What do PR people do?

What do PR people do?

What do PR people do?

 hello wannabe PR bosses its Joe Jones  here it's great to have you on my  channel for my first ever broadcast  thank you for being here sorry if I  stumble I'm a little bit nervous because  um I'm here in this mini workshop to  help you on your path to success to  becoming your own PR and brand building  machine for your business I'm gonna be  in it with you I'm gonna be holding your  hand and I'm gonna put you on the right  path to success and give you lots of  actionable takeaways that you can put  into practice at the end of this video  please don't worry about taking notes or  anything quite as mundane and boring as  that because I have transcribed  everything that I'm going to tell you  now and it's available for you to  download

on my website Beauty be Co  forward slash workshops so be sure to go  there after you've watched this film  download all of the notes so you can put  everything we talked about into action  quickly touch on what PR is and why you  need it in your business so a lot of  people quite vague about PR they tend to  shove it in the advertising category  which is incredibly unfair because we  don't get anywhere near the budgets that  advertising agencies get to work with  and also done well PR can be worth so  much more than paid for advertising  because there's nothing more powerful  than an endorsement from someone that  you trust still though people find it  hard to really define what it is because  I've been working in PR now for two  deca

des and still my family think that I  work either in advertising or I work in  a finance department because my title  wherever I've worked has always been  with the word account attached to it  they were Account Executive Account  Manager an Account Director so I think  they think I do actually work in an  Accounts Department at some advertising  agency which I don't um I think Jeff  Bezos puts it quite succinctly without  being reductive to the power that PR has  he says that PR is what you say about  people when they're not in the room and  I really think that sort of surmises it  quite nicely PR is basically your  reputation it's what people think about  you it's what they believe about you  it's what they believe they know about  y

ou and reputation is important because  reputation builds trust it builds  loyalty it drives sales and it's what  you fall back on in terms if you find  yourself in a situation where you're  dealing with a crisis we call it crisis  management in PR it's basically when you  find yourself in a situation where  you're getting bad press you're getting  maybe some disgruntled customers taking  to social platforms and creating  negative conversations or you know maybe  have a product recall or there's  something that's gone wrong with your  supply chain at that point when you're  dealing with those kind of crisis is  within your business  PR and reputation and good reputation  are really important because you get to  fall back on that reputa

tion  and to use it to sort of get yourself  out of the crisis that you find yourself  in so reputation is absolutely  first-class valuable  so why do you need Pierre um you work in  beauty beauty is incredibly busy it's  very noisy is very cluttered it's  saturated with new brands new products  new lines new services new categories  launching every single day it's a very  very busy marketplace and standing out  can be incredibly challenging even if  you've got the best product in the world  that you a hundred percent believe can  change people's lives  getting them to know about it is a  challenge because you've got to cut  through all of the other noise and all  of the other clutter that every other  brand is making beauty's also are

very  robust business because even in terms of  things like economic uncertainty I mean  I don't want to say brexit but oh but  times like that when people were worried  about things like buying houses because  they don't know what the landscape is  going to be like in a couple of years  time when people are facing  maybe redundancies or job losses or a  slightly worried about what the future  holds they will pull back or we will  pull back on spending such as holidays  maybe the amount of times that we go out  maybe things like buying new clothes  maybe we'll cut back on I don't know all  those kind of luxuries like taxis and  stuff that we would usually take but the  things that we won't cut back on men  regular haircuts shaving wom

en things  like get it maybe get your roots done  buying the makeup and the skincare that  you love you will forego all of those  other luxuries before that you will  forego though so because of the  robustness of beauty and because of the  fact that it's so I guess recession  proof as a lot of people like to say  everyone wants a bite or their it used  to be that we would be approached by  experts and brand owners setting up  their own brands which is very much  still the case but now it's the money  men it's the private equity companies  it's the big venture capitalist firms  who really understand the power that  beauty has they really understand its  superpowers when it comes to generating  income and you know making  then lots of m

oney so everyone is  suddenly wanting to get in on beauty  which means more brands more services  more more more more MORE  so standing out becomes even more of a  challenge the global cosmetics industry  at the moment is worth five hundred and  thirty billion dollars and it's gonna  grow to eight hundred and sixty three  billion dollars by 2024 so no wonder  everyone wants a slice and actually  what's really interesting I think is the  services business the beauty services  business because even though the high  street is in decline which is incredibly  sad and you know brands like Debenhams  are facing going into receivership M&S  the closing loads of stores everywhere  you go it seems to be doom and gloom on  the high street beauty

is thriving on  the high street  nail bars be I'm thinking specifically  of beauty services like now bars hair  salons let's see what my stat was last  year oh this is quite amazing that in  2018 beauty services and the beauty  services industry was the second biggest  growing industry in the UK I mean crazy  right in this time of decline and doom  and gloom Beauty just blooms and Fries  so it's no wonder that everyone wants a  piece of that action  great thing also about PR is that you  don't need to have a huge budget to  stand out obviously there are lots of  brands out there there's lots of those  legacy brands l'or茅al's the Estee  Lauder's and whatnot who do have big  budgets and can engage with influencers  to create sponsored co

ntent they can do  events they can be really creative with  their thinking because they have the  money behind them to actually execute  things in a really elegant and impactful  way but if you don't have that budget  you just have to be creative you have to  be creative and you have to be clever  and that's where I can help but before  you even start on that pathway of PR and  picking up the phone speaking to a  journalist or reaching out and DMing and  influencer or whatever it is that you  decide that you want to do in due course  you have to go back to the very basics  of your brand I'm gonna give you three  steps that you need to take in order to  get to the point where we can start  talking and thinking about PR and how we  can d

rive awareness drive visibility  make your brand stand out and all of  those things that we know that PR can  achieve for you um the first thing you  really absolutely must do is define what  your brand's USP is USP unique selling  point a marketing term there's a lot of  three-letter acronyms in marketing I'll  try and explain them to you rather than  just dropping them in and not being like  I'm steel um anyway your USP is what  makes you you but also what makes you  good brilliant different standout what  makes you you know unique um to  everything else on the market  obviously that's really difficult to  think about where in terms of you know  the volume of what people were saying  and you know there's so much noise noise  noise bu

t that's where you just need to  distill it into you go back to  remembering why you set up your business  in the first place no one will be more  passionate about your business and your  brand then you are no one will know as  much about your brand as you are but  what I see a lot of with brands  they really overcomplicate their  messaging they really don't keep it as  short and sharp as concise as they need  to get it they kind of tend to tell more  stories when talking about their brands  or positioning their brands to people  for the first time and honestly people  just don't have the time or the patience  for that today they really don't they  need to get you they need to understand  you and they need to know that very very  quick

ly or you'll lose their attention  so the important thing to think about  when sort of distilling your brand is to  really think about the why right why you  do what you do and why should anyone  else care about it there's this  incredible incredible TED talk the I  discovered a couple of years ago and  thought oh my god I've discovered I'm  the first person to discover this and  obviously there was a million other  people that had discovered it at the  same time listened had a million views  but now I think it's on something  ridiculous like 25 million views and you  really should look it up I'll put it in  my download as well so that you know  where to look but it's by a guy called  simon Sinek si and okay and it is an  incredible jo

urney to take you on to  really understanding your USP and really  help defining what that is and what  message you want to give to the world so  the things that I'd sort of really asked  you to think about is things like why  are you so great why should people care  what do you believe in what are your  core values and what's your profit but  your promise to your customer what can  they expect from you and another way to  think about it as well because as human  beings we tend to think things through  as a kind of problem solving solutions  so really think about what problem  you're solving and I don't mean that in  a negative way I mean that in a just in  a way to get your message of course  really quickly so say for instance  you're

creating a brand that is a  teeth-whitening brand you know the  problem that you're solving is that  you're brightening you know you'll make  it people's smiles brighter you're  solving a problem of disk  and that if you're not putting it out  there you're basically saying your  message could be making your smile shine  like the star that you are or something  like that I mean that's a bit cheesy but  yeah they'll give you an idea I've also  got put together some other brands that  I think do a really good job of  communicating what their us peers one of  them is a client that I've been I've  worked with for quite a long time  who I think is the queen of the message  and that's Charlotte Tilbury you know  but when Charlotte launched i

t was all  about decoding the art of makeup  most of us my makeup a complete mystery  and don't know how to when I shadow or  put it on with and how we put on  foundation probably all of those things  decoding the art of makeup that was one  of her key messages easy to use easy to  choose amazing give the girl the right  makeup and she can conquer the world I  mean that tells you all you need to know  about that brand right there fenty great  proposition theirs is very simple beauty  for all it's an incredibly inclusive  brand it has a very strong inclusive  brand positioning beauty for all three  words says everything you need to know  about that brand um a good one as well I  think that's actually really stuck that  stood the test of

time and he's an  incredible  God well over 10 15 years is L'Oreal  because you're worth it the good thing  about that which I absolutely love is  that it hasn't got old  it doesn't feel tired it doesn't feel  like it needs renewing I mean whoever  came up with it isn't absolute genius um  and also it puts the customer right in  the heart of all of their propositions  because you are worth it  it's not because we are worth it we  L'Oreal the company it's you our  customer you are worth it and you're our  focus and I think that's really great  glossier as well really good at really  understanding and putting across their  brand positioning and what they believe  in a very succinct and fast way beauty  in real life love it products insp

ired  by  people who use them they're all about  the customer the community I mean so  concisely but so brilliantly put skin  first when they're talking about skin  because you know what you put your skin  first everything else is fine you know  you look after your skin your makeup  will look better we're a skin first  brand I love that when they do talk  about makeup it's makeup that lives with  you not on you easy message six inked  really easy to understand Body Shop  doing no harm  love your body empowering women all  around the world what he shops actually  quite an interesting one because they've  taken a sort of a full circle so they've  been owned by quite a few different  companies and actually Damon eat erotic  who was my abs

olute hero when I was a  kid and actually for quite a long time  if you go back and look at some of the  YouTube um films and interview archives  that exists with her you'll see that she  knew all of this stuff that's happening  now because of social media and the way  that the world is going she was doing it  all 25 30 years ago quite incredible and  the body shop have actually now in their  I think their fourth acquirement you  know the fourth time of being acquired  by a different parent company and now  going back to what I need to started  with which i think is a really  incredible sort of understanding of  someone who really know it's what  they're talking about  so really take time to think about your  brand USP sit there spend

the time I  promise you it will be time well spent  because if you do that you can then use  it as a path to build your PR or  communications on it's really important  so get that done  okay so the second thing that you're  gonna do is take a huge deep dive into  who your target customer is if you know  your target customer inside and out you  will be able to create successful PR  strategies that reach them there's no  point in creating great campaigns if  they're hitting people who aren't  interested and who are never going to be  interested in your message it's a  complete waste of your time and it's a  complete waste of your money know your  customer and don't just know them by age  or where they live or those kind of like  generic

stuff know who they are know  what they believe in  know what's important to them know where  they spend their time know where they  how they consume their media know how  they live their day do they go to the  gym do they commute do they have  children do they have grandchildren do  they hate television do they never pick  up a magazine maybe they read a paper  every week understand as much about them  as you can because the more that you  know about them and how they spend their  time the more successful your PR  campaign will be this is an absolute  golden rule of all marketing and of all  PR and communications everything starts  with your customer I am blown away by  the brands and businesses that make  assumptions about their cust

omers well  you know they believe this they do this  bla bla bla without asking them those  assumptions will kill your business know  your customer and stay in tune with them  as well because people don't stay the  same forever you know people change they  evolve they move on different things  matter to them but you need to know them  and the best place to start and I think  this is a really good tip is to go and  speak to your existing customer which  sounds weird right so I think if I'd  said that some people that I say that to  they were like well there's no point in  that because we've already got them as a  customer and they're a loyal customer so  we don't need to know anything about  them because we've got them already  uh-uh to

tally wrong and bad attitude  just  they're a customer of yours already it  doesn't mean that there are gonna be  loyal to you forever it doesn't mean  that they feel valued it doesn't mean  that they will endorse you to their  friends or family there could be lots of  reasons that they keep coming to you it  could be that it's convenience it could  be that the price is is right for them  they might not enjoy the experience at  all they might not be instagramming or  putting you on their social media  because they don't want to support your  business or there could be gems of  information that they could give you  about your business that you haven't  thought about before from the customers  perspective so go and talk to your  existing

customers ask them why they  like you ask them why they spend their  time with you versus x-brawn down the  road or whatever you'll learn the most  valuable pieces of information that you  can then use to create your campaigns  that will connect with people like them  people that you know once they're  through the door you can lock them in  very important  okay so my third and final tip for you  today in this mini workshop is this know  your business sounds weird right because  no one knows your business better than  you I mean know your beauty business you  may be a nail salon a hair salon you may  be a product company that deals with  organic ingredients you may be a  cosmetics company whatever you are you  are not an aero business

you are a  beauty business you are not a tanning  business you are a beauty business you  need to know about the beauty world if  you want beauty storytellers and beauty  experts to support you and your business  and deliver your message through their  channels with Peale you need to know the  beauty business you need to be connected  to beauty as a whole so that means  reading things like Beauty Inc which is  part of WWD looking on business of  fashion looking at the diary directory  business of fashion by the way have a  business of beauty section which is why  I mention it read trade titles like  hairdressers journal and scratch and all  the ones that you know cosmetic business  those kind of things again I will leave  I will list t

hem all all that suggested  reading in my download notes that you  can get from my website after you've  finished watching this film but know  your business because when we start  talking about PR and building your PR  campaigns we're gonna have to create  stories around different elements of  your business that we want message  carriers that's what we call people like  journalists and broadcasters and  influencers we want them to tell they  need stories that are relevant topical  newsworthy if you don't know what's  going on in beauty as a whole if you  don't know that there's been some  problem with an ingredient or some kind  of packaging or whatever it is that's  going on over there and you're pitching  a story or trying to pitch a

story to a  journalist or an influencer that  contains that ingredient or that is made  of this plastic or whatever it is it's  not good it's just not going to go  anywhere again waste of time waste of  your money  know your business follow people who are  the message carriers that you want to  connect with and engage be part of their  conversation immerse yourself be  supportive say things when you think  it's the right thing to say it's totally  fine to do that but know what you're  talking about and in order to know that  you need to be informed so stay informed  okay so let's just summarize over the  three things that we've talked about  today which are the three first steps  that you need to take to get you on that  path of becom

ing your own PR boss so the  first one is find out dis still make it  concise your USP your why what's your  slogan why do you exist why should  anyone care and really distill that  message it could be that you've got  three small bullet points of messages it  could be that you've got two words it  could be that you've got one word  whatever it is sit there think about it  think of that message that you can  deliver really fast and effectively to  your target audience  number one number two know your audience  go out speak to them speak to existing  clients already ask loads of questions  find out how they live their lives how  they consume their media all of the  things that we talked about earlier go  out do that  the insights that y

ou will get from  those conversations will be absolute  gold for you when it comes to building  your PR campaign and the third thing the  last thing equally important is to know  your business immersing yourself in the  beauty business there are so many  amazing channels and platforms that you  can tune into that will keep you abreast  of what is happening in your industry so  make sure that you're part of that world  and that you're connected to it so  that's it for today that's my first ever  youtube um beauty beat workshop fast and  furious workshop um I will be  downloading them on a regular basis I am  aiming for every Friday hopefully I'll  get  in the meantime don't forget to  subscribe so that you stay ahead of  everything I'm

uploading downloading or  weather terminologies and remember to go  over to my website be tobiko forward  slash workshops to download all of the  notes from today's meeting good luck  with your actions get on with it you can  do it you're well on your road to  becoming a peer boss thank you don't  forget to head over to my website Beauty  beat Co forward slash free advice to  download the transcript from today's  film see you there

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