Is SMS marketing legal in USA?

Is SMS marketing legal in USA?

Is SMS marketing legal in USA?

Afternoon I think like we change up our  times a little bit so coming to you live  from automated marketers so uh a couple  things this week um we got some  interesting things happening in the  marketing World um I'm actually going to  start with like a negative like we have  uh the a2p registration kind of  kaboshing the whole entire SMS Community  um just of all the regulations and  things that are happening with text  messaging So for anybody that is not  aware uh text messaging has changed some  laws that now they are required for all  businesses that are doing text messages  to be officially registered uh and it is  definitely turning the marketing world  upside down I mean a lot of people and  they gave us a year warning so it's not  like I mean they gave us a year of  warning and they gave us plenty of time  and the amount of emails that we  received on it and it's totally on the  user if they didn't do it and you know  what it's a good thing because the  amount of crap text that we get  this really significantly hopefully will  help that so it's not our fault if your  text isn't doing right it's uh it's the  federal government with this is a law  that has been a long time

coming yeah I  know and what's funny is like I was  reading into it and apparently like the  the big conglomerates like yeah yeah  we'll take care of them we'll take care  of it we'll take care of they never did  then finally it's you know they got  slapped and then and it's just coming  down it reminds me of Y2K it really does  yeah but at least one actually did  happen  unlike Y2K I mean now we're really  hating ourselves a couple interesting  things that again just anybody that's  out there first of all so one there's  three parts this one you have to  register your business meaning you

actually have to like give your EIN  number if you're a sole prop you have to  give your social security number and you  have to like register your business to  legitimately say I am a business that  wants to send text messages that's like  part one yeah then there is the brand  registration meaning you gotta register  your brand to the actual phone number I  know this and then there is  you gotta register the campaign you're  planning on sending out and it's insane  because you can get approved for the  first two pretty easily uh but then the  last one uh a lot of people are getting  rejecte

d and now uh there's a plot twist  the plot twist is that even though  you're running  um your campaign successfully now if you  get a lot of unsubscribes or people  saying stop at once or you uh do not  actually have the things that you said  you had in your registration like your  uh your double opt-in and if anybody  that doesn't know what a double opt-in  pretty simple you agree on a form that  you want to receive messages and then  you get a reminder in like an email or a  text message well in this case it would  be a text message but an email has the  same thing saying yes you did opt-i

n and  what's happening is a lot of people  don't really have these things they're  saying they have it and what's happening  is they're going back now and checking  and they're kicking people out and  they're uh declining their numbers and  these are people that are legitimately  passed and like my messages are getting  rejected because now they're going back  and they're checking around yeah anybody  that registered for this whole like text  message clients it is actually not being  compliant they're going back and they're  shutting accounts down right I wonder  how long that's going to tak

e to go  through considering the fact that you  know like twilio got absolutely  inundated in August with so many so many  people and I love how they did it in the  middle of the summer you know when  people are you know like because to me  this is the first of the year even  though January 1 is the first of the  year you know this is the beginning of  the school year you know the kids have  gone back to school so they did this all  while people were still on their you  know vacations and somewhere like that  in August so I'm wondering people are  going to be screaming their heads off  and ju

st figuring this out why isn't  this working yeah I know and it's pretty  bad I'm like and here's the case I mean  we we I mean we have businesses that  were legitimately running their entire  business on text message and all of a  sudden now they've just stopped working  and they're like in a panic So for  anybody that's listening if you haven't  registered your text message you're  having a lot of difficulties here's some  quick pointers one if you are  registering your business make sure that  the business tax ID and your business  registration match whatever you're  giving twilio or any S

MS provider make  sure that there's an even match if the  government does not have it then they  pretty much when they do a little check  with one of the robots that's going and  checking these things it's going to  decline you the second thing is  um make sure you have terms and service  and privacy policies on your page and  make sure that people actually on the  page that you're sharing them that  you're sharing with them that you're  actually  putting that little block that says hey  check this message if you want to  receive and then more importantly uh go  through the whole entire thing

just make  sure you have those blurbs not having  any of this can get you approved right  at the beginning but then get you  disapproved when they're now going back  in and doing spot checks so this is  pretty insane and on the compliance kick  um just something that again really  crazy  um and we have it on our site and if  anybody kind of wants to see it if you  go to you could  see that we have an accessibility site  for anybody that has this is super  important super important um somewhere  along the lines and I don't know how  factual this is I wish we had some

lawyer friends that can actually check  this out for us  um uh so a website became something  called public domain and anything that  is public domain has to be uh I think  it's accessible from the way we kind of  understood to all people with all  disabilities so I don't know how  accurate that description is  public domain would be with the  copywriting uh and so like that but if  it is displayed to the public and is in  and is in the public  Consciousness and public domain means  that person could use your content  however they choose this is different  yeah somebody referred it to as tha

t  though and I just said well if it's  accessible to the right I think that's  what it is using the right turn but if  if it is out there in the public it  needs to be accessible so people are  getting slapped left and right there are  predatory lawyers out there who actually  employ people who are handicapped and  actually are going through websites and  if it's not accessible for the blind or  the hard of hearing or many other things  they are unable to use certain buttons  yeah so you're actually getting slapped  and it's yeah and I don't wanna I don't  want to go into all that because we

don't know if that's actually factual or  not it could actually be somebody with a  serious disability the whole point of it  is is that  the if you do if you have a site and  it's not accessible you're going to want  to make sure you make it accessible  that are out there um so one of them is  called accessibility if you don't have  it on your website and you need to have  your uh website accessible check it out  it's another thing that's compliance  wise  um that is is very useful right now  because there's a lot of crazy things  that are going on right now that uh  you're going to want t

o make sure you do  um so kind of moving on out of the  compliance into like some of the cool  things that are happening um so high  level all of a sudden uh you know went  in and basically talked about  um how they're bringing in proposals and  contracts uh well proposal the video I  just did a video on it on our YouTube  video that everyone who wants to learn  how to to actually use those you just go  on our YouTube channel and check it out  immediately exactly yeah so and I think  you did that one right um that's right  about two weeks ago it's good and  actually we just launched another o

ne  for anybody that has issues with trying  to understand how the heck do I put  Facebook  um and connect it to high level we did a  whole video on that and we actually did  a little bit we did uh with conversions  API which is really really huge for  anybody that's running ads if you're not  using conversions API it's something you  want to really get into uh because it is  better tracking for your ads and we've  seen some really great success  especially for the people that are using  it so if you're not leveraging it now  make sure you do uh but this is all the  crazy stuff that's going o

n in the  marketing World marketing is getting  bananas it is like  yeah well it's always been bananas I  just feel like the compliance like train  is like I'm it's like it's like rolling  and you know you know over the years  many compliance tends to come out  because of the accessibility I'm using  that word again of of things on the  internet having people being able to  people will always try to new way to  Market and any way that we Market is  always going to compliance is going to  come afterwards and is going to  constantly be worked on and the fact is  is as a marketer we have to be r

eady  that anything that seems to be too good  to be true eventually is going to get  compliance that's that that's the  government's way right I mean they want  to find a way to either make money off  of us  so and not not to say that anybody's  here who's ever suffered from uh hey uh  Carl is Carl there or yeah exactly you  need a car warranty I I that was I mean  the numbers that we get so and then with  automation so automation just to you  know rope us back into what we talk  about can be used for good to help a  business but then other businesses will  take advantage of it and use it fo

r  something maliciously to promote their  business so this is just part of it and  you and I have been doing this together  over 40 years uh you know in this  business we're aging ourselves here yeah  well hey it is what it is you know and  I'm I there's all my natural hair color  so I'm good with it  I got a couple Grace but you know what  the fact of the matter is is that we've  seen these things come and go remember  when Facebook was cheap per ad now it's  more expensive all these things there's  always going to be a new Avenue and you  just gotta be ready to roll with it and  that's why

you got to keep up ahead of  the times yeah so I mean but but just to  kind of keep on track the things that  are still viable in the whole marketing  space is one text message is still very  viable it's still one of the best ways  along with Cole well actually physically  calling somebody to actually close on a  deal if you are trying to Market  something uh it just it's just a little  bit more attention grabbing people check  their cell phones religiously they have  you know it's like appendage nowadays I  mean literally you you know a recent  study and I thought this was pretty  interesti

ng a recent study shows that  you know about 80 of the population  consistently has their phone in their  hand like on their hand  well I'll tell you a little story so  this last week I went to a uh a  networking group meeting uh for Flippa  uh in the city uh I think we spoke about  this and then just kind of like give the  audience Flippa is a website it's  basically uh is online real estate and  basically it's where people go to buy  and sell websites uh people will build  up websites or if they want to get rid  of their business they will sell their  business it's just it's it's an online

real estate so I was going that's not  the part of the story that is pertinent  to what we are talking about I was  walking through the NYU area we lived  close to New York City and I was  thinking about a friend of mine who told  me to go to a uh the Symposium about  again I'm gonna date myself 20 years ago  where the CEO of Sprint was talking  about how we would one day have our  whole lives in our hand and that was so  true and they were talking about that 20  years ago so any my point in this is  anytime you hear about these things and  you're like oh well that'll never happen  or oh tha

t's that sounds like science  fiction it eventually comes everybody my  kids are constantly I'm from we were all  watching TV last night you know we were  all watching TV no no let me retrace  that the TV was on we're all on our  phones  so I mean I can't even sit there and  like say that we don't and now it's like  you know we're we're trying to like not  let our kids touch this technology like  during like dinner and it's insane  though I mean so it's hard not one of  the matter is dinner I mean literally we  have to like take it away from them yeah  I mean  it's getting pretty bad but I me

an the  point of it is is that to uh my 17 year  old daughter I have trained her to give  me her phone and she's like why are you  still doing this I was like because you  need time to disconnect from the damn  thing you know what I mean so well but I  mean but it's a good habit to teach I  mean I gotta be honest it's not bad the  whole point of the matter is is like  that's where people are so therefore  text message is still very viable as an  advertising platform you know what I'm  saying same thing with Facebook hate it  love it leave it it doesn't matter it is  still probably by far one

of the most  interactive things that you're going to  constantly be with I mean Instagram  Facebook is still going to be out there  I mean you got Twitter now for now X I  should say like all these things are  active and they're out and about and oh  man it is it is a very interesting time  so point of the matter is automation  still work making sure that you're doing  all this and making sure you're having  automations work in a good way not in a  bad way because it always does catch up  don't be malicious exactly and then on  top of it just understanding like you  know like it changes and a

gain we always  mention it you know sometimes people are  very hesitant to spend money on updating  their site and doing and getting  involved in some of this stuff remember  you don't want to update this when all  these other updates are coming and  you're now so far behind that it's going  to cost a fortune just to get everything  up and running again um for the fines  though because you're also if you're not  doing the things and doing these  regulations you're going to get fined  and it doesn't seem like a lot but it  can add up yeah I mean it definitely can  add up I think the twilio fin

es right  now are low but they did state that they  are going to get bigger over time  um same thing well the excessively one  that is definitely something you you  really want to look into and again we're  not lawyers and we don't want to pretend  like we even know what we're talking  about we can have a discussion  and everybody on this or who's watching  us the five eyes so it's Mom and maybe  my dad two and a couple of their friends  um all in Florida hi Florida  um you know I think they understand that  we're not attorneys we are not attorneys  everybody knows we're not an attorney uh  t

he point of it is the company that with  a plug-in and the company we use for it  are attorneys and they have attorneys  attorneys and they put the right things  in they're on the top of it they work  with people with disabilities we're  going to be doing a series of videos on  why you want to use successfully on our  YouTube channel and I I think it's a  good way to a lot of the things that  you're going to want to do are to avoid  problems in the future this is why you  add terms and conditions this is why you  add privacy policy that's why you QA  your website to make sure all the alt  tag

s are correct that's why you take it  that's right you know what I'm talking  about so there's a lot of things they're  learning as well as we're going all  through this but  um long story short of it things that um  just so so things so again some high  levels some good updates so let's let's  go on to some of the this week in high  level this weekend high level we had a  couple of updates so a membership got an  upgraded analytics so you can now see  people completing courses and doing all  that uh from Tampa look see tampus is  alone  and then on top of it we have also um  proposals and es

timates really good the  only thing Andy and you said it before  like they could have thrown some  automations in there just to make it  coming I I have realized with everything  with high level they'll come out with  something well they built skateboards  remember I don't know if you've ever  heard that analogy they're they even did  it themselves so their analogy is we  just build a skateboard and then we  start building everything else  afterwards uh well they just want to get  things out so people can start  leveraging and using them and then going  in but if you guys haven't checked that

out proposals and estimates community's  got an update uh it's still the  membership uh and the communities area  is still not updated a little  like not bad as far as getting up and  out as far as um getting together like  you know putting it all together in the  community space for anybody that doesn't  know what a community is think of like  your own personal Facebook but inside a  membership area where you can invite all  the people that buy courses from you or  you know your coaching or your  Consulting and just put them in one big  Community where they don't have to go to  Facebook in

order to interact really  cool concept they're coming a very long  way with it uh and for people that are  familiar with like Circle and uh mighty  networks and all that it's going to kind  of be very similar to that they are  going to tie in membership so if you  have a course and you're in the  community you're going to be able to see  both  um so I think there's going to be  um pretty good in there say crystal  what's going on  um and then uh on well crystal top  finishes she's actually a client so um  but a lot of people are going on making  sure that a lot of these things are  happening

go in and check it out because  these are going to be the things that  again I'm just going to give you a  little bit of edge remember the cool  thing and why we're such big fans at  high level is for the simple fact that  they keep adding tools that other parts  of the world are using and just having  that all in one place this makes it so  much easier well communities is like 100  something odd dollars what do we pay for  a proposal a contracts another 50 well I  mean but there's two other things that  are coming out that I am super excited  about so you're right the proposals  we're payin

g a hundred and uh bucks a  month right now and we are not happy  with that so we're going to be shifting  our proposals uh over uh inside of high  level  um and we're using a bunch of software  is that every time we every year we get  to get rid of more and more softwares as  high level adds more stuff but there are  two things I'm getting really excited  about I have a we have some clients who  have international clients we have  WhatsApp what app that's why I'm so  excited getting WhatsApp is amazing  that's absolutely right I totally forgot  about that yeah so what's app and then  we're a

lso getting an app Marketplace  which I can't wait for when that comes  out that was uh uh well actually I think  it's live now now only for agency owners  um that have the SAS version the 497  plan I think is a Pro Plan I could be  wrong it also could probably be the 297.  but let's talk about WhatsApp because  this is the cool thing this is a huge  thing internationally and so a lot of  people we we have some International  clients and the cost of text messaging  in some countries is like astronomical  ridiculous like it doesn't even do like  what it needs to do but check this out  all thos

e regulations that are happening  elsewhere might not be in Satellite jobs  well it is owned by Facebook So  eventually it'll get right eventually it  will well I don't think you can Auto  post everything else it's going to have  like the same thing as many chat rules  where yeah probably the 24 hours I'm not  100 sure because I haven't even looked  into it but um but that coming down the  pike is going to be huge so  International countries that one of the  text message ability but we're always  afraid of the cost man this is going to  open up some major don't many places  like colleges like

for instance we have  a flight school that's a client of our  shout out to Wayman Aviation uh you know  they're getting a lot of their students  from overseas Latin America Asia uh even  Africa and you know what it's all  WhatsApp and now the ability to text  through WhatsApp that's all the rest of  the world community case on WhatsApp  we're the only ones that are still using  text messages my wife's family is all  communicating on WhatsApp she talks to  her sister who's still lives in Asia and  it's all on WhatsApp everything is on  WhatsApp well you know you know that um  Megan and I are

we're desperately trying  to buy the property on an island in a  Portugal uh Peninsula called medata It's  amazing we'll recommend that anybody to  go it was like literally I landed I I  never felt so at home before in my life  and we're desperately trying to get  there but the cool thing of it is  everything is WhatsApp everything the  restaurants everything is there is run  on WhatsApp and I know that actually the  tour guide that that was that gave us  one of the best tours amazing amazing  guys name is Thiago and he gave us like  a great tour and everything was through  WhatsApp WhatsApp

yeah like the second  we landed to the the car that we got to  everything that we needed to do even  like  a book it was just amazing though what  they have how far they've come and again  I think it mostly because you're running  off of Wi-Fi and it's well it's cheaper  it's running off a Wi-Fi it's it's  encrypted but it's also you gotta think  my my wife's family didn't get to  communicate with her family for 20 years  that are in uh Laos in Asia and through  WhatsApp they talk to each other like  talking to each other next door and  inside it's they use it it's one app for  that's all tex

t messaging too right just  calling what was that in payments too  you know we want to send some money to  them we can do it that way too if we  choose I didn't know that I didn't know  you could send Pages there are payment  ways to use WhatsApp not 100 sure I am  I'm pretty sure there is something like  that for that too well but the cool  thing of it is it's just a really  powerful Avenue and um again just just  really cool stuff out there and just  some uh again now kind of moving over  into the Technologies to watch you know  like we should segment this like the  Technologies to watch as

you guys are  going to go in do not follow sleep for  anybody that still is not aware what's  going on in the AI world just a couple  of quick little updates chat GTP um  don't know the company's having some  troubles about affordability and  everything else  um a lot apparently really in the hole  but you know the people that are running  Microsoft will get them out I'm you know  they're back pretty heavily the second  thing is I don't know if you know what  llama is but Facebook has now released  their version of a language model which  is like a version of like a Chachi TP  yeah they are

giving Open Access people  are connecting to it uh they're starting  to have results and Claude is going to  be moving soon for a payment app so I  don't know if anybody's aware where  Claude was but Claude 2 is one of our  favorite AI tools that we use uh to kind  of like you know just general kind of  like stuff back and forth and just kind  of it gives you everything that  everything that chatgp and Bard can do  it can do also but they're starting to  get I literally received the  questionnaire as of late that goes how  much are you willing to pay for this  tool which is the same thing tha

t chat  GDP did as they were pricing everything  out so you got Claude um on the horizon  probably going to paint app soon which  is going to be great for everybody then  you have which hopefully they'll give us  access to the API an API just means that  I'll be able to connect it to some of  our apps and therefore start doing some  magic there we have Bard that is still a  contender still doing really well uh and  at some point and I don't know if it's  there yet but Google Apps will connect  to their version of AI uh and that means  your Google Sheets your Google  presentations all of that

will have that  right in its pocket which is going to be  huge well that's why you've got to get  into it and you've got to explore all  the you can't just find one software and  stick with it if you remember back in  the day before Facebook there was  Friendster and uh Myspace and sort of  like that so right now you're in a  little bit uh that was like The Social  Network Wars and Facebook basically won  that now we've got the AI Wars and who's  going to be the dominant player so  you've got to experiment with all the  technology and get in on it so that you  can so that you're in it to see

who's  the one who's gonna win it you know  pretty good man and I gotta be honest  sometimes I use chat GP sometimes I use  clothes  you're working on you use one another  project you know you use another one hey  I used to use Photoshop all the time now  I'm using canva and I can uh canva and I  can use their uh their AI Tools in there  so yeah I mean it's oh and a big shout  out uh one of our um one of our  Affiliates that we love affiliating for  and again anybody that we say that we  recommend and use a lot of our videos  that we have on our site on our YouTube  site and even anything tha

t we blog  about is usually tools that we use like  we'll never recommend something that  we're not yeah  we've probably been through oh man I  don't even know how many social media  management tools I think we've been  through like seven or eight yeah  probably seven or eight like around that  number right like I think it might even  been a little bit more because you know  me I tend to buy things and shelf them  and then try them later on and then like  not be happy move on so  um social B if anybody hasn't check it  out so if you're running multiple social  media accounts like we are so we

have uh  we have X we have  um you know uh Instagram we have  Facebook we have a couple of other  social media play with friends soon yeah  like so we're trying to be in all of  them so then we can get out as much as  in front of people as possible  and so shall be by far has been one of  the best social media management tools  that we've used it like it will allow  you to schedule all your posts out it  will give you recommendations on  anything that you got going in there and  then on top of it  um  you have all the other things like in  there that you could possibly do  um and what's cool

about it is it allows  you to repost it gives you analytics it  gives you an ability to do all that  we're doing a video that's launching on  Thursday so if you want to check it out  probably one of the coolest things I've  seen is the social media management and  again uh you know again Crystal dot  finish asked like you know what is high  level using well they have their own and  we were using theirs however we post so  heavily and so much yeah I I feel like  uh it's it was a little tricky  um and they do a lot more uh they have a  lot of social media other social media  apps that are conn

ected not saying that  high level isn't good uh but we it has  the ability of doing analytics it also  has the ability of reposting and it will  actually give you a schedule  recommendations it's really meant for  that particular tool end up blowing out  of the water plus they now have an AI  content generator that actually do a lot  of the AI generation posts for you um  project manager Mary  what are they connecting to for the AI  high level I think that's are they all  they all connected chat gcp they're  using open AI which is um so what's your  question what AI is high level using  they'

re using they're connecting through  chat GPT I see well open AI which is  chatting AI yeah and I mean at some  point my prediction is going to be that  we're going to have the option of which  AI to connect to but I think that's like  way down the line just so then we can  actually have it too uh hey all right  Zach there we go let's try to figure out  like where was like who owns crystal top  um so regardless of which  um  like again social media manager because  we do it on a heavy scale we want to  make sure that we go through it and you  want to make sure that  check out this tool probab

ly the coolest  thing we've seen in social media  management especially with the auto  posting and the reposting I like the  fact that a repost it will literally  remind you hey can we repost again this  thing did well uh which I thought was  like we'll leave a link to social after  we finish this broadcast we'll come back  into the broadcast and we'll put a link  to social B in the description watch our  Thursday release or the Thursday release  but we'll also put a link in this video  if uh and uh  like our our 14-day free trial they gave  us two so on top of it you guys get  access to that

uh and again we don't  recommend anything that we try like I  said you know I'm a big fan of high  level but we do recommend everything I  would recommend everything that we do  we actually use it just just because I I  see we went from five eyes to six eyes  so I just want to make sure we we  actually do use all the tools that we're  showing off yeah and on top of it so I  mean watch on the AI front everything  compliance wise as far as like the text  messaging things that are happening out  there and then more importantly again  just gotta kind of watch out the  pitfalls and everything els

e don't wait  too long to update and get involved in  some of these things we keep trying to  tell you it's going to cost you more not  doing it now versus doing it later when  you have to do it all at once and all at  once is usually a lot more costly Factor  than doing it a little bit in inserts at  a time so if you haven't updated website  if you haven't gone into AI if you don't  have some kind of automations running if  you don't if you're not  um HTTP compliant yet all of this  um is is what you have to do now because  that's that's what's that's what make  sure you get on the bandwagon

because if  you're not it's going to come and bite  you later on 100 I mean it has already  for some people like I said we've lived  this and we're the guys that we usually  tend to fix some things that either  somebody else did or whatever else we're  like the physical the Fix-It guys inside  the internet world and I can tell you  right now like some of the things that  we get it's so much money spent just  trying to get it fixed and right uh over  something if you just did a little bit  at a time you'd be so much more ahead of  the pack and remember all you need is to  be a little bit like

one percent ahead  so so if all your competitors are not  doing text messages you're the only one  you're ahead  for not collecting reviews and you have  700 of them you're ahead you know it's  the same thing if you're the one using  Ai and your competitors are not using AI  then you're ahead so you just have to be  a little bit more ahead than what your  competitors are doing and then you don't  have to be the first in line you just  need to be better than everybody around  you what's that uh what's that joke  about the running Bears you know there's  two guys running in the Bears and one

guy you know stops and you know the  Bear's chasing him and he's putting out  his sneakers and the guy's like what are  you doing you're gonna get enough he's  like I don't have to do anything all I  have to do is be faster than you you're  worried about putting your sneakers  beat the bear so it's almost the same  thing the Bears consistently chasing you  in the marketing world or in the  business World in general and you don't  want to make sure that the bear catches  up with you meet the guy with the  sneakers not the guy that's still like  you know the guy without the sneakers  yeah just

to bring it back to the  marketing world because I'm Secrets  um and you know one of the things that  that he says in in that is he who spends  the most is the one who's going to be  able to reach the clients so if you are  willing to spend the money and actually  invest in these tools against your  competitors you're gonna win the race so  put on your sneakers which in this case  may be text messaging AI so forth like  that  yeah and just get ahead of it man like  like I said the biggest thing that  everybody needs to understand is you  don't need to know everything you just

need to know enough to like be ahead of  the next person and I think there was a  movie too that uh Leonardo copy the guy  that used to do all the forging  um  Catch Me If You Can you can that's what  it was fantastic well his whole big  thing is he would just go in and read  the chapter ahead so that he'd be ahead  of the students yeah the chapter that is  one of the best I just just be a chapter  ahead you don't have to be a chapter  ahead of your students and you look like  the most the smartest person in the room  100 and we're telling you what those  chapters are you got to get into Ai a

nd  your business is going to get into AI  whether it's to help you produce faster  what was that you got to get into Bots  just be a little bit ahead which is  coming next yeah a little bit into Bots  it'll be a little bit ahead because  again if you have like 17 staff members  answering questions that a bot is  answering for somebody else they're  paying twenty dollars a month versus you  know a full salary you might want to  look into it you can take those people  put them on sales and you know now have  like a whole sales team involved in it  you know you're not getting into the  text mes

sage compliance ahead of time  which we did a lot of our clients missed  this boat because we had set them up a  year ago and by then they were all  approved I forgot that we were even  approved remember we were like we've  been approved we just didn't move any of  the numbers over but that was the second  lesson that we learned on that one but  but the point of the matter is going to  be a big busy August is what Nuno has  been said it was a really busy August uh  but the point of a matter is just just  keep doing a little bit to get ahead and  just make sure like I said you're just  one ste

p ahead of everybody else to give  you the Competitive Edge you need just  to make your business run a little bit  smoother and faster do not wait if  you're waiting you know forever to  update your automations or you don't  have a nursing on your website  absolutely and on your website do all  this stuff get it ahead of time it's so  simple but I mean how many of you have  gone on your website and just check your  hours if you're uh if you're a local  brick and mortar store a lot of times  the hours will be wrong or the times  we're wrong you got every quarter in  your business you should be

going  through your website and at least making  sure that you have all your basic  information right even if you're  updating your website all the time even  if you're adding to your blog once a  quarter do a little QA and go through  your whole website and just should take  you no more than a half an hour and yeah  this was a very long automation it goes  a very very long way people are missing  out how long it actually goes for so  with that being said we'll leave it  there but again to stay tuned check out  our our YouTube channel like I said we  posted a lot of good updates in the last

several weeks  um conversion API is a big one it  teaches you how to put the conversion  API pixel inside or how to put a pixel  then do converges API so you can get  more accurate reading you know Andy did  a great thing check out proposal  proposals and estimates and you know  what like I always say some things are  still good to use like WordPress and  check out my series I think I have four  or five videos on WordPress so check  that out using Wordpress with go high  level so definitely check that out yeah  and just stay in tune uh and again more  we'll try to come on as often as  possib

le to to go through all that and  um yeah like again a lot of free  resources  crystal top finish just game with Zach  excuse me gave us a shout out so moms  dads and Crystal top finish thank you  all right and a big shout out to you and  your business out there so that's it  folks so thanks again and we'll se

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