What do you mean by online PR?

What do you mean by online PR?

What do you mean by online PR?

 digital pr  as and i quote just as critical  possibly more so in many cases  than technical seo cue and absolute  digital pr  meltdown this is really significant this  is somebody  from google saying that a particular  link building strategy  is important and not only important  potentially  more important than some of the building  blocks of seo  technical seo this is really significant  not just because of that but also  because most of the time when google is  talking about link building all they're  doing is telling us seos what we  shouldn't be doing  finally now there's some clarity on hey  this is good you should be doing this  so this

is a massive moment so whilst  the digital pr  corner of the seo world basks in the  glory normally only afforded to  love island winners and elon musk stock  tips here's a video on how to get  started with digital pr this is perfect  for you  if you're a business or a marketing  manager who is looking to use this  amazingly powerful  marketing strategy for your business so  stay tuned and let's get into  how to get us started with digital pr  alrighty welcome to the video so in this  video we're going to show you a process  that you can use to get started to  get news coverage for your business  essentially that's what digital pr  is all about so who is this for well  it's for any business

no matter how  boring you are one of the most common  misconceptions about pr  and digital pr is that you really have  to be like a cool  sexy influencer type business to benefit  from this sort of thing and i can tell  you that couldn't be further from the  truth in fact some of our biggest  digital pr successes at exposure ninja  and we do this for clients all the time  have been for ridiculously boring  businesses and if you  think i'm having you on trust me okay  here's a few for you  firstly we've done this for content only  affiliate sites that just drive to links  right they don't sell anything on their  own  uh we've done this for ppi lead  generation companies i mean  ppi is not exa

ctly the sort of thing  that the press  loves to write about it's the sort of  thing that most people are sick of  hearing about  and then the most boring business of all  warehouse  racking safety inspection now fantastic  business fantastic business owner  fantastic team  all of that great but it's hardly you  know warehouse racking is probably  boring enough but warehouse racking  safety inspection so you don't have to  be a super cool  hyped up sexy b2c company here you can  be as boring as you like and there are  pr angles  that you can use and in fact we're going  to do some examples and  look at a process that you can use for  idea generation later on so stay tuned  for that  okay but

what i should say is you will  not get boring stuff published if you're  a boring business you need to come up  with a creative angle and a ways to  piggyback on trends that you can do this  but you won't get boring stuff published  so if you're hoping  to get some news coverage for your new  website launch or you just  uh you just had the warehouse updated  or you just had a new robot in the  warehouse or something like that unless  it's really cool you're not going to get  coverage so let's get that out the way  first  you're going to have to come up with  cool ideas right let's look at a few  different ways  that you can use digital pr okay so  firstly what is digital pr let's look at  s

ome examples when you're looking  through newspapers and magazines  if you look with a critical eye you'll  identify that there are really two types  of  news okay you've got news about current  affairs so  things like politics and what's actually  happening in the world and you know  governments talking about stuff and  death tolls from coronavirus and that  type of stuff that is like  actual news and then you've got kind of  entertainment informative  type stuff which isn't the result of you  know journalists going out there with  pen and paper and interviewing people  let me show you some examples so here we  can see an example on the sun  code uk which is a national news  publication in

the uk  and here is something about how much  couples earn from  instagram now this is a digital pr piece  and we can tell it's a digital pr piece  because  it's come from cass pattern the founder  and ceo of onbuy.com now on buy  is a website that sells products right  so what do they have to do with  influence as well  almost nothing they just went out and  researched this piece and picked up the  numbers  and have put them in a way that the sun  are happy to publish so it's a great way  of getting a link for their website  right and getting some attention for  them here's an example on bristol post  dot co dot uk talking about the most  popular netflix series from the past  year  well thi

s is news but it's also kind of  not really news so this is tapping into  a trend which is people watching netflix  and we can see it's a digital pr piece  because it starts research has revealed  and if we go a little bit further down  here we find that the source  of all of this information is actually  tombola the bingo app so they just  looked at the reviews on imdb  and they put together this list which  they then sent out to the press  and that is now news so what's happened  here tombola wants to get links it wants  to get mentions  very difficult to get links to gambling  apps so they've had to look  outside of the gambling space and  instead they've just said okay what's  everyone t

hinking about they're thinking  about netflix  let's go and get some data about netflix  shows and send that out and then that's  one way that they've got some coverage  continuing on the netflix theme  bridgeton is a series that's trending on  netflix at the moment  here's a recent piece at the time of  making this what's this all about this  is about baby names  inspired by bridgeton and this is a  digital pr for a site  called bella baby and all they've done  is they've put together this content  piece which is baby names  inspired by bridgeton and really all  they've done is they've picked out names  from the show and then they've put a bit  of information about each one and then  they'v

e gone out to the press with it  and they've got some coverage  so this is another example of digital pr  in action here we've got a piece on the  mirror this is yorkshire dales named  europe's best national park  why well because tripadvisor has just  run this traveler's choice awards and  all travellers choices is basically  aggregated data  from tripadvisor ratings and then they  just make this now  actually anybody could do this anybody  could put together  the best most popular things based on  tripadvisor ratings and lots of people  do and use it to get digital pr coverage  so those are some of the examples and we  can see here that actually a lot of the  media is driven  by digital pr

so these are stories that  we might flick through or we might  browse when we're scrolling through our  phones  and they're actually provided by  businesses like yours maybe boring  companies maybe interesting companies  and agencies like us  putting this stuff together to give to  the media in order to get links and to  get coverage so why do we bother going  to all the effort of basically  writing the newspapers for journalists  why do  why do businesses do this why do they  spend tens of thousands or hundreds of  thousands of pounds a month doing this  stuff well  basically it's because it helps their  ranking okay so by getting featured on  by getting links and by getting mentions  on t

hese  large high-profile publications that  increases google's perception of your  business which helps your ranking it  also increases your brand awareness  and can increase direct clicks through  to your website although that is usually  very much considered a secondary benefit  in digital pr it can also get you shares  on social media if you pick up something  that's trending we're going to look at  an example in just a second so that is  digital pr in a nutshell now let's talk  about how you actually do this and let's  talk about the different flavors of  digital pr now the first  flavor of digital pr is newsjacking with  newsjacking you're basically hopping on  the back of trending topi

cs  so we saw some examples there of  businesses  piggybacking on netflix series which are  big trending topics lots of people  talking about it lots of public  awareness so those are great kind of big  trends to hop  onto but you've also got micro trends so  at the time of making this video  over the weekend joe biden was  inaugurated and there was this picture  of bernie sanders sat in his chair with  his mittens on  it completely blew up went all over the  internet and ikea piggybacked on us  to make this chair ad right so they  showed an ikea chair and some oven  gloves  with a bit of a take on his his mittens  and they piggybacked on this and here it  is getting coverage on the daily re

cord  which is mentioning ikea it's driving  awareness to ikea  it got loads of social shares and picked  up loads of visibility so what they've  done there is they've piggybacked on a  micro trend they've been very reactive  very responsive  to newsjack something which is smaller  happening so you've got these two  different things you can piggyback on  macro trends big picture things things  like working from home as a result of  coronavirus that is a macro trend and  then you've got micro trends like  things that happen memes that pop up and  they're here for one day  super hot and then they're gone you know  a week later no one remembers them so  you've got those two types of things  tha

t you can use jack  and which one you choose depends on your  business but it also depends on how  responsive you can be  unless you've got the uh resources to  piggyback on stuff very quickly then  you're usually better off piggybacking  on macro trends  stuff that's kind of over a longer  period of time and that can also give  your digital pr  more longevity as well because if you  create some kind of asset  around a macro trend that's the sort of  thing that can pick up uh  links over a long period of time and can  be the sort of thing that gets lots of  visibility for months or even years to  come  now just to demonstrate you don't have  to be a sexy business to do this now  here's a cli

ent that we did it for this  is the  racking safety awareness people and we  produce an infographic which is all  about the four most dangerous  fictional workplaces from the  perspective of a health and safety  expert so this was actually released to  coincide with all the star wars releases  and picked up some coverage in star wars  publications also  uh in doctor who we're basically just  taking a bit of a tongue-in-cheek look  at the different workplaces that these  people are in  and rating them on how dangerous they  are so it's a bit of fun but it's the  sort of thing that can get picked up in  niche publications  and when it really hits it can also get  some attention and mainstream

as well  the next type of digital pr is what we  call  data outreach so with data outreach you  are essentially gathering some data  and then you are reaching out to  publications to share insights from this  data so in this example we got coverage  for an e-cigarette client by conducting  a yougov poll  amongst the uk population to find out  whether or not people thought that  vaping was  worse for public health than cigarette  smoking so this was a really trending  topic and to be honest it still  is because there's uncertainty there's  questions about  e-cigarettes versus normal cigarettes  and which one's healthy and all this  type of stuff so we conducted a survey  to find out what the

uk  public thought about this and we then  use that data  to reach out to different publications  and say hey we've got a new story here  here's another example  in the mirror for our ppi client of ours  where we conducted a survey to find out  how  aware people were of the ppi deadline  and we found that actually most people  weren't aware of the ppi deadline so  we've  collected some data ourselves and we've  put it on our clients website so that  when these publications write about this  data  they have to link back to the client's  website because they want to credit the  source  but if you don't have your own data or  you don't have the budget to collect  your own data and some of the e

xamples  we looked at earlier they're just using  publicly available data for example  the most popular netflix series all they  did was  went on imdb and looked at the ratings  for each of the netflix series and they  turned that  into a story into a press release put  them in a table  and then off we go so even if you don't  have your own data you can look at  publicly available data things like  tripadvisor ratings to judge  popularities you can look at google  trends data so  we ran some pieces around the general  election to find out which  um political party was getting the most  attention was getting the most search  volume all of that is available on  google trends so if you're a bit

creative you don't have to use your own  data you can actually use data that's  already  out there the next type of digital pr is  journo requests so  again there's a couple of different  flavors of this if you just search for  hashtag  journo request or hashtag pr request on  twitter you will see  what looks like this basically uh  journalists and writers for different  publications  asking for opinions on different topics  this is a really  really simple strategy that anyone can  make the most of so for example  i've just used a search and here we can  see that um  ellen c i'm on the search for people  renting in birmingham to take part in  what i rent are you renting in  birmingham do y

ou know someone who is  slide into my emails at what i rent at  so ellen writes for the metro she's a  lifestyle editor at the metro  great that is a really good contact to  have  now that tweet might not be relevant to  you but if you have a look through  the tweets that hashtag jonah request pr  request and find something that is or  find something that you can speak on  this is a great way of getting coverage  in different publications i've been  featured personally in  forbes the times guardian and the  telegraph as a result  of just answering journal requests and  pr requests so it's something that can  really work well  so for example i've been featured in  forbes here you can see me t

alking about  benjamin franklin who is one of the most  productive and amazing people i've ever  come across um here you can see me  talking about the stress-busting secrets  of successful entrepreneurs  there we go and here this article about  work outfits  here i am again talking about what i  wear for work so you can also sign up  for services like response source or  gorkana and they will email out  journalists that need  a source for a particular story they  need an opinion of someone who is  credible in a space  and then if that fits with your  expertise then you can provide them that  opinion  all right so you know the different  types of digital pr now it's time to  think about the a

ngle that you take  with your story how do you come up with  something that's going to be interesting  to these sorts of publications now  before i take you through the ideation  process i just wanted to offer you some  help with your own digital marketing as  exposure ninja we're a digital marketing  agency we help our clients get more  leads and sales through their website  and digital pr  is just one of the things that we do for  clients we do digital pr content  marketing seo web development  uh conversion rate optimization social  media and email marketing  if you want some help with your digital  marketing then we have a really great  free service that you can take advantage  of if you

go to exposureninja.com and  click the button you'll be able to  request your free website and marketing  review in this review we'll ask you a  few questions about your business and  your marketing goals and then one of our  consultants will put together a  15-minute video  analyzing your current digital marketing  identifying any opportunities for  improvement and also taking a look at  what your competitors are doing  and in particular looking for any holes  that you might be able to exploit  this service is completely free it's  totally awesome and if you're interested  in working with us it's a  great first step because it allows us to  analyze how much impact we think that we  would b

e able to have and what the  different strategies that we think will  be most effective  for you would be so go to exposure  ninja.com to request your free website  and digital marketing review  today all right let's work out your  angle for your digital pr  now let's think of an example of a  really boring business okay accountants  i'm sorry accountants you don't have the  best reputation by the way i absolutely  love my accountant well i love all the  accountant clients  that we've got great businesses great  people but not the reputation of being  the most  sexy fun and pr friendly businesses  let's be honest so let's do a bit of a  brainstorm around accountancy to see  what sort of topi

cs we could come up  with  that could be digital pr worthy now the  key when you're coming up with an angle  is to step  outside the thing that you do directly  so for example let's say that we're an  accountancy firm and we specialize in  the most boring thing of all tax we're a  tax  accountancy firm and we help small and  medium-sized businesses  we don't really want to talk about tax  accountancy but if we take a step  back from that and say what are we  really an expert on well we could be an  expert on  business profitability we could be an  expert on tax more generally  well maybe there are trending topics  maybe there are macro or micro trends  that we can piggyback within those whic

h  would actually  help us get some coverage for example if  we think about business profitability  could we look at  uh you know ftse 100 valuations versus  profitability  over the years to work out whether we're  technically in a recession or whether  we're  in a bubble or whatever that could be  something that might have real interest  to  both business publications but also  maybe cross over into mainstream media  as well  if we were to look at business tax how  could we come up with something  interesting that taps into  a trend within tax well we might think  about  what are the largest corporations in the  uk and how much tax do they pay maybe we  could put together  a league table of

shame for the tax  evasion strategies that large  corporations are using now we obviously  want to be careful we don't want to do  anything that's going to damage our own  reputation or annoy people but  this taps into a macro trend of people  getting really frustrated  with large corporations invading tax  with having these complex structures and  stuff like that so if i was a tax  accountant or if we were working with a  tax candidate  i'd be looking for these sorts of angles  things that tap into  public awareness the sort of thing that  people would be happy to talk about and  when you're brainstorming your angle one  great filter to put it through is  is this the sort of thing that peo

ple  would talk about  in their spare time if it's the sort of  thing that people would talk about in  their spare time  great if it's not you probably need to  come up with something that's going to  get a bit more traction  okay so you've got your angle the next  step is to identify the publications  that you want to go after now the main  mistake people make here is they  immediately think  we want national press we want to go in  all the nationals that's where we need  to be  sometimes that's right but sometimes  that might not be the best place to be  if your target audience is in a  particular niche or if you're targeting  a b2b audience yes national press can be  great for seo but you

might actually get  loads of traction if you target industry  specific  trade type websites the great news is a  lot of these trade type websites are so  desperate for interesting you know  humorous good quality information  they're very very easy to get into so  putting some digital pr together using  the processes that we've looked at and  sending it over to trade specific  publications can get you a lot of  traction very quickly but if it's right  for you to target national press and  you've got something that's of interest  to the general population  then targeting national press is  absolutely a great thing to do so let's  say that we wanted to get some coverage  on a topic maybe simil

ar to this and  we've identified that the sun and  influence and marketing that's the sort  of thing that we might want to talk  about what we  could do is have a look for yasmin  harish's  twitter page and here we go here it is  we now  know what she does and there is her  email bingo so now all we need to do is  drop yasmin a post and say hey  we noticed you posting some stuff on  this type of topic would love to get  your perspective on this  angle or we've got a great angle that we  think might work really well in the sun  or whatever  okay so all you do find the publication  then you find the writer then you reach  out to them now a couple of quick tips  on this  firstly you're never go

nna get a yes the  first time or it's  very rare that you get a yes the first  time if you want more advice on pitching  there's a great podcast episode we  recorded with sam lyon from explosion  ninja's content marketing team  we'll probably link it up there so you  need to be persistent  if you're gonna get through remember  these people are busy they're picking up  like 200  300 different pictures a day so if  you're gonna stand out you might need to  send a few emails and then the second  thing to think about is don't put all of  your eggs in one basket yes yasmin looks  great yes it would be great to get some  coverage from her but if we don't  we need to have lots of other options as

well so you want to reach out to lots of  different publications and lots of  different journalists don't put all of  your eggs in one basket  and assume that you're gonna get  coverage in a particular place you need  to have cast a fairly wide net to make  sure that you get enough coverage  to be worthwhile now another very quick  tip before we finish is sometimes you  can take what we call a local national  approach  let's say that you have some data which  applies to the whole country but there  might be a region by region breakdown  which you can take out let's say that  you're a divorce solicitor  and you've run some google trends data  on when people look for divorce  solicitors and yo

u've noticed that  there's a regional variance well what  you could do is go to  local publications in some of those  regions and say hey did you know that  bristol is the divorce capital of the  world based on google  trends data or whatever it might be but  you can also chunk it down into  different locations and go out to local  publications because remember  these publications they love talking  about big topics but with some of these  you might find that you get more  traction  taking a local approach to news jacking  or  data outreach or you know whichever  flavor of digital pr that you're using  so i hope you found that useful we've  actually also recorded another  video on what is di

gital pr which takes  you through some of the basics  okay actionable tips what can you do as  a result of this video to get your  business some digital pr coverage  well first thing is remember it doesn't  matter what business you're in there is  an  angle that you can take it's all about  taking yourself out of that  maybe your core area to just go one  level up and think well actually what  else are you an expert in remember  if you're an expert in racking health  and safety actually you're an  expert in workplace health and safety  because that's going to open up lots  more opportunities for you  the second thing is to consider the  different types of digital pr that you  can utilize  so

newsjacking both of micro and macro  trends  data outreach so compiling your own data  or identifying data that's already out  there in the public domain which you can  use  or inbound requests through things like  hashtag jonah request hashtag prequest  response source gorkana that type of  thing find your target publications  find the person who's writing on those  topics for those publications  get them on twitter find their email  address reach out  and be persistent so i hope you found  that useful also remember that if you're  way too busy to do any of this stuff for  yourself this is what we as exposure  ninja do  all day long so we'd be more than happy  to discuss whether or not we

can help  you  just request your free website and  marketing review from exposureninja.com  or drop us an email and we'll be happy  to discuss  further until next time see you soon in  the national news press  or local trade press all good equal

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