Is affiliate marketing hard for beginners?

Is affiliate marketing hard for beginners?

Is affiliate marketing hard for beginners?

 Today I'm going to show  you one of the best ways that you can  use ClickBank to make money with  affiliate marketing and how you're going  to promote ClickBank products that  convert and how to get unlimited amounts  of traffic with a super simple  strategies the first thing that you need  to do is come over to ClickBank and  create an account for yourself once  you've done that what you need to do is  come up to the top and click on to  Marketplace this is going to bring you  over to clickbank's Marketplace where  you've got all these different niches  and products that you can promote what  you want to do with this strategy is you  want to click on to all you want to  scroll down and you want to go to  E-Business and e-marketing what we're  going to do is we're going to be  promoting an affiliate marketing product  but what we want to do is we want to  promote a product that's not high ticket  we want to start converting and we want to start making money with affiliate  marketing this is exactly what I've  showed some of my students and they're  currently crushing it so what you want  to do is you want to scroll down now you  can see here that you're going to be  looking for one thing and one the most  important thing currently is you don't  want a product that is expensive okay  when you're first starting out selling  High ticket products takes a little bit  of skill knowing exactly what audience  to

promote to that's really really  important but also your conversions are  going to be lower when you're starting  out with affiliate marketing what you  want to do is you want to sell low  ticket products and ensure you're  getting sales so what we're going to do  is we're going to scroll down see  something like this isn't too bad at  26.50 it's basically promoting a product  where people can go out and use Facebook  Twitter Youtube Etc to make money it's  even got a go

od gravity score at 197. if  we scroll down let's see if we can find  something else here is a product over  here it's called The Click wealth system  now this is currently  15.98 this is perfect okay because what  what this product has is it has an  upsell so when somebody purchases  something for say 15 98 cents they've  got the opportunity to buy something  that costs even more and you can see the  gravity score is really good so when you  click onto this link what it'

s going to  do is going to show you what this sales  page looks like and what I like about  this this is a vsl what this means is  it's a visual sales landing page so  people will have to watch this video to  learn what this product is about the  other thing that you can also do is you  can scroll down you can see here that  they've got an affiliate page once you  click onto this is going to give you all  the resources that you need to promote  this product but we're not

going to need  a lot of this I'm going to show you how  to promote this very easily and  effectively to two separate traffic  sources that are both going to bring in  100 free traffic now guys if you end up  getting value out of this video all I  ask that you do is that you smash that  like button in appreciation go down the  bottom let me know what you thought of  this video and I will pick one person  and I will give them my YouTube course  absolutely for free this is t

he same you  YouTube course that I'm currently using  myself and my students to make well over  thirty thousand dollars a month so if  you want that course for free smash that  like button and appreciation make sure  you subscribe to the channel and drop a  comment so now that we have found a  product to promote in order to get that  affiliate link very simple you want to  click on to promote over here and as you  can see you want to generate this hop  link click on to th

at this is the link  that you are going to use to promote  this ClickBank offer now what we need to  do is we need to get an article written  up for us that we are going to promote  absolutely for free on one website then  what we're going to do is we're going to  take that article from that website and  run even more traffic to it let me show  you exactly what I'm talking about in  order to do that what you need to do is  you need to come over to this platform  called  w This is an amazing AI  software that you can actually start  using absolutely for free to create  articles for you the good thing about  this is that they have a free plan for  your first 10  000 words and the good thing about that  is that is more than enough for you to  actually make some money with this  strategy then if you want to continue  with this which I highly recommend that  you do you can sign up it's going to  cost you like 16 a month peanuts fo

r  what it does so once you sign up to  write Sonic it's going to bring you over  to a page that looks like this now why  are we using this instead of chat GPT  well chat GPT is very limited in terms  of the information that it gives you as  right Sonic is more up to date that's  the first thing the second thing is this  passes the human test if you put any  article from chat GPT into an AI  detector it picks it up straight away  this uses more of a human approach and  it

passes the AI detect them well for a  number of reasons that's good the best  reason is that when somebody reads it it  sounds more realistic so what we want to  do is we want to come over here guys and  we want to click on to AI article writer  once you click onto this what you need  to do is come up with a topic now in  order to come up with a topic if you're  stuck for IDs if you're stuck stuck for  questions what you can do is quite  simply come over to this site cal

led  this will give you a range of different  types of questions I absolutely love  this and I use this all the time so  let's say for example you come over here  and you type in something like how to  make money with affiliate marketing okay  so this is a question that a lot of  people will be asking online so then  what you want to do is quite simply just  choose the United States because that's  where a lot of our audience will be  coming from leav

e it on English and then  click on to search answer the public now  is going to find a range of these  different types of questions now you can  see here it's got questions like this  how to make money online with affiliate  marketing how to make money with  affiliate marketing for beginners stuff  like this because it's going to give you  a range of different questions and the  good thing about this is because you're  going to be doing a whole heap of these  different ty

pes of Articles you've  already got all these different  questions I mean you can very easily use  a lot this so all you need to do is  start choosing these the other thing  that you've got as well is it's going to  show you how popular and how much  competition these different questions  get the more you stick to the green the  better it is for you especially when  you're first starting out so let's just  say we wanted to use something like how  to make money with affili

ate marketing  for beginners so quite simply all you  need to do is come straight back over to  write Sonic and then up the top over  here where you've got topic that's where  you want to write in that question and  once you've done that all you need to do  now is Click onto search articles what  right Sonic is now going to do is it's  going to search for different types of  articles online that are written  basically asking you what do you want  your article to look like

so what you  need to do is you need to come through  and you need to have a look at these  articles and you you need to select two  to three of these articles and then this  software is going to generate your own  unique article based off what you have  selected so this is going to take you  about 5 to 15 minutes I highly recommend  that you go through and click onto them  but let's just for example I like this  one over here affiliate marketing for  beginners The Ultima

te Guide as we  scroll down affiliate marketing for  beginners what it is okay so that one's  not too bad and then how to get started  so I like these top three over here so  I'm going to select these top three then  all we quite simply need to do is scroll  down you can see here on the left hand  side scroll all the way down and then  click on to next so what we now need to  do is tell right Sonic how we want this  article to be written for example do you  want it to be

professional do you want  it to be informative do you want it to  be entertaining Etc I personally like my  information to be informative because  this is an article on about how to make  money so you want relevant and you want  the right information in essay you can  see here on the left hand inside if we  scroll down it's going to ask you brand  voice tone of voice so I'm going to come  over here and I'm going to put  informative  and leave that there you can leave  add

itional information if you wanted to  add anything you absolutely can these  are the three articles then all you need  to do is scroll down the type of quality  that you want I always leave it on  premium and then leave that on English  guys and then click on to generate  article now write Sonic is preparing and  writing this article for us you can see  that it's got all that quite simply  click on to confirm and as you can see  now what right Sonic is going to do is  it'

s going to start creating this  article for us and look how amazing this  is you can see it it's doing everything  for us if we've got a title as we scroll  down what is affiliate marketing Etc  right Sonic is going to go through and  create this entire article for us what  we now need to do from here is we need  to get all the traffic to this article  and also embed our affiliate link inside  this article which is really really  simple to do guys if you're following up

until this point go down the bottom and  just comment I am following up until  this point and if you haven't done so  already make sure that you smash that  like button in appreciation that you  subscribe to the channel for some more  awesome content simple content that's  going to make you your first dollar  online as we can see here guys this  article is still publishing and it is  looking absolutely amazing you've got  all your bold points you've got  everything here t

hat you need to promote  this so what we want to do is we want to  go to the website where we can upload  this article and what you want to do is  you want to come over to this site  called vocal dot media this is a  platform where you can go to upload  articles and vocal media is going to  drive traffic to your articles on top of  that with vocal media it works very  similar to medium as well and what that  means is that if you put in good  articles and you do the right

SEO there  is absolutely no reason why your  articles can't get indexed on Google and  you're going to get a lot of organic  traffic this is super passive which  means once you upload this you can be  getting traffic to your article for  months and years to come especially if  you put out a lot of content you could  be making affiliate marketing  commissions for a very very long time so  this is why you use platforms like media  because building your own website takes  a

lot of time these websites already  have authority all you need to do is put  in the content and upload it onto their  platforms so what you want to do quite  simply is you want to sign up to vocal  media then you want to click on to  create stories so once you sign up you  want to come up to the top and click on  to create story once you've done that  you're going to see it's going to ask  you to enter in your title so quite  simply come over to write Sonic we're  going

to copy this affiliate marketing  guide so copy this for beginners  step-by-step guide it gives you  everything that you need to come over  here guys put that in there you can put  in a subtitle for beginners as an  example then all you need to do is come  straight back over to here guys now all  we need to do is we need to copy this  entire article so just scroll all the  way down to the bot bottom okay copy  this come straight back over to this  site guys and you can se

e he start  writing you're going to have that and  just tab that and it's going to have  everything in there now if you want to  remove some of this space okay if you  don't want it to be too spaced out all  you need to do is go through okay and  space this out yourselves now what we  need to do inside this article is a  couple of things number one we can add  an image to this article that's the  first thing that we need to do so you  come over here you click onto this  u

nsplash image and then you want to  search for an image you can just type in  money hit enter it's going to show you  something like this so we can grab that  okay so that looks pretty good now what  we need to do guys is throughout this  article we need to add that affiliate  marketing link so that people can click  onto it once they click onto it they  have the ability to purchase that  product that you are promoting from  ClickBank so the first thing we need to  do is

we need to come straight back over  to ClickBank want to click on to promote  we want to grab that link again so there  it is there you want to copy be that  then we want to come back over to our  article now I suggest that you put this  link two to three times inside this  article so as you can see it starts off  over here what is affiliate marketing  how does affiliate marketing work okay  so we'll tab this across here then what  we can do is we can add our own  affilia

te link here so once you hit this  plus you can see here it says embed link  this is where you're going to pay  selling but before you do that what you  need to do is you need to put in a call  to action you can type in something like  this how to make money with affiliate  marketing as a beginner you want to keep  it relevant to the content and you also  want to keep it relevant to this article  so how to make money with affiliate  marketing as a beginner so what you nee

d  to do now is you want to highlight this  and you can see here you've got these  little chains this link you want to  click onto that and this is where you're  going to paste your link from ClickBank  or from Warrior Plus or from digistore24  from jvzoo or any other independent  affiliate marketing product like wealthy  affiliate or legendary marketer Etc then  all you need to do is Click onto this  little submit button okay now what we  can do guys is we can highlight

this  again we can make a board and we can  make it italic just so it stands out now  all you need to do is you can come over  here and we can copy this okay then all  we need to do is scroll down and maybe  add this a couple more times remember to  close this article a little bit guys if  you can see it's based out too much okay  so the first one is Niche blogging you  can see it goes through all these  different things then we can come over  here guys and we can tap tha

t we can  paste this in here okay so one more time  in here as we scroll down we can see  this article is pretty long and then  before this conclusion okay we can paste  that in there one more time now what I  highly recommend that you do with any  article that you put online so you've  got this conclusion then down the bottom  what you want to do is you want to have  an affiliate disclaimer basically saying  something very very simple this article  contains affiliate lin

ks if you end up  going through and purchasing anything I  may receive a small commission that is  all you need to add inside these  articles okay just so people know that  you do have an affiliate link throughout  these articles so all you need to do now  guys as this is finished this is perfect  you want to go to the top you want to  click on to save changes okay so that's  all been saved then what we need to do  from here is we want to go to submit for  review you want

to click on to submit  for review now you can see choose a  community to submit your story click  onto this drop down box so scroll down  and you can just use something like  education as an example so click onto  that add a tag so readers know what your  story is about so click on to this and  you can scroll down and you can choose  the different types of tags that are  relevant to your article and quite  simply for this one I'm just going to  choose something like cour

ses as an  example guys and then I'm going to click  on to submit for review now all we need  to do is go back to my posts as an  example so I'm going to go to here I'm  going to go to submitted and as we can  see this one over here has been  submitted now if I click onto this it's  going to bring me over to this article  now from here what we want to do even  though this article is going to get  indexed onto now you're not  going to get an influx of traffic

straight away guys once this has been  reviewed and it has been approved it  then does take time to get indexed by  Google regardless of how popular vocal  dot media is it does take time like any  other website in the meantime however  how do we drive traffic to this artic  this is super powerful stuff guys please  pay close attention and like I said guys  if you're enjoying this video and you  haven't done so yet make sure you smash  that like button in appreciation but

this is what you need to do you need to  come over here you need to copy this  link we're going to copy this link okay  and what we want to do is we want to  drive even more traffic to this article  that's also going to be driving more  traffic to the affiliate links that we  have put up in here remember if anybody  clicks onto this it's going to take them  straight over to this product okay so  what we want to do is take as much  traffic to this article in order to do

that one of the most powerful ways guys  what you want to do is you want to come  over to two platforms like  let me explain to you how this works if  we come over to Pinterest you want to  create yourself a Pinterest account now  I'm going to show you where you can go  to watch a video that's going to show  you everything step by step but  basically what we want to do is we want  to create a Pinterest profile an  affiliate marketing Pinterest account  and t

hen we want to start putting up  pins on Pinterest and driving traffic to  our article we're doubling down our  ensuring that we are getting as much  traffic to these articles as possible so  if we come up to the top guys and we  type in  affiliate marketing what you want to  make sure you do once you type that is  come over here and go to all pins okay  and then this is going to show you a  whole range of different types of  affiliate marketing pins these are the  ideas

that you can come over here and  take a look at because what you want to  do is you want to create the exact same  pins in order to create these pins guys  all you need to do quite simply is come  over to platforms like type in  Pinterest  pins hit enter okay and as you can see  you've got all these amazing different  types of pins that you can use  everything that you see that says Pro  you need a paid canva subscription to as  you can see a lot of these guys a

re  absolutely for free so all of these are  free so you can click onto something  like this and quite simply go to  customize this template okay and you can  see you've got all the fonts you've got  all the highlights all you need to do is  take a look at any one of these pins and  just change it so instead of having  something like happy Thursday don't  forget to drink coffee you can just type  in something up how to start affiliate  marketing in 2023 as a beginner and

then  get rid of these images and just find  money images over here under elements  very very simple stuff but the most  important thing that you want to do guys  as you can see you can see all these  different types of pins if you click  onto any one of these like this for  example I clicked onto one of these pins  you bring me over to this article and  the reason why I did that one when I  clicked onto any one of these pins if I  click onto this pin what you're going to

see is this is called  how to start affiliate marketing on  Pinterest without a Blog as an example  yours can be how to start affiliate  marketing as a beginner when you click  onto this it's going to take you over to  the article what it's going to do for  you is it's going to take them over to  this article where they're going to read  and they have the ability to click onto  this link once I click onto this link if  they purchase you stand an amazing

chance to make money with affiliate  marketing by promoting these ClickBank  products and as you can see people  aren't doing this on Pinterest with so  many of these different types of pins if  they're not making money so you can be  doing the exact same thing guys this is  a super powerful way to make money with  affiliate marketing in 2023 2024 and  Beyond now how are you going to create  these Pinterest profiles guys very very  simple if you come straight over to my

channel smart money tactics on YouTube  like I said May make sure you subscribe  to the channel go down the bottom drop  me a comment you could win my YouTube  course absolutely for free and learn an  even better strategy that can help you  make up to thirty thousand dollars a  month but when you're on my channel  smart money tactics what you want to do  is you want to come over here and you  can type in a Pinterest okay the other  thing that you can also do as you can

see is you can watch this video over  here which I'm going to pin at the end  of this video or you can watch this  video these are my two latest Pinterest  affiliate marketing videos which is  going to show you exactly how you can  set this up guys if you go out and you  create these articles using right  signing which means you don't even need  to do any of the work yourself this is  absolutely free up to ten a thousand  words start uploading them on to vocal  media and

if you start using Pinterest  to drive traffic I guarantee you stick  to this for the next 90 days and you  will be making affiliate marketing  commissions it is inevitable 

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