What are the advantages of SEM in digital marketing?

What are the advantages of SEM in digital marketing?

 What are the advantages of SEM in digital marketing?

welcome to the section on how to  understand and apply search engine  marketing and display advertising  in this section you'll learn about  online paid advertising specifically ads  in search engines on websites and apps  i'll teach you how to advertise in the  google search engine results when  someone does a search related to a  product or service  we'll also teach you how to advertise on  other websites through something called  a display network as a digital marketer  or e-commerce analyst you're likely to  be involved with online advertising it's  a common task for the roles and an  important skill to have  i'll start this section by going over  search engine marketing or scm and why a  marketer would do it  scm based ads display when someone makes  a query in a search engine  then you'll learn specifically about  paid ads in google search using the  google ads platform  you'll get an overview of common google

ad formats then i'll teach you about the  process to create an ad in google ads  you'll learn about creating the ad  campaign bidding strategies and audience  targeting i'll also cover the different  types of keyword match types as well  then i'll introduce you to the add  auction which determines where an ad  appears in the search results and how  much you'll pay if a user clicks on your  ad  this is an important process that  happens for every search that i

ncludes a  google ad  we'll then wrap up the section with  details on how to create a great ad  then finally  we'll discuss display advertising these  are visual based ads typically placed on  sites across the web  i'll go in depth on a specific type of  display ad called responsive display ad  we'll discuss best practices for it and  how to create one  you know earlier i discussed my  experience with seo and how it helped  expand my to reach  and then years la

ter i was launching a  new company i founded i needed a  strategy faster than seo to get my  business in the search results pages  search engine marketing ads came to the  rescue see for me  it was a game changer because in less  than 24 hours my company was on the top  of search results pages  search ads allowed me to get in front of  my target audience at the exact moment  they are looking for solutions for what  we offered  i'm excited to teach you more abou

t  online paid advertising  are you ready to get started  great then meet me in the next video  [Music]  there are two main ways to get a  business found in search engine results  pages serps  search listings and paid ads  the paid portion of a placement on  search results pages is called search  engine marketing or  scm  search engine marketing is increasing a  product or services visibility on a  search engine results page through paid  advertising  as a digi

tal marketer or e-commerce  analyst  you may be tasked with setting up  scm-based ads  you may also need to review the  performance of your ads to make  improvements to existing ads if you use  scm when a potential customer searches  for a product or service you provide you  know they may see an ad for your  business appear on the results page  typically  you're not charged for your ad to show  in search results but rather once the ad  is clicked  in this cours

e we will primarily focus  on how to do search engine marketing on  google we can talk about the search  engine and its marketing with confidence  but you can also do sem on other search  engines as well marketers can also use  search engine marketing with specific  online e-commerce platforms where people  search for products on the e-commerce  site itself  they are called product-based search  engines  for the purposes of this video  we will discuss how sem w

orks with  internet search engines this is the main  type of online ad you will likely use as  a digital marketer  now that you have a basic understanding  of how sem works let's talk about pay  models  when doing sem you typically pay when  someone clicks on your ad this is called  pay-per-click advertising or ppc  advertising  ppc is a type of advertising model that  allows businesses to only pay when  someone clicks on their ad besides  pay-per-click there a

re other types of  advertising pay models one example is to  pay by how many times someone sees an ad  also called impressions  that's why ppc advertising is desirable  for many marketers and businesses they  only pay when someone takes an action  and clicks on the ad  additionally ppc ensures google is  aligned with the advertiser  google is motivated to show the right  ads to users ones that will get clicked  on in order to get paid  compare the pay  model to

a non-digital channel such as a  a magazine when you advertise in a  magazine you have to pay a large upfront  cost plus you can't really track the  actions a reader takes  an exciting part of digital marketing is  being able to optimize an ad based on  user actions  it opens up the possibility to better  serve your potential customers once you  decide to place an sem-based ad  where does it appear  typically sem ads appear at the top  and bottom of google ser

ps where and  when an ad appears depends on what type  it is for example some sem ads are  shopping ads they may display at the top  of the search results page for a  product-based google search or  across other google online properties  such as the shopping tab  local search ads may display when  someone searches for a business product  or service locally  it's possible that no ads appear on a  search results page  now imagine your marketer  like why would you

choose to do sem as  part of a digital marketing strategy  what are its advantages well  here are a few  one advantage is that you can reach  customers who are likely to buy from  your company  sem allows you to have a website app or  product show in the serps when someone  types into certain searches  for example  if you have a plumbing business in  phoenix arizona and a potential customer  searches for plumber in phoenix arizona  it's likely they will be int

erested in  your business  a second advantage of sem is quickly  appearing in the search results pages  if a website hasn't built up enough  authority or reputation to receive  traffic for certain search terms in the  search listings  sem may be beneficial to help with  additional visibility difficulty  appearing in search results can be  particularly true for a new website  while a new website can appear in search  results fairly quickly it can take time  to b

uild its authority and reputation  for competitive search terms  another advantage  is that you'll learn which of your ads  are driving sales  if you're launching a new business  website it's likely you aren't receiving  many website visitors that means you  aren't recording much analytics data  that can make it difficult to determine  if customers are connecting with certain  web pages more than others or measuring  whether certain pages are converting at  a h

igher rate  using sem you can drive traffic to  specific web pages on your website to  collect data  that allows you to determine which  content is performing well and which can  be improved  a fourth advantage of sem is control  over where you send the searchers  just because a web page ranks high in  the search listings for a given keyword  that doesn't mean it's the best page for  conversion  sem gives you the control over which  page shows in search engine

for a given  search for example in a plumbing  business potential customers are  searching for leaking water heater  repair  your homepage rank in the search  listings in google for this search  however you will like a page with a lead  form or a number to call  for a leaking water heater repairs with  sem you can tailor your messaging and  use this more direct landing page for  searches containing keywords related to  leaking water heaters or water heater  rep

air  as a reminder  a landing page is any web page where a  visitor enters a website typically the  landing page should directly address the  problem the potential customer is trying  to solve  see as a digital marketer or e-commerce  analyst you may be tasked with setting  up scm ads you may also need to review  the ad analytics to make improvements to  existing ads  similar search engine optimization  search engine marketing can be one of  the more complex sk

ills you will learn  as a beginning digital marketer but  don't worry  we're going to teach you some of the  basics  and by the end of this course you will  have a great working knowledge of sem  and google ads  [Music]  you may be wondering what are these ad  formats for google ads even look like  and when should you use them  in this video you'll learn about several  different types of google ads  over the years the types of ads that  display in google search

have evolved  the ultimate goal is to show ads that  fulfill a searcher's need  and you as the digital marketer will use  these ads to fulfill the needs of your  potential customers as well let's go  over some different types of ads you  will encounter in the serps  text ads  are classic ads with a title that is a  link  following the title is a short  description  the description should appeal to the  searcher and help them understand what  they will find if

they click on the  webpage  shopping ads are specifically for  e-commerce businesses they show products  related to this search often  products from several different  companies have shopping ads displayed  this type of ad differs from text ads  because a photo of the product shows  in the serps  local services ads are specifically for  businesses with local service-based  customers for example locksmiths  plumbers electricians and real estate  agents  to use a

local services ad the business  has to be screened by google this means  someone from google has confirmed  it's a legitimate business  the screening gives a business  additional credibility with potential  customers google maps ads are for local  businesses as well however unlike local  services ads they can be for local  product based businesses  for example a google maps ad may work  well for a restaurant a julie store or a  fitness gym  call ads are only f

or mobile searches  and become popular as a result of more  people using their phones rather than  their computers to search for products  and services  call ads allow potential customers to  click on the business to immediately  make a phone call  for several google ad types there are  several options for what is called an ad  extension  an ad extension features additional  information about a business such as  additional website links a phone number  or an ad

dress  there are several ad extensions here are  a few you should know about  site link extensions include additional  website links that may be helpful to the  searcher  this type of extension appeared in our  early text ad example  call extensions make it possible to call  a business by clicking on its ad  another ad extension is the location  extension this extension enables  customers to find a local business and  pull it up on google maps  a fourth is the

price extension which is  specifically for e-commerce businesses  it lists a specific product and its  price  when a potential customer clicks on the  link they are taken directly to the  product page  a fifth ad extension is the structured  snippets extension this information  highlights specific aspects of your  products and services examples of  available headers include services  brands amenities types and  styles in addition to the traditional  search engi

ne platforms some digital  marketers also consider youtube a search  engine platform  you may find that your potential  customers use the platform to solve  their problems in that case you may want  to advertise there a benefit of youtube  platform is that it can reach potential  customers as they are researching a  product or service often they are in the  consideration phase of the marketing  funnel  for example a car dealership can  advertise to potential cu

stomers  as they're watching car reviews  search engine marketing is an ever  evolving advertising opportunity  as google learns more about how to best  serve searchers  the different ad types and extensions  evolve as well  as a marketer or e-commerce analyst it's  important to know the type of online  advertising opportunities available  [Music]  as we've discussed there are lots of  different types of google ad formats  from search ads to sharpen and video a

ds  regardless of the ad format there are  certain steps you'll likely take when  creating any google ad  you'll learn about those steps in this  video your first step is to define your  campaign goal  your goal is  what do you want to achieve with the ad  do you want to make more sales get more  leads increase website traffic or  encourage people to visit your store  the goal you choose will inform other  campaign options for example imagine  your goal is to i

ncrease website traffic  you'll likely want to select a type of  bidding like maximize clicks  this will put your money also called  your ad spend towards getting people to  click on the ad you may also encounter  the word objective instead of goal such  as define your campaign objective  for google ads these words mean  essentially the same thing remember your  goal or objective is what you want to  ultimately achieve with this ad  the next step is to choose y

our ad  campaign type  this determines where your ads will show  and what they will look like  the word campaign has a specific meaning  in google ads  campaigns are ads that share a budget  location targeting in other settings  campaigns are often used to organize  categories of products and services you  offer  your google ads account can have  numerous campaigns operating at one time  so your second step is to choose the  campaign for your type of ad such as

search shopping local or video  depending on which campaign you choose  your ads will appear in different  locations  for example a search ad will appear in  the serps and a video ad will appear in  youtube  a local ad can also be in google maps  websites and youtube  your third step is to set a budget for  your campaign  this budget sets the maximum you will  spend  now you can change it at any time you  will set a daily average budget that  specifies how mu

ch you want to spend  each day over the course of one month  google ads will automatically optimize  your campaign spend over days of the  month when you're more likely to get  clicks and conversions based on your bid  strategy for example on days when search  traffic is higher  this means that on some days you might  not reach your daily budget while on  others might exceed it however you will  never exceed your monthly spending limit  the fourth step is to ch

oose your  bidding strategy  if you select a campaign goal you'll see  a recommended bidding strategy  google ads allow you to choose your  bidding strategy to ensure that your  campaign is designed to meet your  specific goal  for example  you might choose to focus your bidding  on conversions  you can also select an automated bidding  strategy  many automated strategies use machine  learning to improve ad performance  for google ads think of machine learning

as a set of software instructions that  try to help the ad achieve its goal  an automated bidding strategy takes a  challenge and guesswork out of setting  bids to meet your performance goals  in an automating bidding strategy google  ads sets bids for your ads based on the  ads likelihood  to result in a conversion or a sale  the machine learning software and  automated bidding strategies learn as  they go  as the ads get served to more people the  bid perfor

mance informs future bidding  amounts  the next step is to select your audience  targeting  targeting helps define how narrow or  broad your audience targeting will be  which is deciding who you would like to  see your ads  with no targeting your ads will have the  widest reach  narrowing the targeting of your ads lets  you reach the specific customers who are  interested in what you have to offer  remember your customer personas now is  the time to put them in

to use  common forms of targeting in google ads  include keywords  audiences locations topics and devices  while you can use the google ads tool to  get ideas for targeting typically you're  planning to determine these options  before creating an ad  playing ahead of time avoids making  mistakes in the ad creation process  the sixth step is to actually just  create your ad the primary text ad  format is responsive search ads and  they're composed of several hea

dlines  descriptions and a landing page url  the engines then automatically test  different combinations to determine  which performs best don't forget  creating your ad is only one part of  converting a potential customer  your landing page needs to deliver what  the potential customer expects  to see when they click on your ad now if  they click on an ad and are confused by  the landing page you may lose that  potential customer  the seventh step is to set up

your  conversions  to know if the ad is successful you must  learn if the potential customers are  turning into paying customers  conversion tracking can help track the  actions that you want customers to take  on your website  by tracking this data you'll be able to  assess the effectiveness of your ads  targeting and overall campaigns  one way to track convergence is through  a tool called google analytics to track  conversions you'll connect google  analyti

cs directly to your google ads  account  you'll learn more about google analytics  in a course later in the program  now before setting up any conversions  you need to provide users with clear and  comprehensive information about any data  you are collecting about them  you also need to get their consent to  collect any data  typically this consent is gained through  a website pop-up and agreement button so  the next time you see a pop-up about  collecting any

information also referred  to as the cookie consent bar  please read it you may need to use  something similar if you're tracking  conversions for a website  that's a lot of steps to create a google  ad  now when you start to create an ad it  may feel a little overwhelming at first  that's okay  but once you learn the platform and  create a few ads you'll understand the  process and feel much more comfortable  stick with it  [Music]  when doing search engine ma

rketing  keywords are a foundational component  you should be advertising to the right  type of potential customers in order to  not miss out on any relevant traffic  this starts with accurate keyword  research  remember keywords are simply the type of  words or phrases potential customers are  typing into google search  now when choosing keywords for google  ads you don't have to enter every type  of keyword exactly instead  you can use keyword match types key

word  match types dictate how closely the  keyword needs to match with the user's  query  in order for the ad to show  there are three options  broad match  phrase match and exact match  broad match will show your ads on  phrases that relate to your keyword  they may not include the keyword itself  for example the phrases low carb diet  plan may also appear in searches for  carb free foods low carb diets or low  calorie recipes  to deliver relevant matches  bro

ad match may also take into account  the user's recent search activity and  the content of the landing page  yes the google ads algorithm reviews the  ads landing page to better understand  the ad itself the landing page is  crucial to success with google ads  for broad match types it's best practice  to pair it with an automated bidding  strategy  the second keyword match type is phrase  match these are keywords that include  the meaning of your keyword  phras

e match is more flexible than exact  match but it's more targeted than broad  match for example  if the keyword is  10 shoes  the admin show searches for shoes for  tennis buy tennis shoes on sale or red  tennis shoes  the ad wouldn't show for searches such  as tennis rackets or training shoes or  can you wear running shoes for tennis  the third type is exact match these ads  may show on searches that have the same  meaning or same intent as a keyword  of the t

hree keyword matching options  exact match gives you the most control  over he sees your ad  for example the keyword shoes for men  may show on searches for shoes men  men's shoes or  menshu  the ad wouldn't show for men's tennis  shoes or shoes for boys understand how  that's very focused  see all match types are able to match to  close variants of the keyword such as  plurals misspellings synonyms and  reordered words  that means there is usually no need to

build long exhaustive keyword lists that  include all of these variations in your  campaigns  when determining keywords for your  google ads you should also consider  negative keywords when you add negative  keywords you exclude search terms from  your ad campaigns  it helps avoid relevant searches that  you know won't perform well  google ad focuses on keywords that  increase your account performance you  can use negative keywords for any of the  matching opti

ons discussed earlier in  the video  let's cover one example for broad match  keywords with this match type your ad  may still show if this search contains  some of your keyword terms  but it's important to note that unlike  positive keywords negative keywords  won't match to close variants for  example let's imagine  running shoes is a negative broad match  keyword the ad may show for blue tennis  shoes or running shoes but it won't show  for blue running shoe

s or shoes running  or running shoes  now why are we covering all this  information about keywords  it's very important that your keywords  match for content of your ads and the  landing page for something called the  add auction the ad auction is how google  determines which ads show in what order  for each search results that contain  text ads where your ads show on a  particular search is called ad rank  which is a value google uses to  determine your ads po

sition  there are three main factors that  determine ad rank the first is your bid  the bid is how much you're willing to  pay each time a potential customer  clicks on the ad  the more you're willing to pay the  higher it may show in the serps the  second factor is the quality of your ads  and landing page with each auction  google assesses the relevance of your  ads and landing page to the user's query  as well as a likelihood a user will  click your ad  a di

agnostic tool called quality score  is your google ads account can help you  identify areas for improving  ad quality  quality score is shown on a scale of 1  to 10.  this score acts as a guide for improving  your ad effectiveness and is not used in  the auction  the third factor that determines ad rank  are ad extensions this is the additional  information you provide in the google ad  such as a phone number or additional  links to your website  you should use

all ad extensions that  are relevant to your business  together these three factors help  determine when and if your ad will  appear to potential customers  it's important to note that there are  other ad rank factors as well including  context of the search and other results  on the page so as you can understand  it's crucial to align your ads with the  right keywords and if you don't your ads  may show to the wrong type of searchers  and this may affect your

added rank  with closely matching keywords the right  bid a quality ad and a helpful landing  page will be much more likely to get  your ad  at the top of a google search  [Music]  let's cover some of the best practices  to create an effective search ad  in addition to encouraging potential  customers to click on your ad  why would you want an effective ad  an effective ad can appear higher in  search results pages and generate more  clicks and more conversion

s sometimes  even at a lower cost per click than your  competitors  here are several best practices to  consider  when creating your google ad for search  craft your messaging to focus on user  needs and benefits  this indicates value to a searcher  they're more likely to respond to ads  that include concepts important to them  think about what the searcher wants from  your ad is it reliability and  trustworthiness  you may want to use language such as  officia

l site or do they want a wide  selection of products you may want to  include view our inventory  this is a great time to put those  customer personas to use  review the persona's goal and consider  adding them to your ad  another best practice is to include at  least one of the keywords in your ad  group in your headlines  remember the headline is the clickable  link at the top of your ad  the description is below the headline  google will automatically test

combinations of headlines and  descriptions so be sure any combination  will read well  it's important to include text from  keywords because that's what potential  customers are thinking about  if you add connects with what they're  searching for they'd be more likely to  click on it also there are  a couple of advanced tools that place  the keyword in the headline and certain  customizations for automatically  tailoring ad copy  you'll learn these advanced te

chniques  as you grow your knowledge with google  ads a third best practice is to avoid  generic sales language phrases like  callers today create a false sense of  urgency  keep the user benefit in mind  if there really isn't a benefit to the  user well why would they even call today  non-specific or generic calls to action  such as sign up today or book today  often show decreased engagement with ads  instead of generic sales language use  specific and relata

ble calls to action  imagine you're writing copy for a  property management company instead of  writing book now in the ad right  book your dream vacation rental  this is more specific and relates more  closely to what the potential customer  desires another best practice is to  implement all ad extensions that make  sense  ad extensions provide additional  information about the business they are  designed to make search ads more  appealing by showing helpful i

nformation  including ad extensions can also make  ads more prominent on the results page  extensions such as location call or app  install improve the experience for  mobile users as well  it's an easy way to separate the ad from  competitors  multiple extensions can show with your  ads so enable everything that makes  sense for your business and when  possible try to enable at least four  google ads determines the best  combination of extensions on an auction

by auction basis a fifth best practice  is to optimize your landing page  the ad and landing page work together to  provide a great user experience  you should compare your keywords to the  copy on the landing page and its overall  user experience  the exact keywords don't need to be on  the landing page but the relevancy  should be clear right away like ask  yourself questions such as  how useful is a landing page to someone  who clicks on the ad  is the pag

e well organized does the text  relate to someone's search terms is the  landing page clear in its directions you  should also make your landing page  reliable  ensure it loads as quickly as possible  if page loads takes too long  users may get frustrated and leave the  page  this indicates to google that the ad and  page may not be the best option  i just want to say nice work i mean you  just learned some useful best practices  for creating a google ad for se

arch  think of creating google ads as an  experiment  you'll follow the best practices above  and create different ads  you'll receive feedback and results then  you'll tweak the copy of lower  performing ads now this is all in an  effort to deliver the best ads and  landing page to your potential customers  the more you practice  the better your ads will become  [Music]  we already discussed scm in getting ads  placed in google search  another popular online a

dvertising  option is placing ads on other online  properties such as a website or app  that are not search engines for example  if you sold children's furniture you may  want to get an ad for your products on a  website about furniture trends  the marketing term for this type of ad  placement is display advertising  think of display advertising as visual  ad formats placed on websites or  applications  let's imagine you're a digital marketer  for an e-commerce

company you like to  get your products advertising websites  with visitors who have similar interests  as your customers you can spend the time  to contact websites and ask if they  could put your ad on their website  but that would be a lot of work  or  you could sign up for a display  advertising network such as google  display network the google display  network is a group of more than two  million websites videos and apps where  display ads can appear  the

network reaches over ninety percent  of internet users worldwide now within  this network you could use targeting to  show your ads in particular context  such as outdoor lifestyles or a specific  website  or the ad could show for particular  audiences such as young moms or people  shopping for new sedans  or  can also include searcher locations and  remarketing to previous website visitors  as well  with display advertising getting your ad  in front of the ri

ght people is crucial  unlike search ads the people who  encounter a display ad are not directly  searching for your product or service  they're just merely seeing your ad  to increase the likelihood of a desired  action like a sign up or a purchase you  must deliver your ad to your likely  customer generally speaking  there are two types of google display  ads  uploaded and responsive with uploaded  ads you will have to create the ad  graphic meet the required

specifications  and then upload the ad  there are several ad sizes to choose  from such as banner leaderboard and  skyscraper  marketers choose to create custom ads  like this if they have a specific vision  for their ad design they also need the  design resources and the time to create  the ad with responsive display ads you  upload the content such as images  headlines logos videos and descriptions  google ads will automatically generate  ad combinations  th

ese ad combinations are for websites  apps youtube and gmail while there's  less control over what the ad looks like  some people prefer this responsive ad  because it's easier they don't have to  create ad graphics based on different ad  sizes google ad does all the work  here are a few more benefits of  responsive display ads  one benefit is that you get to use  google ads software to optimize your ads  the software uses the best combination  of ad content su

ch as the images the  headlines and logos to deliver the best  performing ads to potential customers  the thing is you don't need to test any  of the combinations google ads does it  automatically  another benefit is that your ads have a  broader reach this means that your ads  reach more customers  some websites only support certain type  of ad sizes so if you're uploading ads  manually and you don't upload the  specific ad size your ad won't display  on that

website  when you use responsive display ads  google will adjust the ad size  appearance and format to fit just about  any ad space available  a third benefit of responsive display  ads is that you can use them with videos  adding videos will maximize your reach  on the display network  if you upload a video google will then  test the video against the photos you  upload  if the video delivers a better  performance when possible it will show  instead of the pho

tos  a fourth benefit is that it will save  you time  with responsive display ads you can  reduce the time spent on managing a  complicated ad portfolio with a bunch of  different types of ads google ads takes  care of that  you can dedicate more time to  performance improvement  as you can understand compared to search  advertising display advertising is much  more visual it can be difficult to  design ads than manage them in google  ads however responsive dis

play ads  can make your job more simple  that may be important if you have a new  role as a digital marketer or e-commerce  analyst  [Music]  in this video we're going to cover  responsive display ad best practices  which are the most popular type of  display ad  follow these best practices to reach  more customers and drive  first we'll review creative best  practices and then tips specifically for  images let's start with the creative  best practices  the fir

st is to upload the recommended  number of assets remember assets  are the content of the ad such as the  headline image description logo and  business name to drive the best results  google recommends five headlines five  images and five descriptions on average  advertisers have 10 percent more  conversions when using multiple  headlines images and descriptions with  responsive display ads  another best practice is to create  unique and effective copy  your he

adline should demonstrate your  brand or product's value it needs to be  interesting and useful to customers  write the headline so it's clear and  effective without the support of a  description  the description should complement the  headline use a description to explain  the product or services value clearly to  your potential customers  a third best practice is to ensure the  landing page keeps the customer  experience cohesive  we've covered the landing pa

ge in a  previous video for scm but it still  applies for display ads  the messaging on the landing page should  match the messaging on the ad  now if the experience from the ad to the  landing page is confusing the potential  customer may just go back to what  they're doing before clicking on your ad  so make it clear as possible what the  next desired action should be and how  they can take it  a fourth best practice is to rotate in  new display ads every few

weeks  improving ads is a trial and error  process so swap out lower performing  creative assets for new ones  see even great banners can become less  effective over time  rotating in new ads prevents potential  customers from developing ad fatigue now  ad fatigue happens when your audience  encounters your ads so often they become  bored and stop paying attention  avoid the fatigue by rotating in new ads  the images you upload to your responsive  display ad a

re the most crucial element  of the ad they help customers understand  the business products and brand here are  some tips when choosing images for your  display ad  use images with a strong visual focus  images that support the main point of  your ads tend to perform the best  if you don't have quality images or are  having difficulty adhering to the images  policy consider using an image from  google's library of stock images these  images are at no cost to u

se for your  ads  to ensure the ad has strong visual focus  don't overlay a logo text or button  adding a logo will become repetitive in  certain ad formats  you also shouldn't include text in the  image  text can be unreadable in certain  smaller ad formats additionally buttons  such as book now or download may seem  like an effective call to action  but they may violate google's ad policy  so avoid these as well  if you're advertising a product a third  image

tip is to make the product the  focus of the image  blank space should not take up more than  eighty percent of the image  keep this in mind if you're doing a  photo shoot with products  a fourth tip is to make sure the setting  of the background suits the product for  example you don't want to create a fake  background for an image such as putting  a product in outer space well unless of  course it's actually in space instead  use images at a physical setting

with  natural lighting and shadows  when using images and google ads there  are quite a few policies and  recommendations  but once you learn it then you know it  as a new digital marketer and e-commerce  analyst  responsive display ads are a great  advertising tool you get to utilize  advanced software to make effective and  high-performing ads  google released this technology in 2016.  it hasn't been around for that long  if needed for your job  please take

advantage of it  congratulations on finishing this video  from the google digital marketing and  e-commerce certificate  access the full experience on coursera  including job search help and start  earning the official certificate by  clicking the icon or the link in the  description  watch the next in the course by  clicking here and subscribe to our  channel for more lessons from google  career certificate

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