What are the risks of SMS marketing?

What are the risks of SMS marketing?

What are the risks of SMS marketing?

Today we're talking about the future of  sms and customer experience i'm joined  by blake from attentive blake welcome  and how are you  i'm great thank you so much for having  me chase a big fan of the podcast in  your work so it's great to finally get  to do one of these together yeah dude  i'm pumped i'm super excited to learn  from you let's get started do you want  to really quickly talk about you know i  guess what you're working on and then  the floor is yours to present  sure yeah so um my name is blake and  pearl i run our partner community at  attentive um my background really is  indeed ecom i spent a lot of time on the  agency side working with the adc brands  doing email and sms marketing  but most recently i led growth in a  company called tone a conversational sms  company  we were

acquired by attentive in june of  this year so um quickly transitioned  over the attentive team and i've been  building out this partner community  across our agency and ecosystem  partnership so really exciting stuff  really excited to be here and really be  working on the future of sms which is  something i'm really passionate about  sweet and i know you have a lot of  actual experience kind of in t

he weeds  of actually implementing sms so excited  to get your kind of opinion and take an  approach so the floor is yours let's do  this  awesome let's do it  um so as chase mentioned let me talk to  you guys today about the future of sms  and customer experience and really where  things i think are headed um you know  sms has evolved so rapidly as a channel  and i think you know now as marketers  an

d brands we're really looking for  what's next in a lot of ways  so the two main takeaways i want you to  walk away with from this discussion  today is really how to think about  conversational sms and how that's  redefining customer experience then  additionally you know how should we  think about approaching relationship  building at scale with our customers  over an own channel like sms  um so want

to quickly just step the  landscape i think from where we're at in  this sms space for those of you who  might not be as well versed in sms  you know really we're at this point now  where countless brands are diving in  headfirst to sms and they're funneling a  lot of their own traffic through sms  you know to really prioritize a lot of  data collection and those of you in the  audience probably are

either running an  sms program today or considering it and  so with that being said it might likely  be your one of your top performance  marketing channels as we're seeing  across you know over 4 000 merchants  here at attentive  and besides this massive explosion of  you know mobile commerce like one trend  i really like to point out which has  caused a lot of  you know sort of  investment in sms is

this recent data  and privacy changes that have happened  over the last year you know i don't  think i don't need to go into it but you  know ios 14.5 15 the impending cookie  apocalypse all of these things it's  getting harder to reach consumers and  we're really looking at you know zero  and first party data for the answer and  for those of you who don't know you know  zero party data is something

some a  customer would actively share and first  party data being something like a  behavioral interaction um and these are  like kind of buzz words i think you'll  see thrown around in the ddc community  but really for good reason as these are  kind of the building blocks which we  think about acquisition retention and  then overall building a customer  experience that goes across that life  cycle an

d this is really where sms can  come in and really be a powerhouse for  you and your strategy because it's built  on first interior party data to create  those personalized experiences  and i think too what we've seen you know  on the attendance side but also just  anecdotally is that consumers are  wanting more out of sms as a channel now  it's no longer just that promotional  marketing channel you k

now they're  wanting things like transactional sms  two-way communication and customer  service which i'm going to talk  primarily about today and additionally  you just additional use cases to really  create a more holistic journey  you know and we know that  customer experience matters in building  a disruptive d2c brand and again i  mentioned it's not a promotional sales  channel anymore with sms

and we're really looking at like how can  we drive better experiences over sms  through leveraging data you know sms  being this conversational channel  conversations are such a great way to  obtain data on your customers and so  we're really looking to find ways to  make this more natural and organic  and so this begs the question really  like all these data and privacy changes  you know emphasis on

data  acquisition retention all these things  shifting and even this idea that like  there might one day be a race to own the  sms inbox as more brands step into this  so how do we think about standing out  with our channel  and how do we build relationships at  scale through better customer  experiences and really i think a large  answer to this is conversational sms you  know adding this to your exi

sting  program helps you to create a more  holistic experience and really like  helping you to own that inbox and build  that day one relationship uh so all this  to say i've set this up but you know  what is conversational sms it's it's  really as simple as it sounds just a  conversation between you and your  customer um you know and as we've  shifted into this online shopping  experience you're kind

of losing out on  the in-store experience that you would  go and talk to the shoe salesman and  maybe have that conversation and they're  obtaining data on you and like really  making a personalized recommendation  and so we know that sms is this  conversational channel  and a lot of brands are understanding  that they can start to leverage  relationship you know building through  conversations and d

o this at scale now  it's also again that really valuable way  to obtain data on your customers to make  smarter marketing decisions which is you  know very important too when you think  about touch points and kind of those key  touch points across that journey  so chase i actually want to ask you a  question um i'd be remiss if i didn't  say some of this data backs up  conversational sms mattering  b

ut  in your in your opinion what percentage  of the time do consumers respond to  texts that are sent by a brand that asks  for a response  uh is it 10 23  42 53 or 64  i'm gonna guess 42 but i could be wrong  and you would be right on the money yeah  it's 42 percent of the time um and what  makes us even better about this is that  we find when you start getting folks  texting back and forth they spen

d about  31 percent more on average across our  data and they're more likely to come  back and buy again  so when you start having conversations  not only are we meeting an opportunity  to deliver a better experience but we're  also increasing our revenue and  ultimately that customer lifetime value  so it's really a win-win for both you  and the brand all this to say there are  three pillars that i l

ike to think about  with building a surprise and delight  moment via conversational sms that's  your two-way journeys your customer  service integrations and then attentive  concierge so i'm gonna go first into  two-way journeys  these can be utilized across any  automated journey within the intensive  platform  and they're really a powerful way for  you to be able to communicate with your  customers

through a personalized  messaging path you know as a result  you're gaining a deeper understanding of  their own preferences but you're also  making better informed strategies in  your segmentation  and just message delivery  basically what these do is they prompt  your customers to engage with your brand  and then cover a unique subscriber  preference  and again attributing to that better  experience

as you can see too by this  slide  the results have really been speaking  for themselves from the beta that we  just ran we just ga two-way journeys but  we're seeing about an average of 17  click-through rate and about 4.64 cents  per every message sent and coming back  to this idea of zero-party data and how  it lends to better experiences these are  really great for collecting that data  to build

better segments to drive deeper  engagement and then just making those  smarter decisions  you know for example knowing you have a  segment of subscribers who told you that  their primary interest is skin care  products for oily skin  now thinking about like i have a segment  of folks i'm going to send this campaign  to it really can just help to make that  messaging a lot more targeted and a lot  mor

e direct  so where can we use these you know again  i mentioned you can use them across any  automated journey but some things that  we love to point out you know  you know handling buyer objections maybe  onboarding quizzes maybe post purchase  delivering a better onboarding  experience  gamifying a shopping experience  cross-selling complementary products  educating customers taking them on a  journ

ey and just a lot more use cases  but the powerful thing about these is  they keep the experience conversational  rather than one-sided while you're  collecting data that you're really  starting to use and then kind of make a  more informed strategy so that  customer's getting more of what they  want but in turn you're able to actually  start to build out this customer profile  in a very natural way

so this is a great example i love to  point out  you know thinking about the holidays  right around the corner  it's a great strategy for in the moment  personalization but also downstream  retargeting so this brand is basically  leveraging two-way journeys immediately  after someone signs up for the sms  program  and so we know people purchase gifts for  a variety of folks in their life and so  what

they're doing is they're asking who  are you shopping for today and based on  that response they have tailored gift  guides that they send  and so what they're doing is able to  attach this profile property to that  response and then maybe downstream as  they retarget the shopper maybe if they  said they're shopping for themselves  maybe the campaign messaging throughout  the holidays is all about tre

ating  yourself and all these themes that start  to kind of come up and it really just  starts to show that you're listening as  a brand  this is another example of a customer  that we work with called lms and they  wanted to make a way that mobile  shopping could be both interactive and  personalized and so their marketing team  hypothesized that they could re-engage  and nudge high intent customers

towards  a purchase by really making a  personalized recommendation via two-way  journey  and so what they did is they actually a  b tested  where they said half of their  subscribers who entered their browse  abandonment flow a tailored  recommendation based on the shopping  interest  and so the message was geared towards  letting them tell them exactly what they  were interested in and then based on

that response they're making an expert  approved recommendation  they saw about a 6x increase in  click-through rate and about a 2x 2x  increase in conversions  compared to a standard one-way browse  abandonment message while taking this  approach so not only were these two-way  journeys integral and lifting  performance on browse abandonment but  also really setting up powerful data  that they use

downstream with these  customer profiles as they thought about  remarketing  i'm going to move on down to  the next pillar of is that we've talked  about kind of like keyword automations  and two-way journeys and thinking about  customer support and how we can create  more surprising delight moments across  the journey  so we ran a poll of our customers we  found that over 94 of consumers are open  to

receiving customer support over sms  this is a large opportunity for brands  to really tap into something that  they're already engaging with you on  and setting this up is really really  simple you know you can do this by  disconnecting your sms program with  attentive or whoever you're using to a  platform like gorgeous  and then with all the messages that  you're getting sent out you know you  rea

lly want to think about building that  relationship and starting it off on the  right foot by managing what i like to  call a day one expectation so what i  really recommend is when someone opts in  at your very highest touch point let  them know that this is a conversational  channel you're adding a simple hey text  us if you have any questions can go a  long way in just creating a better  experience

from the start and starting  that relationship off by thinking about  you know two-way communication and again  you know by handling the customer  service over text you're offering them  somewhere that they're already engaging  with you on  and they get to have conversations that  live in their pocket and they can just  continue on their day and really text  back and forth at their own pace  and it's

really good for making them  build trust and then making it easier  for them to take action with things like  if you're trying to maybe incentivize a  purchase you know as i mentioned too  conversations can drive revenue  and so i'm a firm believer that you  don't have to think about customer  service like a cost center and this  integration really opens up  opportunities for you to think about  addi

tional revenue generating in  addition to this traditional customer  service offering  so this is the type of things that  really start to build brand equity  on that sms channel  we had a customer a shared customer  potential gorgeous called red and glory  who  integrated both of these and they did  this because they sell products that are  handmade to order and have lengthier  purchase cycles and so

their agency  partner actually hypothesized that they  need to be engaging more at the top of  the funnel with customer service and so  now whenever someone has a question  they're automatically able to forward  that text to the customer support team  and then being able to reference past  historical data throughout integration  they're able to add context and  personalize that message  by doing this

they saw fantastic results  about a 230 percent increase in onsite  purchase volume year over year  and the conversion rates going up by  about 32 percent over that same time the  thing to note with this is really  customer service over sms that can  deliver a good experience can drive  revenue at the same time  so now that i've talked about really  kind of building relationships and these  two-way j

ourneys and customer service i  really want to show you where i think  the future of sms and customer  experience are headed it's like  something that i'm extremely bullish on  um you know as we've seen customer  service can often be that missing link  between consideration and purchasing you  know what we've found  over analyzing you know the the  countless messages that we've sent out  is that custo

mers respond with sometimes  buying questions are often buying  questions but they're just not being  responded to in time  this is a lot of revenue a lot of  relationship building left on the table  and while it can be challenging to  respond quickly and effectively when  they do it they do drive more sales they  drive happier more engaged customers and  ultimately just building that better  experien

ce like we saw on the writing  glory case study so what attentive did  to to solve this problem is we actually  acquired a company called tone which i  came from  in june of this year  to provide human powered responses to  sms questions um so we've combined the  two platforms and built a really cool  service called the ten of concierge  and this is in beta right now but i'm  happy to share some stats

and kind of  where this is headed  and it provides a team of live agents  employed by a tenant who are able to  actually initiate conversations with  your shoppers  in real time and what we've found is  that people are responding at a high  rate to those messages and they're  converting a lot higher than one-way  marketing messages we're seeing about an  18 increase in click-through rates and  roi on

these messages about 10x or  higher  and these conversations are really  enabling you to build personal  relationships with your customers at  scale that can drive better loyalty and  and really help along those key touch  points and that buyer journey it's also  really exciting because we're really  early on in this process and i think as  we integrated across the attendant  platform we're really lo

oking at more of  a holistic  approach to customer service across all  of our messages  we're also seeing a significant  reduction in customer service tickets so  as you think about adding value from  that perspective it lets your cs team  focus on more of like what's important  while you can really focus those in  geared buying questions toward concierge  the other use cases are really endless  for t

his as i mentioned but some things  that you could think about using a  product like concierge for is really  creating first-time customers by  crushing buying objections you're  driving repeat business by building  relationships through conversations and  then also it is generally that customer  support but doing it fast in that scale  like that's often a missing piece  between a good experience and

just an  okay experience  so what does this look like you know  really a great example is super 73 their  electric motorbike brand who used  concierge to intervene with at-risk  sales card abandonment as we all know  huge problem for e-commerce you know of  anywhere between 68 to 85 percent maybe  even more can be card abandoners and one  of the biggest reasons is buying  objections and so because a l

ot of  brands sell maybe higher ticket items  sometimes additional questions need to  be answered it really encouraged taking  that leap  and so super 73 used concierge to handle  buying objections and close more sales  you know what they did is you know in  this example the customer is asking a  question about the battery pack  and and basically by this concierge  agent you know  answering their ques

tion in real time it  encouraged that customer to make the  purchase and feel confident in that  so if this wasn't answered who knows  maybe that would have been a lost  conversion maybe they never engage again  with the brand you know i'll leave it up  to you to infer but it really shows that  these conversations can drive sales  all this to say i've kind of talked  through some three kind of core pi

llars  but i really want to kind of wrap this  up with what gets me excited and where i  think this is going to continue to head  and that's how do we create a messaging  environment that looks and feels like a  real human but cater to different  messaging types and use cases you know  these are things that we're actively  thinking about here here at attentive  and we know that connectivity between a

tech stack is so important in an omni  channel strategy sms is not the siloed  channel anymore  and so really how can we think about  taking various integrations with like  automations on sms  and pair that with real-time customer  support to really create a best-in-class  experience across every message type  and so you know think about continuous  relationship nurturing across touch  points that's

done in real time and it's  helpful above all else  and so this is a fantastic example of  what connectivity could look like  we just released the nokendo integration  last month where customers are already  seeing great success on you know kendo  for those that you don't know is a  reviews platform who allows you to  create or to generate um you know user  generated content through things like  ratin

gs reviews photos videos etc  and now we're excited as customers are  using sms to generate more reviews in  ugc  which is so critical we know for for  brands for many reasons  and so we have this customer that we  share called groovelife and they're  already seeing a lot of success with  okendo which is awesome to see as we  continue to roll this out and you know  while we hope that everybody can hav

e a  success story like groove life with  generating reviews sometimes we know  that you might get a negative review no  matter how hard you try as a d2c brand  and so what we're thinking is you know  let's say an automatic you know someone  gets that automated review request and  maybe they leave a negative review so  instead of letting that customer sit on  those negative thoughts maybe for hours  d

ays maybe even weeks depending on how  you're handling this  imagine the next thing that happens is  that a concierge agent reaches out to  you and figures out like what happened  you know why was that a negative review  what can we do to make it better  not only could you grab valuable  feedback but you'd also be able to  leverage all these conversational data  points that you might have already had

with a customer  to really infer what they're gonna do  next you can take that zero party data  that first party data  and really try to just one remedy of the  situation but maybe even save that  at-risk customer you know as you can see  this level of holistic connectivity  really bridges a gap between automation  and customer service and uses data to  tastefully make a better customer  experience t

hat's fast proactive and  helpful really above all else and just  imagining how a customer would feel with  that level of support and outreach i  mean being able to do this at scale  across your brands is really just a  massive value add to sms as a whole  and this really demonstrates i think the  connectivity that we're going to see you  know across sms and customer experience  you know and just kind

of to sum all  this up i just want to leave you you  know remember this is a conversational  channel by nature this is how sms  started you know 30 years ago and so  looking to add moments that make  conversations more organic in your  marketing is so critical i think as we  look into this 2020s you know and and  standing out  conversations build that relationship  and trust and ultimately you know j

ust  help create better customer experiences  which is what djc brands are all about  and again this race to own the inbox you  know think about ways to use  conversational to your benefit to really  stand out um  yeah that's all that's all i gotta say  chase um  sweet man this was this was awesome i  know i'm gonna send this my team kind of  watch us back got a bunch of cool ideas  that came from thi

s so thank you um  where can people find attentive and  where can people find you personally  online  definitely yes so um for attentive you  know visit us at attendantmobile.com  we have a lot of great resources and  guides you know if you're just curious  about sms you know whether it's blogs  industry research all that good stuff if  you're interested in learning about  two-way conversational you k

now you can  schedule a demo with us  and we're happy to guide you through  that but myself you can find me on  linkedin i'm pretty active there um just  linkedin pearl um and happy to connect  with you there and chat more about sms  or just ecom in general  sweet man i appreciate you thank you for  all the great content  right cheers

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