's say I wanted to do general or  kitchen remodel Atlanta but I also  wanted to make sure that we had like  gr

anite for granite countertops and I  don't know crown molding and we would  actually want to do a plus if we wanted  to include molding as well right crown  plus molding and this is actually what  the keywords set up  we would put inside of our ad campaign  we would make sure to do plus crown plus  molding plus granite if we wanted these  keywords to be included in our search  results right at or at least in our and  the search results that a client or that  a customer a potential customer might be

putting into Google right so broad match  modifier the great or the reason why  it's so great is because it makes your  keyword searches or your ads more  intense specific it's going to limit  your traffic but it will get people who  are looking specifically for those  keywords that you're typing in with plus  signs so the next one we want to talk  about is phrase match and phrase match  is basically just going to include any  other variations of the search that you  have in quotations basically sayi

ng if  there's words before or after it we're  going to include it there can't be any  words in between so it couldn't be  women's green hats right you couldn't  add green or anybody who searched  women's green hats wouldn't get this  specific ad but anybody who typed in  black women's hats or women's hats  medium if that's the size that they wore  for some reason right those searches  would be included but again when there's  green hats would not be included in the  potential customers who would see

that  at okay exact match is going to be the  last one and this is pretty much exactly  that if a potential customer goes on to  Google and searches for hats for women  it's going to show that and it will also  show variations of that search that are  exactly similar so for example Google  knows the difference between women's and  ladies but it also knows that it's  pretty much the exact same thing hats  for women right  hats women all of these are searches  that will also show up or that all of  th

ese are keywords that will also be  allowed when someone types in women's  hats right if we do an exact match type  these other types of keywords if  somebody goes to Google and they type  those in these types of keywords are  also going to allow to allow our ad to  show as well so again I know this can be  confusing but don't worry again we're  gonna leave the link in the description  below if you want to check out more so  let's talk a little bit more about how  all of this works now that we kind o

f  understand the broad match type and  modified phrase match exact match type  the next thing we're going to want to  kind of understand is how keywords play  a part right so  what we want to actually do is when  we're trying to create a pay-per-click  campaign we're basically just coming up  with a list of keywords that we're going  to target right and when people type  those keywords in on Google we're going  to show and add to them driving them to  a landing page or a sales page right so  that be

ing said we need to know what  keywords to use so that's where you're  gonna use something like Google Keyword  planner you're gonna come in I like to  start with keywords and then we can just  do for example we're gonna type in  social media marketing courses right and  then I'll even put in my URL which is  going to help us make sure we get other  keywords that might be related all right  and then boom we're gonna click get  results and it's going to bring up this  big chart of keywords right and a

ll of  these are keywords that we can  potentially target in our campaign that  people are actually typing in so we  would start to set up keyword groups  inside of Google Ads manager Adwords  right and so what that means is  basically we would take all of our  keywords that are related to social  media marketing courses or training or  classes anything that would be related  to you know training itself and we would  group those into a keyword group called  s MMA courses right and that would be or  s

MMA training keywords something like  that and then we'd start to target those  keywords in one keyword group to a  specific audience and pretty much take  the same mentality that we use for our  Facebook ads and audiences except when  we apply it to keyword targeting right  now we need to understand okay well what  kinds of keywords should we target and  so what I'm actually going to do is the  cool thing is you can download all of  these into an Excel spreadsheet and  start to build your list of k

eywords  that you want to include the cool thing  is you can actually start checking them  off right over here and then once you're  done you're just gonna click down work  and download keyword ideas you can even  do it to make it to where it's like  exact match or phrase match so that way  you can filter out key words you don't  want we can even broaden our search up  here so we can do digital marketing  courses and add that to this list as  well we can click get results it's gonna  add digital mark

eting courses and  actually I would include those I might  separate them out if I was spending  $1,000 per keyword like if I spent  $1,000 on social media marketing courses  and $1,000 on digital marketing course I  would probably break those apart  as far as testing to see which one works  better but in my opinion both of these  are gonna be pretty much the exact same  thing so we're probably gonna look at  both of them together in one group but  again once we get our keyword list down  and we know

what keywords we want to  include we're gonna download them all  and then we'll have them in this list  like this and what we can do is we're  gonna do a little bit of an analysis to  see our top of bid high range or top of  page bid high range and then the top of  page bid low range right so we know that  what this basically tells us is it's  gonna cost us five dollars and sixty  five cents per click on the low range  and $14.44 on the high range to show up  in the top three results okay and that's

our goal we're always trying to show up  in the top three results also some  important factors because yeah this is  you know this isn't terrible as far as  cost per click but what really matters  even more than that is making sure that  we have search volume because if there's  no search volume for a specific keyword  like you're seeing here we're getting 10  keywords per month but if there's no  search volume it doesn't really matter  because we're not showing our ads so let  me and I don't want t

o confuse you guys  because search volume even on a lower  end does still benefit a business so for  example search keywords or keywords with  lower volume are usually less targeted  by competition so you can see here it's  looking like the average score is  somewhere in the high 80s low 90s right  well you can see here this 10 search  volume only has an 82 competition score  right and the cost per click is actually  a little bit higher as well so this  might be something that we would target  even t

hough there's only ten to a  hundred searches per month reason being  is because there's less sorry 10 to 100  searches per month but there's also less  competition meaning it will probably be  a little bit cheaper even though the  actual cost per click is more expensive  there aren't as many people competing  for this keyword so it might be  something that we add into our keyword  mix and basically again we're just gonna  go through we're gonna create all of our  keywords that we want to include in

this  one group right you wouldn't want to do  something like we I guess wouldn't want  to do something like social media  marketing courses and then start adding  in words like Facebook Ads Facebook lead  ads how to run a YouTube channel like  those keywords we wouldn't have because  they're not related to social media  marketing courses again when you  your keywords look at it based on search  intent and don't cross different  intentions right  if one intent is completely different  from another yo

u don't cross your  intents because you're having completely  different audiences come in on one ad  that are gonna get completely different  messages and probably not convert right  because you're you're confusing people  or you're just not delivering value and  information based on what they're  searching for right so make sure that  your keywords actually make sense that  you choose in this list and since we're  talking about PPC guys I love this  article in this little graphic that's  been create

d by word stream I think I've  seen this graphic for at least five  years maybe 10 years I'm not really sure  how old this graphic is but I do know it  is one of the oldest out there and it's  definitely the top one because it  explains how cost-per-click works and  how ranking actually works with regards  to the ads that you're trying to buy so  let's look at it like this advertiser  one has $2 per bid right max $2 per bid  advertiser 2's for 3 has 6 and 4 has 8  right but we also see this thing her

e  called quality score and quality score  is basically just how well your ad is  performing is it delivering are people  clicking when people click do they stay  on the page or exit really quickly or go  back really quickly and go and click on  another ad because that tells Google  that people aren't finding the  information they're looking for they're  not getting the value that you promised  you were going to give them so what we  can see here is we have a quality score  of 10 for 2 and 1 and then

we have our  ad rank 2016 12 and 8 what this is  telling us here is this person is  actually going to spend less per bid you  can see that here they're spending a  dollar sixty-one right per click  basically because they have a higher ad  rank and they have a higher quality  score they have a lower max bid though  right you would expect that this  campaigner this advertiser would show up  in lower search results or that they  wouldn't get the best cost per click  possible well what's happened is aga

in  Google as their job is to deliver  relevant search results while that means  they're going to reward people who  basically deliver ads  that are beneficial to the people  searching right so if I'm delivering an  ad and people are super happy they're  clicking and they're following through  with that ad then Google wants to reward  that because we're delivering they're  delivering a search result that's  beneficial to its audience or to its  customers right so they're gonna give  you the cheaper c

ost I love this  breakdown though because again it shows  you exactly kind of how it works but  what I want you guys to also get out of  this is that there's only so much  inventory right inventory being this  search volume here for every single  keyword you have to look at keywords as  inventory because with pay-per-click  that's all it is it's inventory how many  keywords or how many times are people  searching that keyword every single  month right and you want to know that  because you're not gon

na get all of  those impressions or even all of those  clicks right and again we'll leave this  article or this link below in the  description for this video as well and  it's definitely something you'll want to  check out because word stream does a lot  with pay-per-click and they're there  they do a lot of studies and  informational resources about  pay-per-click so I definitely recommend  checking this out also they give you an  industry breakdown on cost per click in  20 of the most common indust

ry so that  way you get an idea of if you're  spending in the right area or if you're  spending too much you know it'll let you  know those those specific metrics but  again don't take that to heart because  it's different in every geographical  location it's different per product for  service per industry right so even if  you get on here and you're like oh our  cost per click for this looks like legal  yeah legal the average cost per click is  five dollars and 88 cents yeah that's  not even close t

o true the average cost  per click for ads on pay per click as  far as the legal industry is concerned  is probably like 15 to 20 maybe 30 but  if you break that down and include  smaller suburban areas yes it will be a  lot lower but if you go in a minute most  you know bigger cities or most areas  with a larger population it's actually  much more expensive than 588 because  attorneys know how much money there is  to be made off of Google search results  because why  well people only look for an att

orney  when they need the service typical so  again check out that article if it seems  valuable or interesting to you so really  quickly guys  to stress budgeting alright and you guys  saw in the previous example we did or in  the previous little clip we just showed  we were talking about social media  marketing courses and digital marketing  courses right and there are all those  keywords that were related to that that  we could include in that group and each  one of them has a cost per click rangi

ng  anywhere from two dollars up to we saw  2530 dollars right and that's just one  click  which yes that means it's a valuable  person because they're typing in that  exact search so maybe they're looking  for that specific product but it doesn't  always mean they're going to convert and  again that's only one search term we  could also do things like our personal  branding and influencer marketing  program that we would want to promote we  have a Facebook marketing program that  we'd want to promot

e we have a  mentorship program that we montt to  promote which the mentorship program  couldn't go under SMM a training but  it's a completely different course which  would also require completely different  sets of keyword groups and we just saw  again how expensive those keywords can  be but if I want to promote more than  one product I'm gonna need a decent size  budget and this is why I always tell  people how important it is to make sure  you're budgeting your PPC campaigns  properly and not to

even worry about  spending if you don't have a budget of  at least a thousand to fifteen hundred  dollars per month because you can see  there are so many different types of  keyword groups that we could potentially  target just for one product right and if  all of those potential keyword groups  have you know thousands of searches per  month and the average cost per click is  let's just say ten dollars we're only  going to get at most one hundred clicks  per month out of that right so you have  to

make sure that you're getting the  best bang for your buck but also you  have to make sure that you're able to  afford the service that you're about to  take on or at least that your client is  able to afford the service that they are  about to take on so if you want to learn  more about pricing and anything like  that you can feel free to check out that  video right up here in the top right  hand corner alright so now that we know  a little bit about how this would work  let's go ahead and show you

guys how to  set up a campaign again if you don't  know what you're doing in here or if you  don't know everything about this  platform then you will not want to  manage this yourself please don't like  try and prove me wrong on this because  you won't alright but if you know what  you're doing feel free to come in here  and obviously probably don't even need  this video right but we're going to  click  Plus sign just you and even if you  aren't gonna run these I recommend doing  this either way beca

use you need to  understand how it works and they're  really really the only way to understand  how it works is to get in here and at  least play around with it  I'm not saying run and manage the  campaign's regularly but you do need to  get in here and understand how it works  so we're just gonna click new campaign  now you have your different ad  objectives like you put on Facebook  we're just gonna do leads and you can  see you down here they even tell you  where it's going to show up or the  poss

ible places it can show up we're  going to do search and we're going to do  website visits a lot of you since you're  working with local you'll either store  visits or phone calls most of you won't  even do store visits unless it's like a  restaurant or I mean really restaurants  benefit from these the most you could do  things like nail salons and hair salons  stuff like that but really you're gonna  try and go for phone calls or website  visits even more than that website  visits being like an appo

intment page  right so we're gonna click website  visits and I'm gonna type in serial  entrepreneurs website again all right  now we're gonna click continue and we're  gonna set up our campaign now we have  the type of campaign with the goal right  will be of our campaign a name we need  to select whether we want to include it  in Google search partners which these  are other websites or the Display  Network which are other websites again  we just want it inside of Google's  Display note network and

Google search  Network you guys can choose to do it  however you want if you don't have a  massive budget I don't recommend leaving  these on here alright those are more for  people who are spending a shit-ton every  single month you'll even adjust your  settings here for you start and end  dates you'll set your end date if you  have any campaign URL options like  specific tracking elements you want to  enter in you'll put those in right here  if you want to do dynamic search ads  then what this will

do is it'll actually  find information and headlines and stuff  like that off of your website and enter  it into the search ad itself I do not  recommend using this version in my  opinion you will get a lot better  results from using a copywriter you'll  actually select select your location  you'll select your language if that's  specific to you you'll select your  audiences if you want to do targeting or  observation observation is obviously the  recommended I recommend if you're new to  this you j

ust set it as observation  you'll set up your budget and again try  to keep in mind your cost per click  ratios you know ten dollars per day  might not get you a ton if you  have an average $10 cost-per-click  across your industry but if you have  $2.00 you'll get five decent clicks per  day which is a good amount of traffic  per month that's 150 new visitors every  single month to a sales page a landing  page a checkout page an appointment  setting page whatever you're trying to  get them to and I d

on't recommend  setting up your maximum cost-per-click  bid limit unless you have tons of data  to support your your entry beforehand if  you don't have any data you don't know  what your maximum cost-per-click bid  limit is okay so leave that open for now  you can add in sitelink extensions which  are going to be extras websites so for  example I'll just show you guys up here  it's when you have on your ad if you  have other ads you want to show like or  other landing pages you want to show so  this

ad right here for Nikes website is  also showing Nike new releases custom  Nike shoes Nike new Nike Pegasus 32 and  new nike free shoes right so those are  other site links that you can include in  your one campaign you can do different  call-out extensions alright and these  are other like you could offer our show  different services that you have or  different things that make you special  so we could do something like you know  free today only or you know lifetime  guarantee you know stuff like t

hat is  what you can put right here location  extensions if you have several locations  and call extensions if you haven't if  several different call phone numbers  right move into the next part and this  is where you're actually going to start  set setting up those keywords or phrases  or whatever you want it to use right  here you can see here we can do a  standard or dynamic ad group type again  if you don't know what that means it's  pretty much right here but but dynamic  pretty much means that

you're going to  use the best ad group with the best ad  possible right if one ad group seems to  perform better to one AD then that's  what you're going to use especially if  you're using multiple ad groups this is  actually one it you know that's a super  useful feature right there so again we  would do something like social media  courses and that would be our keyword  right here and then we would copy and  paste all we would do is take that Excel  spreadsheet that we opened up right  it'll take t

his guy right here once we  have our keyword list finalized and  we're just going to copy and paste all  of those keywords and put them in right  here boom  then we'll save and continue' and then  we'll start to set up our actual ad so  from here this is what people will  actually see on Google so you'll set up  your headline you know we could do top  social media marketing and I even know  people know it as SMA so social media  force and we would do right here we  would actually do s MMA training ri

ght  top social media course and we might  even be able to do we have enough  characters yep 2019 top social media  course 2019 s MMA training boom right  there right we can even do a third we're  probably not going to do that third  though normally a lot of people don't do  that you can set up your path here right  your different paths if you have  different paths for your URL and then  we'll set up our description right so  this could actually be we'll do what is  it  slash SMA right so you can see

right  here this is like that display link that  you'll see on Facebook ads and we'll  just put s MMA training or actually will  do SMA course right here right and in  path 2 so what you usually want to do is  keywords related to what people are  actually searching for right so we'll do  s MMA right here we'll do you know  agency training right here boom all  right now we'll do our description the  best SMA training yeah that could be our  description then we can add in different  URL options if we'

re doing different  tracking IDs for different ads and then  boom we pretty much have our ad ready to  go you can do a different final URL for  mobile if you have a different like  mobile URL that you're using but most  times you won't do that most people  actually have their things mobile  optimized now right we actually have  seven too many characters up here so  we'll just do bye  all right and now our ad is pretty much  ready to go we can actually just click  done and we'll save it boom now we ha

ve  our ad ready to go we can  create different variations of this one  ad right and we can do split testing and  boom once you're done you're just gonna  click Save and continue it'll take him  to the confirmation page and then you  just wait for your ad to be approved or  denied if it's denied you make any  adjustments to your campaign so what  specific services should you include for  your PPC offerings the first thing is  going to be an account audits guys you  can actually choose to include this

in  your services if you'd like or you can  choose to charge for it and people  charge thousands of dollars for these  types of audits so up to you what you  want to do there but it is a potential  service you could offer next could be  the account setup or build-out and this  could be taking information that you  already have in an account and making it  better or just completely building it  out right usually we charge a set up for  you for that right so make sure that  you're doing that number th

ree would be  any landing pages guys don't just run  pay-per-click ads necessarily to a sales  page and expect that to convert or even  to a contact page or an appointment page  sometimes it takes giving people  information or sending them to a an  enticing landing page that actually has  a decent call-to-action and structure to  drive people to take that specific  action right so if you're going to be  setting up those landing pages though  you should be charging for them don't do  them for free the

y're not free right and  not to mention you have to set up all  the pixel and tracking data make sure  that if you're gonna create landing  pages that you're charging for those as  well but they are a great service to  sell along with PPC campaigns next you  have analytics and implementation of  tracking and PPC campaigns are really  pointless without any form of analytics  or tracking going along with it so that  is something you'll charge for and then  finally is actual consulting now  obviously ma

nagement is included in  there as well but consulting is  something that you can charge for and  literally just go up to a business  that's already running their own  pay-per-click campaigns and give them  information on what they could be doing  better to improve their campaigns now  again if you're not a PPC expert can't  really do consulting or at least I  wouldn't recommend it but again if you  are an expert or if you have an expert  on your team you can easily offer that  service but guys that i

s it for this  video again if you are a marketing  agency owner you don't need to learn how  to be an expert PPC advertiser it's  going to take months and months and  months for you to get good at PPC  advertising so I recommend finding a  great advertiser pay-per-click manager  and paying that person a decent amount  to manage your campaigns for you that  being said if you want to learn more  about starting a marketing agency then  make sure to check out this video in the  top right hand corner talks exactly  about that 

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