What is the objective of SMS marketing?

What is the objective of SMS marketing?

 What is the objective of SMS marketing?

Hi everyone thank you so much for being  here hope you're enjoying thread so far  welcome to the breakout session on how  to supercharge your list growth we'll  have time for Q a at the end of the  session so feel free to come up and ask  anything once we go through the content  for today  okay  hmm  you need a remote and couldn't get a  clicker for the  presentation  thank you  all right yep here to supercharger list  growth all right so yeah if you have any  questions please feel free to ask us at  the end of the session after we go  through the content  but super excited to speak to you all  today today's speakers will be myself  Maggie Carmen I'm a product marketing  specialist here at attentive I focus on  the product strategy and positioning of  our list growth tools here  um we'r

e also joined by Lila Dale who is  a client strategy team lead on the  Enterprise division here at attentive  she's worked with over 200 clients  during her time here helping them  develop their SMS marketing strategy and  then we're also joined by Amanda  Zuckerman who is the co-founder and CEO  of dormify the brand that has redefined  stylish dorm room and apartment decor  so to start let's get to the simple fact  of why list growth is so important you  can't text anyone if you don't have  subscribers it's essential and is the  key to driving a successful and  impactful SMS marketing strategy  and you want to continue focusing on  growing your list growth so you can  reach more customers to increase the  impact of your existing and future  campaigns create another Avenue of  communicat

ion to drive repeat purchases  and build long-term loyalty and customer  attention to keep your subscribers  coming back to your brand time and time  again our 2022 state of conversational  Commerce report found that 63 percent of  respondents who subscribe to at least  one Brand's text message marketing  program have made a purchase from a text  message link within the last three  months  so in summary uh text messaging works  you just need those text messaging  contacts to actually send those messages  to  and at attentive we are experts at  helping you grow your subscriber base  we've helped Drive millions of SMS and  email opt-ins  we've helped our customers create over  230 000 signup units with us and on  average our customers achieve about 37  faster list growth with us unattended

so whether you're a new client  considering attentive or you've been  with us for years we're going to go  through three sections today on how to  supercharge your list growth starting  with how to capture subscribers across  all your marketing channels how to  customize the sign up experience to  maximize conversions and three how to  create new sign up units in a Flash so  with that I'll pass it over to Lila to  hop into our first section  thank you so first we're going to  discuss how to capture subscribers  across every channel ultimate ultimately  the more channels you have the more  opportunities you have to actually  collect connect or subscribers and  really grow your Revenue so to Jump  Right In there's a lot of marketing  channels of course you can utilize  on-site mobile des

ktop social media  check out email and off-site really  on-site mobile and desktop will be your  bread and butter it will drive really  the vast majority of your subscribers so  we highly recommend having those units  on at all times and really refresh them  on a consistent basis you want to make  sure the offer matches your current  offer you want to make sure you're  updating it for seasonality changes  holidays but really keep a close eye on  what is currently populating in regards  in regards to social media you probably  already have really robust Facebook  audiences Instagram Tick Tock and a ton  more so we really men engaging with them  and promoting your SMS program to them  whether it's a via an attentive landing  page or something else in regards to  checkout this is a huge opp

ortunity  because these subscribers are always  already on site and at the end of their  funnel so you really want to make sure  you're giving them an opportunity to opt  in for both marketing and transactional  messages  in regards to email a lot of clients  when they come to attentive they already  have really extensive email lists  already so you really want to make sure  you're utilizing that current email list  whether it is sending out a dedicated  email blast promoting SMS I also highly  recommend setting up a triggered email  in your current email flow promoting  your SMS offering as well in regards to  off-site really the world you're oyster  here if you have an in-store we highly  recommend utilizing our off-site  capabilities such as text to join where  you can have any given

word sent to your  toll-free or short code and then a user  can opt in to receive texts you can also  utilize a QR code which we're all very  familiar with especially at restaurants  nowadays but a user can scan that and  quickly opt in you can utilize this in  pamphlets Flyers posters really whatever  you may choose  now we'll jump into how to incentivize  subscribers in a creative way we know  Brands like yourself are all facing  really unique problems and we want to  give you unique Solutions in order to  face them so we'll go through some  various signup units we have available  Spin to Win preference collection  Instagram custom landing pages and more  to jump right into spin to win this  launch fairly recently and is really  becoming increasingly popular with their  customer base

in many ways it's almost becoming a  really best practice  but I've ran a lot of a b tests and time  and time again the Spin to Win actually  outperforms the default units  but in really in simple terms it's a way  to gamify the experience and make each  customer feel like they won big  in regards to preference collection  we'll touch on this a bit further but  this is a great way to capture zero  party data and really utilize that  information in segmentation and  targeting whether it is in campaigns or  within Journeys in regards to Instagram  especially if you have maybe a strong  Instagram following you can have  attentive design team build out an  Instagram story and you have an  Instagram link which a user can click on  and seamlessly opt into your SMS program  you can utilize this

on your kind of  organic Instagram page but also send  utilize this via bloggers or influencers  potentially  in regards to custom landing pages you  can have as many landing pages as you  want and of course utilize them for  specific occurrences I also recommend  maybe having an embedded landing page on  your website and as simple as having a  tab that says be a VIP which might  entice our user when they're scrolling  on mobile or desktop and they can  seamlessly opt in so we'll touch on like  I mentioned Spin to Win sorry so  preference capture a bit further like I  mentioned it's a great way to collect  zero party data and utilize that in your  targeting capabilities you can collect  information such as gender Shopper type  product preferences birthday month and a  ton more just to w

alk through a simple  use case such as an apparel brand or  Footwear brand if you're capturing  gender you could actually send me a  targeted message maybe on women's  Footwear it's probably I wouldn't be  interested in receiving or converting on  a message regarding men's slacks so  really simple use cases out there that  make a ton of sense the example on the  previous slide was a coffee company  maybe you're there they sell light roast  medium roast or dark roast in the use  case on the screen is they're sending me  a message regarding my favorite kind of  coffee so I'm way likely to convert and  really appreciate the Brand's engagement  birthday month is another great idea my  birthday's in April if I receive a text  on April 1st maybe giving me 20 off my  next purchase that would re

ally  strengthen my relationship with the  brand  and now we'll jump into dormify we're  really excited to have Amanda Zuckerman  here the co-founder and CEO of dormify  It's a small space decorating  destination if you're a parent or  previously we're a student you're  probably very familiar with the brand  already dorm advice actually has been an  attentive customer since 2018 and is  close to my heart since it was my first  client over two and a half years ago so  in durify specifically year to date  they've had an increase in Revenue by  17.4 percent and this is driven by the  fact that dermify is really ran with a  ton of attentive's best practices and  new capabilities so I'm really excited  to jump right in and talk to Amanda  so my first question is ultimately I  would love to le

arn more about dermify  as a company and why your team decided  to move forward with preference  collections rather than our standard  email and SMS unit  sure so um dormify is a One-Stop shop  for everything that you need to decorate  a dorm room an apartment any small space  and we have a really wide assortment of  products from bedding to Furniture to  gifting Etc but what's really unique  about dormify is that we have a very  specific customer Journey so think about  starting College you're thinking about  your dorm room when you're still in high  school your parents are involved in the  conversation it's really important that  dormify is collecting information about  our customer when they're coming onto  the site especially as a first-time user  because we are wanting to message to

not  only the students but the parents and we  have different messages to share with  them depending on where they are in  their Journey so if you're a high school  student and you're getting prepared for  your college experience we're going to  talk to you about the planning process  maybe a checklist all of the things that  you need to do in advance of that  move-in day if you're already a college  student that's been through this before  we want to tailor the messaging to  what's relevant to you and that point in  time and then of course the students are  all about you know being Trend focused  and coming up with what designs they  want to see in their space and what it's  going to look like but the parents the  one that's usually paying for the  purchase so we need to Target the  pa

rents with different messaging maybe  it's about value maybe it's about  convenience maybe it's about an offer  but it's really helpful for us  especially when we're thinking about our  parents who are shopping for a girl  versus a guy there's lots of different  messages we want to share and we have to  be strategic with it amazing and would  love to learn more about the results  you're able to drive with this change of  strategy yeah it's been really  successful for us since we put the  preference Center on our sign up unit  we've seen a higher subscriber rate and  we've seen people actually complete this  information on sign up so not only are  we getting their email their phone  number but also really valuable  information about them and as you see on  the screen we only have one ques

tion  that we're asking but we want to  continue to test um more information  what's going to actually continue to  propel our conversion of this sign up  unit but maybe  also some things that could hurt our  conversion of the sign up unit so it's a  work in progress amazing and for some  background when we ran the initial a B  test first preference first no  preference we were actually able to  drive 2x more subscribers with the  preference capture especially with their  busy season being summer preschool that  was a huge driver of additional revenue  for the company  so just to jump a little bit further  into this you touched on the different  audiences such as parents and students  would love to learn more about the kind  of the time the kinds of targeted  messages you sent out to the

se groups  yeah so this is a really great example  that you see on the screen we were so  excited to see this message after  move-in we started talking about gifts  to send your newly moved in college  student directly to parents and it was  all about homesickness and really like  thinking about your student as they're  settling in and as you see there was  really great content that some of the  moms on our list shared on their own  social channels talking about how  dormify really understands what's going  on in their customers lives and really  connecting and that's all part of the  dormify brand ethos of really stepping  in as a big sister to our customers so  this is kind of our role to be able to  know exactly what's going on in that  customer Journey or that life cycle of a  parent

or a student but I loved seeing  this it was so um just gratifying that  we're we're doing it right and people  appreciate it so I love to see that and  like I briefly touched on dormify has  done a ton of a b testing you a b tested  the preference unit you a b tested our  default page U1 versus a three second  time delay yep out of curiosity what  kind of drives your team to do all these  a b testing  well we like to test I think everyone  likes to test you don't want to just  make assumptions  um but we always look to the attentive  team to bring us new features and new  functionality so  um you know we want to see what the  numbers tell us  amazing and the numbers have been very  gratifying they have they have I guess  also just on the topic of looking at the  future I know your team

has already done  a lot of attentive Best in Class in  terms of futureless growth I know you  have a great ambassador program and  you're trying to grow on Tick Tock so  I'd love to learn more about what you're  looking to achieve  yeah so we definitely see opportunities  to leverage attentive sign up units in a  different way through our ambassador  program so we have almost a thousand  ambassadors across campuses all over the  country and we want to be able to  leverage their own networks in a viral  way so we're working on ways that we can  do list growth through our ambassador  program itself and we're always testing  different things on social but I think  ambassadors is really where we're  focused and other ways that we can make  our college student prospective buyers  even more i

ncentivized through their  friends  awesome and yes Jen's ears can be  complicated and always changing but just  to kind of continue on the topic of a b  testing you can test many variations  modules offers designs placements  display rules to touch on a few  obviously you can a B test a full screen  versus a partial you can a B test maybe  a clean cut design maybe simple colors  versus a colorful design offhand duravi  has done that test before and they have  some great imagery and they have found  that does perform better for their team  offers is really really important this  will be really a main driver in terms of  a user being willing to opt in or opt  out we will discuss that a little bit  further designs huge and placements and  display rules will get a little bit more  into on t

he upcoming slides  but really just to highlight we touch a  lot on a b testing but it's really  important to kind of check in with your  signup unit performance on a reoccurring  basis and luckily for you this is all  readily available within the attentive  UI so if you go to the subscriber growth  tab you can quickly see how you're  trending what's currently live and what  is the ultimate click-through rate  conversion rate Revenue Etc we do have a  pretty new analytics dashboard where you  can get really interactive and really  customize the date range you're looking  for export reports and you can also  schedule reports to be sent directly to  your inbox I don't think this is used  enough I think it's really a really  great set it and forget it tool that  will really help your team k

ind of keep  on track to hit your goals  so now we'll actually jump into part two  which is talking more about how to  customize the sign up unit experience so  you really want to create a personalized  experience for each visitor since  they're all very different we'll discuss  pop-up timer scroll delay URL show and  hide rules exit intent which we'll touch  on a bit further UTM parameters referral  URL and cookie detection so really what  I think is really prominent on the  screen which I briefly touched on pop-up  timer so you could test a two to three  second time delay first maybe page view  one or page view two that's incredibly  common and sometimes it does Bode in  your favor to do the time delay so  really really recommend putting this in  Motion in terms of URL show and hide  m

aybe you have specific product pages  that you don't want to pop up to appear  or maybe you have a specific product  page that you want to create a  customized creative to appear exit  intent is a great way to reduce card  abandonment while also growing your  subscriber list so really it's a double  win in that case and UTM parameters just  a loose example maybe you won't have  Source equals Facebook and you want to  show them a customized experience they  might be familiar with  but now to jump right into dormify  specifically they have had extreme  success with implementing their exit  intent creative so I'd love to ask  Amanda what kind of drove your team to  test this out it was pretty much a  no-brainer I mean we want to capture our  customer at every single touch point so  we might

hit them when they first start  browsing we know that our customer isn't  just coming on and converting in the  first visit so we want to make sure that  we're covering all of our bases there  and most of our customers are like  building a cart or a wish list and then  coming back to shop so this seemed like  a seamless touch point to hit awesome  and one thing I'll note about dormifies  exit intent is their default unit was 10  off at one point and we actually made  the exit intent 15 off to be slightly  more enticing so you can definitely on a  regular basis update this to really be  relevant and probably just more of a  powerful offer yeah and testing like  free shipping versus the percentage off  or a dollar a down off something that is  just best practice specifically for your  tea

m when you have these Peak and  non-peak Seasons where you maybe have to  get more aggressive in certain time  periods yeah and I think something that  we're thinking about constantly with  that is our aov is changing with the  seasonality too so you want to be able  to react to those metrics amazing and  you already hinted at it but what kind  of results were you ultimately able to  drive  we were able to drive strong results  with this 22 lift to revenue we're  really happy with the results and we  want to continue testing so we can  continue to boost it even more amazing  now we'll just jump into why attentive  is Best in Class of course really in  terms of why we're able to drive such  high opt-in rates is due to our seamless  patented two-tap flow as you can see in  the screen you e

nter your email you're  brought to the SMS page you do the two  top flow send the pre-joined text  receive the legal receive the welcome  and you're either brought to Us coupon  delivery screen or the on-site  experience so really seamless and  ultimately this is why we're able to  drive such high subscriber growth for  clients like yourself  and last but not least I really want to  touch on how to incentivize Shoppers the  right way offers will be a huge reason  why consumers choose to actually fill  give you their email and SMS number so  at its core there's two kinds of  incentives there's Promotional and  non-promotional time and time again  promotional will always win out so we do  recommend testing a dollar off a percent  off ultimately what Amanda kind you'll  touch on that could

impact your aov for  that welcome message so we definitely  recommend measuring that as well in  terms of your strategy moving forward if  you're unable to offer that you can  definitely utilize free shipping and or  enter a giveaway clients like to pulse  this on and off at certain times since  that does kind of get customers excited  for what they could win if promotional  offers are kind of not feasible for your  client at this time you can definitely  test out maybe be the first to know or  receive an exclusive offer and you can  get really clever over in terms of the  content you are providing them  but now to finish off I will pass it  back to Maggie  thanks Lila so now that we covered off  on how to customize the signup  experience to really maximize subscriber  conversion we're g

oing to hop into our  last section of how to create new sign  up units and get them launched in just  minutes so whether you're considering  attentive for your text message  marketing needs or if you've been with  us for years this is going to be super  relevant because you're all going to be  creating new sign up units in the future  so let's hop into it so at attentive we  give you options to build and launch  sign up units the way that you want so  that it's super fast and super easy for  you so you have two options you can  either use our pre-built templates but  with best practices in mind or if it's  your preference you can also start from  scratch and use our design Editor to  customize every single detail of your  sign up unit  and regardless of which way you create  with us you

can ensure that it's going  to be a really easy and hands-off  process as late as at least as much as  it can be so you'll save time by  uploading your brand logo fonts Etc to  Brand kit so that way those will  automatically apply to any new signup  units you create so that your sign up  units are sticking to your brand and  then also when you work with us you know  that you are creating with compliance in  mind that's super important to us to  make sure that you all feel comfortable  with compliance so in our design editor  we actually have compliance checks built  in so that way as you're creating you'll  know if you have a potential compliance  error you can fix it in the moment and  then get launched right away so that way  you avoid any compliance errors down the  line  and then als

o don't forget to schedule  new sign up units especially as we head  into this peak season to automatically  launch we're heading into the holiday  season as we all know it's going to be  crazy with shopping and everybody's  going to be um you know making tons of  purchases online so don't be afraid to  go ahead and schedule your sign up units  to start and end at predetermined times  in the future so that way you can really  take a hands-off approach and focus on  other things as we head into the holiday  season  so before we wrap up this session we'll  go through some final takeaways and  action items for you all to put what  you've learned today to use so hope you  all learned some new tips for how to  supercharge your own list growth for  your brand  um and hopping into that first on

e as  Lila mentioned it's super important to  capture subscribers across all of your  marketing channels so that way you're  capturing and casting the widest net so  a suggested action item for this is to  try out using a two-tap sign up unit on  Instagram as we head into this holiday  season if you already do that at least  try out growing your list using like one  other social channel so Tick Tock  Facebook anything like that just again  to try to cast at least a little bit of  a wider net because you might unlock a  whole new set of subscribers that you  didn't even know that you had access to  again Lila mentioned that it's super  important to customize the signup  experience based on the person that's  looking at the sign up unit we all have  been shopping online like we want the  m

essage to seem a little bit more table  alert to us so make sure that you are  using display rules and just other  personalization methods on your sign up  units to actually make sure that the  sign up unit is personalized to who's  viewing it for each channel so a  suggested action item for that is to  utilize exit intent to trigger on your  checkout page so that way you can  prevent people from abandoning their  carts when they might have products in  there  and then lastly as I just went through  we really give you the tools that you  need to create new sign up units in  minutes so take advantage of that if  you've only ever created sign up units  from scratch definitely try out using  one of our pre-built templates because  those are built best practices in mind  so it might save you

a lot of time and  and help you try out a new strategy that  you haven't before  so that wraps us up with the content for  this session today we hope you all  learned a lot thank you all so much for  joining and we'll now head into some q a  um before we hop into some feedback so  if you all have any questions at all  please feel free to come up to the  microphones in the aisle and we'll be  happy to answer any questions that you  all might have thank you  [Applause]  hey I have a question  um I remember Spin to Win being really  popular back in like 2018 or 19 and it's  coming big but one of the things that I  noticed that you know back then is that  it used to be so spammy in terms of  email addresses so what do you guys  suggest in terms of retention with  getting those email address

es in the  welcome funnel  I think it's really all it's ultimately  up to the consumer if they find it maybe  on brand or not I always urge clients to  actually test it out since like I  mentioned time and time again it does  drive more subscribers and more Revenue  but we also completely understand maybe  it's not on brand and some clients do  not want to proceed with it but we've  had a ton of clients such as dermify I  know caseify that's another example  which we actually had a case study on  and some of our largest attentive  clients do choose to also run it just  due to the results but was there a  second part of your question I didn't  answer  oh I'm so sorry I was just saying  earlier today my contacts are outdated  um but  come back  I was asking what are you doing in the  um in

the journey in a welcome funnel to  make sure that they're actually spending  so that we're not just loading up on  these email addresses because to me it's  just looking like free candy right  everybody wants it but how do we make  sure that they are spending have you  guys done anything at dermify to make  sure that they are spending and is worth  it  I think it's about like what the options  in the Spin to Win unit are so if it's  like for us it still lands on your 15  off which is our first time customer  discount it's not like it's all free  product and we're not getting something  for what we're giving  um so I think you have to be on brand  when you're putting those options into  the um into the spin to win so maybe  something feels like a far-reaching  prize but other things fee

l like you  know you're an Engaged Shopper I don't  think that we've tested anything  specific for the content of the welcome  Journey different from just the regular  15 off right we did do some  conversational testing which I actually  think we're still running with  but we're we you can a B test every  aspect of the program but specifically  for the welcome Journey we were a b  testing different  um different preferences in terms of  what you were shopping for and what I  would say is I maybe start with testing  things through social like do it on  social and do it through one channel and  see what the results are and see if  these customers that you're actually  acquiring through the unit are spending  if you find that it's not successful  then try another Channel maybe it's a  diffe

rent audience that's going to work  but I think a b testing is really the  answer here  um is what I would say yeah  hi my question is mostly for Amanda you  mentioned that you've been using text  messaging to help with your ambassador  program can you talk more about how  you're doing that yeah we're just in the  early stages of it but um something  that's really important for our  ambassador program is referral through  the program to other ambassadors joining  the program and of course driving sales  through the ambassadors so attentive is  a very seamless tool to use to actually  get said ambassador to promote the brand  to their friends we're still working on  the logistics of it so that they each  have maybe like a unique sign up units  that their friends feel like they're  getting

something completely unique to  what the welcome offer is because we  don't want them to be competitive but  it's it's more of a future facing work  in progress right now and  um I'm really excited to see what the  results are so that it feels I think the  number one goal is don't offer the same  thing that we're offering in a  first-time customer discount make sure  that it's above and beyond that so that  we're really giving the credit to our  ambassadors where it's due  um but we can easily track through  attentive the attribution to the  ambassadors which is really exciting  um and we've done this for a couple of  Partnerships as well so I can speak to  that  did you have another question okay is it  possible if you're working with a  Shopify integration to only have exit  intent po

p-ups on certain collections or  certain pages or is it just like  checkout or yes so you can customize  really any parameter for any sign up  unit  um including exit intent so if you let's  say only want an on-cart and checkout  you can definitely make those allow  rules ideally I think the net should be  a little bit wider but you can it's  honestly regardless of the Shopify  integration you can just customize it  all within attentive so like I'm saying  for example if someone's shopping denim  only on denim Pages like can I yes so  cool also you can do that regardless of  Shopify you can customize the parameters  thank you yeah you wouldn't want the  pop-up to show up if something's not  discountable for example and you're  offering the discount so it's definitely  important  hi um I'

m curious about with the  preference units and collecting zero  party data I think Amanda you kind of  alluded to this in terms of collecting  the potential to collect more than one  kind of trait or more than one type of  question  um are there any best practices or  learnings maybe Lila or Amanda feel free  to touch on this in terms of how much is  too much of asking consumers for  information and kind of what that sweet  spot is in terms of getting more data  collection versus potentially like  overbearing and kind of not having as  much conversion yep so I think at its  core attentives units kind of prevent  that from happening you can only ask One  initial question on that preference  capture so to answer your question yes  there is an opportunity for too much  being too much but in

this case you're  only allowed to capture that one  specific piece of information on the  sign up unit ultimately you can collect  a lot of information via conversational  Journeys conversational campaigns  um also of course as a separate item if  you have like an online quiz or survey  you can definitely send a link within a  campaign and collect information there  for maybe some of your other channels  but yes on the initial pop-up page we  highly recommend only asking one  question so to of course not impede the  overall sign up rate  thank you  and then just to hit on that a little  bit more too like we keep mentioning it  but feel free to a B test it like if  you're concerned about it like totally a  B test and then look at what the data is  telling you and then like make a  decisi

on based off of that too and the  conversational Journeys have been  successful for us so you're sending out  a message and it has like an ABCD option  and we're collecting that data it's  something that we worked into our  welcome series and especially during our  peak season it's a way for us to more  directly tailor the content to whether  you're shopping for bedding or storage  or finishing touches so I would  recommend playing around with that  and then I actually have a question  since we have a little bit more time for  Lila  um is there any a B test that you feel  like is most important to run for a  client in particular like is there  anything that you want to make sure that  you a B test before you actually make  live like always test an offer always  test you know if you're go

nna try out  Spin to Win like is there any secret to  that or is it just basically test out  any new signup unit before you make it  live I would always a b tests offers  because a lot of times when SMS is a  newer Channel or maybe your team's a  little bit stricter on what you can  incentivize if you were to run let's say  a free shipping versus a 10 off that  ultimately could be 4X more subscribers  which means 4X more revenue and just  kind of circling back to the primary  conversation of today is subscriber list  growth is the number one Health aspect  of any SMS program the more subscribers  you have the more campaign chains you  send out the more Journeys you send and  ultimately the more Revenue you're able  to drive so really to answer your  question all but I would definitely  s

tart off with a B testing offers  specifically  cool  and I'll just add in one more thing  about offers something that we tried  this year that was really successful was  anytime we were running a promotion for  a holiday weekend we always matched that  offer in the sign up unit and we  scheduled them in advance like Maggie  was saying so seems like a simple thing  but it really does work and we also did  Early Access with the sign up unit to  that offer before it went live on other  channels  and then we've got two questions I know  um we'll start I think I saw you first  we'll start with you anyway  um I'm Laura I'm from nanet  um so my question is around list hygiene  we launched with attentive last December  so now we're coming up on a year now  I've had great file growth but at what

point do I look at carrying out the  people who haven't been engaging  um with email it seems like you know you  never know if they're going to come back  around to start opening your emails  again but with SMS it feels like so much  more immediate  so I would say two aspects one you can  definitely start segmenting I think you  did it well I think sometimes clients  segment too early on but you definitely  want to let the list grow and clearly  anyone who's recently joined your list  is more likely or quote-unquote is like  in the highly engaged audience and is  more likely to click and ultimately  convert so  out of curiosity what is your list size  I cannot think of it right now all right  but um I guess that's honestly  regardless but basically I would say  if you're you can create

specific  segments and if you want to test out  let's say the value of the low engage  segment you could send to all  subscribers and maybe exclude that low  engage segment and then send a low  engagement segment itself and see like  is this is this segment actually driving  uh like what was what click-through rate  what CBR rate and what Revenue they're  ultimately driving I think either way we  highly recommend still sending two  fullest sends a week but maybe if you  are to send an additional send and you  only want to send it to a highly engaged  audience rather than that low engage  segment you definitely have that  opportunity cool thank you and we have a  session on segmentation tomorrow if you  want to join if you'll be here awesome  thanks  yes  so  you can have excellent tent

a loud list  to the carton checkout page you can also  just have it allowed on the site itself  or and so on and so on but the law at  its core it's a unique sign up unit so  it is different than your standard  default units you have on site ideally  we recommend having a higher incentive  or even like don't go yet Last Chance  definitely more I would say engaging  wording like that but the way it  physically works is if you're on desktop  and we're able to register via our tag  if a user Scrolls the exit sign then the  pop-up will appear and then on mobile  it's if you scroll down and scroll up  extremely quickly it will then populate  but it is completely up to your team in  terms of what pages and URLs you want to  actually appear on  so is there something  or is it is it every time w

e get to the  car right  it's what it's when you're trying to x  out of the browser window so the motion  to move the mouse up to the exit not  necessarily to do a checkout  so you could have it live on the  checkout page if you choose to or it  doesn't have to but it all is based upon  clicking out of the actual web window  measure their success remarkably on how  many weeks  that they're collecting  I would say when you're running an A B  test you should definitely check in at  least and within two weeks just to see  if the results are like startling or not  um but typically for any test I would  recommend measuring it on a  month-to-month basis but for most tests  it shouldn't have to run longer than a  month in order for you to make a  decision  yes definitely and I think our reporti

ng  capabilities uh specifically I would  recommend working with your CSM to set  up monthly reports and ultimately you  can get really high level snapshot views  in terms of what is performing well and  especially I personally like the  dashboard where I can select a specific  date typically I do the last 30 days and  I can compare it to the previous last 30  days and it's really easy to see is my  journey Revenue up is my campaign  Revenue down and it's really easy to  identify like what is actually moving  the needle for your program  and I would look at unsubscribes too on  a regular basis  um we actually just built a more robust  like unsubscribing experience so that we  can save someone from unsubscribing and  that's not something that we had until  this year and we started in 2018

but  since we're really seasonal it's it's  helpful to retain them in some way and  just send less  any additional questions  perfect okay I'll ask one last question  Delilah I've heard a lot about live SMS  which is a new way to grow your  subscriber list could you just tell me  and then everybody else hear just a  little bit more about it yup so  hopefully most of you are familiar with  attentive concierge really that live  Human element that really attentive  allows us to respond directly back to  your consumers for your team really  adding that like I mentioned human  element and driving more conversions  live SMS is a very very new feature to  attentive obviously only a lot  utilizable if you are in concierge but  it's an opportunity to opt into SMS in a  little bubble on the corne

r on your  website in order to chat to a  representative like for example  sometimes you don't want to wait and  chat to someone online in order to get  your question answered so in this case  you can opt in to SMS and talk to let's  say Chelsea via text to answer your  questions so really it's a win-win for  attentive and the client and ultimately  the consumer  all right I'm just learning about that  does that integrate with customer  service platforms yes uh dormify is not  on concierge yet  but but interesting yes definitely  another it's a brand new list tool cool  very now we'll explore it  perfect well thank you everyone so much  for joining the session today we hope  you learned a lot thank you for all the  questions before you head out please  feel free to scan the QR code on th

e  screen to share any feedback that you  have on the session and then if you  enter your name and email I believe you  get entered to win a Amazon gift card  which is really cool so thank you all  again for joining and we really hope  that you enjoy the rest of thread 

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