What do you mean by PPC?

What do you mean by PPC?

What do you mean by PPC?

So today I figured we could talk about  PPC uh pay-per-click ads I think that's  a really good one we've been doing a lot  of that lately  a lot of asking questions about PPC  I ask a lot of questions because I  really don't know much about it but  um our clients have been requesting that  a lot we have we yeah we have been doing  it a lot we've also had a lot of new  clients coming in specifically wanting  help 

PPC ads so specifically  specifically yes  um but uh yeah so I figured we'd go  through what is PPC and then like well  five general frequently asked questions  that we hear a lot that everybody should  know before they get into  sorry I burped before they get into PPC  advertising please tell me you're going  to edit that out  um  we're on it today no it is we have a  great morning yeah drooling and body  functions it's great yeah everybody  burps okay so  um  so if you're just like a quick intro to  uh PPC in general there are if you own a  business you've probably thought about  running a PPC ad  um and no matter which platform you're  doing it on and we'll get into that  deeper later on in the episode but it  can feel overwhelming confusing there's  everything's different and basically  we're here to say it's okay to feel  overwhelmed you know we've been or I've  been doing it for l

ike seven or eight  years now and it's still changing and  kind of gets overwhelming so it really  does change like a lot all the time yeah  um so especially when it's not something  that's your actual job that you do all  the time like if you're owning a roofing  business and you're a roofer  don't it's you know crazy to expect that  you'll know all the ins and outs of PPC  advertising so it's normal to be  confused and it's normal to be  overwh

elmed so before we start this  um because I really like definitions uh  what does PPC stand for it's not  definition it's just what the acronym  stands for but so it stands for  pay-per-click  advertising so PPC advertising pay per  click which means that you do not pay  for the ad until somebody clicks on it  so  um you know I believe we'll cover this  deeper but basically there's a  difference between an impression and a  click so an impression

is if somebody  looks at it and doesn't click it you  don't pay for Impressions you don't pay  for eyeballs looking at your ad what you  do pay for is people clicking your ad to  go to your website so that's kind of the  main difference between PPC and a lot of  other advertising out there not I mean  not specifically digital but kind of you  know Billboards magazines whatever you  know you get a magazine ad you pay for  the space of that ad  um

and you don't it's not like you pay  every time somebody calls you from the  magazine ad like no you bought that  space that's how you pay you know you  bought the billboard you pay for the  billboard so PPC is a little bit  different in the way that it works and  it can be a lot more beneficial for a  lot of businesses because it only counts  you only pay for it if someone goes to  your website so that's pretty much and I  think that kind of co

vers what our first  FAQ question is what is yeah we see  advertising yeah  um okay so yeah the there are multiple  types so you know that's kind of the  initial definition of PPC advertising is  pay-per-click  um there are tons of different types of  PPC ads  um just alone in platforms you have  Google which is kind of the number one  powerhouse in PPC ads you've got  Microsoft which runs ads on Bing and  things like that  um you've got social m

edia ads so any  ads on Facebook YouTube  um  uh Tick Tock LinkedIn all of that will  be pay-per-click ads so all those kind  of digital ad platforms that work  through either search engines like  Google and Bing or they work through  social media platforms like Facebook  Instagram Tick Tock all that  um  so yeah you have a lot of different  platforms to work with with PPC so it's  very much  it's very broad but in this episode  we'll mainly be f

ocusing on Google ads  specifically because a lot of our  clients like our ideal clients will be  using Google  specifically did I say Google or I say  Facebook  you weren't listening  I was listening but I heard I've heard  you say both in the last minute or so so  I  okay what did you mean I'm gonna put a  job posting out for a new podcast  yeah no anyway  um but yeah we're gonna cover most of  the differences with  um  like Google ads you know

what kind of  break up the types of Google PPC ads so  um one  sorry sorry I have a question yeah um so  while you're doing your job and I am  listening in because I'm very tentative  listener  um you mentioned  PPC  ad networks so what like what is that  what is that  what does it do  well yeah it's a different platforms so  you've got like I was saying oh so  everything you just explained wasn't  yeah okay yeah so you've got you have um  like

for example the Google ads network  shows uh a bunch of different types of  ads so you have your search you know  your search ads so somebody Googles you  know running shoes and then  um you'll see kind of the text ad pop up  as a search result and it just says add  so you have search ads you've got your  visual ads that you see all the time  when you're reading news articles or  scrolling throughout the web you'll see  like those little square a

ds kind of  where they everywhere what I'm trying to  read exactly yeah those annoying ones  yeah so that's a display ad and then you  also have shopping ads yeah so you have  display okay yeah so you've got your  search ads which is just text like  search results you've got your display  ads which is  um the visual stuff and then you have  shopping ads so the shopping ads are you  know if you Google again you just Google  black running shoes you

'll see a bunch  of  um things pop up that will say oh this  is these Nike running shoes are 130  these Adidas are 109 and those are  shopping ads so companies pay for  placements up top so when you hit that  ad you're able to see the price the  reviews whatever you can hit that and  then go purchase it right away so Google  has a lot of different ads  um and different ad types so and a lot  of and Google is just one platform so  like one ad Netw

ork so you've got Google  with all those different types of ads  and then you have similar different  types of ads on other networks like  Facebook  Bing which is Microsoft that kind of  stuff so the really cool thing about  Google ads is just the  the coverage they have in their Network  so Google also owns YouTube so if you  wanted to run any YouTube ads or um they  don't even have to be video ads but you  know just image ads on YouTube that ca

n  all be done through Google so Google has  such a big ownership of you know the  digital so if you run Google are they  going to show up on YouTube as well or  do you have to do that separately so  you'll have to  um you choose so  um like a display ad for example if you  wanted it to run like also on YouTube to  kind of like pop up under the videos you  can do that and while you're building  those campaigns It'll ask you about  placement and w

here you want it to go  um and then if you do for example a  Google video ad that's basically only  going to run on Google on YouTube so you  know you come you make a really cool  commercial whatever and then you play it  on YouTube so anybody that's trying to  watch like somebody jump the Grand  Canyon then they have to your ad well  pop up and they're just waiting for the  point where you could say skip ads so  they can watch it yet yeah but to

be  fair I believe with YouTube ads if  somebody skips it within a certain few  seconds then it doesn't count as an ad  view so  um but they don't let you skip it for  like x amount of time yeah some it  really depends and some ads you can't  skip at all so there's some I think  there's one ad going around right now  like Travelocity or something that you  can't skip at all so  they just paid the big bucks for that  yeah well  but um so do you f

eel like people  usually ignore PPC ad campaigns or and I  don't know I feel like a lot of them  depending on what you're doing or where  you at where you're at like for example  if I go to Google and I'm like let's go  with your running shoes thing like I  want running shoes  I'm usually there to buy it like I want  it yeah if I go if I'm on Facebook I'm  never searching anything I want on  Facebook stuff just kind of comes up  yeah um have I pu

rchased it did like  Facebook or Tick Tock make me buy it  sometimes after a hot minute but it's  there so yeah what do you think the  success rate of PPC ads is  yeah and like you said it really depends  on and you'll hear that a lot in this  podcast whenever we come up with a  specific question they answer a lot of  times is going to be it depends um  because that's marketing but  um yeah it's a lot of valuables it's  fine yeah well and it real

ly depends on  if uh like what you're selling so for  example let's take social media ads for  example let's move away from Google for  a second  so a lot of our clients are  service-based companies so they are you  know AC repair plumbers roofers whatever  um  they have a presence on social media but  when somebody's looking for a plumber at  two o'clock in the morning they're not  going to scroll through Facebook to find  that plumber so  um it

's a little bit different but  they'll probably remember the plumber  yeah so and look for that plumber  exactly in terms of PPC ads you know  it's social media isn't the best it's  definitely if you have the budget to  have like a supplementary ad platform  then we would suggest to our specific  service based clients to use Facebook  because Facebook  in our the bulk of our clients  Industries it's kind of like a reminder  like here we are we're

still here so you  can stay in their brains um we have some  other clients that are retail clients  they sell really cool outdoor products  that look awesome they have great  visuals great videos those do a lot  better on social media  um one of the things that we hear a lot  when we get a new client or we're  talking to a new possible client is  social media ads  um because if you've watched at least  half an episode of Shark Tank you've  proba

bly seen people say oh we made our  first million dollars just off of social  media ads Alone  um and so it's they really a lot of the  people who are pitching on Shark Tank  are always talking about look how much  you've made on social media whatever  um and so they're you know John's  Plumbing will come in and say oh yeah we  really want to do social media that's  like the new thing and we kind of have  to say well that's not  the best investme

nt for you and that's  probably why it hasn't been working out  because you've been putting all of your  ad budget into social media so if you  have a cool product like you know  a plastic tube that goes over your sub  so that it doesn't get soggy in the  cooler  that it's called sub saver I believe  that is it legit is it a thing yeah it's  a thing yeah it's called sub saver if  you go into like any Publix now they're  in there not sponsored but

I do like it  so it's like a plastic like giant pill  capsule basically that you put your pubs  in I'm always more worried about my sub  getting soggy From the Inside Out not  the outside  well you'll have to invent something but  anyway like a cool product like that  it's a cheap product and it's something  that that will be successful in social  media that it's very different from a  service based  um business like a plumber trying to  adverti

se on social media so so what's  the cost difference between them because  I feel like there's got to be  I don't know are they all the same price  um how much do PPC ads cost  well it really depends on again on what  where you are great answer at least I  know it depends on where you are and  where your industry is so for example  let's just take a location first  um we work with the water restoration  company in Southwest Florida their cost  fo

r each for cost per click for one  person to click to their website  averages between about ninety dollars  and three hundred dollars that's  incredibly expensive then we have we  work with a yeah we work with a water  restoration company in Ohio and their  price their cost per click ranges from  17 to ninety dollars so it's the same  exact type of company same words just a  different location  and it's completely different when they  get there I

mean if somebody clicks  they're usually wanting like they have a  water issue they've got mold yeah  usually taken care of and then the  amount the jobs that they're getting are  at like 20 a lot of thousand dollars  yeah so like 300 is just a drop in the  bucket again yeah the it's just depends  on the industry whereas if you're trying  to sell t-shirts online your cost per  click will probably be about 20 cents so  it it really depends  um yo

u know we work with a pressure  washing company and their cost per click  is about a dollar sometimes on the  really high end it's three dollars and  then we're like whoa what's going on you  know whereas yeah we're looking at you  know the water restoration company and  we're like 300 that looks good that's  fine that's normal so it really depends  on um where and you don't have to you  can set your budget for the day so let's  say you know your

cost per click is ask  next yeah let's say your cost per click  is five dollars a click but I don't want  to spend more than ten dollars a day  like I want to spend 300 a month on  Google ads and that's it so you can set  that budget to say I only want to spend  ten dollars a day so your ads will show  and people will click until you reach  that budget and then it turns your ads  off so you're not gonna wake up one day  when it's like a really b

usy  um like click day and realize that  Google charged you five thousand dollars  So you you're able to have that control  um that's nice and one thing that we  always tell clients to do when they're  first starting out Google whether we're  building it for them or they want to do  it themselves because sometimes we do  workshops so if they don't want us to  you know manage their stuff then we'll  get together we'll do a workshop and  kind of wa

lk them through how to build  that ad  um  but we always say start conservative  there are a lot of business owners that  say you know I've got competitors on  here I want to pay you know I'm willing  to pay like three thousand dollars a  month towards Google which is great  but always start out a little bit lower  like let's start at a lower  um budget monthly budget so that we can  test how the campaign is going because  when the campaign first

starts  there's a it's not going to be perfect  it's never perfect so there's things you  have to tweak whether you need to change  the key the Search terms or you need to  change your headlines yeah you don't  want to be paying three thousand dollars  a month for somebody didn't one of our  um  water restoration companies they were  getting a bunch of phone calls  about  what was it like restoring vehicles or  something like I think it was supp

osed  yeah yeah so they like they had ten  dollars a month for that yeah they they  had tried to build their own Campaign  which a lot of business owners do  um and the way that Google and a lot of  these platforms set it up is like it's  easy anybody can do it we'll walk you  through it and usually when these  platforms are quote walking you through  it their solution for everything is do a  bigger budget you'll get more stuff yeah  so it tends

to like really hurt small  businesses but yeah they they were a  mold remediation and water restoration  company and they the way that Google had  set it up for them is like oh we'll  choose the words for you so you don't  have to research them we looked through  your website we know what you do blah  blah blah and basically said  everything's perfect  um but yeah they got a lot of phone  calls for yeah they got a lot of phone  calls for like dam

age to post Street  like vehicle upholstery so like if  there's water damage in a car and you  need to like I don't know rip out I  don't know what type of situation would  cause that but um anyway your car gets  flooded or whatever and they're like no  we don't do that and they kept going  into their settings trying to figure it  out but it was all on  an automated campaign so that's one  thing that we always tell people is  don't put it on a Go

ogle automated  campaign because or any of these  platforms on automated campaigns because  then they start making the decisions on  a lot of your campaign settings and you  don't have control over it  and then you turn around and your  campaign has just made itself into  this crazy thing that's not relevant to  your company at all so so how long would  you suggest like if you're starting out  with a smaller budget how long should  you run that c

ampaign for before you  just make any decisions change budgets  change up the campaign any of that  so in a perfect world wait wait wait it  depends  in a perfect world you could run it for  like we always prefer to run it for at  least a month so that we have enough  data to really look at it you can't run  it for a day and make decisions off of  one day so in a perfect world I'd let it  run for a year before I make decisions  but I know that's

not realistic so if  you can try to run it for at least a  month before you start looking at stuff  um but if you know you really you don't  have the budget to because it's not  going to be a throwaway on your money  but you know maybe at least give it two  weeks to really see what's going on and  to be able to look at your sales or your  phone calls compared to what you've  spent and that's one thing that we're  really really big on here is all

about  the ROI  um because some business owners will be  like oh we spent that is return on  investment for the lay folk out there  you so it's you know it's like oh we  spent five thousand dollars on Google  that's a lot of money and it is a lot of  money but let's break it down and see  how much you made from this campaign so  you spent five thousand dollars this  month but you sold  sixty five thousand dollars in roofs  this month so from from

the campaign so  you know the way that we track it yeah  yeah so  um  that's you know yes you'll spend a good  amount on Google but keep tracking it to  understand if you're getting back what  you're putting in and we always want you  to get you know you put one dollar in  you get two dollars out and we want to  make sure that you're making enough on  your investment with Google and with our  services so okay so back to paying the  cost of pay-p

er-click  um is there a difference between the  cost of pay-per-click for a Google  campaign as opposed to a social media  campaign a Facebook campaign yeah they  always differ  um from  like platform to platform and campaign  type to campaign type so  um you know  for Facebook for example a video ad is  going to cost more per click than just a  regular image ad  um and my belief they never outright say  why they're not like oh we charge more  be

cause of this but from what I've seen  video ads perform much better you get  more clicks you get more attention you  get better conversions you know more  people clicking it and then buying  something so video ads perform better  they do better so on those platforms  they're going to cost more  um and by cost more I mean you know an  image ad we're running right now is  about 50 cents per click and then a  video ad we're running is about a dolla

r  and 20 cents per click so it is more  expensive not drastically more expensive  but they are more expensive you know  more than twice as much so I guess it is  kind of drastic but they do perform but  if you're only paying like 50 cents or a  dollar yeah well if like per click so if  you're paying you know if you're getting  like a thousand clicks a day then you  know but  um all depends on the budget you set but  yeah so the the types of ads

so the  prices on platforms vary the prices  between campaigns vary and it just  depends on  um the how the competition so you know  in our area in Southwest Florida that  we're targeting you know there's a lot  of hot competitions with roofers right  now uh you know Ian came through and  everybody's trying to get yeah  everybody's trying to get a piece of  that pocket he has a roof yeah exactly  yeah no one so  um there's roofers coming from all

over  the country getting their license in  Florida to start doing roofs down here  so the price per click on pay-per-click  ads in Southwest Florida for roofs has  really gone up a lot recently because  there's so much competition and the  market is so saturated so it really  depends you know the time of year take  hurricane season for example one of our  clients that sells hurricane shutters  that cost per click starts to go up once  you get i

nto hurricane season people  start to panic people you know like oh  my gosh I totally forgot to do this from  last year we have to do it again  um but I mean specifically with  hurricane shutters it's been a Non-Stop  uh see this should show time to  implement other forms of marketing such  as print marketing  can be a lot less expensive  I'm just throwing that in there because  that's what I do  I'm gonna disagree with you there it can  be less

expensive but you have less  tracking and there's less tracking but  they depending on how much you're doing  but for like an average if you've got  like  three or four routes that you're doing  they end up being like 50 cents for what  do you mean by writings  routes okay so  um the post U.S post office has routes  that they do and when you do an eddm  Every Door Direct mailer you choose  routes so you can pick specific areas  that you want to

do but everybody on  that route get sorry  I feel like he has strong opinions about  this topic  um he's like no everybody  on that route will get your  your thing so like down here in Florida  right now it would be good to do because  we're all looking for roofers nobody can  find a roofer  um there are a lot of them down here  they're just all busy but if you send  out a mailer to a specific area that you  know needs roof help  you're paying  p

robably 50 to 70 cents per postcard  which includes everything so that's why  I think it's cheaper it's cheaper than a  300 click  well and the reason why now isn't 300  clicks so that will you know what I mean  and a lot so yeah there's benefits to  to each of all of these different types  yes then I digress this is not about  mailers it's about PPC yes but I mean  it's we we have a few clients right now  that are doing you know we we call it  m

ultiple lines on the water so yes we're  talking just about PPC right now but  we're not saying the only thing you  should be doing for your company is PPC  so multiple channels we'd like to say  Omni Channel marketing which is a fancy  way of saying do stuff everywhere did we  come up with that I  don't think we came up with that oh it's  uh I think it's definitely like a one of  those like hot buzzword terms that I  just stumbled on and I was l

ike I like  it again  um  we'd probably be sales gurus by now if  we did come up with that so yeah but I  don't really want I don't really want to  be one anyway so  um yeah it would involve a lot of like  people work Katie  ugh yeah I don't yeah so we suggest like  we have a lot of clients that are doing  the PPC they're doing the PPC they're  doing PPC ads  um they're also doing  um mailers you know they have those  specific areas they want to

Target  um they're also doing personal Outreach  you know they're going to community  events they're going you know they're  making signs for  like we had one uh there was like a  baseball game or like some kind of big  Community thing and they made big signs  for it they were sponsors oh I think it  was a concert yeah yeah I don't remember  um but yeah so toys something just our  clients that  we we will help you really succeed in  this digital

space but you need to do  more to succeed in other places because  you need to be available to catch people  wherever they are  um so yeah PPC is definitely one tool  that works well and then the print  marketing with the mailers do really  well as well really well as well okay  um yeah one thing that I don't think  we've talked about yet but is really  important because we were talking about  how some people  um social media is good for some and

not  for others  um one thing that is good for everybody  is a retargeting ad  um so for example let's say you're  trying to look up  um home renovation companies contractors  whatever you search it you go on to  Jim's home renovation and you look at  his stuff and then you leave his website  for whatever reason  um now you're scrolling through Facebook  or Instagram or whatever and then oh  there's an ad for Jim's homeless or home  renovation t

hat's weird I was just on  there  those are retargeting  sorry those are retargeting ads so  I'm getting a little choked up it's very  emotional it's a really emotional topic  um  but I feel some type of way too when  they're when they come up while I'm  looking for makeup or something and then  there's like gyms types of houses and  that's not what I wanted to look at  right now but it's fine like when you're  scrolling on social media or what n

o no  you know like if sometimes I go shopping  and  whether it's on I don't even know where  it's at or I'm reading something and  then the website that I was just at like  pops up or that I was at like yesterday  pops up yeah so that's retargeting so  the um the really good retargeting has  really really high conversion rates  because you're more likely to purchase  from a company if you've seen them  multiple times so it's kind of like a  remi

nder to hey so how long do they  follow you around you can decide  um so you can have them follow follow  users around for 30 days or you can just  kind of keep them into a pool and kind  of show your ads you know for 60 day  whatever is this another pay-per-click  thing or yeah  so you don't pay for it unless they  click on it to go back to your website  um it's a really good way to grab the  people that like dipped out before so  grab the peopl

e that left without buying  anything  um I can think of two things on the top  off the top of my head that I bought  through a retargeting ad one of them is  like my whoop band like workout tracker  so I one of my friends had it and I  asked him I was look what is that and he  told me what it was and then I'm like  okay well  that sounds lame and then I secretly  looked it up later and I went I was like  okay like that's kind of cool whatever  an

d then I left and I'm just going  through Tick Tock I think it was Tick  Tock and then saw a tick tock ad for it  and I was like oh my gosh like I was  just looking at that whatever and then  keep scrolling and I saw like two or  three more Tick Tock ads over the course  of a couple of weeks and then I ended up  buying one  um I've noticed that I am the  I am like the ideal consumer like I will  buy like all of your tricks will work on  me even t

hough I kind of know a lot of  them they work like you put something at  my eye level in the grocery store I will  buy it you know it's like I every all  the marketing like uh what's what are  they called gimmicks they work on me I  love them and another thing was my one  of my design tools the loop deck so I  saw a video for it I looked it up  went on their website was like I'm not  buying that that's too expensive I'll  never use that and then

I saw it on  social media ads for the next month and  was like you know what  you broke me down I think I'm gonna try  it and now I don't know what I would do  without it it's just like a a weird  design tool with a bunch of little  buttons and dials you can cut she left  it somewhere once um I had to go get it  because she literally threw a fit like I  have to have my Loop deck yeah you left  it I don't know where we were if we were  like at a m

eeting or something but you  left it somewhere and then I don't know  if you were sick but I had to go get it  why would I leave it anywhere  no you just had it there a year oh it  was like it was like two years ago  that is so yeah but you threw it I  cannot believe yeah I probably would I  threw a fit okay I have to have my Loop  deck I must have been really sick then  because yes I think you were I have no  memory I think you were sick and you

were like it's there yeah yeah oh  it's weird anyway yeah so I don't know  without  um  so I have a lot of things that I  wouldn't really call Necessities but  they're emotional Necessities that I  bought purely off of retargeting ads so  I am one of those people if you show me  enough times  I'll buy it I don't care so um yeah  retargeting ads are great  um it's a great way to catch the people  that might have like not given your  website the

time of day or just like  didn't interact with your website at all  so that's one of our favorite PPC  campaigns  um not to say that's the only one to do  because you know it's one of our one of  many campaigns we suggest for clients to  run at the same time so  um  yeah I think we covered like this wasn't  going to be a super in-depth thing  um in for PPC but we just wanted I think  we asked a lot more than five questions  yeah and that's okay t

hough you know  trying to we're offering more quality  you know you don't have to pay extra pay  us extra for those extra questions  you know we'll send you a bill for every  question after yeah if you listen to us  we'll know and we'll track you just  kidding we can  um but yeah yeah don't tell them that  um yeah so  just a quick recap of PPC  um it stands for pay-per-click  advertising Google is one of the top  pay-per-click advertising stuff y

ou'll  hear about Google ads social media ads  are also one of them you can set your  own budget you can make them cost you  spend however much you want in a month  obviously having a higher budget gets  you more clicks lower budget is less  clicks  um so you can kind of Target your  audience very specifically yeah you can  Target specific people and specific  products that you want to show up for  um you not only can Target them  geographically

but you can also Target  them by age interest gender all of that  stuff so it gives you a lot of control  on who you want to Target and really  dial into your ideal client  um  a lot of people will say that they  ignore PPC ads but they're lying they  are so prevalent on the internet right  now that you can't  you can't not use them so don't let  anybody tell you oh don't spend money  with that everybody ignores that no they  don't the majority o

f people on the  internet use those ads and don't even  realize their ads they just click on  them  um because they think they're  interesting  um so yeah  PPC ads are great if done correctly  don't let Facebook or Google do an  automated campaign and waste your money  please take the time to do the research  if you need help doing that research we  can help you  um and yeah PPC is great and everybody  should use it and that's all I'm gonna  say

how about a recap from Dory what do  you got  ditto  that was great no no I think you did a  really good job summing it up um I don't  really have anything to add to that I  learned a lot today though thank you and  supplement with edms yay or if it's  relevant yeah if that's the same thing  eddms and direct mailers are different  oh God okay well call Dorian figure out  the difference between an e everything  we'll do a podcast  on those I don't

think I'll be here that  day that's how you are going to be here  that day  you are a boring thing to talk about but  you will be oh wow  be our last episode  um she's not she's very interesting my  feelings right  s were incredibly hurt very sensitive so  but interesting all right well I guess  we'll talk to you guys later okay  everybody have a great day bye  

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