Is SMS marketing illegal?

Is SMS marketing illegal?

Is SMS marketing illegal?

 all right well it looks like  looks like we're live according to  I'm just going to confirm  that  cool all right hey well  welcome everybody to feedback Friday  and I had to mute the playback anyway so  we are live really looking forward to  doing this today  again if you have any questions live as  you tune in first off glad you're here  just go ahead and as we'll be taking  questions live put them in the chat and  we'll just get to them  we're also going to be going through  some of the other stuff and obviously  today we we have a lot obviously

 I've  titled this  um you know anything from text message  marketing because we have a lot about  SMS marketing that we're going to talk  about as well as working with agents as  an investor  how you can actually get that  relationship whether it's dealing with a  challenging agent we put out a video  yesterday about that where Chris was  able to overcome for one of our clients  and our Mastermind the objection of I'm  not getting a commission on the front  end for a wholesale transaction which  was an off Market lead by the way so we  never marketed it as an MLs where you  get a buyer representation commission  paid by the seller  that's not something th

at we agreed to  so how to get through that and some  questions and comments that were uh  related to that video  and then of course what we're going to  talk about because I'm excited it's been  a while at the the Prof stream versus  property radar versus  propwire video there was a question that  we're going to get into about searching  and pulling data so managing data and  how to do it appropriately there's a  couple other questions that we got  over the last couple weeks that we  haven't even addressed yet which has  been the same question a lot of people  asked when it comes to data in and of  it

self and that is you know how am I  pulling Prospect lists to be Niche and  targeted so we want to jump into a lot  of that today so you got me Christian  Weatherspoon here real estate investing  made it easy and it's time to make it  easy so let's just dive in right now  so one of the first questions that we  got was from  his her name is Jack Wren and Jack  I understand your question and where it  comes from just so everybody's clear  here it's about SMS marketing real  estate lead generation  isn't this illegal now so Chris and I  sat down right over there on that couch  and talked through SMS marke

ting now  this is not exclusive to real estate  investing you know there's a lot of uh  businesses that do SMS marketing  and there's been a lot of changes over  the past couple years so with those  changes obviously you know we've had the  question isn't this illegal now is it  still a good method to to use inside of  my real estate investing business to get  in front of Sellers and actually I mean  I'm using my cell phone right now  actually I got the notification that we  were live so I'm just going to mute it  here  the answer is yes of course it's great  it's a great method and the answer is no  i

t's not illegal but I understand the  nature of your question because what  you're asking is  based off of a rumor that you've heard  now the truth is it's been heavily  regulated and there are specific things  in hoops basically that you have to jump  through to make sure that you're doing  it right  okay so what is doing it right I guess  would be the next question we're going  to talk about that  so I'm gonna put in this right here  and I'm going to say I'm answering  your question right now live  feel free to join  conversation all right so Jack hopefully  you will be able to see the answer to  thi

s question  because this isn't the first  question that we've gotten related to  this  is it illegal no it's not illegal but  just because you know I say no it's not  illegal doesn't mean that there's not  some other steps to take  now you know we're not we're not  necessarily we've never been secret  about this we've been using launch  control  for text message marketing since we  started now there is something to be  said about launch control four plus  almost five years into it now for our  business as we've been using this as one  of the main marketing methods for our  real estate investing busines

s  we've sent over millions and millions  and millions of texts last year the year  before that not just for ourselves but  also for some of the clients we were  fulfilling for like done for you  marketing and we found that of course  it's the quickest way to get in front of  people but other people were doing text  message marketing other Real Estate  Investors and they were doing it  incorrectly in a way that was kind of  poking the bear of Regulation and  ultimately 10 DLC came around the corner  in 2020 or so and you know it's been  it's 2021 it's been challenging for a  lot of people so much so th

at  if you haven't seen it yet you don't  really need to see it because I'm just  going to tell you about it right now  there was one platform that essentially  went out of business  in a flood of investors went either to  launch control or smarter contact and a  couple of the other ones but the biggest  competitors are launch control and  smarter contact  so with that you need to jump through  the Hoops of registering your EIN and if  you don't have an EIN then you need to  get an EIN whereas before as Real Estate  Investors the question has always come  up and continues to come up do I need an  entit

y to start investing in real estate  I'm not going to advise you not to have  an entity when you're investing in real  estate when it comes to text message  marketing you're going to need one and  that is because technically speaking no  you don't need an entity  to start investing in real estate you  can use your own name and buy a property  in your own name invest and it just  exposes you to liabilities if you're  doing this on you know the regular if  this is something that you're trying to  make a business because if you consider  the fact that you know you can make a  lot of money when you're you

know  flipping a house or wholesaling a  contract or whatever  and you do it in your own name one time  like that could just be I'm Sam the the  home owner who's trying to sell my  property or I'm Sam the the buyer who's  trying to buy a property one time and  then I realize hey there's a creative  strategy I could use and we don't need  real estate agents real estate agents  are here to help uh you know facilitate  the transactions but that doesn't mean  that it's an absolute necessity so in  the same way you can buy or sell a house  without a real estate agent you can buy  or sell a house without an

entity but if  you're serious about real estate  investing and you're going to build a  business and you're going to do this at  a high level and of course you want a an  entity you want an LLC we have an LLC we  have an S corp  so there's there's uh more discussion  about that later as far as text message  marketing now you need one if you're  going to be text message marketing it  doesn't matter what platform you're  going to go with you need that now so is  it illegal no it's not illegal let me  show you a couple things uh here on  smarter contact as well as launch  control the two platforms that we

've  been looking at for a long time the ones  that we've been using for the longest  our book are both launch control and  smarter contact  launch control obviously you know we've  talked about it for a little bit longer  but over the last I don't know it was  probably about eight months ago I did a  video where I really came out and said  hey there is one competitor that I'd  recommend because if you look at launch  control  you can look at their pricing now I'm  going to share my screen here you look  at their pricing model and these are the  plans that they have  so for 10 000 outbound messages 497

a  month all the way up to the pro which is  50 000 outbound messages per month and  that's just the the base right there's  not really there's there's a an  Enterprise plan if you're trying to go  above and beyond that and yes we've had  several of these Pro accounts you know  we've changed them to core and upgraded  them again to Pro depending on the  market because we're in a lot of  different markets  and when people look at this price  especially if they're trying to get  started in real estate investing it's  just it's too much and I get that  either way by the way you're still going  to need to

register for 10 DLC so 10dlc  is going I think there's probably yeah  the tcpa compliance is registering with  10 DLC they don't have it doesn't look  like they have any information right on  the front page so that's good then  you're tuning into the Right video if  you're like hey I want a text message  market and this is something that I I  want to do I don't know what platform to  go to I'm going to share both of these  with you because they don't have any of  the 10 DLC information that's obvious  right here when you go when you go over  to this itself all that being said you  will register they d

o it for you and so  does smarter contact so what's the  difference smarter contact uh you know  as I said about six eight nine months  ago is I quoted I could be quoted saying  it's a silent giant set to slay it's  competition and here's the reason why  when you go to you know as we just saw  launch control the prices are pretty  high you go here to you know here the  barrier of entries a lot lower so if  you're just getting started then you  know you want to start off on smarter  and smarter contact because it's going  to help you get more familiar because  what you don't want to do  is you don't wan

t to spend a lot of  money uh to to have a really great  marketing machine but then not know how  to use it so in SMS marketing  with launch control I would imagine and  I can be pretty accurate even though I  don't have the stats in front of me the  people who are using it have been in the  game for a lot longer and they  understand how to use it at a high level  uh but for those people who are just  getting started like you don't have  fifteen hundred dollars a month just to  get dedicate to have the ability and  have the platform to text message Market  because then you're going to need to use  the

the the you know whatever data  provider you have you're going to skip  trace the lists and that's going to be  costly especially if you're trying to do  50 000 outbound records every single  month and then you're paying what we pay  is eight cents a record skip trace and  it's high quality data but I mean I know  that you can get in your normal skip  tracing is you know 15 cents a record 20  cents a record I mean geez if you're  going 50 000 records you're spending a  lot of money you're spending thousands  of thousands of dollars so you it's not  really great for those who are just  getting started

but the great the one of the reasons I  said hey I don't think we should go with  smarter contact if you're looking to  scale it's not as scalable it was  actually mitigated recently we're gonna  put out more content about this uh  specifically  but if you're using launch control  smarter contact has now become more of a  direct competitor like directly head on  and then I'll take a look in a future  video at more depth in this but I'll  share with you a little bit more of what  I'm talking about  you see how in the price breakdown on  launch control it says above the 50 000  outbound messages 1497 Pro

anything 100K  plus deal potential forget about the  100K plus deal potential because it  depends on what Market you're in right  we've we did over 700 000 worth of  wholesale assignments last year  um but that doesn't mean you know that  that it was a lot of leads if you're in  a market like San Diego we did invest  across the country so you know there  were a lot of transactions involved but  all that to say you don't have to  wholesale but then when you look over  here it's not based off of deal  potential it's based off of outbound uh  you know marketing which I think  honestly is the way you shou

ld do it so  Enterprise here  you can get all the way up to a similar  price point so this 75k is 1500 a month  and that's 75 000 SMS included where  whereas if you look over here you got  your 15 50 000 so they've become direct  competitors with launch control now as  I've always said this is like Chevy  versus Ford  I got a mug I'm not using it today but  it's a Chevy mug and uh you know one of  my best friends drives a Ford  and I'm still friends with him  so put it you know as it may there will  be a much much deeper dive into the two  of these so obviously it's not illegal  these companies would n

ot be in business  so  answering that question and expounding  on something that's really great and  exciting news the reason why these two  not just because of the price points and  the return on investment that you can  get with text message Marketing in  general and the ease uh that you have in  registering 10 DLC because it's not  illegal those are just the regulations  it's not all just that it's also the  fact that when it comes to text message  marketing there is if you if you haven't  heard of this tcpa predators that will  um  essentially sue the crap out of you and  then just you know settle

and then  that's what drives the industry of tcpa  predatoring predatoring and that what's  removed here is Blacklist litigator  scrubbed it'll take away those people  who are flagged as litigators who if you  contact them  even if you do everything within  compliance so I mean obviously you would  say why the heck would you even text  message Market well ultimately it's it's  the fastest way everybody has a cell  phone right it's right by you within two  feet of you it's the fastest way to get  a yes or a no and of course we want to  disqualify quickly  one thing I like about smarter contact  that lau

nch control doesn't actually  have is a the ability to  um use it as I mean I know that they say  launch control says they're you know CRM  but just the functionality within  smarter contact that gives you the  ability to really manage leads at a  higher level and that's all I'll say  about that right now we're putting out a  lot more content about smarter contact  um already  um it's about to launch here shortly so  stay tuned for that and um for reals hit  the notification Bell right so that you  can get notified when we actually put  that out if that appeals to you so all  that said you know there o

bviously  there's 25 000 more SMS messages  included for fifteen hundred dollars  versus your fifteen hundred dollars for  fifty thousand so they really like did a  lot of changes and I have it on good  authority to say this that smarter  contact two months from now three months  from now it's going to be a completely  upgraded platform uh so stay tuned for  that that's kind of one of the reasons  why I've hesitated on putting some  information out about smarter contact is  because well sure you're gonna learn it  you're going to listen to it you're  gonna be like hey Christian that's great  um I know

that I'm the right choice for  smarter contact or you're gonna say I  know that my choice is launch control uh  either way but once we put out that  information about smarter contact it's  bound to change here within a couple  months because there's a lot of really  great stuff that's taking place so I'm  actually not allowed to say anything  other than that because there were some  tight lid stuff that I really want to  tell you but I can't so I'm not going to  all that said no it's not illegal you  could definitely text message Market  there's just Hoops that you have to jump  through which frankly t

hose Hoops aren't  necessarily anything that's a big  challenge the registration is done for  you and it's something that we really we  really enjoy as far as the benefit of  text message marketing and the ease with  which you know the setup for 10 DLC  basically on our behalf is done  and that's that's actually true for  smarter contact or launch control  there's something else I didn't tell you  and if you're tuning in you're gonna be  glad that you are here because I wanted  to share something that has been a work  in progress in our back end now we all  know that when we target ostensibly text  mes

sage marketing leads we are looking  for off-market opportunities well  off-market opportunities are great but  we also know that on Market  opportunities can be great as well  especially for those of you who I mean  there's  shoot I mean hundreds of you who have  bought the on Market offer system that  we have that just helps expedite the  process of getting multiple offers just  Mass offers out there on on Market leads  all over the place we're using privy of  course and you can check that stuff out  on our site or here on YouTube to just  understand a little bit more about what  that is but there's

also a third  category and the third category you know  we've been wanting to Target and we have  been targeting we've been paying to skip  Trace these leads and then put them into  you know our preferred uh text marketing  platform and then we'll use that as kind  of the Third Leg of the stool  um and I kind of look at this we don't  have you know names necessarily nailed  down but it's like the trifecta man it's  the trifecta of real estate marketing  for lead generation so you got your off  Market okay and then you have your on  Market but what's the third well the  third is kind of in the middle it

's  literally off Market but they used to be  on Market that's expired listings  so expired listings you know if you have  been investing in real estate for a  really long time and you already know  that expired listings are a great  opportunity to reach out there with you  know did your realtor fail you those  types of campaigns uh and also they  would purportedly be more open to  creative financing right if they were  looking for a certain price whether it  was because that's what they wanted  right because I'm not not throwing  Realtors under the bus I am one uh we  work with them we love Realtors w

e work  with that is just to say that the  realtor failed campaign right did your  realtor fail you is a very popular  campaign that you would likely be aware  of but when they're in a situation where  you know they as the seller wants a  certain amount for their property then  you know there's nothing that's going to  change their mind okay  Realtors just gonna say look I'm telling  you you need to do it like this it's not  going to sell and then it falls off of  the MLS because you know the listing  agreement expires the listing expires  and you know it doesn't sell they're in  more of a situation wh

ere they're met  with reality where the seller is going  to say okay well no I get it you know  all the comps in my neighborhood are 120  000 and I wanted five hundred thousand  dollars because I just really like the  house or whatever right which is this is  a very extreme example which probably  has happened actually  but when you come to something that's  more reasonable let's say  the property was listed for sale  300 days on the MLS and it finally  expired maybe because of an incurable  obsolescence that you know really just  couldn't be ameliorated uh maybe it  didn't qualify for traditional fina

ncing  they knew it was a investor special but  nobody wanted to buy it because it was  priced too high well now after 300 days  of being on the MLS the seller is going  to be a lot more reasonable ostensibly  and they're going to have their  expectations like this is what I said  yesterday about somebody who we have a  lead that's in pre-foreclosure and  they're like oh I'm gonna get qualified  for a mortgage  um you know within the next three days  their auction date is like four days  from today or less three days from today  I said we need to take his feet and  firmly plant them on the ground of  r

eality so that they can actually start  taking the path that's going to lead to  recovery from all of this and that is  they're in pre-foreclosure they're about  to get their house sold at auction but  they're like no I can still qualify  because you know this Pie in the Sky  uh person told me that I can get  qualified for a VA loan well anyway  long story short their VA loan is  actually not going to help them even if  they were to get qualified which they're  not going to get qualified because their  credit's destroyed through this process  of being 16 months you know without  paying their mortgage t

his and that  um but their interest rate it would be  even higher so their mortgage payment  would be even higher than it is now 800  more so all that said as as a very  realistic tangent his expectations  haven't really shifted yet but this  fictitious example of you know listing  their property  and it's been 300 days on the market  their expectations have probably been  adjusted so their feet are firmly  planted on the ground so going uh you  know creating a marketing campaign to  Target these expired listings is a very  good idea uh but doing it is the has  been in the past the same process going

through the skip tracing of the leads  and then uploading them into either  launch control or smarter contact which  were the only two that you know we've  been using for the past year  um and it's just it's it was the same it  costs a lot  you know lower barrier of Entry  um only if you're going after a small  list but we want to go broad we want to  go really wide so we're going to go deep  and wide at the same time because we're  across multiple markets but for you  uh if you want a a better solution to  that I've got to introduce you to  something that we're actually putting  out some reviews and c

ontent out about  and it's called creative REI reply uh  and it's absolutely insane so let me  just show let me just show you this this  is what the site looks like  creative REI reply is one of the one of  honestly it's like something that I have  wished for the last several years was in  existence and for me and I've talked to  the owner just in the same way I've  talked to the owner of smarter contact  they're actually not direct competitors  of one another  so if you have smarter contact or launch  control and you have creative REI reply  you're not stepping on toes this isn't  something that's lik

e either or we're  doing all of them we're doing all three  of them including privy to use for on  Market opportunities and then the mass  offer system that we're using this is  going to literally automatically uh pull  all the fsbos for sale by owners anybody  who you would see on Zillow in whatever  Market you have and then it's also  automatically going to pull all of the  expired listings in that same Market  it's going to skip Trace all of it for  you upload it automatically for you  inside of their platform and then this  is the best part  we have working within a creative REI  reply we have a an

employee her name is  Mia and she's a really really good  employee because she's working uh she  works seven days a week actually  um you know we can't tell her to take  any time off actually she works 365. she  works 24 hours a day she's AI guys she's  Ai and she is crushing it there were  there was beta and then we're getting  beyond that beta right now but even  during beta it was crushing it so you  know we've been talking to Sean a couple  other  people who are you know the  the movers and shakers behind creative  artery I reply and I gotta tell you like  we were at an event a couple weeks ago  w

here Chris was speaking on stage and he  was you know obviously focused on you  know what he was teaching from stage  where Brad and I were just sitting you  know in the front row we're there we're  ready to you know support him but also  learn from the other speakers  and he kept getting blasted on his phone  like another you know another Prospect  like  literally somebody who's a motivated  seller lead that was an expired listing  that we didn't have to pull a list for  we didn't have to do any of that which  we're going to talk about when you're  pulling lists a little bit later we're  going to talk

about doing that in a a  fashion  with which you can you can have the best  impact for your off-market leads and  that's pursuant to a question that was  asked which we'll get to in a minute but  all that said like we were getting  blasted and it was I don't know man this  is like week one so so week one of  actually implementing it we've been  doing a lot of research we don't take  this lightly when we're like  recommending something because we need  to know that it works so all that said  um with with these platforms like I'll  leave links to them in the description  below if you use them they're al

l  affiliate links you'll be supporting the  channel so obviously thank you if you do  but honestly like it's about taking  action so if this is something that  appeals to you you don't have to do all  three of these all at the same time like  we're doing right now but I'll tell you  if you're gonna pick one you're gonna  pick just one for now  you have  this you can't go wrong  so check out creative REI reply it's  something that's super awesome that's  getting us a lot of leads hands over  fist believe believe me we're going to  be doing case studies of close  transactions uh from it just like we've

done case studies of close transactions  from smarter contact and launch control  like every single one of these methods  works and it's really just a function of  what do you have the capacity for right  now speaking of AI there is something  coming around the corner for the other  platform that I mentioned that you're  absolutely not going to want to miss  hearing about which will do more content  on later but again there's kind of some  things I'm not supposed to talk about  even though I really really want to so  if uh Adam if you're seeing this uh just  know that I kept my promise I'm not  saying

anything about that yet but you  know it's it's really all three of them  to use in uh concert with one another to  get the best result for your real estate  investing business uh you can start with  any of them  um but the price point for  creative REI reply we did talk about  this  um not exactly sure I know it's not that  it's not that expensive the cheapest  cheapest cheapest lower barrier of entry  for you if you're just brand new to real  estate investing and you're ready to go  is definitely going to be smarter  contact to continue watching this video  and the other trainings about how to  skip

trace the lists right what lists to  Target in the first place that are going  to get you the best return on your  investment of marketing dollars and and  actual money spent investing into the  list itself what platforms to use it's  going to be smarter contact smarter  contact will be the lowest barrier of  Entry lowest cost per month and it's  going to get you a result period  the result is motivated seller leads  that are ready to sell so if you are new  and that is you're like I'm ready to  start I would highly recommend you do  that and use the link in the description  below to sign up in additi

on to that you  have to obviously know that when you're  in front of a seller and you're having  those conversations you got to know what  you're talking about obviously and you  want to know that you inside feel  confident taking them across the finish  line so if that's if that's not you if  you're like man you're right I do want  to feel confident in in how I engage  with sellers then stick around with this  channel there's plenty of trainings  there's a training hack that we just  released yesterday where one of our  clients was uh trying to sell a deal  and then we're talking to an agent Chris  go

t on the phone with that agent and  said hey look like here's the deal your  buyer that you're representing wants to  buy that property let's move forward  with it and the agent was like no I need  a commission and Chris was like  basically you're going to get a  commission because you have that buyer  who's going to flip the property and  then again sell it retail sale a retail  resell and then you're going to get the  commission there and you have the  opportunity to buy uh or bring a buyer  as well so you know you can get 10 grand  instead of your 2100 bucks that you  might get right now which in an

y event  my point is stick with the channel I  mean I'll be live talking about  um seller leads as well talking to  seller leads live and managing that but  Brad does it too Chris does it so  between the three of us uh you're  definitely going to want to stick around  and just you know hear what we have if  you get one little Golden Nugget just  like a lot of you know you who are here  live right now uh and then those of you  who are actually clients that are part  of our Mastermind which you can find  more Linked In the description below  about  um you're gonna get those golden nuggets  that are reall

y going to expedite the  growth and scale of the real estate  business it all starts with  understanding the right tools to use  understanding how to use those tools  understanding how to communicate with  Sellers and close the deal and then  understanding how to dispbow that deal  and then  ultimately the next step after that is  are you going to record yourself with  the checks to the bank are you going to  get a wire transfer directly into your  checking account  we do the wire transfer now but we used  to do the checks because it was fun you  know and I've been doing this since 2009  so it's been a

long time  um getting you know a stack of checks  but at the end of the day this is a  business you got to treat it like a  business I was talking to an appraiser  yesterday  and I met her name was Shannon and she  was she's been in a real estate agent  she's appraiser and she's been in this  game for a really really really long  time and just reflecting on the journey  since 2000 she was she's been doing it  since 2006 so even longer than I have  and ultimately as I as I had this  conversation with her she's like yeah  I've invested in properties I flipped  properties  um you know and now I'm just do

ing the  the agent side and I'm doing the  appraiser side  what you have to understand about real  estate and real estate investing if  you're new is that  there's some activities that you can do  and and kind of plant your flag and I'm  a business that does this that's  scalable but most of it's not what do I  mean by that  what's scalable is when you think of  this from a  wholesaling creative financing Buy and  Hold Burrs and everything that you can  do even node investing bond for deed all  the stuff in real estate investing  not any one strategy is something that's  going to be scalable but what's

really  not scalable is rehabbing properties and  it's scalable to a point in your own  Market but at a certain point you get  burnt out and even if you're Outsourcing  you get burnt out so what you if you  want this to be a long long term wealth  generator you obviously need to start  thinking about even from the very  beginning not making the same mistake  that I did you're just getting into real  estate investing you think wholesaling  is a route to go great do it but also  open up that um that toolbox and start  putting rental property tools into your  toolbox so you can understand how to  acquire

rental properties even if you're  saving up a chunk to put a down payment  on it or what I'd recommend instead or  in addition to  is you either a use private money or B  you can buy on terms and get rental  properties  right now for zero dollars out of your  pocket and obviously getting tenants in  there to start paying the mortgage down  you can buy it subject too combine that  with seller financing you could do wraps  and really creative things that all all  of those things we discuss on this  channel by the way so of course Stick  Around And subscribe to our Channel if  you're not already subscrib

ed so I'm  gonna check just to make sure  um that we don't have any questions that  are coming live and then we're going to  continue with the rest of the questions  that are already here but that is text  message marketing a few things that you  didn't ask but I know that I've been  excited to share and that I would  believe would benefit everybody who's  watching so let me go ahead and as I  navigate it away from the live stream  where the questions are check that out  to make sure we don't have any questions  coming in and if you do have any  questions please ask them I'm happy to  uh answer right a

way  all right  read this  okay  all right so the next questions that we  have coming up right now  is uh okay well Chris is given some love  to Brad on the last call uh when I get  my real estate license and hang it  best believe the brokerage is going to  be investor friendly zero to deal  for sure uh investor friendly brokerage  that's this right here zero to deal and  he said bro that intro though bang it's  like an episode of Dr Phil and it got me  hooked if you haven't seen this video  yet uh you should you should definitely  watch it that was the one I had  mentioned earlier where Chris was  spe

aking to an agent who was  how do I put this  just not seeing the picture of how to  work uh to to really grow their own  business together with Real Estate  Investors and you know they had half of  it down because they're going off of the  MLS to find off-market Opportunities to  bring to their investor buyers which is  great but there were some other things  that I think I what I would say with an  Integrity is limiting beliefs that this  person had and uh Chris was just working  through those limiting beliefs uh in  ostensibly an argument with them so you  should definitely check that out it's  unfi

ltered  and then uh Danny B where can I get this  system there's he's speaking to how to  hire virtual assistance and Outsource  your business so I did a live that was  four days long  four days and uh what we did was we  covered an entire system but it's not  just the VA hiring system it was also  the creative REI intensive which is  coming up right now uh and the creative  REI intensive is is going to go through  literally that it's creative REI  intensive it's not just financing it's  opening Pandora's box of Creative Real  Estate Investment uh Auto Direct seller  marketing with AI and how to automa

te  that process how to enroll agents and  investors for a creative real estate  investing business not just Finance  pitching creative in the setter closer  model that is teaching the center  closure model how it actually works to  tee up  um you know when you're doing cash and  cash doesn't work or you're going for  specific scenarios and exits that's what  we're going to cover too it's nine weeks  is what it is and by the way if you're  interested in this nine week creative  REI intensive you might still be able to  get in if that's something you want to  join you can do that I'll leave a link  to t

hat in the description below but  it's going to start July 18th it's day  one Tuesday 5 30 p.m Pacific uh it's  gonna go for about 90 minutes maybe a  little bit less and then we're going to  have the weekly masterminds opened as  office hours for attendees of the  creative REI intensive where we're also  going to cover underwriting creative  deal structures  um Advanced REI sales and negotiation  tactics to close deals that are both  creative and otherwise coordinating  creative transactions it's really  important actually to understand how to  coordinate creative transactions because  you could have

the pitch down you could  have even your contracts to a T and uh  if you don't know how to actually  explain this to perhaps your your Escrow  Company your title company or your  attorney whoever you're using in your  state to close and coordinate the  transactions then  you're going to run into some hiccups I  remember the very first deal that I ever  did years ago was actually a seller  finance subject to combination or made a  lot of money uh 200 something thousand  dollars  and I was doing this creative deal and  when I went to the title company they  said I don't know how to do this I'd  have neve

r heard of this before well I  had never heard of it before either  until you know I had a mentor that was  telling me you should do this this and  this and this okay great so I'll do this  this and this but then I had to actually  go explain how to do this to the actual  uh Escrow Company  to tell them hey this is what we do we  need this stock this line this line and  it was uh very interesting here's the  point  I don't fault that person for not  knowing because this is creative stuff  although it is completely legal and a  lot of it's been around since the 60s or  before  it's just not as widely kn

own so there  was a manner of Education that you know  I had to explain to this person how to  do that you might be in that situation  too so that's why understanding how to  coordinate creative transactions is  really important uh and then crushing it  as an agent to benefit investors again  you know coming back to this call that  we posted yesterday uh that where the  real estate agent was you know they had  basically half an investor hat on and  then a full agent hat on well  don't wear them both at the same time  take your Asian hat off and put the  investor hat on you found off Market  opportuniti

es to bring to your buyer I  don't know if you have a exclusive buyer  agreement with that uh buyer to pay you  a fee if you didn't you should but  that's one thing that a lot of Agents  don't know even if they're exposed to an  open to doing creative  whatever right whether it's real estate  investing creatively or whether it's  just Fix and Flip or finding buyers and  that's what we're going to cover on week  eight crushing it as an agent to benefit  Real Estate Investors as well as your  own business of course as an agent and  then week nine we're going to talk about  Advanced deal structures for bu

siness  growth and scale which is super exciting  because that's what it's all about at  the end of the day  the goal for me and I know for a lot of  you who are already in real estate  investing is how can I not just get be  the owner of a business that owns me  like I have to show up and if I don't  show up uh every single day for 13 14  hours a day then my business falls apart  you don't want to be on the grind all  the time so that's one of the business  scale tactics we're going to be talking  about how to actually get out of the  grind fire yourself so you can scale a  team and that of course lea

ds us to the  VA part of this and that's when we had  that Master Class for four days where we  were talking about business scale uh we  actually  um included the creative REI intensive  which was insane because  it's a big value but anyway show up if  you want you can find more information  about that Linked In the description  below if you're interested in that I'll  do that after this call after I'm done  with the live and we'll make that happen  so the uh the other question will be  I'll curb that for next week because  it's been about 45 minutes the 45 minute  Mark is coming up I wanted to make su

re  that uh y'all had questions if you don't  if you don't have questions now that's  fine leave them in the comment section  below and hey together we'll make real  estate investing easy you guys stick  around for uh next Friday get your  questions lined up and I'll be looking  forward to seeing y'all next Friday and  and before then because we've got a  couple other lives that were going on  too all right y'all have a good day  happy Friday happy weekend and happy  belated Fourth of July for those of you  who uh were out there and I didn't get a  chance to personally

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