What is the PPC known for?

What is the PPC known for?

What is the PPC known for?

some questions on the top of your head  throughout the webinar feel free to go  ahead and just type them out and then  i'll make sure to go over them one by  one towards the end of the webinar  if you have any other kind of questions  or if you have any issues where you're  not able to hear

properly maybe it's  staticky feel free to go ahead and try  logging out and logging back in give us  a call 1-800 matrix one of our support  staffs will be able to help you out and  get you logged in properly so without  further ado let's go ahead and get  started today's webinar is on what you  need to know about ppc uh my name is  mike garcia let me get the slide here we  go  i'm the associate marketing manager here  at imatrix and today we're going to be  going over some different things with  ppc different things that you need to  know about ppc some of this might be

refresher for some of you other things  might be brand new and maybe you've  never done ppc before  but  it is something that does take a little  bit of time to kind of get used to and  understand and it's nothing that you can  pick up really in just a day  it is something that once you do  properly use it you can save yourself a  lot of time and a lot of money so  as we get started i'm going to go  through some of these different tips  different steps and then you'll be able  to kind of see  you know what to do and how to do it so  ppc basically stands for pay per click

because that's essentially what happens  you pay for each time someone clicks on  your ad the type of ppc ads we'll be  discussing are search ads today so  there's different types of ads there's  search ads which are the basic ads that  you see when you're on google and you  type in let's say some keywords you'll  see maybe kind of in a beige color on  the top or even on the far right in a  column different ads that are there  those are actually paid ads and those  are the search ads  display ads which you might also hear at  some other time are ads that are  primarily like

image ads if you see like  an image banner if you go to a website  and you see different banners at the top  or on the right different images and  different ads that you kind of see  rotating those are display ads  so those are different we can probably  talk about those in a different webinar  at a different time but the most  commonly used are the search ads and  that's probably going to be ones that  you are either using currently or are  going to probably get started with  so these are the ads that again like i  said appear on  the the major search engines and  differe

nt search engines results pages  via google being or yahoo and online  paid ads have a lot of moving parts and  can get expensive without any results if  you don't execute them properly so again  today we're going to go ahead and cover  the essential information you need to  really launch a successful ppc campaign  for your business  so here's what we're going to do we're  going to basically go over how it works  we're going to set the right goals  determine your budget we're also going  to choose the proper keywords and see  what you can do to make sure that you're  not wa

sting money and you're using it  effectively on the right keywords that  you want to be searched for  you're going to create your ad and we're  going to kind of go over that a little  bit as well as evaluate those ad metrics  you want to make sure that at the end  when you are creating all these ads and  you're putting everything together that  again you're effectively spending your  money you're not wasting it away on ads  that just aren't working so you want to  make sure you evaluate all of those  different metrics and  see what you're spending your money on  wisely  so

here's basically how it works  this is really the very simplified  process of pay-per-click as the name  implies the advertiser basically pays  for every single click on the ad  ideally the ad takes the user to a  customized landing page with a little  bit more information that's related to  the ad and a means for the conversion so  telephone number  form  email that kind of thing  and so how it works is the user really  performs a search with specific keywords  if the content of your ad is a close  match to those keywords your ad will  display on the search engine results

page so the search engine results page  in case you aren't sure what that is of  course is when you type something in  google or yahoo it's the whole list of  different websites that you see that  you're able to click on  the user will see your ad and if the ad  matches their search needs they'll go  ahead and click on the ad and will visit  your customized landing page or website  page of your choice  the ppc provider will track how many  click-throughs your ad gets and will  charge your ad budget accordingly so  whether it's on google if it's bing or  yahoo  basically de

pending on however many  clicks that person you know  has on their ad they'll charge you  accordingly depending on how expensive  the ad gets  the ad expense and how how expensive it  is and the price of the ad is really  determined on uh the keyword that you're  looking to be pulled up by um as well as  the competition in the area and it's  kind of like  an auction it's kind of kind of like  ebay if you want to kind of think of it  that way the more people that are trying  to have an ad pull up by that term  probably the more expensive it's going  to be and the more releva

nt your landing  page is with content and just relevancy  in general as far as you know if you're  pulling up for a specific term and they  go to your landing page  and they can see your ad and it's  exactly what they're looking for it'll  be a lot cheaper if it's maybe an ad  that has nothing to do with that term  for some reason or that they get to a  landing page and it has nothing to do  with what they were actually trying to  search for it's probably going to be a  little bit more expensive  so  again relevancy is key and making sure  that everything is in accordance t

o  whatever term you're trying to pull up  is going to help you to have a cheaper  ad and to have a lower cost per click  so make sure you set the right goals and  so before you launch your ppc campaign  you really need to think about what your  overall goals are for the campaign  are you really looking to increase  traffic to your website are your new  company looking increase brand awareness  maybe you know do you need to attract  new clients and increase new appointment  requests  so are you really trying to get more  people to maybe subscribe to your blog  or even follo

w you on social media you  can use these different different  avenues with all aspects of ppc  maybe you just want to increase revenue  from products you sell in your online  store if you if you use an online store  and you sell products that way you can  do it as well  really decide what the overarching goal  is for your ppc campaign and probably  write it down i would plan it out just  kind of see what your goal is in the end  and just really kind of figure out what  you want to do  through the ppc campaign and have a plan  that's always the best bet is to have a  plan  t

his will help you to really tailor your  campaign to the needs of your and track  your results of the ppc campaign so  if you kind of go in without a plan and  you're not really sure  where you're going with it more than  likely you're probably going to spend a  little bit more money because you're  just kind of going in blindly so just  the same way you do pretty much anything  else in your business plan it out maybe  kind of make a roadmap of whatever you  have to do put it on old-fashioned paper  with with pen and pad write out what you  think you want to do the differen

t kind  of keywords you might want to pull up  maybe kind of create a web map of how  you want to you know have this keyword  uh be targeted for that part of your  business maybe you sell some products so  you want to have that keyword be  targeted towards the online you know  store portion of your website  different things like that you want to  kind of map it out before you start to  get involved with ppc don't try to just  plan it out and experiment through ppc  because you're just going to experiment  with your money and you're just going to  waste the money away so  re

ally plan it out and make sure that  what you're doing is is something that  you really  want to go with going forward and  remember this isn't permanent this is  something that you can always change  daily you can change by the hour by the  minute it's just a matter of when you  get started make sure you at least start  with some kind of plan  so  again as far as budget goes make sure  you determine what the budget is you  want to really start small and monitor  all of your spend pretty closely you  want to make sure that you are tracking  it on the daily  i wouldn't just

set it and forget it  it's not a craigslist ad it's not  anything like that where you just kind  of set it you check it once a month this  is something that where in the beginning  process where you're really starting to  learn you want to really kind of  track it and see what's working what's  not it might take a week or so for  things that really kind of gain traction  but within that first month make sure  that you're really  making sure everything's working  properly and it's kind of going in the  direction that you wanted to  one of the major mistakes that business  ow

ners make is starting out with a large  amount and then allocating allocating it  sorry all to ppc  start small make sure that it's not  too big you don't want to just kind of  throw everything out there and hope that  it hits something  now while your marketing budget may have  a huge chunk to really kind of set aside  for ppc again it's really wise to just  spread out the spend over a certain  amount of time so  invest it think of it think of it kind  of like an investment don't don't go and  just blow it all at once we do kind of  recommend that business owners try  runn

ing their own ppc campaigns  to really kind of start  small like i mentioned  maybe a little bit by little bit maybe  see  what the competition is like again  you're not going to really know right  out the gate how expensive a certain  term is maybe you might want to pull up  for you know a veterinarian in your area  or optometrist in your area or  chiropractor in your area um those are  all different you know ad and also not  even that it's dependent on the city  that you live in  the area the state  just to kind of give you an example i'm  just going to pull this one beca

use it  always just resonates in my brain is  as let's say a chiropractor in  new york okay let's just just use that  as an example  chiropractors deal with motor vehicle  accidents um car accident injuries those  kind of things they might want to pull  up for those specific terms because  that's you know the kind of clients that  they want to look for  well it just so happens that you know  not only new york i've seen it in new  jersey and a lot of times the east coast  in general  is  they aren't the only ones that are  looking for that term other types of  businesses oth

er industries are as well  lawyers attorneys you know physical  therapists anything like that that has  that's completely separate from what  maybe they're trying to do and just  chiropractors in general especially the  lawyers and attorneys  they are also trying to compete for that  same keyword term now  just to kind of give you an idea not to  scare you but just to kind of give you  an idea and it could have changed a  little bit but within the last year the  last time i checked for  car accident injury or motor vehicle  accident  seeing how it's such a highly  competiti

ve term in new york at the time  it was anywhere from 50 to 60 dollars a  click  now that's scary because i mean that's  just the click that's not considering  the fact that they have to click it fill  out the form maybe call you there's a  lot there's a couple different steps  after they click it the click alone  isn't just you know business i mean they  could click it and nothing happens so  depending on the area you're in that's  something that you want to make sure  that you start off small because if you  don't know how expensive a term is  and again once you actually

enter all  these different keywords in it won't  tell you right off the gate it will have  to probably wait a few days for it to  kind of  figure out you know the competition  figure out how much it's going to cost  maybe it might be a day maybe it could  be a week who knows but once you figure  that part out then you can adjust your  budget accordingly so again don't go and  all of a sudden throw all your money out  there and figure out that one of those  key terms that you're trying to search  for takes all of your budget and you  just wasted your money for no reason  may

be that one term you just have to  find a different way of reaching out to  that that type of market so again budget  it accordingly and make it a little bit  smaller at first and then kind of go  from there  so just to kind of you know give give  you a little bit of an idea uh like i  mentioned start small closely monitor  the ad spend and adjust it based on that  reporting itself  increase or decrease the budget  according to the metrics the time of  year the days etc and always track your  spending to make sure you aren't  throwing your money away on those  keywords that

aren't driving results  so maybe it might be something that  you're really looking into but again it  just isn't beneficial financially  so like i mentioned proper keywords are  a huge part of this business you want to  make sure that you know depending on  what you want to be pulled up for that  your ad is relevant  that it's profitable and that the  competition isn't crazy to the point  where the ad is way too expensive so  while they are only one real component  of a successful ppc campaign keywords  will impact performance and determine  your ad copy and design  start

with an exhaustive list of  keywords that would probably really  narrow it down to five to ten related  keywords for each ppc ad campaign you  run  the keywords must all relate to each  other since this will better target your  ad to the right user so it really kind  of sounds like common sense but the  keywords must be relevant to your  business  a lot of times people will put ads out  that aren't relevant at all to what  they're doing just because they're  trying to either monopolize the market  or they're just really trying to  outdo the competition you want to make  sur

e that you play it smart again  because it will cost you money if you  don't offer a particular service don't  create a ppc ad for it it's plain and  simple you know don't don't try to  outdo competition that maybe offers  certain services that you don't just to  kind of out them of the the one two or  three spot in the ptc list um it's not  it's just gonna be a waste of your time  i mean it's almost kind of like  guerrilla marketing you know i mean you  don't really want to  try to do that because  then again  you're just wasting money for no reason  even though you might

think you're  saving money by not giving them business  you're just you're not giving yourself  business you're just wasting money  because it's going to cost you a lot  more this is kind of what they consider  a black hat tactic and again your ad  score uh will be penalized now the ad  score is again how relevant your landing  page is and how relevant your ad is  to the actual term that you're trying to  be pulled up for so the higher the ad  score the cheaper the cost the lower the  ad score the more expensive it will be  and the lower the ranking of the actual  ad will a

ppear you might not even appear  on the first page no matter how much  money you're blowing on it it might not  even really appear where you want it to  appear and you might not get the results  you want to get because your ad score is  so low and sometimes if it's  low enough  google won't even show it at all  which won't cost you money but again it  because it's not being shown but then  again it's not making you money so it's  really kind of useless so really keep  that in mind when you're doing something  um try not to  do what they consider black hack tactics  that is

something that google does look  at and they they definitely will  penalize you for it  choose words that are profitable for  your business the best way to really  increase your roi is by setting up those  ads for more profitable services um  however don't completely ignore your  popular services altogether and come up  with strategies to really kind of target  bulls  find out what your competitions may be  using for keywords maybe if you're using  if you do the same services that they  offer just kind of see what they're  using if you see their ad popping up in  ppc ads on

ce in a while there's no harm  it's not like you're copying anything  but again if it's working for them maybe  it might be able to work for you and  then just do a different ad you know  different ad copy different type of  landing page because technically you  offer the same services they do  um  it is again like i mentioned great for  getting ideas and really in many cases  you'll likely be using a lot of the same  words that they're going to use anyway  so a lot of times i mean there might be  maybe a handful five to ten keywords  that you just  can't get away from the

fact that  they're all going to use the same ones  every single chiropractor out there is  probably gonna use the same ones or  every single veterinarian are probably  gonna all use the same ones no matter  what business you're in there's that  good five or ten chunk of keywords that  everyone's probably going to be using  so  if you do offer something that's a  little bit unique maybe it makes you  stand out from the competition  you have an awesome opportunity to  really differentiate yourself from using  ppc that's a great way to really get  yourself ahead of the competi

tion by  mentioning that if you offer a service  or if you do something that no one else  really in your area does or maybe only a  few people in your area do that still  puts you ahead of the competition  overall  so once you have your goals defined you  know you set your budget selected your  keywords it's time to really get forward  in creating your head so craft a catchy  maybe compelling headline that will  attract users to look at the ad and to  eventually click through it  your text is limited so make sure the  message is concise and clear and the  offer should be ap

pealing in order to  get the most amount of clicks  so as you can see here's an example of  an a of a couple ads actually for  optometrists uh for san diego  optometrist and you can see how many  results pull up overall which includes  the regular organic results which  usually appear below it and then this  which maybe you might not be able to see  it doesn't look like it's a beige color  but normally it's kind of like a light  beige color and it'll typically just say  add next to it  you'll see that the  url of where it's going to go to and  then you see the secondary uh

details of  the ad copy and then the main details up  here  in the description basically you can  have  some of the keywords in there as well  which normally is is advised you can  have the phone number attached you can  have map extensions you can have other  kind of site leak extensions as well and  these are all things that once they  click on it it's considered a click same  thing with uh you know if they want to  give you a call find a location they  click on the ad itself maybe click on  the phone number if they're calling for  or they're searching from a mobile phone

they can click on it and it'll click the  dial um that'll be considered a click as  well so  keep in mind that you know depending on  how your ad looks just look at some of  the uh the competition maybe see how  they're doing it if they're up on top  you know just maybe even see what their  ad  copy looks like maybe you can kind of  mirror something in a sense and not copy  it but just make it something of your  own and just see what kind of works  for you  once you have your ad designed test  different variations and only make small  changes to the text to really see wha

t  appeals to consumers more instead of a  certain dollar amount off maybe try a  percentage off or change the service  that you're discounting to a similar  service something of the sort that you  can kind of just make your own and  change up a little bit  so one of the most important aspects of  this is evaluating the return on your  investment making sure you're evaluating  all the ad metrics review all the  analytics measure all the goals that you  have set up as well as track all the  different conversions that you have for  months and months to make sure that you  are

either increasing in conversions or  if you're declining maybe it's the time  of the year that different trends happen  you know maybe not a lot of people are  are searching for ads at that time  depending on the uh the type of business  you're in if you do let's say medical  weight loss and it's  around thanksgiving and christmas and  there's a dip  probably because people are eating a lot  of great food during those holidays  whereas you know for for that type of  industry for january february that's  when people start getting their  resolutions in and they want to start

losing weight and so maybe it starts to  increase at that time there's a lot of  different you know fluctuations and  trends and i'm sure a lot of you as  professional business owners understand  the different trends of the year so keep  that in mind when you're when you're  looking at these metrics and you're  tracking these conversions that it's  also going to affect the ppc as well  when people do and they don't search for  these terms  so  check your metrics probably either  weekly maybe bi-monthly to really kind  of ensure that the campaign's running  smoothly and th

at you're steadily  achieving the goal that you set i would  recommend in the beginning maybe track  it  you know every week  and then after that go every two weeks  and then after that you can kind of you  know slow it down once you have an idea  of what's going on and do it every month  google bing and yahoo each have their  own paid advertising dashboards that you  can really track the ad performance  pretty simple so  do simple things like comparing clicks  to track conversions  or a bunch of people click on your ad  but not converting you know if so it  might be time t

o review your confusion  strategy and maybe tweak it out a little  bit with the ad copy maybe the keywords  those kind of things to kind of help  target the audience a little bit better  again if something's not working you  don't have to make a huge change just do  little tiny tweaks here and there  whether it's the ad itself that copy the  service that you're offering those kind  of things and you'll you'll definitely  see something uh increase in that sense  so  one of the biggest things that i that i  do  notice a lot is  when someone sees something that's  working you

know they just kind of let  it sit there and they don't really do  anything with it if you do see an ad  that's working i do recommend probably  increasing the budget on it a little bit  seeing if if it'll increase in that  sense and again if it's really working  don't go and employ your budget on just  that one keyword term or that one ad i  should say  increase it slowly no matter what you do  in increments it's slowly but surely and  you'll see results going forward for  that  make sure that again what you're doing  is  tracking everything from the beginning  to the end

and if you do add any kind of  new services or new ads make sure that  you do the same thing that you did from  the beginning to where you're  you're doing it in slow small increments  and not blowing your budget on it  so with the conclusion just want to let  everyone know managing a successful ppc  campaign isn't really difficult it is a  little time consuming but it does take  some considerable investment uh again  like i said with time the training and  basically review just to kind of make  sure everything's going correctly  many businesses really throw away  a lot of

money on ppc campaigns because  they really don't have the time to  effectively manage their campaigns and  aren't really aware of all the best  practices  and real ways to get best results so by  really following the essentials that  were laid out in this webinar today you  can kind of build and run maybe an  efficient as well as effective ppc  campaign and if you really still don't  have the time to do it maybe see if  someone in your office has the time to  maybe kind of help to track these things  out  if you aren't currently with imatrix and  have this service with us

let us know  we'll see what we can do to help you out  again give us a call 1800 matrix go on  imatrix.com anything like that you can  feel free to ask questions to our  support staff we'll do whatever we can  to help you along the way and again it's  not hard it's just time consuming and  once you do get it started in the  beginning you get all of that heavy  lifting out of the way it really just  gets into maintenance mode to where you  just have to check it like i mentioned  if you finish checking in every week and  then every couple weeks then it gets  down to just mayb

e checking it once a  month and just keeping track of things  and like i said it's kind of like  a an ebay  auction where you know if anyone's ever  bought anything on ebay you don't really  just bid for an item and then hope that  you win it you you might get outbid you  might see people um you know bidding  multiple times and you're way below the  bids  it's something where you kind of have to  keep an eye on it you know until until  the items won  to where you can just kind of finally  leave it alone well it's the same thing  with adwords you can't set it and forget  it

you have to check the metrics you  have to change the budget on certain  things each individual keyword is going  to have its own separate little budget  and then you can have each ad have its  own budget overall that way you make  sure that you don't go over let's say  let's say you don't want to spend more  than 50  in a day let's say you don't want to  spend a certain amount over each month  you can set it so that you know even if  your ad is doing well but you just don't  have the money to to make it run all the  time and as much as you would probably  want it to you ca

n set it so that it  stops uh every day at a certain ad spend  you know like i said if you only want to  spend 50 a day if you only want to spend  20 uh 20 a day  no matter how successful your ad is you  can have it so that it just stops  showing at that point so you don't go  over your budget it's very easy to  customize and it's very easy to uh blow  a lot of money on so so remember if  anyone has any questions let us know  feel free to go ahead and type some  questions in we do have some questions  here that i'm going to go over and  again i'll leave our number here if

anyone has any questions definitely let  us know  mention that you  spoke about this webinar we'll go ahead  and give you a good offer on on any of  the services that we have to help you  out and if you're just asking questions  without being interested in anything  feel free to just ask away we're here to  help we're here to answer any kind of  questions you have we have google  certified account reps here  everyone in our company here as a google  certified partner is very knowledgeable  with ppc and understanding how to get  your business started and how to get  your bus

iness visible  and ahead of the competition so let's go  ahead and go over some questions that we  have again one of the first questions uh  was answered in the very beginning was  what was what does tpc stand for  pay-per-click  again there's different terminologies as  far as cpc which is cost per click  if you if you go into adwords you'll see  the different kinds of terminology ctr  which is click through rate which is  essentially um how often someone clicks  your ad to get to the the landing page  or the or the website page that it's  linked to  you know different thi

ngs like that so  if you have any questions again about  certain acronyms let us know we'll  definitely help you out with that  um another question we have is will you  design landing pages separately or only  through your programs um so just to kind  of get an idea on that so basically we  will design landing pages for you  through our programs we don't we don't  do  one-off landing pages let's say if you  don't have  our velocity or dominator service which  is our ppc and our ultimate you know  package which has everything from ppc to  organic seo  and custom content thos

e we will do  custom landing pages for your business  that are custom to you  but not as one-off if you just have a  starter website unfortunately at this  time so and i say that just because who  knows maybe down the line we will but at  this time now um do you pay before the  click up no you pay when they click on  it so you can have let's say five  hundred 500  uh budget every month and it'll only  charge you for whenever they click um or  if they happen to call a number that's  on the ad itself  not that not the ad as far as image but  if you have the ad kind of like yo

u know  it go back to the  the image if you have a phone number  here where they can click it  and call it like a  call extension kind of what they have  like an ad extension where it's a click  to call that will that will consider the  click if it's just a number that's in  the copy itself  that's not associated with any kind of  call tracking like through adwords i  should say if you have your own separate  call tracking that's its own separate uh  cost in itself if it's just your typical  1800 number or a typical direct office  number  it's not considered anything at all

so  um  let's see let's go ahead and answer  another question here let's get back  here  we are chiropractic office that performs  technique that no one else in the area  does  problem is that people don't know the  name of the technique to search it so  i'm at loss for where to start  technique's gentle it doesn't twist to  turn the body  any ideas of what keywords will work  best perfect answer and i have an  excellent example  of one that a lot of people that have no  clue what uh that maybe a lot of people  have never been to a chiropractor maybe  a lot of people just

have never heard of  it uh is let's let's just say spinal  decompression okay let's say drx9000  you talk to anybody that's never been to  a chiropractor you say drx9000 they  think it's a terminator model or  something or you mentioned spinal  decompression it sounds like a medieval  torture uh device of some sort when in  actuality it's a complete opposite  gentle i mean it's great i've had it  done myself it's awesome  and  nothing of sort you know so how do you  search for something like that well  typical terms that you would probably  search for if people don't unders

tand a  specific technique which there's a lot  of techniques i mean you get an  optometrist that might be talking about  certain eye diseases that maybe people  don't even know about then you start  going into the keywords that are the  symptoms that they're going to be  experiencing maybe they're experiencing  you know upper shoulder pain or lower  back pain those are actually some of the  keywords that people will be searching  for so when you're looking for keywords  to to use for your your ad campaigns  don't necessarily just think of the  specific  technical terms as

a doctor that you  would use because other doctors will  understand but as a consumer as someone  that maybe has never been a patient of  yours has never even done  been to an optometrist or a chiropractor  or taken their pet to the vet maybe the  first time pet owner  kind of use layman's terms and just  really start thinking of the symptoms  that they will be experiencing if i  never went to your office and you  basically said okay what's wrong you  know without assessing anything with me  first off um kind of like if i go to a  medical doctor's office and i go in and  th

ey ask okay so what what's what's the  problem what are you experiencing um you  know i'm congested i'm getting fevers  those kind of things those would be the  kind of terms that that doctor would  want to pull up so the same thing with  chiropractic in any other industry start  thinking of the different symptoms that  people will be experiencing because  those are actually going to be what they  are typing in so that they can  understand  what's wrong with them because that's  probably going to be the first thing  they're going to do is they're going to  be like you know

oh man i have this this  real bad kink in my neck or i mean even  if it's a long tail term and by long  tail term i mean terms that aren't just  back pain or  hurt neck it's you know kink in my neck  or  lower back pain  or sharp lower back pain you know right  side or whatever it may be just  something that's a little bit longer um  those sometimes actually tend to be a  little bit cheaper than just the typical  one or two word keywords so think of  that think of ways that you can  figure out some of the symptoms and then  go from there and include that in the  landing pag

e that you have as well as  the ad copies that you have set up  another question do you help to set up  these types of ads is there a cost for  your help yes we do that's actually a  perfect question again give us a call  1-800i matrix our automated system will  ask you what type of industry you're in  it will direct you to the proper sales  department um our internet consultants  are extremely knowledgeable and and will  help you out in setting you up with the  the best uh package available that that  meets your budget and meet your needs  and if for some reason you want t

o start  running ppc ads and you really want to  start injecting it to get your  your ads running  we do offer that as well i mean we will  help you out in any way that your budget  can can help out with and  or that your budget can afford as well  as anything that maybe you just want to  get started slowly and kind of work your  way up whatever it may be will  definitely help you out just give us a  call we do again have all of our account  managers that are google certified as  well as imatrix itself is a google  certified partner which which typically  means that we've b

een recognized as a  google certified company to  properly help businesses and small  businesses to medium businesses with  their ppc ads  and ad spend so  let us know if you have any questions  what i will also do is with uh the  recording of the webinar we usually send  it out with a form if you don't want to  give us a call go ahead and fill out the  form once you get that email within a  day or so and that will just direct it  and it will ask you which industry  you're from and that'll direct it to an  internet consultant who will help you  out in that aspect  so here's

another one landing page  should it be specific for the ad or just  the page on our site and include search  terms like an our services page versus  an ad or coupon page  i do recommend having a specific page  for each ad i know it sounds tedious  but if you happen to have let's say  multiple different ads that are kind of  using the same type of keyword  like one of the previous questions you  know as far as not having a specific  technique as opposed to the symptoms  maybe they all kind of have similar  symptoms maybe in the copy itself you  can have all those symptoms b

ecause  maybe there's multiple different types  of techniques that you can  use for for some of the same symptoms  maybe you can use that same ad landing  page  for multiple ads but i wouldn't  recommend just having an overall  services page even though it has a lot  of the different terms on there just  because it ends up being too convoluted  and it ends up being too much to where  it won't be relevant enough if you have  too much on there it ends up being kind  of like  a dictionary of just terms that oh these  are all the services that we provide and  it's not direct en

ough and it's not  relevant enough to that specific keyword  so again that's kind of where the time  management comes in where you would have  to kind of have your own separate pages  created for each of  these ads now you can actually have one  kind of an overall ad that just talks  about you know  your services in general and then that  you can have going to that specific  services page or even a home page but  again i don't recommend doing that  because it's just not relevant enough to  that specific term  so one question is what's the typical  time commitment for ppc um

six 12 months  or can you just try it for a month i  don't recommend doing it for a month we  don't offer a month monthly contracts  unfortunately but again in order to see  any kind of results with ppc once you  set it up just just so you understand  the time frame limit you might take  let's say a week to two weeks to just  set up the keyword research  to set up everything from the landing  pages the ad copy all that could take a  couple weeks  depending depending on how much and how  many you want to do um then once you  enter them into the uh adwords let's  just say i'

ll use google as an example  it could take another week for the uh as  they say the ad auction uh to really  take place to see  how  much each term is going to cost  so i mean it could take just a month to  just kind of let's just say get started  now that's that's not 100 typical all  the time it could be a lot sooner  i'm just using a broad range as far as  you know depending on the area depending  on the competition um how many ads you  want how many landing pages it does take  a little bit of time so to have a month  to really see any kind of results and  then not only

that once the ad is  running um you know you got to give it  at least at least a good month from when  it's running to see any kind of  results and then from there you know it  maybe change a couple of the ads because  some of them aren't working too well  i would say at least a good six months  to see  what's working now that doesn't mean six  months from when you start that's when  you start getting calls you might start  getting calls within the first month  it's just a matter of effectively  managing the spend is what you want to  make sure until you get to that  mainte

nance mode  of where you know what i only have to  check it once a month  i would say a good six months to where  you're just like checking it once a  month okay cool you know that's good to  go and again think of it the same way as  anything else if you're working out  you can't you know start off without a  six-pack and then a month later like oh  yeah i got a six-pack and then i can  start eating you know whatever i want no  it's going to be a little bit of work in  the beginning and then once you kind of  get to a certain point you're just kind  of in maintenance mode w

here you're just  kind of really maintaining uh everything  and as long as you don't go completely  off the deep end  you won't really get off track but it's  the same thing with ppc i would give it  at least a good six months to really get  to that maintenance mode to where  it's  getting to the point where you're like  you know what this just really isn't  working for me or two  this is the best thing i've ever thought  of for my business  within the first two or three months i  mean you're probably still you know  getting calls you're still getting forms  filled out peop

le filling out you know  in your landing page but  could it be cheaper uh for each ad  possibly  could you get more impressions still  possibly  so again it's one of those things where  i wouldn't hold it to just one month  you're not really going to see any kind  of beneficial results from that  good question here should the landing  pages be hidden  you can i definitely would i mean in  order to make sure that it's coming from  the ad itself now the way adwords works  is it will trigger a conversion based  off if someone clicks the ad to get to  your landing page if someo

ne just goes  to the landing pages and fills it out  they might not consider it an actual  conversion as far as coming from the ad  itself and it won't obviously be  considered uh costing you any money  because they're not clicking on the ad  itself if you want to use the same  landing page let's just say for  something else you know feel free to do  so but i would recommend keeping those  separate and if you want to hide them  that way it's only it's very siloed and  it's only  for  the ad that you're running itself so  that way you can really really maximize  if your resu

lts are effective or not and  not skew the metrics in any sense  so here's another good questions  actually it's almost the same kind of  question should we use or avoid hidden  pages as our landing pages will that  impact ad scoring not necessarily the ad  scoring itself again the ad score is  typical with how relevant the page is  how relevant the content is to  the ad itself to  the term that you're looking for so  let's say if someone's looking for car  accident injury but when they get to the  page it doesn't even mention anything  about car accident injury maybe in yo

ur  head you're thinking well it talks about  back pain and it talks about  you know  whiplash and those kind of things and  that's great but  if you're looking for things like back  pain and whiplash and stuff like that  you want to have an ad that is being  searched for those terms whiplash and  back pain if you're looking for  something that's talking that that  you're searching for a car car accident  injury you want to at least have  somewhere in the content talking about  car accident injury you want to have  somewhere in the ad copy itself talking  about car accident

injury you know so  just to kind of give you an example i'll  go back to one of these ads up here  these guys are you know san diego  optometrists as you can see  it'll google's pretty smart so i'll i'll  let you guys understand that there's  there is flexibility in the terms so  when it comes to like optometrist the ad  landing page itself which i can't see  here obviously because these are just  the ads themselves  probably says optometrists throughout  but optometry optometrists those kind of  things are still very close to where  google's pretty smart and they  underst

and what you're talking about so  san diego optometrist  uh san diego optometry obviously  optometry is in the url itself  collegegood.optometry.com is also part  of the ad copy um  target optical optometry um san diego  those kind of things um you know  optometry you know those kind of i mean  so as you can see you know it's it's  seeing that those keywords are in there  if it was let's say  uh san diego car accident injury and  all you got were these ads you know of  course that wouldn't happen but let's  just say you got these ads or you got  things for spinal decompress

ion or  acupuncture massage therapy but it  didn't mention anything about car  accident injury and it didn't really i  mean you know it's one of those things  where  you have to have it relevant to some  point for the ad score to really be  impacted but the hiding of the pages  those kind of things the landing pages  doesn't have an impact on that as of the  ad score itself unless  keyword unless it's the point where when  you're hiding the page  to the point where google can't find it  if you're doing it to where google can't  search for it and they can't index it  and it'

s blocking it somehow through a  robot's text file or you're just  blocking it in any sense to where  you're really kind of blocking it not  only for people to find it but for  google to find it it'll definitely  impact your ad score your ad score will  in indefinitely be impacted if  the link that you're clicking on for  your ad goes to a page that doesn't  exist if it goes to a four or four error  if it goes to uh some you know if your  domain all of a sudden you forget to  renew your domain name and it doesn't  work anymore uh it will impact it so um  keep that in mind t

hat if for some  reason let's say you know you forgot to  renew your your domain registration or  whatever maybe  you can pause your ad so remember that  these ads don't have to run indefinitely  but you can pause  the ad itself  and you can make sure that uh  you're not you know running any any ad  or you know running any ads and getting  clicks and wasting money and it's not  going anywhere so so now keep in mind  though  if you already have our service all of  our account managers  know this from  front to back hand i mean they know  everything about that so you don't ha

ve  to worry about on that aspect they have  you taken care of but if you're doing it  on your own keep in mind that you might  want to pause it if something like that  tends to happen  so another great question are hidden  pages on matrix sites still indexable  with google good question so  the way it works is  there's a file called the robot text  file and the account managers here at  imatrix if you have our services with  imatrix  will have it set up to where they can  have certain pages that are hidden  indexed they can also have certain pages  that aren't hidden  uh n

ot indexed and so if anyone doesn't  know what that means by index it's like  a library so anytime someone uh google  goes through and they go through their  algorithm they they basically go through  each website and they scan and they  they're constantly updating their search  engine results page they'll basically  kind of look through your website look  through all the pages and the links and  everything else they'll index it in  their system and then they'll basically  put it accordingly and they'll rank it  accordingly same thing with uh the  adwords and the ppc campaig

ns they'll  rank those accordingly so you might be  number one one day you could be number  three number four you could also somehow  be on the second page who knows again  and that's another reason why i  mentioned it's like ebay you want to  constantly check it to see kind of where  you're at who knows if you dip in a week  and who knows if you jump in a week  so as far as our hidden pages go  on a matrix the the hidden pages on a  matrix for let's say regular content  pages  when they're hidden they they are not  supposed to be indexed by google reason  being is because

let's say you have a  bunch of specials going on or you have  some old pages that are just hidden on  your website um  they won't be indexed by google uh  organically okay if you have a landing  page let's stay and you want to hide it  you can force it to be indexed uh from  our website itself so if you aren't sure  on how to do that give us a call we'll  help step you through the process to  help you through that if you do  currently have one of our services and  you are getting ppc run through um  imatrix itself that is already  automatically set up that's part of our  pr

ocess we make sure that that's all set  up and the reason we do that is like i  mentioned before that way that it's  siloed and sometimes some of your  landing pages so don't get me wrong it's  different depending on each business  some landing pages might not be hidden  because maybe they want to have  they have different ways of setting it  up to where they do have it  linking to other aspects of different  ads  you can combine them there's a lot of  different multiple ways that you can  have these landing pages shown if you do  have a siloed landing page to where you  ju

st have it separate and you have it  hidden and you only want to have it to  that specific ad you can hide it and  then you can still have it forcibly  indexed so by default we don't have an  index just so that we don't have 30  different pages that we might have  hidden from  you know having a website that's maybe  five or six years old  and just having all this extra content  you know either duplicated or indexed in  the sense that it'll actually hurt you  so there's ways of going around it and  we definitely do that as a normal  standard process if you currently have  an

y of our services that do that so  um  good question here okay can you limit  which times of the day and days of the  week the ad is displayed definitely you  can have it displayed any time of the  day  week  all day all week i mean you can have it  displayed as much as you need to or as  little as you need to  and on a specific schedule if you want  to have it monday tuesday wednesday or  monday wednesday friday maybe you are  closed on sunday so there's no point in  really having it run that day  if you're an after hours clinic like a  vet you can have it run you know all

night only at night you know those kind  of things so yeah definitely you can  have it a schedule on when you want to  have it set and that's actually a good  question because if you're really  worried about your budget that's a great  way to really kind of manage the budget  and see what works best in that aspect  okay so awesome so a lot of really  really great questions here i'm really  glad that you guys asked those thoughts  because you know again um when it comes  to pay-per-click you could ask for save  a lot of money you can make a lot of  money or you can waste a

lot of money  it's one of those things where if you  aren't really sure  what to do  always always ask us questions um  and again like i said we're here to help  it's not always a sales call but if you  are interested and you just don't have  time to really manage it we do offer  these services here for you if you are  managing them yourself and you just have  questions again give us a call we'll  help coach you  we have a lot of different ebooks  we have a lot of different white papers  on imatrix.com  there should be a link on imatrix.com  that will take you to the resou

rces  you'll see us sliding on the homepage of  sliding a little slideshow of images i  believe it's the third or fourth image  that'll just say resources you can click  on there it'll take you to all the  different resources that we have of  different infographics to ebooks to  white papers  helping me out with anything from social  to seo  to ppc in general so definitely give us  a call if you have questions or go there  and let us know if there's any way we  can help  so  again i want to say thank you for  everyone to attend um again we'll go  ahead and send this recordi

ng out to  everyone who did attend if anyone had to  leave early or if anyone came in a  little bit late you will get the full  version as a recording down the line so  thanks again for attending today's   and we'll see you guys soon  you

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