What is SEM vs SEO?

What is SEM vs SEO?

What is SEM vs SEO?

should you invest in seo  or should you invest in ppc or  sem  today in this video we are going to talk  about a very very interesting  question which most of people ask me  arjuna  we are a startup business and   we are running on a very limited budget  of  advertising or marketing so could you  suggest  what is suitable for us should we spend  our time money and effort on seo  or should we go and do the google ad   and uh this is certainly a very very  important question which  i think everybody every business has to  go through this situation if you're a  startup  now before i answer what is suitable for  your business  i could i

would love to give you  uh the the basic difference between  these two strategies  of digital marketing should you invest  in seo or should you invest in  ppc or sem this is the  the topic of the day what is better  seo or ppc ppc  is also called as a sem now what are  these two things we will first try to  understand

the difference between these two and  then we will take our decision  what is going to be the most suitable  thing for your business  first thing first we will try to  understand seo seo stands for  search engine optimization it means  you are going to do the seo on your  website  onto the pages and by virtue of that

you would be able to make your website  appear in the search engine result pages  without you paying any money to google  to make your website appear in the  search results  that is what we call as a seo  now if you do the seo what are the  benefits your website is going to get  let's look at them so the benefits is

first thing first it is an organic  when i say organic i am certainly  referring to the situation wherein  you are working on your website on your  pages  and by virtue of that you are able to  make your website come into this search  engine result pages  and for that as i said you're not paying  a single penny to  go

ogle or to any other search engine for  that matter to  appear into search engines that's why we  called it organic  as we are not putting any money  in seo to make your website appear in  the search engine result page  so the beauty is the roi in seo is very  very high  so by virtue of your seo whatever  clients you a

cquire whatever leads you  get and you convert them into a sale if  you do the calculation  written on investments you will always  find that your roi is on very high  because you haven't spent any money  anywhere in  doing your seo it is  i could say almost completely free  business which you are getting with the  vir

tue of seo  now this one drawback with seo the  drawback is  seo might take some time and result  would be delayed  it means when you start doing seo on  your website  and if you want to see the impact of  that so  activities whatever you have done the  results might come up  maybe within three to six months of time  o

r maybe it might take a long time  depending on the keywords competition  and the amount of efforts you're putting  in seo  right so that is one of the bottleneck  that your  seo results will start appearing to you  after  three to six months of time of your  activity  so in this situation the biggest problem  is offic

e if a startup is not able to  generate a lead  not able to make a sale certainly their  business cycle might not be running  smoothly  and your performance might get impacted  that's one of a bottleneck but  other side if i look at if the company  is running on a very very low budget or  infrared accuracy you do not h

ave kept  any budget for your  online marketing then in that case  it is recommended that you should be  spending some time of yours  first thing you have to learn seo for  that uh you can always come back to me  anytime  and i should be able to help you  understand how to do seo on your website  right  if you know seo

then you should go and  do the  seo on your website manually by yourself  so in this way you would be able to save  your money  certainly you have to spend your own  personal time but it should be worth  because in the long run your seo efforts  will certainly give you a better result  okay now the other important thi

ng which  i think  out of seo activities is you are also  going to create a  good or better content marketing  platform  here with respect to content marketing  platform i'm trying to say is  when you start doing seo on your website  on your blog  you end up optimizing creating  many pages so what you do when you do  t

he keyword research you'll find certain  good important keywords having a  good search volume and a low competition  and look at them  or you also look at some opportunity  keyword and keeping those thing into the  mind you start creating a content  so at the end of the day you end up  getting more content  on your por

tal if you're running a blog  or you've got your own website  you're able to get more content and the  more content means it's good for you  you're giving more feed to search engine  and search engines love a lot of content  which are creating on your  platform so in this way  you're able to at least get organic  listi

ng on google secondly with less  budget you are able to at least in which  can do seo  so you would be able to kickstart your  digital marketing activities  roi is very very high and by what you  are doing on seo you are able to get  more content on your website which is  the  most important thing we are not getting  o

nline  right so if you look at in this way  certainly there's a huge amount of  benefit which you get once you do the  seo onto the website  now we will try to look at what is sem  right what we call as a ppc or searching  now here's you see the perm term called  ppc  this stands for pay per  click it means you need to

pay for every  click what you get  on your link this plain simple mod this  is called this  this is also called as a google ad or in  other words  in a broader category we called it the  sem search engine  marketing right so as i said  in ppc you are going to pay for every  click what you get  on your website so we wi

ll try to  understand and see  what are the benefits you get when you  invest  your money in ppc  right the benefits could be now first  thing first you see it is  quick and fast  now as i said in one of an example in  the previous slide what you got to see  is seo is a time taking effort  your seo efforts will show yo

u the  results  after three to six months of time  it means if you have to wait for three  to six months of time  to see the results coming in certainly  it is not going to be the good situation  for your business  because in in business every month you  are supposed to change your target  every month you are expected

to meet  your minimum  revenue targets  right so you cannot certainly depend  your entire life into our business only  on seo  so in those kind of situation it is  recommended  that you should invest in ppc as well  you should invest in google ads  so that you would be able to see quick  and fast results  immediately s

o when i say quick and fast  i'm telling you  literally is very very quick and fast so  within a couple of hours  you should be able to run your ad and  you should be start seeing traction  on your advertisement you would start  seeing  you should start saying you are able to  get the leads or  sales coming to your web

site it is so  quick and fast  right this is one of the good thing i  could see with this with ppc  now the drawback what i got to say from  ppc is that your roi  is certainly going to get impacted your  roi might not be very very high  the only reason is the cost of the  keyword  so in google ads you are always going

to  do the bidding onto the keywords  and due to good competition into the  industry  there are lot many advertisers they all  are bidding they would be building the  same keyword  and by virtue of that the cost of  keyword goes on a higher side  for example if i tell you in digital  marketing if you look at  the keywo

rds related to digital  marketing training programs  the cost could be somewhere between 150  rupees to 200 rupees or somewhere in  between  so for every click you're spending 150  rupees and you're not able to convert  them to a sale  or you're not able to get as late  certainly your money is getting wasted  and there

's very less possibility you  would be able to regain that money  in fact i could say null  right so roi is going to be very very  low  in ppc but again it is  it is depend on the industry as well if  you're selling a high value product  i'm talking about the the the real  estate industry which is there  they are selli

ng the projects worth five  crores  six crores right so in those cases  maybe if you're spending uh  maybe a monthly budget of front two lack  of three lakh rupee  and you're able to convert one sale  which is going to fetch you five crores  what deal and in that case you're always  good  so this ro matrix which i'm ta

lking  about  you have to really take into  consideration keeping the the business  volume  or size of business you're dealing with  high value product  maybe you want to spend couple of lags  but if you're able to generate a couple  of crores rupees  the ro is good but for small business  small products  maybe in that

case your roi might really  get impacted then in that case you have  to think through  different kind of strategy which you can  implement to  generate your business or leads  another interesting benefit which i got  to see from epsi is  ppc will give better targeting when it's  a better targeting means  when you do y

our ad you're able to reach  a precise audience what you want or whom  you want them to see your ad  it means you can target your ads only to  those people  who are searching for a particular  keyword  not only keyword but if you want to  target your ad  targeting to the people who are from a  particular location  or p

eople looking for certain particular  topic or you want to show the ad  only on a particular platform which we  call as a placement  and if you've got this really good data  people who are visiting your website  and you want to retarget them again so  all those things are very much possible  by doing a ppc campaign  ri

ght so in this if you look at this ppc  is certainly going to be very very  interesting thing for your business  if you are very keen and you are chasing  numbers within a given stipulated time  frame  then it is a good option for you to look  at  all right so now i hope you might have  understood  that if you are goin

g to  decide between what is good for you to  start with  now looking at all the options all the  benefit shown by a ppc campaign shown by  a seo campaign  you would be able to take a better  decision  but now let me try to answer the  question which we  uh which i asked you earlier right so as  a company as a startup

company  what you should do right so the better  answer i could give you in this  situation is  right so is that either you look at seo  or look at ppc  i personally recommend that you have  totally bifurcated your budget  on both seo and as well as on ppc  keep a limited budget on ppc  and some portion of money for se

o  because it's like uh you are doing a  double effort from  both the places generally i try to give  you this example  if you're living in an apartment and  your apartment is having  two water connections connection one  which you call is a corporation water  which comes to you with a  the volume is very less but you

get it  regularly after every two days of time  right but on other side when the summer  season comes in and you have got  scarcity of water  you know it very well that your  corporation water is not able to suffice  the need  then in that case the society depends on  to the  the the water tankers they go and  purchase

water  now that water will get you by by paying  money you get a huge chunk of  volume of water which is going to help  you to survive in that situation  so the similar situation is also with  the business as well  so seo will give you continuous leads  maybe the lead  quantity would be less but you will be  getting i

t continuously  you will never go dry and  if you are having a target to meet so  let's say  for first 15 days of a month  you saw whatever latest came through seo  you are working on them good  but when you see you're still lagging  behind with couple of numbers  then in that case go do your  your campaign ppc campaig

n and whatever  deficit you've got in terms of lead or  inquiries you can generate through ppc  in this way you would be able to balance  both  and you would be also able to save some  some money on your ppc  so i do not recommend you do go and  spend all your money on ppc  but look at your business situation if  it ne

eds that you have to  spend in advertisement go and do the job  all right super now  uh this one more question which is  most of people ask i mean this question  i have seen people asking were from the  same industry  and they are working for a couple of  years and the question what they ask is  if my website is new a

complete new  website  and my website is not getting any  interaction no iso is happening as of  now  and i'm not sure what are the keywords i  am going to uh  focus on and  whether if i choose any keyword whether  those keywords will help in getting a  revenue  certainly the point here is when you go  and try to  do s

eo you're trying to look at the  keywords  which can give you profit or i could say  profitable keywords so how do you know  which keywords are going to be  profitable  and you will get that data only after  couple of months of activity  so can we do something else which will  help me in  understanding in finding those

profitable keywords  and the moment i got those magic  keywords i can just use those keywords  into my  seo and i would be able to be  go into the right focus direction of  doing seo  right so the question is do paid ads  influence the organic result so when you  do  add on google is that  going to help you somewhere

other way in  your  organic listing of your website  right so there are many people who have  really given a lot many answers onto  this side  but most of the people say that this  activity  when you do an ad on google it will not  have  any direct impact on your seo ranking  right so what does it mean it means the  p

eriods does not  directly affect the organic ranking very  clear  this is being mentioned onto most of the  websites and they all say that  seo will not impact your ranking in  google searches  directly but indirectly it has got an  effect  how let's try to analyze it  so first thing first look at the  situation  if a

searcher has not seen a website  organically  for a couple of months and you do  you and you know that they are not going  to find you because still your website  is not having an seo  then what you do you go and do an ad on  google  so by virtue of that when a guy starts  seeing your ad on google  what happens they're

able to look at a  brand  they're able to see your website so by  virtue of that  if they visit the search engine  and by any chance they got to see your  website  listing anywhere on a search  engine result pages this high  possibility  they will go and click that organic link  why because they know it that  they've

already seen your brand they've  already seen your page  once when they clicked on a paid ad  so the point is if the searches is  an ad online they're more likely to  click on an  organic listing if there's one ad on top  there's below that is your  organic listing they will prefer to  click the organic listing  when t

hey come back again for the second  time  there's a possibility i'm talking about  the other thing could be  searchers who saw your ad earlier and  they're exposed to your website  or your brand then they're more likely  to click  engage and convert on your website  i'm going to tell you now somebody has  seen your ad

on a google  once they see the ad on google they  click onto the link and when they click  on the link  they go to your website now when they go  to the website if they find the website  really interesting  they are going to consume more content  on your website by  clicking various links onto the page  which you do by

putting the  by doing the cellular seo strategy  s-i-l-o silver series strategy  which will help you in  getting more clicks within your page  content by virtue of that you would be  able to make them to different pages  within their website  and the more pages they visit onto your  website  the more content they cons

ume so it is  good for your website actually  because google is able to understand  that that when a visitor comes to a  website they are able to spend more time  onto the website  so technically i could say the time is  spent on a website is going to be on a  higher side  along with that the number of pages that  cons

uming is also getting increasing  so in this way you are able to  get a better better ranking in search  engine  because users showing the love on your  website  the other thing could be the paid ad  clicks can help in getting you  more link clicks within the page which i  said right now increase and mention  media cov

erage social setting etc so it  means when a visitor comes to your  website along  along with that when they go and look at  the content  read more content if they find it  interesting useful  there is there's a possibility they will  mention about your website into the blog  what they write the content they publish  s

econdly if they're from a media site  they might  mention a website in a press  right they might talk about in the media  coverage as well this is a possibility  or they might go and share the link of  your website on the social media as well  so by virtue of that you're able to  expose your website organically on  all

these platforms in different ways so  if you look at  earlier when people were not able to see  your website when you were only  depending on seo  there was nothing was happening off no  other thing were happening like this  but once you started doing an ad on  google you're able to make people come  to your website

and when people start coming to the  website then people start doing these  actions  and certainly any action performed by  the visitor on your website  is going to help you in getting the  ranking of your website  organically into search engine result  pages  all right so if you've seen the entire  thing right now so

probably you might  have  understood at any given point of time  where are you whether you're a startup  or you're already is  existing website but if your website is  not getting organic traffic  so it is a good idea for you to go and  start doing your ad  within the limited budgets so that  you would be able to impac

t your website  performance organically in a subtle way  gradually as you move on  right so i hope you might have  understood this whole concept  and uh i wish you good luck if you've  got any questions queries  you can always come back to me and in  case you want to learn how to do seo  i'm always here i can help you

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