What is the market for SMS marketing?

What is the market for SMS marketing?

What is the market for SMS marketing?

 man with the  info the man with the knowledge the man  with the bands Hey look  hey look on this video we're gonna bring  y'all some straight key I ain't even  gonna explain I'm gonna let my God okay  I'm glad to be back  um since the last video that last video  went crazy a lot of you guys DM me  continue to DM me if you need help  um some of you guys may have seen I just  partnered with Shopify since that last  video and I got my hair done we don't  got a lot more money and we're gonna  keep on going with the gems you know  what I'm saying without further Ado  today's articleis

going to be about why  you're not getting returning customers  if you're returning customer rate is  below 20 you're doing bad in this field  because customers need to be coming back  no matter how much money you make it's  always more money to be made all right  absolutely that's nothing but good food  thinking about that if you just lower  the 20 you're doing some homework hey  but look so we're gonna jump straight  into this man like we gonna give y'all  what you've been waiting on it's exactly  what y'all been asking me about it my  DM's uh stop everybody I've been  emailing he

r comments y'all just been  asking about this part of how they  actually run your brand  none other than the goat himself can  give you all the information that you  need so check so I want you to stay to  the end of this video because at the end  of this video I'm gonna give you my  direct template and formula on how I do  SMS marketing it's very important how  you do it you can't just send a message  to somebody and expect them to buy the  wording has to be important the pictures  have to be great the discounts and  incentives you give have to make sense  just for somebody to clic

k on that link  all these things so if you're not doing  SMS marketing off rip you're doing  something terribly wrong like I always  say think about it like this imagine if  you go out and you have a good time with  a girl but you don't get her number how  do you text her again or hit her up to  have another good time so clothing  brands is the same way so if you want to  boost how your returning customers go  first you have to make sure you give  them a quality product they're shipping  out on time and you're communicating  with all your customers when there's  delays or any interr

uptions in the order  process so what I do with SMS marketing  when you go on my site you get a pop-up  you that sign up for 10 off you know  what I'm saying now we're locked in now  we're friends so now every time we drop  I send a campaign blast let people know  like hey New pieces coming hey just drop  hey just for you 20 off that's one thing  I see a lot of people that does SMS  marketing fail on when you do SMS  marketing and you have your customers in  there it's nothing just to give a  discount every now and then you know  what I'm saying free shipping 20 off  just for you yo

u know what I'm saying  and sometimes I go in there and just  talk to customers if I see somebody came  back more than one two times like I'm  like yo what's up bro like what you like  about the brand because I want to know  if they like the brand or they just like  me if you like the brand perfect you  just like me cool you know what I'm  saying but I want to know what they like  so I can keep on dropping that so I can  keep on having stuff for them to come  back you know that's very big right  there even though your audience is very  important it's very big like I make  hundreds a

nd hundreds of thousand  dollars every month off of SMS marketing  retargeting email and somebody might say  Dre what's the difference between email  and SMS think about it like this if I  send you an email the chances of you  getting that email is very local you  might have gave me a fake email it might  go to spam or something like that if I  send you a text message or a baddie send  you a text message right now yeah you  gonna check it you're gonna see it  you're gonna pull out your phone like oh  new drop all right bet you know what I'm  saying like because there's no spam in  t

ext message it goes straight to your  phone you know what I'm saying and just  one thing to remember do not do not do  not send a text message after 11 o'clock  that's sleep hours you know what I'm  saying that's in the club hours I like  to send messages around like 3 P.M uh  early in the morning like noon  I hope you're taking notes we can watch  it again free game immediately and we  ain't number probably like four or five  minutes into the video  Yeah so basically so uh for your brand  have you ever did ads uh not really my  biggest pet peeve with ads is everybody  think ads is

like this magical money  machine where you put a dollar in you  get three back and that's not always the  case sometimes you put a dollar in you  get 16 back sometimes you put a dollar  in you down twenty dollars you know what  I'm saying you might just be wasting  money on an ad especially if the  creative is not good or something like  that so the best thing I do to promote  my brand is just influencer marketing  and giveaways you know what I'm saying  right just getting more attention  towards my brand but like I've done ads  but not to the scale that a lot of  people do ask for

me to say I've done  ads so I just want to be fully  transparent on that like I don't like  wasting money before I made it I'm a  firm believer of like making two  spending one you know what I'm saying I  don't like to spend money until I make  money so I say before you go run an ad  just try to see what you can do by  yourself first exactly so you would so  you would suggest with your personal  experience to lean more towards the SMS  marketing over  eggs running eggs so I don't think it's  like one of the other situations I think  you can use both because like I've seen  people th

at use ads to lead people to  their pop-up to get more people to sign  up for their SMS marketing so that works  as well I like SMS marketing more so  like as a customer you already have it's  easier to sell to somebody that already  purchased with me than somebody that's  new so ads is new people SMS marketing  is somebody that already came to the  site so you want to have a form or  Apostle for something that you came in  my site you're interested into something  so I need you to sign up for something  so that's the biggest thing right there  so it's like you can use both you know

what I'm saying I like SMS marketing  just to keep on making that dollar grow  because a lot of people they might make  10K this month and 2K next month and I  know what it is it's like those same  people that bought last month didn't  know you dropped this one because the  algorithm might not be pushing you out  yeah they might not have seen it so if I  have SMS marketing I can always retarget  those same people that purchased before  right so would you say giveaways are a  strong way to actually build your SMS  listen yes yes for sure so you can do a  giveaway where like hey re-

share to your  story sign up for my SMS list so now  they're reaching their story sign up for  the SMS list because the more people you  have on your list the better you know  what I'm saying like I have like some  some I have different brands some brands  have like a hundred thousand support  lists another brand has like 20 000  people on the list so if you think about  it like this let's say you only have a  thousand people on your list right and  you have 100 keys that should be a  sellout right there you know what I'm  saying now let's say you only have 50  T's that's even more

of a sellout  because I'm marketing to a thousand  people off rip all right got to get  those SMS so what else would you suggest  for people to use to dive into the SMS  start I'm biased I've used a lot of them  but my favorite right now is post  scripts and the reason why I like post  scripts again is because the user  interface is really easy I like that  um also the customer service is really  great like you can email them message  them get on a call with them and you  have a trusted person telling you how to  be on postscripts how to use it how to  use it to your benefit and the

n you also  got YouTube and stuff like that so I  really like post scripts uh that's  p-o-s-t scripts you know what I'm saying  we'll put the link in the bio as well  but hey but see like my guy said at the  beginning of the video we got a secret  for y'all at the end it is  and enjoy everything that's been an  unfold in these next 10 to 12 15 however  long minutes you ain't got nothing to do  before the bin table  that's all just just watch that tutorial  study it use doesn't make it work for  yourself you know yeah and by the way  like share to this to anybody that you  know in an

y field of business that's  trying to understand why that business  is not going up and it just continued  going down this might be the video for  them so what you need to do is share  like subscribe make sure you give my guy  follow on Instagram at yeah follow me  address shooter a lot of you guys have  questions and I've answered a lot of  your questions so if you have questions  man DM me you know what I'm saying I  also have a website for you how you  succeed.com with free resources for  cheap blanks you know what I'm saying  ebooks and stuff like that but I'm also  here to help

out the free help man I  want to see more people win just like me  I mean who wouldn't want to get help  with someone that's pumping it like this  happening like this come on now that  means he know what he doing you can't  get this far if you don't know what  you're doing so like I said like share  subscribe leave comments below if you  got questions for our part three of the  video let them know Below in the  comments you're gonna keep them coming  my guys gonna get into the YouTube space  he's spinning bro I'm gonna put some  towards that you don't get it going  because he got t

oo much knowledge  but nonetheless appreciate your  opportunity in appreciate the I mean pay  attention to these next couple of  minutes of this video pay close  attention watch it back as many times as  possible  follow the word out  let me bang you up  hey guys  yo so today I'm gonna show you guys how  I do segmenting or SMS marketing for a  drop and how I use segmenting just to  make more money  um so right now we are on an SMS  platform called postscripts there's many  different SMS platforms out there but  this is the one I use because this  customer service is good one and it'

s  very easy to use and the pricing is very  competitive so that's very big for me  like pricing because SMS marketing can  get really expensive and come into your  profit margins and that's not what we  want to do we don't want to make more  money just to lose it or just to give it  back so we have a drop today at 3 P.M  Eastern we're opening the site at 3 P.M  Eastern is our first drop of the year so  the first thing first is I'm very big on  community building and with community  building we have a VIP customer base and  to be part of that base you either have  to have five order

s with us or spend  over a thousand dollars and that's very  crazy for somebody to come back five  times or spend over a thousand dollars  so right now we have 706 members in  there and that's really big for me  um I really love that  so one thing for our VIPs that we do we  give them Early Access we have a thing  where people can sign up for Early  Access for the drops so if you go to our  website right now it will look like this  it'll say next drop the date the time  we're opening in the meantime sign up  below to get Early Access some people  just put their emails some people pu

t  their phone numbers they hit subscribe  and then when they get that password  they can enter the site over here so  some people get Early Access so VIPs  they get Early Access before the Early  Access so VIP gets in there 15 minutes  before the drop is up so this is what  I'll say here's your exclusive VIP Early  Access to our first drop of the year uh  password discount code shop now so this  is very important the password and  discount code is the same because I  don't want people having to come back  and check their text messages while  they're on the site trying to figure out

what the password is or what discount  code is and I keep them very small so  it's like real simple not numbers and a  whole bunch of things just some real  simple thing they could just put in I'm  in put in discount and then just go  about their day in the shop now link and  I always thank everybody always thank  everybody for being a part of the team  because I really do appreciate it  so that's VIP  so the next thing I do for and one more  important thing oh no the next thing I  do for everyone else that get Early  Access so  that's VIP this is everyone else Early  Access one t

hing I like to do with this  I like to do a a b testing because I  like to see if pictures or no pictures  work best  um sometimes I don't like putting the  pictures because I want people just to  click the link to see what we got and  sometimes I like to put the pictures  just so they can see what we got and  then go ahead to the link so I always go  back and forth so pretty much the same  message here's your exclusive uh let me  edit that guys here's your exclusive  Early Access because it's not a VIP  Early Access here's your exclusive Early  Access to our first drop of the year

remember I only gave them the password  there's no discount code because they're  already getting already getting Early  Access it doesn't mean I have to give  them a discount code as well if they  figure out this is a discount code I'm  not mad at it but  that's why I do that and I like to say  thank you for being a part of the family  you know what I'm saying boom boom boom  and save and continue to preview  so that's the first test boom now I need  to go back to the second group so that  was the first group now the second group  and I have safe send on the reason why  you want t

o have safe send on I don't  want people to begin the same text  messages over and over so VIP will get  one text group one would get one text  group two would get another text so like  I said there's no picture in this  um I have to edit this  here's your exclusive Early Access boom  boom boom our first drop of the year  just a password shop now thank you for  being part of the family boom boom since  we're not putting a picture in here what  I'll do is I'll give them the Emoji  I'll just go ahead give them the Emojis  save and continue to preview and emojis  really don't do much p

roceed to saving  boom boom  um it bumped it up to three uh let me  take those emojis off emojis are very  expensive so  have to be careful when using emojis  saving contain preview  1 to 15K like using two emojis doubled  our credit amount so yeah crazy  um  and one thing I like to do with our a b  group testing everybody gets Early  Access remember to drop is at three  o'clock so look VIP is at 2 45  group one is at 250 and group two is at  255 and that's when these text messages  would go out so I like to have them at  different tiers just to see and I can  just gauge it better

all right I'm back y'all it's a few days  after the drop and we have all the data  in so I could show you what the segments  did so off look at this one right here  remember we had the VIP guys so this is  our VIP Early Access we sent it to 693  people and notice that nobody  unsubscribed so that just shows me that  my VIPs are still engaged it just  probably didn't want anything at the  time uh 422 people clicked on it and 122  people bought it so this will happen  guys you'll have a crazy drop off so we  went from 693 to only like 122 buying  something even if we went from 693 to

one person buying something I would  still say this is working long as we're  not we're making more than we're  spending on the text messages so  this is how much that one segment  brought in it brought in 8 500  um so that's really good  um VIPs normally be a little bit higher  than that but that's still really good  so now  after that this is group one and with  group one we did uh a picture so this is  group one uh okay remember we a b tested  so this is everyone Early Access uh test  one so we sent in of six thousand so we  text 6496 people some people unsubscribe  that happens

um there's many people click 1500 people  click 146 people actually ordered  and that brought in the revenue of  around ten thousand seven hundred  dollars so that that did really good so  that's uh test one A B group one  uh let's go to groups two everyone  um so same amount of running the same  amount of people got taxed uh 6500 2 000  people clicked it 146 order so like I  said this will fall off guys like it  happened but even if one person bought  something it would have been really good  for us so  just around the same and this is no  picture so no picture and picture  let's

see no picture in pictures around  the same thing like a thousand dollar  difference like you know what I'm saying  so like now I know moving forward like  it doesn't matter if I have a picture or  no picture or not I'll probably net  around the same amount of money  then I did two other segments that you  guys didn't see so after the drop I also  did another segment I only sent text  messages to people that didn't order I  sometimes do this I don't always do this  the reason why I don't always do this  because these tend to have high  unsubscribed rates it's like yo bro you  just

text me yesterday you're texting me  again like what's going on so I did two  separate ones so this one I did didn't  order the drop but has one order from us  in the past because like now I'm trying  to see like all right he didn't order  the drop but they have one order from us  in the past let's see what's going on  and let me show you how I did this  message so I was like heads up our site  will be closing in one hour use code  that's a 20 off code before we close you  know what I'm saying  so I sent that to like everybody with  one order I wanted to give them a  discount becaus

e it's like all right you  ordered from us in the past let's see  what's going on so we sent it to this  many people only 106 was like actually  interested and six actually went and  hadn't ordered so like even off of that  I was able to pull in another 240  dollars not a lot of money so I  typically wouldn't do this text I just  did it just to show you guys like what  type of different segments you can do  like this one I really wouldn't do  because like the opportunity cost wasn't  that high for our unsubscribe rate  but this one was pretty interesting was  able to make eleven hun

dred dollars  almost twelve hundred dollars we got 25  orders off of that on this one I didn't  do any discount code I like I literally  just did a fomo like oh the site is  closing in one hour if you wanted  something go grab it you know what I'm  saying and this one had a high subscribe  rate  it happens you know what I'm saying but  we still have a lot of people compared  to people that unsubscribe you know what  I'm saying but that's one thing I like  to see how these segments really did and  all together all these segments all  together  dead thirty thousand dollars so I feel

like it's something worth learning  um definitely switch it up to your own  taste and your own brand and do  different things  um I always like to do like the one hour  before the site closed drop because it  builds a fomo but sometimes I don't do  it just because like of the unsubscribe  rate and I like to do the VIP Early  Access just to give like you see how VIP  Early Access did almost just about the  same as  test one or test two for everybody and  we sent to less people so that just  shows me that our VIP group is very  strong and I like that so that's one  thing I say you sho

uld adopt and like  just test it many different ways just  text emojis just test uh pictures or  whatever you might need to test but  you'll definitely find something that  worked but I do believe everybody needs  to be on SMS marketing post groups  whatever it may be because with emails  like somebody might not get your email  your email might get lost but with text  messages if I text your phone nine times  out of ten you're gonna check it you're  gonna look at it depending on what  you're doing you know what I'm saying if  you don't look at it right right now you  might look at it later so that's why I  love SMS marketing if y'all need any  help feel free to DM me and I gotcha

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