PR Trends You Need to Know for Success

PR Trends You Need to Know for Success

PR Trends You Need to Know for Success

 Thank you  I'm Jen Burson I'm the founder of  generation PR we're a full server a full  service PR in marketing agency here in  Los Angeles and we specialize in  promoting baby and kids beauty and  cosmetics and lifestyle Brands and I  mentioned that because I want you all to  know that this is not like a theory that  was something that was relevant to me  when I ran a business 10 years ago and  then I sold an agency let's talk trends  you know as PR professionals we have to  stay on top of what's happening in our  industry there's always this feeling of  this guy is falling the sky is falling  media is dying and we know that's not  true but it is changing and we have to

stay on top of what's happening so we  can help our clients navigate and be  essential to them and bring that value  and so we want to know what's happening  in the industry when you're growing and  scaling an agency you have to  um be able to navigate these changes and  bring your clients along for the ride  and make sure they know that you're  holding their hand and that you're  taking them into the new year and into  the future with your services  um understanding the rules of the game  and helping them navigate how to play it  you have to steer your clients in the  right direction and  um you know overall approach to PR and  marketing your recommendations  you've go

t to keep your finger on the  pulse because that is how you become an  essential member of your clients team  and you win at the game so we're gonna  talk about sort of What's  um out of date  um what's up and coming you know what's  hot right now in the world of PR we're  gonna just Dive Right In so  um Trend number one is simplified brand  messaging and that will resonate more  with media and with customers so we know  that everybody's attention spans are  shrinking and thank you for you know  dialing into this discussion  um we know that messaging has to be  concise and pack a punch to keep up so  any kind of lengthy copy that goes in  depth about all of the Brand's qu

alities  all of that is out  short Punchy brand stories that is in  don't skimp on the value that you're  sharing in favor of being concise you  want to get to the root of why your  client is so important and focus on  communicating that and then all of the  fluff can just ditch it  short sweet to the point  um  I'm sure your messages are perfect for  social  um  it can be carried across all the various  platforms and help kind of connect with  your target audience wherever you are  but it goes for your pitches so you can  convey your clients brand message  through images or videos if they have  that if you do have a video or your  client has like a little brand video 60

seconds make sure they have captions  because we know a lot of people are  looking at content on their phone and  their reading instead of listening they  have audio off keep things short and  sweet and then make sure you have an  attention grabbing subject line  something that's unique that can show  value and  um you know share the value of their  clients product or expertise you don't  have to summarize the entire body of the  email you don't have to create something  that's like encapsulating everything you  said in one it can just be enough to get  them to open it that's it just you know  open this message they know what it is  they can search and find it so that's

one less is more short and sweet telling  communicate value but keep the fluff  elsewhere like I don't know where you're  putting off left but don't put it here  Trend number two is artificial  intelligence and Technology they're  changing the media landscape  um and events so AI we say it's the  future but it's actually here it's now  so many immediate events are virtual  um you know you can kind of use AI to do  a bunch of different things automate  tedious tasks you can proofread your  pitches the AI grammarly and things like  that are a good kind of um second set of  eyes and a really good way to proof  something you know in addition to what  you already are paying a

ttention to  detail  on grammarly is great but trust your own  eyes because it doesn't always get it  right  um Tech is pretty fresh still but it's  evolving really fast and the  possibilities are endless so we don't  know what we're going to be able to do  with the help of AI in a few years but  brands have already caught on to this  and  um there's this whole kind of metaverse  craze with virtual reality kind of  staking their claim in the media  landscape so expect Brands to start  launching events experiences and  shopping opportunities in Virtual Worlds  over the coming months and check into it  you know look look online and see what's  out there and what I've always

done in  my age 17 plus years of running my  business is try to stay ahead of what's  going on at a minimum you want to be  able to discuss it intelligently if  you're not gonna check into it as a  service that you're offering that's fine  but learn about it and be able to advise  your clients in some way or have a  conversation it's the worst when you get  caught off guard and the client's like  what do you think of a virtual event and  you're like I don't know what you're  talking about and then you look like  you're not dialed in so at a minimum  look into it and you can even work with  your clients to bring these unique and  futuristic experiences to their brand  pro

file and start strategizing pitches  around them data driven pitches search  volume that's going to be really  important so keep that in mind as well  Trend three is Mission based and value  based brand  um storytelling is going to be very  important so  um we know 2020 was a huge turning point  for our industry and for Brands and  diversity and inclusion  has always  been important  but it became more on people's radar  which is good and it's a massive  priority and we have seen companies  a lot of companies increase their  commitment  to diversity inclusiveness and uh  you know de and I  training and awareness over and  implementation let's say over the  following years

since 2020 but in the  New Year the focus is going to continue  to be on Mission and value-based  storytelling and initiatives  [Music]  um people want to support this is the  the it's value alignment for people to  support and uh shop and buy products  from brands that align with their values  and they want to see those values in  action the days of  performative allyship  they're over you have to actually  take action on what you say you're doing  it has to be reflected at a core level  in the company  and you want to guide your clients  through that you definitely want to make  sure that they are not putting anything  out on social that's just a meme with  nothing beh

ind it that they actually  have real progress and change happening  within their organizations  um they have a diverse executive level  uh team and that people are accountable  brands are accountable and they're  following through that your clients are  actually following through this is the  big thing it's like everybody jumped on  the bandwagon and talked about it but  what are they actually doing and how are  they keeping it up so socially aware  storytelling  it's going to be Paramount for PR Pros  crafting pitches  and strategizing press plans so you want  to communicate the client the value of  your clients products but also the value  of their behind the scenes act

ions like  sustainability philanthropy and social  justice and that's what's going to be  relevant you know moving through the new  year which is great because we don't  want to see a movement gaining speed and  then just you know people are like okay  that's done no this is like it's here to  stay and companies are actually  following through and you need to ensure  your clients are not putting something  out there and then having it be  performative or just sort of like you  know know um substance behind it  um okay so Trend number four we have to  be flexible in pitching  um as PR pros and honestly I know that  it's nothing new our entire job is to be  flexible and ada

ptable but in the new  year we'll have to work on thinking  ahead with our pitches we have seen the  past few years The Importance of Being  able to Pivot  and to completely overhaul your strategy  at a moment's notice so we know that we  as PR Pros have to be you know reactive  not reactive but flexible and things  lately are getting busier we're gonna  have to work ahead we're gonna have to  plan like a plan B as we're building  plan A  it's just like a contingency you know it  might be propping multiple pitch angles  it could be keeping an eye on current  events that could impact your clients  and their industry it could be putting a  campaign on hold because of supply

chain  issues you know you want to keep  brainstorming different ideas with your  team so you can be ready to go if  there's something inevitable that  happens you always have to be ready to  put a new plan in place and to put your  clients best foot forward in your  pitches so that is uh something that is  PR Pros we're always Nimble we're always  on top of things but it has become an  even more important skill to be flexible  and  um you know it's not going anywhere  Trend number five is staying aware of  global events and using that to help  Foster success by prioritizing empathy  but you need to have your finger on the  pulse of news in your Niche but in the  upcomin

g year and Beyond be plugged into  global news and events and you have to  make sure that all Communications and  copy and Pitch angles are socially aware  and they take the state of the world  into account and any sort of one single  poorly time social post can cause a PR  crisis  an empathy  is extremely important to today's  consumers  nobody wants to support a brand that  shows little to no regard for what's  happening in the world so help your  clients navigate this and be mindful of  global news any Trends whether that's a  natural disaster an international  conflict economic downturn it's all very  heavy  you know and I'm not here to be Debbie  Downer but it's our

job to stay on top  of  what's going on and help our clients  navigate it so that they show empathy as  a brand  and they're not operating in some you  know bubble but there is still a place  to be pitching your clients products  um so that was five and number six is  exclusives this is more prevalent  there's so much content I don't believe  it when people say there's no you know  opportunity for our media there  absolutely is everything shifting to  digital which means that there are more  opportunities and embargoes are sort of  dead and done I haven't really done one  in a long time but  journalists and editors they don't want  to write stories under embargo because

they know that means that you're  pitching the same story to everyone they  want to deliver premium exclusive unique  content to their subscribers  um they want people to click through  it's all about clicks and they want to  deliver content that they're not seeing  anywhere else so they don't want a dozen  other outlets running the same type of  content the same day so instead these  exclusives are gonna reign supreme in  the New Year moving forward so something  that has true value for subscriber  focused editors if you offer an  exclusive the journalist can spend more  time more resources fleshing out a rich  and detailed narrative so their readers  have something that

they're getting  there they can't find anywhere else and  they'll know that they're going to be  the first to report on your news because  it's an exclusive for maybe a limited  period of time time and they're work  really hard to make that article the  go-to source and other journalists will  refer to that and we know also that that  helps them convert new subscribers like  if there's something that they can't get  anywhere else and someone wants to read  it they'll subscribe to get access to  that piece so if you offer a really good  exclusive it has value for them too and  then that also is a really good way to  build a mutually beneficial relationship  with a new med

ia contact in your Niche  somebody you really want to work with  over time and it could give you  um kind of an opening for that client  and other clients in the future  so we love exclusives when you can offer  them and part of the strategy I'm going  to go back to that data driven piece  um I'd love for you to be able to work  in some  um data that you're able to glean on  Google in terms of search volume of  certain terms so if you find that  there's  High search volume and a low results  coming up for topics related to that  search and you find this sweet spot  don't share that with every single  publication because now they're all  fighting to fill in that Gap you ca

n go  to somebody with an exclusive on that  little tidbit and say I noticed that  there's a high search volume for you  know  lactose free coffee recommendations and  not a lot of results coming up and my  client fills in that gap for you  so keep that in mind number six was  exclusives and use that to help create  really good meaningful mutually  beneficial relationships with key  journalists that you want to work with  long term number seven is in-person  events and in-person events are gonna  return  a higher level networking events  pop-ups trade shows conferences they're  coming back people are going to trade  shows you know it's been a long time  coming people want

to get together and  possibilities are endless and all of  these experiences can be leveraged to  get the word out about your clients and  about your agency so work with your  clients to bring in-person events back  into their plans and I don't love  creating events but if our client wants  an event we will pack the room with the  right people and we'll hire a team to  execute and we'll pitch it to the media  so we'll do all the media relations and  all the inviting and and all of that but  somebody else will do the execution  please promise me every one of you you  will not  do an event for a client  for no additional fee I'm talking about  the actual planning  pitching

the media inviting them to come  all the stuff that you would do around  an event is not part of a normal PR plan  unless they talked about it in the  proposal and they said we want an event  that's extra that is a lot of work and  that is not just sort of part of a  retainer promise me because a lot of  newer  agencies a lot of newer PR professionals  on their own are like well I guess I you  know that's part of it that's a lot of  extra work and that is not just you know  part of the basic retainer at least it  isn't for me and it shouldn't be for you  number eight is the journalist's role is  shifting  significantly  which means that pitches need to be even  more tail

ored  okay so there's this whole like thing  all working together so 20 21 22 brought  us the great resignation journalists no  stranger to this phenomenon many of them  have been laid off or not promoted  leaving newsrooms for freelance  or doing total career pivots some are  having to write for multiple  Publications uh summer  um  staying that are still there in the new  newsrooms and they're picking up the  slack with overtime hours new beats  there's a ton of extra responsibility  editors they're under constant pressure  to write stories that are going to  generate Revenue it's the balance  between  writing content it's infotainment it's  going to generate revenue an

d still  maintain their credibility  they can't just post stuff all the time  that's just like buy this buy this buy  this there has to be journalistic  Integrity they have to believe in what  they're saying so you have to be  empathetic to their new reality they're  not just getting to write content  they're passionate about like the days  of your right  um  they have to generate Revenue to get to  stay in their jobs and  um they're picking up the slack for a  lot of other members that have moved on  all of that so knowing what they're  going through industry wide will help  you better tailor your pitches so  demonstrate that you respect their  energy their time by only

sending  relevant pitches the review process and  triage of delete delete delete two  seconds and you're done and you're out  of their inbox so you want to keep your  pitches targeted very tailored and  targeted do not spray and pray it is  such a lazy PR strategy you have to  tailor your pitches so that you can  create a vibrant rich  pitch that is going to connect and  resonate with them so that you are being  helpful and adding value it's this is  the core  of what we do as a PR professional but  this is even more important now because  if you think about the recipient of  those pitches the volume of pitches the  volume of responsibilities they have and  it's no longer

about finding interesting  stories it's about  data-driven features that are going to  convert and generate revenue and they've  almost become Commerce editors so give  them something that is really targeted  that's very clear you're not sending it  to 150 people with the same generic  pitch it's a total waste of everyone's  time and it's a waste of your clients  money and honestly it's lazy and you  want to be  tailored targeted pitches be respectful  of their attention and their time Trend  number nine is on media research and  relationship building is going to be  essential especially with these big  changes coming so you want to research  your media list  hours and h

ours and hours of research  sometimes  um but once you build that then it's  just updating it and keeping it fresh so  it's worth it in the long run and at the  end of doing all of this you're going to  have a really specific Target Media list  that you can use to boost your Outreach  smart connections with editors and  journalists and it should include  contacts who are going to find your  clients content and their product  products engaging exciting relevant with  their typical coverage so go through  Publications in your Niche see who's  already covered what  um and then you want to do it all over  again spot any connections maybe you  missed  um you definitely don't w

ant to be  pitching the same story to journalists  that they've already covered but like a  new take on it or whatever I want you to  focus on building these lists because  now you're gonna go in depth and create  relationships and engage with them on  social and nurture these connections and  comment on their content  um don't pitch in DMS but send them a  quick little message in DM about some of  the content that they've posted friendly  light so you can start to become  familiar to them because if you're gonna  build a list and take all this time and  go in depth and create these  relationships you want to get the most  value out of all that effort as possible  which m

eans you're leveraging those  relationships to serve as many clients  as you can you want to be the best  partner possible to your media contacts  don't crowd their inbox be respectful  respond right away don't let it drag out  do not ever send a relevant or  inaccurate information trust a  journalist to do their jobs and give  them the space to do it and  um  always make sure that you're on top of  people are moving around all the time  double triple check before you send a  pitch that that person is still writing  for that beat or writing at that  publication or check and see if there's  um anywhere else that they're writing  for that could be a fit um number 10  number

number 10 is the most most most  most most number one important  especially if you represent a brand with  products this is  the number one thing you need to be  considering  from every level of engaging with a  client even on that very first call when  you're vetting a client to see if you  want to work with them it's not just  them seeing if you're right for them you  need to see if they're right for you  every product based client needs  affiliate marketing and we need to help  our clients make that happen  so number one trend on this list it's  absolute absolutely crucial in the new  year and Beyond affiliate Revenue  opportunities used to be like a nice to  have las

t year for holiday gift guide to  be pitched it as like a side note  front and center now non-negotiable  so you need to get them into affiliate  marketing and you need to do it now we  as PR pros need to get our clients on  the biggest platforms like Amazon  Walmart Target Nordstrom Ulta whatever  they're selling they have to find a way  to offer it through these platforms  and if they're not on one of these they  can use a different like share sale or  some of these other  platforms so  having  no way for Publications to earn Revenue  it is going to jeopardize their future  press success journalists and editors  they're less willing and also not  usually likely  able to

Showcase products that don't  generate revenue for their publication  their job is to generate revenue and  when I say product base b2c business to  Consumer it's selling products any way  that there's a trackable traceable link  or if they have it on their website  everybody needs to generate Revenue  through  um mentioning products they're all  tasked with this right now so  with affiliate marketing as PR Pros it's  actually a bonus because we can see  where sales and traffic are coming from  you can use that data to shift your  focus to  um any kind of affiliate programs that  are getting the most traffic  and reach consumers where they already  are so it's like  you

know um thinking about affiliate  Revenue in um your your press strategy  there's there's a whole bunch that goes  into it so if you um are launching a  product and you're not on Amazon  then you have to offer a pretty robust  commission through your own website on  share a sale and you are able to  customize commissions for Publishers  because I think this is here to stay I  think it's so essential and if you can  marry the two of setting them up for  affiliate Revenue that reaching out to  Publishers vetting them through these  platforms giving them a high percentage  especially during maybe a launch month  like the first month  um we've had insight into what our  compe

titors are offering in terms of  commissions and it's always really high  during launch months and you can see  everyone writing about it so that's the  little missing piece that everybody's  taking advantage of right now we have  really talked in depth I I am doubling  tripling down on this because I know how  important it is because in my agency  representing Brands right now this is a  Make It or Break It We have had to fire  clients because they didn't have  um enough of a solid affiliate marketing  affiliate Revenue opportunity  for media to earn revenue from their  products  either the cart transaction total was  too low they weren't on Amazon they  didn't have enou

gh reviews on Amazon  their hero products weren't on Amazon  um they weren't on any other affiliate  platforms other than their own website  and the transaction was too low  so journalists were just like me like  could be the best product ever it's not  converting for us in terms of Revenue  it's just not the same we have gotten  honest to God like I'm gonna be honest  mediocre Mass market products  that have a cult following because of a  very specific use case  um but the reviews are amazing and if  you are like in this group this is your  product it totally works for you the  price point is good you get to Amazon  the reviews are incredible we have  crushed it in terms

of converting earned  media because Amazon reviews are really  good  high volume of Amazon reviews four and  five stars and the price point is 20 or  less  it's like  a media dream come true so anyway that's  the trend report  um thank you all so much for being here  I'm so grateful for all of you take care  see you soon bye

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