What is a PPC strategy?

What is a PPC strategy?

What is a PPC strategy?

 Piece of work number one is to work out  your goal  obviously your goal is more sales but  specifically which type of more sales do  you want do you want more new customers  do you want to sell more to your  existing customers do you want to sell  gateway products and services which you  know  lead to further repeat purchases later  on or do you want to increase brand  awareness  only as a byproduct next thing you need  to know are you  ever wondered why facebook and google  pay their people  so much and how they can afford to do it  well the answer is because  companies with very little pay-per-click  strategy are dumping  literally billions of dollars into these  ad platforms  every year with no strategy and no real  plan  they're just spending more and more  money hoping for better results  sometimes it happens sometimes it  doesn't now if the idea of dumping  budget into google and facebook with  very little return and not much strategy  hits a little too close to home then  fear not  in this video i'm going to take you  through a process that you can use to  design a pay-per-click strategy designed  to maximize  the roi of every single click that you  buy  okay let me guess you've used  pay-per-click before and it's made you  sad  

you've prodded and poked at different  paid channels realized you didn't want  getting the results that you'd seen in  the videos and heard about in the  podcast  and thought that maybe there's something  wrong with your business or that maybe  pay-per-click just  isn't for you well here's the reason  that many businesses  fail with pay-per-click or at least fail  to get the sort of return on investment  that th

ey should be  so the first thing that a business will  do is they will hear about an ad channel  or they'll read about it they'll watch a  video and decide  great tick tock ads looks like it's on  fire we need to be doing that they will  go straight to the ad  platform and they will click create  campaign they will then go through the  process that the ad platform gives them  to start building their ads  so they'll write their ad copy they'll  choose their audience  when it comes to budget they'll think  what can i afford to lose without  getting  any

results at all and then they'll put  that number in  then they'll click go live what happens  probably nothing so maybe a day  two days three days a week later they'll  go back to the ad platform  and just give it a token poke what's  going wrong here maybe it's the ads  maybe we'll change the text maybe we'll  try a different picture  split testing that's good right maybe  we'll play with the audience  maybe we'll tweak the landing page if  we're feeling pretty brave  again sit back what happens nothing or  very little now at this point if they're

really smart they'll call professional  help or maybe they'll just come to the  conclusion that  pay-per-click isn't for us pay-per-click  doesn't work in our space or even  pay-per-click doesn't work generally now  the thing is this is actually kind of  how the platforms  want it to work they want this to be  like a slot machine that you keep  shoveling money  into they want to make it as easy as  possible for you to set up your ads for  you to have to do  no thinking beforehand they want to  automate the targeting of the audience  so you don't have

to think about that  and some of them will now even  automatically write your ads  for you as well no strategy no thought  needed just pop your credit card here  and  click go live i remember in google  adwords  express as it was known came out this  was a  simplified version of google adwords for  people that couldn't get their head  around the full platform  and it was designed for less  sophisticated marketers to just be able  to basically put their website in  have google do some magic they put their  credit card in  and click go and off it goes j

ust  generating new business for them  unfortunately it was absolutely terrible  roi  brilliant for google but dreadful for  the businesses that used it and that is  the downside of this  kind of no brain advertising where  you're just plugging something in and  off you go with no thought or  consideration it works great for the ad  platforms because you spend loads of  money but it's horrendous  for you just like if you were to build a  house step one  probably wouldn't be to go and buy a  bunch of bricks and tiles  you'd probably do a bit of plannin

g and  designing what it needed to look like  first right i mean i'm impulsive but  that would be mental well it's exactly  the same with pay-per-click  you need a clear strategy in order to  get the best  end result now i get it you don't want  to have to do thinking you don't have to  do  boring planning stuff first you just  want to get the ads live  and see the results i totally understand  i'm massively impulsive too  every month we sign up with new clients  at exposure ninja for our pay-per-click  marketing service  we spend some time at the beg

inning of  the campaign designing a strategy  looking at what's working in the space  designing the optimal campaign structure  designing creative and building a plan  and every single month  a bunch of those clients will start to  get antsy when the ads aren't live  after one or two weeks they know what  we're doing they know we're building a  strategy but they just want to get this  stuff  live so i totally get it but  nevertheless any planning and thinking  and strategic work that you do before  the ads  will pay off and it will make your  campaign

s more profitable so in this  video i'm going to take you through a  three-step process  that you can use to design a scalable  pay-per-click  strategy i'm going to talk you through  it briefly then we're going to go into  more detail i'm going to give you some  specific examples to make it real  and then at the end we'll walk through  an action plan that you can follow to  get this implemented and to get started  with it  cool let's go  now we've helped clients scale their ppc  campaigns with  double digit row us but every time we've  done that it's

because there has been a  strategy that we've been working from  if you're working in a competitive  market or you want to scale your  campaign large you need to have a clear  strategy because the competitors that  you'll be going  up against will all have strategy if  you're just going in with a kind of hit  and hope approach  not really thinking too much you're  always going to lose that race  so there are three parts to this  strategy and i'm going to take you  through a big picture  tour of those three parts then in the  next section we're going t

o look in  detail at each of them and i'm going to  show you some real life examples  on the computer to make things feel a  bit more real finally i'll give you some  specific action steps that you can  start implementing but first before we  do any of this  we have to do some prep work don't worry  it's not particularly strenuous but it  is really important  the first piece of prep work we have to  do is to think about your goal  wait if you're anything like me you  absolutely  hate when marketers say what's your goal  you're like duh more sales obvi

ously  next i hear you but here's the thing  there are lots of different ways of  getting more sales  are you looking to attract new customers  that have never heard of you  are you looking to generate more sales  from existing customers  are you looking to sell higher priced  products or services in order to  increase your  average order value do you want to sell  gateway products and services that you  know  turn into repeating customers with  higher lifetime value  do you want to generate leads because  actually you've got a two-step thing  going o

n where you generate leads first  and move people into a sale afterwards  or do you just want to run  brand awareness campaigns that's the  fuzziest of all of them so i wouldn't  necessarily go with that one as a  priority  but it is an option so as you can see  there are different ways of generating  more sales but the important thing is to  decide  which of those is most important to you  ahead of time  you also need to know your numbers what  numbers i hear you ask  it's okay i know you didn't ask it i'm  going to tell you anyway first number  prof

it margin you need to know your  profit margin to know  how much budget you have to play with to  be able to generate each sale  number number two your maximum cost per  acquisition this is the most that you  are willing to spend to generate a  conversion either a lead or a sale  so if you're an e-commerce business you  need to think about how much of that  margin  [Music]  you are willing to sacrifice to make the  sale if you're a service business  generating leads  then you need to think about how much  you can afford to generate a lead  based on yo

ur lead to sale close rates  and by the way if you're tuning out to  this bit don't worry we have  other videos which talk through this in  more detail  the third number isn't really a number  but it is an important consideration  and that is whether you need to stay  positive or you're willing to go  negative on the first sale this is all  about  how much profit you need to maintain in  the first sale  so some e-commerce businesses where they  know that once someone buys one thing  they will come back and buy repeatedly  they are willing to go negati

ve on the  first sale which means they'll invest  more than the profit from the first sale  in acquiring the customer  knowing that that customer over their  lifetime is going to contribute a lot  this is particularly important in really  competitive spaces  particularly for consumables a lot of  consumables  retailers will go negative on the first  sale knowing  that that customer will then come back  and purchase over and over and over  again  if you're willing to do that fantastic  if you're not willing to do that for  example you're selling someth

ing  big and lumpy like a car where you don't  want to have to  rely on something coming back to buy  their next car in the next car in order  to make profit  then you can't go negative on your first  sale unless you're in  private equity field crazy mode where  you just want to grow  top line as fast as possible don't worry  that's the numbers talk done with  basically you need to know how much  you're willing to spend to get a  conversion  okay so let's go through the three  stages of this  ppc strategy very quickly and then we'll  go into more deta

il in the next section  well any marketing strategy is  essentially  three things message market and method  the message is all about what is the  action that you want someone to take  and what instructions what pieces of  information do you need to give them in  order for them to want to take that  action  the market is about who we are targeting  what are the keywords they're searching  for  or if you're running social ads what are  the interests demographics  that flag someone as a potential  customer and then the method  is how we reach that perso

n the  particular ad channels that we're using  the landing page that we're driving  someone through to and  what happens on the back end of that  conversion so what's the follow-up  process  what's the sale process after someone  has taken the action on your landing  page  so those are the three elements and now  we're going to go into a bit more detail  and explore each one and also look at  some live examples  to make this feel a little bit more real  and by the way your strategy is going to  evolve this is something where  over time you're going t

o get more  insight and you're going to tweak  parts of this but the really important  thing is to have a strategy in place to  begin with  so you know the route that you're on and  so you know whether things are working  or not  let's do this oh by the way if you're  enjoying this video please  don't forget to like and subscribe and  also if you want us to help you with  your digital marketing the team here at  exposure ninja this is exactly what we  do we help our clients generate more  leads and sales from their website  through things like pbc  so

if you want some help with your  digital marketing then you can request a  free  website and digital marketing review  from us this is  awesome and it's completely free of  charge all you need to do is go to  exposureninja.com and click the button  to request your free website and digital  marketing review we'll ask you a few  questions about your business  your goals and your marketing one of our  team will then take a look at your  website and identify some  key conversion optimization tweaks that  you can make to improve the volume of  leads that

you're generating  through it we'll also look at traffic  channels so what are some other ways  that you can be driving traffic to your  website what are your competitors doing  we'll put all of this information into a  15 minute video which will send  you via email usually within two to  three working days  it's completely free of charge and it is  totally  awesome so if you want to request your  free website and digital marketing  review go to exposureninja.com  and request it today like now go and do  it all right back to the video  okay so let's g

o into a bit more detail  and look at some live examples  remember our three-step process message  market  and method so we're going to start with  message so this is about  the proposition that you're making to  your audience but also the key pieces of  information that you need to share with  them  in order for them to actually want to  take that step with you  now to illustrate this i'm actually  going to show you what doesn't work  here i've just done a quick search for  it solutions company  and i've got a range of ads at the top  of the page fai

rly typical  now in the it support it solutions space  it can be quite difficult to  differentiate  when we come back to these ads in a  little bit we'll see how these  businesses are differentiating but one  ad when i searched for this  really caught my eye and it was this one  here from delltechnologies.com  the headline is dell technologies it  solutions dell solutions with intel  now usually when someone searches for it  solutions what they're actually looking  for is a company to manage their it  i look after their machines train their  people  i

nstall stuff fix things be on hand  should anything break  what they are generally not looking for  is to buy more machines  buy more laptops and computers then  we've got the ad copy here which is  featuring unified workspace the  industry's most comprehensive solution  to deploy devices  deploy secure manage and support your  pcs from the cloud  wherever you dot dot dot okay now i  could rip into this ad all day but i'm  not going to instead i'm going to head  over to the page that it's advertising  which is this one here so here we've  come through

to the  the business pcs and laptops generic  product category page on the dell  website remember  i've just searched for it solutions  company  what i've got here is dell trying to  sell me laptops there's no  mention of the thing i've searched for  and actually they haven't  really got the right audience because  i'm not looking to buy laptops i'm  looking to have  a company take care of our it now this  is rubbish they've got some product up  at the top  they've got this really weak lead  generation call to action here about  taking productivity t

o the next level  it's clear they don't know how to target  this  audience they don't know how to get  business and really they shouldn't be  targeting  these keywords anyway there is no offer  there is no specific path laid out like  what am i supposed to do next  and this is a fairly common approach to  take with pay-per-click they will be  spending money targeting these keywords  that are  pretty irrelevant for their business  driving people through to an unoptimized  landing page which actually doesn't meet  the needs of the person searching for

that thing  and they'll be saying pay-per-click  doesn't look like it's working  maybe we should cut budget well this is  utter garbage this is what we call a hit  and hope strategy  it's a little bit like going to a trade  show and seeing people that are  approximately customers for your  business and just  lobbing a brochure at them complete  waste of time now they may get a  conversion maybe they have some magical  secret and every so often they do get a  conversion  and then they'll look at this and say  well it looks like it's working a little  b

it but not particularly well but  they'll be paying more per lead because  they don't have a clear  message they don't have any communicated  benefits which mean  anything to someone searching for that  thing so over time what will happen is  they'll be less and less competitive  because they're wasting a higher  proportion of their ad budget than their  competitors  so over time they will be forced to  withdraw from running pay-per-click  so the offer that you present to the  audience is really important but just as  important is the things that you

tell  them which make them want to click  remember that if you're running search  ads for example then you're going to be  competing against  everyone else running search ads on the  page so you need to tell them something  in your ad that's going to make them  want to click on you rather than your  competitors let's see how businesses in  this space are doing it  so it looks like people are going for  things like unlimited remote support  24 7 system monitoring fixed monthly  cost  30 years experience so that's a  credibility play award-winning again

that's there to boost credibility  iso 9001 certified that'll be important  for some businesses  accredited provider now we've got  clients in this space as well  we found one of the things that works  well is offering a guarantee um because  for example if you're looking at lots of  it support businesses that appear to be  selling the same thing  with approximately the same benefits  offering free consultations which is  what's usual in the space then offering  a six-month guarantee for example  really de-risks it for the customer and  shows that y

ou really believe in what  you're doing so it's important to  identify the things that you can tell  people in your ad which make your  business stand apart and by the way this  is just as important across  e-commerce and social media ads as well  here we see an ad for net reporter  where the text copy says ask your  personal shopper for a bespoke edit of  this season's vibrant collections  so whilst they might be selling the same  products that other businesses are  they've found their angle which is the  personal shopper piece so it's really  import

ant particularly for e-commerce  and you're selling the same products  that can be found across multiple  websites  what is it about buying from you which  offers the customer a better option  than buying from a competitor you have  to sell what you've got whether it's  delivery terms  refunds free gift with purchase postage  cost  why should i buy from you rather than  somebody else okay remember the next  step on our puzzle is  market who are we trying to attract what  is our perfect customer look like and  how do we get in front of them  now exactl

y how you plan on doing this  is going to depend on the pay-per-click  channels that you're using  let's look at search first and then  we'll think about social media  afterwards  so from a search perspective how we  identify our target audience is going to  be looking at the keywords they're  searching for so what are people  searching for  if they're either in a pain that you  solve or they're actually looking for  exactly what it is that you sell  now we've got other videos about keyword  research but one thing i would say  specifically about pay-p

er-click is that  there are some important subtleties with  pay-per-click keywords  when you're doing keyword research for  pay-per-click what you don't want to do  is  cast a massive wide net and get loads of  non-relevant traffic  for example we have a client in the  soccer supplement business  they sell supplements they are the  world's leading expert in selling  supplements  for soccer players and one of the  supplements that they sell is  whey protein what we don't want to do  though is go straight onto google and  start advertising against reall

y generic  terms like  protein or whey protein why well because  the people who are searching for that  term are going to be really really broad  there's going to be lots of people that  aren't thinking about this because they  want to improve their  football playing performance they're  just going to be buying supplements  and that's not what this business wants  to attract we want to attract  footballers soccer players that want to  improve their performance  so we have to be a bit more subtle with  this and this is one of the mistakes  that people

can make with pay-per-click  targeting  they go straight for the high volume  keywords because they think  high volume means more clicks means more  sales but if that traffic isn't relevant  for you if it's not targeted for the  specific  message that you're presenting then all  that's going to do is increase your ad  costs  and every non-relevant click that you  buy stops you from buying a more  relevant one  give me relevance over volume any day  unless you're in mad private equity  funded acquisition mode where  you can just go broad and stupid the

n  give me relevance  all the time i would rather target a  phrase which has lower  search volume but much more relevant  than one that has much broader search  volume  that doesn't have the relevance there  okay let's talk about social media  how you define your audience on social  is obviously going to be very different  because we're not going to be focusing  on keywords  instead we might be targeting audience  based on interest and demographics you  also want to consider what audiences you  already have which you can plug into the  social channels

for example  can you pixel on your website so you can  give facebook  the audience data from the visitors that  land on your website or can you give  them your  customer email let's say that they can  build look-alike audiences too and  remember that identifying your market is  as much  thinking about who you don't want your  ads to show up for who you don't want to  attract as who you do  so think through the people that really  aren't relevant and how you can weed  them out  for example we've got a client in the  company formation  space i if you w

ant to set up a company  they are fantastic  at getting all of that sorted for you  all the paperwork everything you need in  one place  great service so we might want to show  our ads to people searching for  company formation or form a limited  company but we don't want to show our  ads to people searching for  company formation act or companies act  because these are people that are  looking for information they're not  looking to make  a purchase so we might add act as a  negative keyword  so that's an example of how you might  want to disqualify

audience as much as  you'd want to qualify  your right your perfect audience final  step in the three-step process  is method this is how we actually get in  front of people so the ad channels that  we use  yes this is when we decide which ad  channels we're actually going to be  using  i if we don't start our strategy by  saying we want to run tick tock ads  we start our strategy by saying what's  the message who are we advertising to  and then how do we reach those people  a lot of people get this the other way  around they start with the platform t

hat  they want to advertise to instead of  doing the preparatory work  first so which platform do we want to go  after  this is mostly going to depend it's  either going to be search or it's going  to be interruption i.e social ads  so either you're going to be targeting  search people that are searching for a  problem  if you're a locksmith for example no  one's going on facebook just casually  browsing caesar locksmith like yeah cool  actually  do you know what i am locked out of my  house i'm gonna call them no they're  going straight onto google a

nd they're  saying i'm locked out of my house i need  a locksmith now  that is an example of the ultimate  search first  advertising campaign whereas something  where you're selling a product that's  more like an  impulse purchase for example the mud  face peels that you saw  blowing up on social media a while ago  that is an example of a perfect product  that  nobody knows they need a mud face mask  until they see it and until they see the  quirky ad  right that's an example of a social  first business so if you're selling  something where you're fix

ing a problem  that people know they have and they need  to fix it  now then that's implying that search is  going to be more of a priority for you  if you're selling something that's more  of an impulse or that someone might see  and go yeah do you know what cool i  actually do need that all right  i should have got around to buying this  i'm going to get it now for example  clothing cosmetics  then social can be a very good channel  for you now you also want to think about  remarketing  whatever you're selling remarketing can  be a fantastic way of

improving the roi  of all of your pay-per-click  let's play a little game let's imagine  that you are reincarnated instantly as a  personal  injury lawyer in new york and you  specialize in 18 wheeler accidents  you know someone's car gets crushed by a  huge truck  well if you bid on terms like 18 wheeler  personal injury claim new york  you might be spending 250 to 500  per click that's not a mugs game you  need to know what you're doing in that  space now let's say that you've got a  great website and your website is  converting at 10  that means yo

u'll be spending on average  between 2 500 and 5 000  per lead that that website is generating  now even if you've got a great website  it's only ever really going to convert  cold traffic  at you know maximum sort of 10 you might  get a bit higher but  you can't rely on that as a strategy  most of the time it's going to be  significantly lower than that  so what can you do to bring down your  cost per lead  you can't get the initial clicks any  cheaper now one thing you could do is  remarketing or retargeting  if you've got 10 of that initial traffic

converting on your website  that leaves 90 that hasn't converted you  can run remarketing or retargeting ads  to them  on facebook or google and you'll be able  to get them back on your site  much cheaper than that initial 250 to  500  per click often times with remarketing  you'll be able to get someone back on  your site for a few dollars this  obviously significantly changes your  numbers you've gone from  two and a half thousand to five thousand  dollars per lead  to like two thousand eight hundred  dollars  for two leads because you've got the

initial sale and you've also got the  remarketing sale that came after  now that obviously basically halves your  cost per lead so it makes a massive  difference and remarketing can be really  powerful  so even if you are a search first  advertiser  you might want to get some social media  retargeting to get another whack at  those website visitors that didn't  convert the first time  okay the next element in your method  piece of your strategy is the landing  page that you're driving people through  to  now we've got loads of videos and  different c

ontent on  landing page optimization so i'm not  going to go into this in too much detail  but obviously you want a dedicated page  usually  that is focused on the specific message  you've given  that specific audience so if you're  driving ads from social media for  example to a product  you want to send people through to a  mobile optimized product page  for that specific product you don't want  to send them through to a category page  or your home page  or anything like that you want to send  them through to the specific page  that's most relevant

for them so you're  limiting the amount of work that they  have to do  to get the info they need and convert  exactly the same if you're a service  business generating lead  you want to send people through to the  most relevant page for them  and you preferably want to match the  messaging that they've seen in the ad  on the landing page so it feels  completely continuous  and like a natural flow that they're  going through into converting  the final piece of the puzzle and this  is actually slightly outside of your ppc  strategy but it's really impor

tant to  consider  is what happens to that person once they  convert  this is particularly important for lead  generation pay-per-click  what actually happens when they fill in  that form or when they fill in that  callback request  how quickly are you getting back to them  what's the messaging that comes through  this is really crucial because obviously  you're just buying leads with your  pay-per-click what makes you money is  making sales  so you'll improve that lead to sale  conversion rate as much as you can and  ideally  you'll map out the proce

ss that people  will go through train your team and  systemize this to make it as scalable as  possible  if you want to generate more leads and  sales from your website then our agency  exposure ninja helps businesses do  exactly this go to exposureninja.com to  request  your free website and marketing review  today like now exposureninja.com fill in  a short questionnaire  we'll record your video 15 minutes long  showing you how to generate more leads  and sales to your website  totally free of charge awesome  okay so there's the process i'm going to

recap with some actionable steps that  you can follow now  so remember we've got the three-stage  strategy plan with those two pieces of  work that you need to do first  piece of work number one is to work out  your goal  obviously your goal is more sales but  specifically which type of more sales do  you want do you want more new customers  do you want to sell more to your  existing customers do you want to get  bigger purchases are you focusing on  more expensive products or services  you're offering to bring up your average  order value  do you w

ant to sell gateway products and  services which you know  lead to further repeat purchases later  on or do you want to increase brand  awareness  only as a byproduct next thing you need  to know are your numbers  what's your margin how much can you  afford to spend per lead or sale  this will give you your maximum cost per  acquisition and also you've got to  decide  are you willing to go negative on the  first sale in order to make that money  back  in future purchases this will allow you  to scale up your ppc much bigger and  enable you to generate

more sales  faster but it's not for everyone so you  need to know whether you're willing to  do that  then we get into the plan three steps  message  what's the proposition you are making to  your customers  and what do you need to tell them about  you in order to attract them  to get that action to take that action  to move forward with you  next stage market who are we selling to  how do we identify them through the  keywords that they're searching for if  we're targeting search  or their interests demographic or  audience type if we're targeting t

hem  through social  so do you have a pixel on your website  which you can run  into facebook and get look-alike  audiences are you uploading email lists  for example to get look-alikes or to  remarket to those people  that have already been on your email  list who don't we want and how can we  disqualify those people either  in the ads themselves or by identifying  them in the targeting and  removing that audience for example  through negative keywords in search ads  and then finally method which ad  channels do we need to use to get  that message to

that market what are the  landing pages we're driving people  through to  what's the process that they go through  once they've become a leader or sale as  well  how are you remarketing to that audience  to get them back on your site if they  don't convert and which channels are you  using  for that so i hope you found this video  useful and i hope it helps you to  prepare a  killer pay-per-click strategy for your  business by the way  i've got something super secret for you  which we actually don't advertise  publicly so this is your little reward

for staying till the end if you're  running  pay-per-click campaigns or you're  interested in running pay-per-click  campaigns for your business and you want  to get one of our pay-per-click team  to take a look at your campaigns to work  out how much  profit there is and whether professional  management will make financial sense for  you then we're willing to offer you a  free  review of your pay-per-click campaigns  with no obligation to use our services  here's what you have to do because it's  not publicly available  first thing go and request you

r free  website and marketing review from  exposureninja.com  once you've had that review just let  your ninja know  that you'd also like us to review your  pay-per-click campaigns  they will send you over the information  that you need to give us  temporary read-only access to whatever  account you want us to analyze  one of our pay-per-click team will then  go into your ad account they'll have a  look at the audience and the targeting  they'll have a look at the ad creative  and the landing pages  and they'll outline any optimizations  that we couldsee  could be really key for you this is  completely free we don't advertise it  publicly so  mum's the word if you've enjoyed this

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