What is SEM analysis used for?

What is SEM analysis used for?

What is SEM analysis used for?

 we will talk about search and marketing,  so let us know what is search  engine marketing and  How can it be used to your advantage  267 Marketing Search Marketing is the  form of Internet Marketing that was the  promotion website by increasing the  aridity in search engine results Physicist  Family Proof Advertising You can give  advertising on any sir channel like Google Yahoo Bing  Yen  Yes, d

evelopment on Google Bank and Yadav  through Google Adwords Bill Gates and or  Advertisement Respectively friends, Search  Engine Marketing is basically  a form of Internet Marketing in which you  can promote your website. It is the  result of any search on which you can do Tweet Pad  Advertisement.  You can use any search  such as Gwalior Bank  for your advertisement and if you want to  advertise

on Google then you  can use Google AdWords. If you want to do direct  advertisement then you  can use Big Guide and if you want to do this  If  you want to advertise on top, then you  cannot use top advertising, so  basically search marketing  is a form of internet marketing where you search  and do top advertisement. As an  example for your website,  I have searched you apps in Google paper.  Yo

u  all know that Google's most  used search is this, so if I give  first priority, that is, first of all, I will  give Friday to someone, for advertisement, I will  juice Google so that I can  get the maximum revenue, so  I will take Google as an example.  Major Percy here I take Lenovo K4  Note So you have seen here what is there on Lenovo  K4 Note, you have seen something here  plus a pad advert

isement, look at this  even after pausing, if you see here it is  written SPONSORED i.e. this  Both are  pad advertisements. The purpose of saying is  that you advertise your website on any search and like Google, that is,  on any specific pad,  whether it is in the  form of Aamir or in the form of search result.  What is that called? It is called the lesson of search engine marketing.  Now basica

lly the difference between search unwanted  migration and search marketing is  that both of you give an SMS search and give some  pride to your website on a  specific search engine or on a specific lever on the search end.  If you  want to get top ranking but if you follow the search  guidelines and solve your problem in a  scientific manner i.e. without paying, you  come to the topic then it is c

alled Sir  Apna Device Ank, but if you sell  your website as a paid advertisement.  What would have gone to the top would have been search engine  marketing. Now as I said, the  most used search engine is  Google, so why don't I advertise on Google  so that the marketing and revenue of my website can be  maximum.  If possible,  if you want to do any kind of advertisement on Google,  then you have

to use Google AdWords.  Now let us know about what is Google AdWords School.  Google Advertising and Marketing  Advertising Service by Google for Business  Wanting to Display is on.  Google And Its  Advertising Network Adapter Is Best One  Piece Cardamom PC Concept PPC Stands  For Paper Click And Systems For Cost Per Click You Can  Scheduled Delhi Budget On  Advance Friends, Google AdWords is an a

dvertising  service which is Google's Thomas and  on this you can advertise your business.  You can promote as an  ad on Google or on Google's  advertising network, i.e. on  Google or any network related to Google.  If you want to advertise, then  Google AdWords is the best option for you,  i.e. through Google AdWords you can promote.  What  can you do? You can promote your website or your busines

s.  Now Google has ads on any of Google's networks. It basically  depends on PHC or CHC. Which one  is PPC i.e. click on paper,  both quarters have the same meaning.  It's just  different - 2 is mentioned in the name and you  can also add your Delhi budget on Thank you.  Suppose my Delhi budget is ₹ 500  so that I don't feel like exceeding 500. I  can fix you ₹ 500, Google.  AdWords, what is the c

oncept of PC&C  and how can we give 108 on it? Let's  see about it.  Beads are placed on Google AdWords. Now  what is the system in between. I assume that on this specific  keyword, Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, all  three websites.  It is said that his job is legitimate.  Look at the top. Now I agree that  what the officer major has done is that Amazon will  give his daughter ₹ 50  on his death, wh

ile Flipkart has  given a fit of ₹ 40, that is, Flipkart is on  top of it.  Ready to do it at ₹ 40, they started giving snap at the  rate of rs. 30, so the most highway smith  is Amazon, that is, it is the 34th position of Amazon,  because of that, its website is  on this specific lever as top ten Ghee ad.  That is, on top of Adverse, you can promote your website  on whose word you should bring yo

ur website to the top. In the  form of an ad, you have to  put high speed on it. Now as soon as you accept it,  I have seen Amazon promoting my website on the top.  It was  priced at ₹ 50, so if the  website available on Amazon is considered as a topper ad,  then the makers have to purchase this Lenovo K4 Note. As  soon as I  entered Lenovo K4 Note on Google, I  saw the result and  Like it showed

the result,  I clicked on this website of Amazon,  as soon as I click on the website of Amazon,  Google redirects me  directly to the website of Amazon  where this specific product is there, now I clicked on  it at high speed.  Amazon charged ₹ 50 on my one click.  Which ₹ 50 was deducted and  transferred to Google account, that is, the  payment that was deducted on the tower, that is, the cost  i

ncurred on the click, that is, on the amount that Amazon paid that  you.  Yes, this is basically the part where you  do the same on the click, it is called  piece i.e. paper spread or  clip at the cost of coming, then with search marketing you  can also do advertisement of some specific landing page on which landing  page you will get the purchase.  There was a flood of queries. If I have to  sele

ct the product of that landing page  or whose information I  want to reach the users as quickly as possible, then this  is the power of search engine marketing. Now I  believe that I have to advertise on Google,  then I do Google AdWords.  If I can, then if  you use Google AdWords here,  then for Google AdWords you are required to have a Gmail  account. Now suppose,  if you have a Gmail account th

en  you can use the second option but  in that you will have to have a side email verification tab and  everything.  If I have to do something, then here I  verify and login with my Google account  so that I can add on Google Adwords,  I have signed in the Google Adwords account,  friends, let me tell you one thing  when you go to Google Adwords.  If you are  advertising on Google Ads, then your i

nternet  connection should be good because Google  Ads  take a little more time to load than Google AdWords, so first of all let's  talk  about the one whose butt I have to choose i.e.  I  take the business of a website  development company, as an example  my website is add now list  black.com de bless you talk to make IT  companies which provide website development, iPhone  development for Androi

d app development, SDO  and website design services.  Now let me assume that the person who  has a website wants to  launch his website on the number of days but the  results are given instantly so that he can  give more revenue to his business through Google Ads,  now I take website  development company on exam.  Now this website  development company can also take  website development company Ind

ia,  this website development company  in Rajasthan can also take it, the end user  can also use website development company Jodhpur, that is,  our user can use it in any way through  Google.  I can search for the above advertisement opportunity on Google  with any of my specific levers, so I will first clutch which one is best for me  so that it can be deployed as per my budget  and I can get max

imum amount of money.  For  example, a keyword is  website  development company, every month 1000  Gujjars search on it all over India  and there is a keyword specific  Verma, such as web development company  and there are 1000 people on it which are  When we  search on it every month, then things like now  I will choose the keyword with 1000 people first  instead of the one with 100 so that with

my one  research I can get preservatives up to 1000 people.  Now though the keywords  which we add, we use keyboard endless.  If you are  doing keyword research and how to do it for your business through  Google AdWords, now  we have already launched a good video on it  on our YouTube official YouTube channel -  Keyword Research and Analysis in  Search Engine Optimization. On this you can see  tha

t you  How should you  search keywords for your business? Which  activation can be best for you? Through which  keys  can you get maximum revenue? On that basis,  you will get the complete video for keyword research  here.  Now let me take a short  description of the keywords  like I will click on the top of the tools and  here you will get an option keyword  planner a that  on this keyword planne

r like I have chosen  and whatever is in my mind that it is so in this  way.  Can or can search in this way,  I  will put all those keywords here one by one, like website is  a development company and  Veda is development company, so as an example,  this is one of the two keywords but I  want to choose.  So that  how can I get more revenue for my business, now let's  see which of these two is the

best,  I will go directly here and  click on the date here,  now I accept that W Script provides  service only.  Within India, Press 200 Test  provides civil service all over the world, but as an  example, let me assume that W  Triple  Now, because it  provides service for India, if the giver  wants to get  results only for India for both of these, then here you  can choose your target location, t

his is India.  If you  save it then  please let us see the result here.  In this the average minister on web development company is  telling you that it is 8100 and  on website development company it is telling you that it is 2900 and  both are competition media medium. Now let me  give a short description of it. Average  monthly sir.  The channel has an average of 8100 viewers every month.  Offic

ials search through it on Google  whereas Aujar 2009.the  Missiles search on Google over its word,  so if I talk about it on the  basis of trophy, Yagnik is searched the most on it.  S is there and web development is lacking, so if I compare  both at home then web  development company  is more profitable for me per franc rather than  website development which is not less and both have the same  co

mpetition which is medium competition. I  studied in three levels in this.  Low  medium and high high or high or low  can give you more competition. If you have less use then you can also  give ads on this or  want to add your opportunity on this. Media  Mary's death  pimple companies go and low.  That is, there are  additional low level companies who want to advertise  their website on a specific

lever, so  this is  basically competition, so if anyone  chooses, then you should keep two things in mind  that its average.  Minister sir, there should be as  much competition as possible  and the media should be top at India level so that  you can get more revenue. Now then  Jaspal's suggestion building  i.e. what Google is saying is that Google  is giving you a suggestion that if  If you plant

so many trees on this bed  i.e. on this specific lever,  then the chances of your website  coming in the top are more, that is, it is  possible that someone else has planted less than this number  or the one which is currently appearing regularly has  more  This is the daily Google,  I have suggested you that  if you do advertisement on your website,  then you should put the address with such wid

th  so that you can get more revenue,  then this is the Google that  pimps you all, as soon as I have used my keywords.  There  is specific word and here it  also gives some ideas so that you  can search more for your business, so  as soon as I finalized my keyboard,  what do I have to do now after his death, do I have to  advertise, as an example  I  I have chosen the website and web development

company in such a way that I can earn more revenue for my business on it. Now  I  need to create a campaign here to give me an ad. So, to  create a campaign, I will click on  Campaign here.  Open and Virat or web development  company and on top of that the one suggested by me was  present on 26.05  that I take it as a sign that a  campaign has already been put on pause, now I will  keep it aside

and create a new campaign  so that you can know.  How can you create a new campaign?  Click  here on Trainee. Now here in the address you have been  given multiple options that you  can advertise like His Right  Away Display Select Search Network All Need Display Network  Online Shopping Videos  Universal App Campaign and Service  If you want to  advertise on Google's search, that is, Google's imm

ersion on which viewers search, then you  can choose Search and Search Network and Le here,  but if you want to select Search Net Profit Display.  So  where you can display i.e.  like Google's Blogspot which is  where you submit your blog  or any other place like Gmail  etc. where you can add images to your  website.  If  you use any website  where tree advertisement is  running as an ad, then the

re too  you have to create a banner and give it  to Google so that the marketing of your business can be  display marketing, that is,  you can use the image.  You can market your business through  images and only through the images that you have to market your business.  Like,  if you have to market only an inch from Google's partners,  then you  can use the display network if you want.  If you wa

nt to do  any marketing related to shopping,  like we saw here the example of Lenovo for Lenovo  Vibe K4 Note, then  you can put the video for shopping here, that is,  if you want to do advertisement on your love partner like this YouTube.  Wherever videos are being played, go to Google  's side and if you want to  advertise there, then you can also choose this video  and Universal App Campaign.

If you want to advertise on any app, then  you can also use Universal App Campaign.  That is, your advertisement should be inside any app  and Sukh, basically now I have to admit only where,  I have to advertise  only on that Raghu Google's search network,  that is, I do not have to do any shopping, no advertisement,  control display, do not select anything on the  left, then I will use the search

network.  Only uh  now like I type search network here  then I need to decide the name of the campaign here as an  example  I take the name of the campaign W  script  is one this is my campaign this now which I  selected the type here  That is, after searching, the  trolley came here, here you  can also select this tender and all the features that you need to  add, now there is a basic difference

between this tender and all the  features, let me tell you,  here we will stay.  And whoever has  done website designing, above this you can  see multiple websites,  some running in advertising, on the left side you can  see the prices, on some  websites you can see the normal description  and on some sides, you can see  some highlighted highlighter.  Now you are also seeing  how if you have done

this tender juice  here i.e. your pet campaign and your  campaign has its standards, then  here you  can advertise on any of these but only on the  title and  You can write the description but  you cannot enter your phone number in it. 1  You can also enter your phone number in the description. You  can use any additional extension  like here Rupees Night in  Website Builder like Taken or Call on

Internal. There are many such buttons.  You  cannot choose that, like if you want to do  marketing above the key bed but  with the title description only,  but you have to do  marketing with all the features, that is, you may have to  show the call button also, you may have to do marketing with your  description.  You may have to send your phone number,  email ID may not be from the world, the

price may also be cautious, so you can  choose all the features so that you  can get maximum revenue and your  usage is as much about you as possible.  To  understand  this, you can also use the feature of Install Mobile App,  Mobile App India Cement Mixer Check Call  Only Step  so that you can also do specific marketing of your business,  so  now I am already here.  But you must be seeing that th

e  network has been juiced and the  scientific network has been selected in it, which  we have respected here by choosing search network only,  here we have improved search  partner and now get them written by search partner  like you, images, videos, news, map, more,  all this.  All its search partners come under the tax,  where Google can give  it as tax or in advertisements wherever the search

is conducted,  then you can  choose * on search partner here so that  you can get only the results of the search done by Google.  There are  partners so that you can get revenue from there too. The  eligibility of the device depends on the Google  set here. You do  not need to add anything in it. You  can choose the location here. My location of the goods  is India in life.  Here I  can also choos

e the location of a specific region of a specific city. Right now I have  seen here as an example,  I have selected India. I also want to do Australia. If I want to do  massage, then  from here I can select Australian  i.e. Australia.  I want to  advertise inside, I have told the  people of Australia who search on this page today,  they should see this advertisement  but I want that I should do ad

vanced search  or not, I want any  specific region that I can search for.  There  is a specific region where I want to  advertise my website, so as an  example,  I chose Jodhpur because the  place is physically in Jodhpur, so why don't  I do the Jodhpur measurement so that the  people of Jodhpur can know about me.  To  know more about me, I used here  Jodhpur Rajasthan India,  so basically here yo

u  can select your target region, then  Jodhpur Rajasthan India, now  it is saying here that with Rs 1 lakh 74 thousand you  can get rich.  Now, I accept that I cannot do the advertising that entire Jodhpur gives me on this specific region,  I have to advertise only on this specific region  because my  business is the same, so why can't I  set my radius targeting like  That I have  written kilomet

ers here since 2010, I  want to see  my advertisement only in the range of twenty kilometers from Jodhpur Central,  come to Bhaskar Sir,  I accept Bhaskar Circle Ratanada, but  I want to wash the advertisement on my website.  If it is not indicated then  within Ratan Jodhpur I have my advertisement from Ratan Nagar zone  till 20 Kms. All the  people in Venus and Thighs i.e. Ratanada who come withi

n the area of ​​20 Kms  should sleep in my advertisement near them all over Jodhpur.  I don't have any need to organize a show, so  I searched Ratanada here and by  adding it here, I can do it in this specific region  so that I can  get maximum business, I did the admin and did that i.e.  Ratanada in Jodhpur and Ratanada in Jodhpur.  I will get the witch within the kilometer between  I have remove

d only Jodhpur from today  because I have  sperm in my table within the kilometer between Sir Ratanada, that is,  I can also select any specific region,  currently I am here  everywhere in India use  I will do it because  my target is India and not  Ravan,  now I have to use that language so that  my users are more  aware of the language, I  can choose more languages ​​here, I can use English,  wh

atever I can.  I  can choose the language I want to use and now we will  bill me. Here you will  get multiple options like Manual Pretenders Maximum K  Target Target Droose Hang  CPA Target True Page Location You will  get multiple options here for now I  will do manual because  I want that my  posting should not be deplete and you  can also use multiple keywords off waste. I will give you  50 rup

ees for someone's butt, someone will be  happy with you, no one will  give you even 50 to 150 rupees.  Maybe so  here I chose and different  which is my bay dragged him although on any give a  specific way a  keyword I did not put delete then  what can I choose in a report then as an example  like 120  There it was  suggested to me for the keyword,  so I can choose 120 here or if  I do a little mo

re then it does  not matter, tell me whatever data I have, whatever my  requirement or whatever my budget is,  I have selected the website here.  It is not that the  buildings on your website are less or the number of  cats you have, you  cannot come on this set top, it is also me who is your  client. Sorry, whatever your competitors do, they may charge  more than you, but  their Delhi budget.  An

d the  delivery is already done, so they had faxed that  this much should be spent in a day and  yours also goes after that. Yes, if your  website can go to the top, then you  can also choose your Delhi budget in total.  Here it is  125, I have used the default. Now I  take my Delhi as an example in Britain as  a hundred rupees. Now it is not necessary that I am  Raju, I have set the Delhi budget

as dowry. No, you  cannot write more than that in a day.  I have done a  scientist here that to give you maximum  revenue, he presses a little up and down, that is,  I too,  Pandey, 12% of the group you have set up,  may increase a little, may also decrease, may be a  little introduction.  So it is  ₹ 100, I have taken it earlier also i.e. 112  may be the maximum but it does  not mean that in the

whole month it should be according to my 112,  overall in the whole month it is  considered to be 38.42  i.e. 30.4 in the whole month and there  is meat.  That is,  if my budget is Rs 100, then my daily budget is a  silver jubilee, which means my budget  can go around Rs 112, but  my budget in the whole month will  not go above Rs 3400,  as  Here, if you are  stuck with Rs 3040 in any way, if you

are ever facing any  problem in calculation, then  you can click on the option bar here and see  how much you have spent in your Delhi budget and in the overall item.  How much will it cost  i.e. I  can apply it within a month on top of Rs 3040 on my building  or for my advertisement, now  because I had sucked the oil extension above,  then here I can choose my extension that  I want in the advert

isement you have given.  The  location that needs to be done is to get the tightening done, to get the  equal toe done, to get the allowed toe show done, to get the  structures pet, that is, to get the show of the structures that have been done, so right  now I am out, I choose to call here so that  I can get the show done with my phone numbers.  Now to  show us the phone number here,  the place g

ift is one, which is the customer support  number, here I put nine  to 6682 Enrique, above this customer support number,  I want to see my call  extension here,  sorry here.  But I have not already added anyone. If there  is a requirement to add me,  then I can select the phone number here,  nine to 689 1222, my  end is my vacation, he is in India and  Indian cities, his end number is the customer

's support number there.  Done  and it is only for  Ajay,  now here the number which I had added, which I had selected, I have  selected here and  after selecting, I can get it to do whatever on my call stations  and now  If I want to  proceed then I will click here,  click on Save and Continue, come to  Ajay,  here an account has been created with the name Already Dead Skin Black,  so I  change

the name here, just  make the W script an adult.  Now you are seeing here, now it is saying  that you have created your own ad group.  Now friends, here  you can add multiple key years in one ad group  and if you want, you can add one in the group.  You can  also add a single keyword, which is my  personal experience and that is, you should  put active voice, passive active in a network group so

that the berry you are planting  can be planted in the right way.  As above, if  you have suggested something on web development company and website development company, they are  saying that both are almost equal, then  you can choose two multiples or more than two in 18 groups,  but if  seen personally,  You are  creating an ad rajokri ad group and make it your guru.  Use one keyword in that gro

up  so that you get more remedies  and you can almost activate and deactivate  your daughter. I agree  that today I have a group which I have started.  I have to name this website as  a development  asem, I have to give a name and I sat  quietly and entered here 125 i.e.  web development which is my keyword which  I am entering here now, web  development  company.  Whatever is  in India on its wor

d because I searched the location from  India, I selected the location India, that is, whatever is  used inside India,  if they search the web development company  and if they find my website here, their  advertisement which is in the form of a tree.  But it is  visible here and if he clicks on it then  120 ₹5 will be deducted from my account and  transferred to Google account, so  what can I do i

n this way,  I am sitting on any specific lever,  mention it separately.  Now I can do like  multiple's rain, then I  can create multiple A group for multiple's bus plus  new A group through the button, so on this shrink,  above I have put daughter of 125 and  my name is which daughter of this group.  I  wrote Website Development S CM, if I want, I  can also open a specific landing page, as we saw

for Amazon,  this landing page specific to Amazon has  opened, at this stage only the other  pages related to the product got opened.  If I  want, I can open that also and come back. Now if  I have not opened the specific landing page,  then I am writing here as Landing  page in this note. Reddy, if I want, I  can open the landing page also and come back. Now I  continue.  As soon as I clicked on

Continue ABS on Ideas,  my Aa Jo Ad  Gupta was created but I have to  give the final URL of the website, so  finally it is done, I  copied it here and used it on our website.  Now I have pasted whatever is the headline of my web page, put it  in the ad which is the user who will search for skin and skin,  then how to see what is mine,  it will be visible to you on the side here, as an  example, t

his is my title.  Write it very thoughtfully so that the user  first sees your title, so in  this website development services, I  accept that this arm is my title and what I  want to do, so that here website  development services, which is usually advertisement,  definitely.  Now the description of this show has started,  I will have to write it in two parts  here, so keep using what I think,  I

will definitely  write the description like A that  donkey is  affordable,  this website is a  development company, A that  this redox means limit.  Yes, we do it since it is  not developed, this is also going on  in the service and which is my title, why not that  big Lallu, so that my limit is  commotion, so my title is done.  Web development company service is and get  affordable. What is the

development of  web development services? You  can write any attractive language so that you  can click on the website because it is yours.  And you could have got more  revenue with the  range of rumor table that with the  quality of  Ajay, if  I exceed it here then I  remove both of them, then my ad will be in  which way will the title be visible? Web  Development Services S  Whatever you are he

re  now, whatever I will enter here like  copy and paste which should be viral on the home page itself,  complaint here and if you click on it,  then what has been finalized  will be the website Twitter on this and decide whether to  show me the ad.  Here you can see from the steps, it will  start with this type,  now if I want, I can add my suji, I  can create it, and to create it, add it.  I hav

e to click the office report  submit button, then again one.  Just  tap once to give me an ad on Google, then  I will use Android, now  in the keyword planner I can select my keywords and  before creating a campaign, I will have to  search whether I want to search on the network  or on the search display.  I have to do  shopping, on whom I have to do it, then I  will set the name of the camping, m

y location, the default bed, what is my reason, final, the URL of my website,  on which this is the ad on which the user will click  and will be direct.  It should be of title, it  should be of destination and  display should be of date. After doing everything,  what will I do here, I will create, so  here you can see the  balance that has been created here, how will it be visible,  website develo

pment service URL and this type  Whatever my description is, it will start here and  I will  save and finished here,  now like seven, then I clicked on it,  it took me back to the homepage of the campaign,  where my bill  is saved here.  I  can post it anytime, I can remove it anytime,  I can enable it back anytime,  as soon as I have paid  Google because now we have not made any payment of any ki

nd here,  as soon as I have made  a  I put my website on top of Google and  then the advertisement will start and  my status is Jhoomar, that is, the  number of special people who have seen this website as an  ad will get  impressions here. How many numbers will be there on that ad?  But it turned out, will she come here  and by clicking on her click today i.e. impression,  how much rap is she, av

erage  CPC, i.e. how much was the cost,  how much is your Everest position, that is, if I  can also have a position on your website, then she  can.  There may be an advertisement and then the office  chair race position is being done, it will show and what is  this Everest EPC i.e. what you  can do, by giving the information manually many times, you  can also use it automatically  to your building

so that according to Google, this  belt will be reduced.  Or you can do more, you  must use your delivery so that it does  not go more than your payment, then  Google  can run the average from here by default, if you have  given it the option, then basically Adverse is  your  It is big enough in itself that  how can it be added on it, how can location  time be given in it, how can payment be made

and how can reviews be  seen, its complete schedule  is big in itself, for  now we will only understand that Google's  Above  we have done keyword research and how to create a  campaign on it. In the upcoming  videos we will discuss the matter, how to schedule it,  how to set it automatically or more than what I had done in the previous 125 bridges,  how to show the ad by paying  and add the ad.

After showing the results that we see here, we will  discuss all the cash suggestions in the upcoming video. I hope you must have understood how I have  given more revenue through advertising address on Google.  You  can take more of your revenue  on any of your specific levers for your website  A Tiger So Much If you have any kind of  query then you can comment below  Yuvan, you  can also contact us on these social accounts of ours.  In the upcoming videos, we will  discuss Google Address in more detail  and try to get more revenue.  Thank you so much.  reserve  Bank

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